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Compare Saatva vs Helix, Purple, Dreamcloud Mattresses

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Saatva and Helix are two of the best brands in the US that offer different options. While Saatva offers traditional organic innerspring mattress, Helix offers customized mattress catering to the sleeper’s needs. We give you the main differences between the two in this guide.

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  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friendly
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Things to look for when you are buying a mattress

First and the most important factor is that the level of comfort that you are looking for. Some people look for a soft mattress that gives them a cloud feel. On the other hand, people want a firmer mattress. It won’t be soft or cuddly but gives you firm support especially on the pressure points. For those who are having back pain can achieve quality sleep with firm mattress as it relieves the strain from the lumbar area (i.e. lower back).

Secondly, testing a mattress before buying is quite a crucial factor. Now, this isn’t viable when you are purchasing a mattress online. Many newer versions of the mattress can be bought online only and are not available in nearby retail stores. When you are buying a mattress online, make sure that they come with an excellent money-back guarantee (trial period). This allows you to test the mattress risk-free.

Note: Give the mattress couple of weeks time. Some sleepers find it difficult to switch to a new mattress. Don’t judge immediately. Take 2-3 weeks time and then decide. Many brands offer great sleep trial period which gives you ample time to test your mattress.

Thirdly, make sure that the mattress comes with latest innovative technology that offers you great support for your back and other pressure points. Cheap mattresses online barely offer any support and within a few months, you will notice sinking. This would not only give the owners lack of quality sleep but also a loss of investment.

That being said, take a look at the main difference between Saatva Vs Helix mattress.

  • Free Shipping and Returns in the USA
  • Easy finance available .
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Comparison of Saatva Vs Helix mattress

Saatva Mattress

Saatva is a high-end mattress that aims to benefit your overall health. They use an ultra-premium innerspring construction that gives you the necessary support at all pressure points. It comes with dense memory foam layer that gives you optimum support in the lumbar region where you need it the most. It also comes with a solid cleaning process to fight additional germs, pet dander from the mattress.

The company also offers Free white glove delivery anywhere in the US. The company also promises to get rid of the old mattress while giving you a 120-day home trial period.

Saatva mattress Pros

  • Top Quality mattress
  • Gives you much-added comfort and support
  • Is a cool mattress
  • Made using eco-friendly materials
  • Uses recycled tempered steel and organic cotton coverings

Helix Mattress

The second mattress in question is Helix Mattress that is also made in the USA like Saatva.

The company offers individually designed mattress that offers the user to sleep as per their chosen preference and sleeping style. The company also offers Helix foundation, frame, and mattress protector if you are planning to change everything including the base foundation.

The website offers you few questions regarding your comfort, pressure points, and sleeping style based on which you will be provided with Helix mattress with variation in the density and order of layers of comfort.

It is made using 10 inches of high-quality materials. This includes dynamic foam, micro coils, PU foam. This gives you ideal support on your back for sleeping.

Helix sleep offers Spring Sale discount codes so that you can save more and sleep more. The company offers a 100-night risk-free trial.

Helix mattress Pros

  • Absolutely a customized mattress
  • Is truly comfortable
  • Good trial period
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Offers everything you need
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Here are the brief similarities of both Saatva Vs Helix.

Key Similarities

  • Both the company has received great reviews
  • The companies carry a great reputation of optimum customer service
  • They offer fantastic sleep trial period and return policies

Key Differences

Helix mattress offers you 10” thickness while Saatva gives you 11.5” and 14.5” thickness options. You will also find discount coupon codes available.

Queen size from Helix is available for $995 with free shipping. Saatva sells for $999 but you need to pay for shipping. There aren’t many coupons available as well.

Differences in construction Of Helix & Saatva

Helix uses three components – dynamic foam, polyfoam, and micro coils. The layer is customized based on your quiz results. The quality materials are good and the feel of the mattress is based on the answers to your quiz.

Saatva offers a more traditional spring mattress construction. The base layer is coils which have another layer of pocketed coils. Above that is a layer of memory foam and then comes a quilted layer. Saatva has a euro pillow style design. The center third of the mattress comes with a thicker and firmer layer. This provides fantastic support for the heavier parts of the body.

You might want to choose Helix if

You and your partner have different sleeping preferences – Helix gives you the option to customize both sides of the mattress so that you and your partner can sleep peacefully.

You are not sure what mattress you want – If you don’t really know what type of mattress you prefer, then Helix can be the best option for you.

You might want to choose Saatva if

You love traditional spring mattress – Many people prefer innerspring mattress. If you are one of them, then you are going to love Saatva.

You are heavier – Saatva offers you thick and dense layers. It also uses a coil-on-coil construction that will give you a good support to people with a heavyweight.

Mattress Comparison

Saatva vs Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid

 SaatvaBrooklyn Bedding
Warranty20 Years10 Years
Trial120 Nights120 Nights
Price For Queen$1099$799
Firmness 3 Firmness available to choseOnly Medium Firm Option

The Brookly Bowery Hybrid is the cheapest in the brooklyn Bedding series which compares to the saatva mattress. Its a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Saatva and comes with 120 night trial, similar to that of Saatva. The warranty is for 10 years for the brooklyn series while saatva has a 20 year warranty. Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora

 SaatvaBrooklyn Aurora
Warranty20 Years10 Years
Trial120 Nights120 Nights
Firmness Levels3 Option3 Options
Price for Queen$1099$1699

The Brooklyn Aurora Mattress is technologically advanced. The layers they have include copperflex foam which is hypoallergenic and keeps the mattress free from bacteria. The cooling technology is patented and keeps the temperature steady at 88 degree. Saatva is a good mattress in the luxury category but with all the advanced features, the aurora by Brookly exceeds in performance and price.Saatva vs Bear hybrid

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 SaatvaBear Hybrid
Firmness Levels3 optionsSingle option (medium Firm)
Price for Queen10991390
Trial120 Nights100 Nights

The bear mattress has one feature which makes them good. The celliant covers. They are known to help you recover well from your sleep. The other technology and construction is on par with saatva in most cases. The coil construction, the foam and gel are all perfectly on par with the competitors.

Saatva vs Brentwood Oceano

 SaatvaBrentwood Oceano
Trial120 Nights1 Year
Warranty20 Years25 Years
CertificationCertipurGOTS, CErtipur and more
Coil Count13003162
Price For Queen$1099$995

The Brentwood Oceano is one of the Best mattresses at the best prices in the market. ITs not only cheaper than the Saatva mattress, but excels in quality too. From The coil count to the certifications on the raw material, the brentwood oceano mattress is a step ahead. Clearly the Saatva mattress is not on par with the oceano mattress this time.Saatva vs Big FigThe big fig mattress is specifically designed for heavy people. The mattress is much firmer for lighter people below 200lbs but is comfortable nonetheless. The saatva on the other hand will be a bit too soft or plush for the heavier people.  A clear comparison of both the mattresses are published on the big fig mattress at . the Big Fig Mattress is a clear winner among heavier people , but if you fall below 200 lbs, the saatva still beats the Big fig mattress manifold. The comfort and luxury of the saatva mattress is unsurpassed.Saatva vs Beautyrest silver

 SaatvaBeautyrest Silver Range
Warranty20 Years20 Years
Trial120 Nights100 Night
Price range (queen)1099799 – 1199

The beautyrest Silver range has 17 Mattresses. They range from $799 to $1199 . the mattresses are constructed with almost the same technology and has almost the same kind of foam. The Saatva mattress is on par with most of the features and excels in terms of luxury. The saatva is more plush, soft and feels a lot better than the silver series of beautyrest.Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature

 SaatvaBrooklyn Signature
Price For Queen $1099$949
Warranty20 Years10 Year Full replacement Warranty

The Brooklyn Signature and saatva both offer the same kind of product with a bit of variation. The trial period is 120 nights on both the mattresses and they both offer 3 firmness levels. The Difference is in the warranty period where the Saatva offers 20 years pro rated warranty while the Brookly Signature series offers a 10 year full replacement warranty. Saatva Vs Casper Hybrid

The Casper hybrid is sold in the UK and not in the USA. The Casper hybrid series is not available at this time in the USA . the Casper offers the Original Casper mattress, the Wave and the Essential CAsper mattress in the USA and all of them are foam-based mattresses and not hybrids or innerspring.  Read the full comparison of Casper Hybrid vs Saatva here

Saatva vs Purple

 Saatva MattressPurple Mattress
Warranty20 Years10 Years
Trial120 Nights100 Nights
ConstructionGrid on CoilFoam on Coil
Cool SleepModerateExcellent
Similar Products

The Purple mattress is the best when it comes to construction and technology. They have a simple Purple Foam series and 2 hybrid series. The hybrid series is a bit more expensive than the all foam series but the main technology is the same on all the purple series. The grid Technology in the purple mattresses give excellent heat dissipation and pressure relief.Saatva vs CocoonCocoon is a pure memory foam mattress with no coils. The saatva is a hybrid luxury mattress. The difference are huge. From comfort to the material used everything is different. The warranty is 10 years for the Cocoon while the Saatva being a hybrid mattress is offering a 20 year pro rated warranty. The trial for the cocoon is not mentioned but it has a 100 night trial. The cocoon is one of the oldest mattress in the sealy product range. The product has evolved but the Cocoon series is limited to being a memory foam mattress. The price is Low and currently they offer a pillow and sheets for the price of $697.50. The saatva is far more expensive. The Cocoon is more apt for people who are in a budget. Students will prefer the cocoon over a Saatva Saatva vs Loom and leaf

Both the products, Saatva and loom and leaf are from saatva itself. The difference is huge. The loom and leaf is a memory foam mattress while the saatva is a hybrid. The construction, feel and comfort are all different. Both are high end mattress but in a different section altogether. The warranty and trial periods are same. If you are a memory foam person, you would love the Loom and leaf, but if you are looking for a luxury hybrid, the saatva is your bes choice.Saatva vs Dreamcloud

Warranty20 YearsLifetime 
Trial120 nights1 Year
Price For Queen1099999

The Dreamcloud again beats the saatva mattress in many levels. Most people who compared the 2 mattresses find the dreamcloud mattress to be far more luxurious and comfortable. The Dreamcloud mattress also allows 1 year trial period which is a wonderful thing. The warranty period for the mattress is 20 years for the Saatva while the dreamcloud offers a lifetime warranty. While the warranty for both the mattresses are pro rated, the dreamcloud mattress gives you a peace of mind because it covers all manufacturing defects for life. Saatva vs DuxianaThe Duxiana Range of mattress is a pure luxury mattress which puts a good amount of research on back problems. There are 100’s of hotels using the Duxiana mattress. The saatva falls short when compared to the Duxiana mattress. The Duxiana mattress are sold in stores and the warranty and trial period may vary upon store policies. Duxiana has over 70 stores worldwide and is established as a worldwide brand . The Saatva currently has presence in the USA and ships to Canada. International shipping is very limited when it comes to the saatva mattressSaatva vs EndyThe Endy mattress is manufactured in Canada. The mattress is a pure foam mattress with cooling technology. The mattress will not sleep hot. Endy gives you a 100 night trial and 10 year warranty. The saatva is a hybrid mattress and a luxury category. Its hard to compare the 2 mattresses because both of them fall under a completely different category.

Helix Mattress
There are many brands in the market today and two of the best brands in the market is undoubtedly Saatva and Helix. But before we get into the comparisons, take time to understand what to look for when you are buying a mattress.

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Both Saatva and Helix are great mattress who offer different levels of comfort to the sleeper. They are manufactured in the USA using high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. It is hard to say which is the best as it ultimately comes down to a person’s preference and the features you are looking for.

Now that you know the basic differences between Saatva Vs Helix, go with the one that works great for you.

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