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Saatva Mattress
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friendly
  • Recommended By Chiropractors
  • Doctor Approved
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Saatva Vs Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress and Saatva mattresses are different in construction and technology. Both Casper and Saatva are Hybrid models and have pure foam models available. There are a lot of differences in these mattresses from comfort to price. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how comfortable are you going to be when you sleep on one of these and what are your requirements. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a Pure foam mattress or a hybrid as long as you find the right comfort for your sleep needs.

Official Casper website :

  • 120 Night Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support

Saatva Classic Mattress Official Website :

Key Similarities

Best Mattress for Back problems and Health issues. Recommended by Doctors and available in 2 different firmness levels

Key Differences & Unique Qualities

120 Night Trial100 Night Trial
Multiple Comfort OptionSingle Comfort Option
No Zoned SupportZoned Support Option
OrganicNot organic
15 Year Warranty10 Year Warranty
Official Casper website :
  • Construction: Saatva has a Coil over Coil Construction with individually wrapped coil and a Durable Steel Coil support. It comes with a luxury Euro Top, Perimeter Edge support, and Spinal Zone Technology. The Casper mattress has Encased coil, enhanced edge support which is similar to that of Saatva. But what’s different is the Zoned Support Layer. It comes with a Pressure-relieving layer and a Breathable top layer.  The steel coil Support Layer of saatva gives it a better bounce and support as compared to the Casper mattress. The saatva mattress is a lot thicker and a bit bulky giving it a luxurious look. The Luxury Euro Pillow top gives the saatva a Far better comfortable feel when compared to Casper
  • Firmness : Saatva comes with Multiple Firmness choices, Plush Soft, Luxury firm and Firm. The casper mattress has a zoned comfort level. This is Medium Firm in the middle and Soft near the top and bottom. There is no choice when it comes to firmness on a  Casper mattress.
  • Cover  : The saatva has an organic cover. There is no mention about the quality of the covers on the casper mattress website.
  • Layers : The saatva is a 3 layered mattress , not counting the euro pillow top. The encased coil is topped with a Spinal Zone Technology layer and all of it is on top of a steel coil layer. The mattress is breathable, considering a lot of it is spring. The casper mattress has 4 layers. 2 Seperate layers for the Comfort and pressure relief, a zoned comfort layer and below it all the Encased coil Layer. The foam is breathable and the coil provides the required bounce.
  • Pillow top Saatva comes with a pillow top and you could add an extra topper if you want one. The casper mattress is short on the pillow top and does not have an extra padding feature, at least from the company. They sell a range of other add ons including sheets, protectors and duvet, but a pillow top is not available for the Casper mattresses.
  • Pocketed coils Both the Saatva and Casper are built on the pocketed coil technology. What makes them different is that the saatva mattress has a coil base , and terms it as a coil on coil technology, while the casper is a single pocketed coil layer. There will not be a lot of difference at the first look but the warranty of the saatva mattress has to do with its build and technology involved.
  • Motion Transfer: Now this is where saatva fails. The construction of the saatva mattress allows a lot of bounce. With 2 coil layers, you should expect the mattress to be comfortable yet a bit bouncy. When it comes to motion isolation the saatva mattress performs poorly when you put it beside the Casper mattress. Casper mattress does a good job of isolating movements.
  • Edge Support: both saatva and Casper have a special foam layer on the edge which gives the mattresses good edge support. The mattresses are comfortable and the edge support is commendable. There is not much difference if you had to compare the mattresses on the basis of edge support.
  • Durability. This is tricky. While the saatva mattress does give you a 15-year warranty as opposed to the Casper which gives 10 years, both the mattress companies have not been in the business that long! I don’t know how you compare the durability of the mattress when you cannot have clear numbers on how long a mattress has been used and on what conditions! With that said, Casper has a better chance of surviving for a longer period of time due to its construction. There is only one spring layer and the foam usually has a longer lifespan. Saatva has 2 layers of the coil and some of the material is organic. At the end of the day, most mattresses will have to be replaced after 7-8 years of use and both these mattresses will stay that long without a problem.
  • Off-gassing: While a saatva mattress does not come in a Box, The Casper mattress does. The need to off-gas a Casper mattress is more important and takes more time than the saatva. Unfortunately, both the mattress will require that you leave it to off-gas for at least 24 hours before use.
  • Pressure Relief: Saatva mattress is approved by the chiropractic society, and has a chiropractic seal of approval for being effective for back and neck problems. The pressure relief in the Saatva mattress is more tested for problems related to back and neck problems. The Casper mattress, on the other hand, does not state that it’s tested for back problems. The pressure relief on a Casper mattress is good and they have a good technology to help manage pressure evenly. They do not have a certificate to prove it though.
  • Temperature Neutrality: The Casper mattress is a Memory foam over the encased coil. The breathability of the mattress is excellent but the foam does retain a bit of heat. The saatva mattress uses organic cotton sheets and the coil-over coil design makes the mattress more breathable. As for temperature neutrality, the Saatva mattress does a better job of keeping the temperature even while you are asleep.
  • Noise: Saatva Fails on the Noise level after a few years. Coil-over coil design gives the mattress a lot of space for friction and noise will eventually happen. The Casper mattress on the other hand, has encased coil and on a single layer. There is a bit of noise after a period of time, but in comparison to the saatva mattress, you can be sure that it will be far longer than that of the saatva.
  • Sex: This is one of the toughest things to review. While some people love a plush mattress for sex, others prefer a medium-firm mattress. What everyone agrees is that they love a bit of bounce in the mattress. Not too much. Casper does a great job for most people when it comes to sex. Personally, I Like the saatva mattress. The bounce and firmness make the activity more fun and fulfilling.
  • Back support & Supportiveness: The saatva mattress is more supportive than the Casper if you get the right firmness levels. Casper with zoned technology is the best option for people who are not too heavy or too light. Anyone between 100-150 lbs will enjoy the Casper mattress and find it supportive. If you are too heavy or too light, the Casper mattress will feel too soft or firm. The Saatva mattress, on the other hand, has firmness levels to choose from.
  • Customer Reviews Saatva mattress has been in the industry a bit longer than the Casper mattress. Saatva has also ensured that they have gained a lot of trust and reviews along the way. The reviews for both Casper and saatva stand above expectations at 4.8/5. Customer reviews are excellent markers to choose a product but it’s important to know that its not the final one. You need to feel the mattress yourself and make a decision based on your experience.

Saatva Classic Mattress Official Website :

  • Perfect cooling and support
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • 100 Night Trial

Price By Size

Size Saatva Casper
Twin $699 $595
Twin XL $799 $695
Full $1049 $995
Queen $1199 $1095
King $1599 $1295
Cal King $1599 $1295
Split  King $1598  
Split Cal King $1698  

Delivery : Casper ships through UPS Standard in the USA and canada. Same day delivery is available in parts of new york and los angeles. Saatva mattress takes 7-18 days to deliver. For more information on Delivery check out the below URL

Saatva Classic Mattress Official Website :

CAsper :

Mattress Selection : While Casper and Saatva have the standard sizes, The saatva mattress has a choice of Firmness levels. The Saatva mattress also has a split option to choose from. If you are looking for a firm option, medium-firm or a soft option, the chances are , you will find saatva a better choice as compared to the Casper.

Sleep Trial: the sleep trials for Saatva is 120 Nights and For Casper a 100 nights. Both mattresses will require that you use the mattress for 30 days. Though the company will help you return the mattress in case you want it replaced prior, they do recommend that you use the mattress for 30 days.

Official Casper website :

Special Needs

  • People With Back Pain: If you are a person suffering from back problems, we recommend the saatva mattress. The saatva mattress is tested and proven to be effective for people with back problems. The mattress is pressure relieving and comes with a range of firmness levels to choose from. Chances are you will find the saatva mattress more supportive than the Casper.
  • Couples : The casper mattress is far better when it comes to couples. One reason is the motion isolation which is better in the casper mattress. The other option is the zoned comfort levels on the Casper mattress.
  • Heavy People : For heavy people, the Saatva is far better. The saatva is thicker, the coils are far better and the firmness levels can be of your choice. The casper mattress will feel good initially, but chances of the casper sagging after a few years of use is much higher as compared to saatva. Saatva has also tested for people who are heavy and is one of the most durable mattress
  • Sleep Position Ratings While the Casper is the best mattress for side sleepers, the saatva mattress ranks better for Back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Understand that your weight & sleeping positions have an impact on your and comfort levels. If you are heavy, chances are you will prefer the saatva mattress even as a side sleeper.
  • Warranty Casper mattress offers a 10-year warranty and the saatva offers a 15-year warranty. Both companies don’t offer warranty on wear and tear due to normal use. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects for the said period of time. You may want to read the fine prints on the warranty on both these sites before making a decision.
  • Old Mattress Removal: Saatva will have a complete mattress removal program (including frames and base ) for a nominal extra cost of $35. The Casper mattress, though, does not provide a mattress removal service. If you were to hire a mattress removal company, the normal cost would be $100 and you will require the original tag on the mattress.
  • Owner Satisfaction Both Saatva and Casper have their own set of customers who find their product worth the money. There are some customers who have not been so happy about the product. The company’s willingness to assist unsatisfied customers has a great deal to do with owner satisfaction. With that said, Saatva has complaints regarding the cost of replacing a mattress and Casper has problems with the customer support itself from complaints ranging from call waiting and forwarding.
  • Who Should Pick Saatva :  Saatva mattress is perfect if you have back problems. If you are looking for a firmness option, again saatva would be your best choice. Think of the saatva as a luxury mattress which is cool, bouncy and comfortable to sleep on if you are young and both you and your partner are sound sleepers.
  • Who Should Pick Casper : Casper mattress is not a budget mattress. And its not a lusury mattress either. You pay near about the same price as the saatva so comparing and purchasing a casper on the basis of price is not really a good idea. Casper is perfect for couples when at least one of them don’t sleep well and have problems with the other person moving. ITs good for sex and its quite good if you work physically or sit on a chair the whole day. It’s a perfect mattress if you have no serious physical conditions and your age is between 20 and 40.

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel? : Saatva mattress with the pillow top on it surely excels when it comes to the feel of the mattress. ITs firm yet soft. The Casper mattress falls a bit short. Not to say that The casper mattress is not a luxury mattress but saatva takes pride in marketing their mattress in the luxury category.

Which Mattress is the Winner:  For $100 more for a queen, the Saatva is surely a better option than the Casper when it comes to the quality and value of the product. Casper falls a bit short in delivering when it comes to value for money. The comfort, The Pillowtop and the coil-over coil technology added to the warranty and the trial, The saatva surely is a better option.

Saatva Classic Mattress Official Website :

Official Casper website :

Compare Offers: The downside of Saatva is the offers. Saatva never has come up with offers in the past 5 years. There have been no Christmas offers or Black Friday deals by saatva. With that said, the saatva mattress is still the cheapest even during the holiday seasons. Casper does come with offers and sales from time to time. At the time of this writing, there is a 15% sale on all accessories if you purchase products worth $100 or more.

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