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Saatva Latex Hybrid
  • 180 Night Trial
  • 15 Year warranty
  • 5 Zone Talalay Latex
  • Organic Cotton Cover & New zealand Wool
  • Zoned Pocket Coil Unit
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Saatva Vs Bear Hybrid Mattress

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Key Similarities

  • Made in the USA
  • Partly Organic
  • Equally Certified
  • Edge Support
  • Compatible With Adjustable Bases

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Key Differences & Unique Qualities

Saatva Bear Hybrid
Coil-Over Coil Design Encased Coil design
120 Night Trial 100 Night Trial
15 Year Warranty 20 Year Warranty
Organic Cotton Covers Celliant Covers
Multiple Firmness Level Choices Choice of Medium Firm Only
OFfers Split Sizes No Split Sizes

Construction :

The construction of a Bear hybrid is different from the Saatva mattress. The Bear Hybrid has 4 Layers (not including the celliant Quilted Top). The Comfort layer and transition layers Memory foam. The Quilted top contains Gel Foam which keeps the mattress cool at all times. The high-density foam at the bottom ensures the mattress is steady. The edge coil is high density giving the Bear hybrid excellent edge support. The saatva mattress, on the other hand, uses organic cotton and wool covers have a coil-over Encased coil design and has a perimeter edge design and Spinal Zone Technology. The construction of both the bear Hybrid and saatva is entirely different but the performance is very much similar.

Firmness: Saatva has a choice when it comes to firmness levels. They have plush soft, medium-firm, Or luxury firm and a Firm mattress choice on every size. The Bear Hybrid is a Medium Firm mattress with a firmness rating of 6.3. The Bear Hybrid is a perfect mattress for people who are normal weight (between 130-200 lbs) and maybe a bit softer for people heavier than 130 lbs and a bit firm for those who are below 130 lbs.

Cover : The bear mattress has celliant covers, which is one of the key factors of Bear mattresses. The celliant covers are known to help people recover from pains and aches and added with the excellent pressure relief technology of bear, the Bear hybrid mattress is a good choice if you have pain-related problems. The Saatva offers an organic cotton cover that is certified but does not have the benefits of those provided by Bear hybrid with celliant covers.

Comfort layer : The comfort layer is the one just below the cover or quilt. The Bear Hybrid mattress and saatva have memory foam as its comfort layer. The density of the comfort layer will vary depending on your choice of saatva mattress. The Bear Hybrid mattress has a medium-density Memory foam as a comfort layer

Support layer : The support layer in the Bear Hybrid mattress and Saatva is a medium high-density memory foam. The technology varies but essentially both of them are high-density memory foam.

Pillow Top: The saatva mattress comes with a luxury euro Pillow top in an organic cotton cover with its own set of technology. Bear hybrid comes with A quilted top with Celliant cover. Both the mattresses feel extremely comfortable and soft to touch.

Pocketed coils Saatva and Bear hybrid essentially have the same type of pocketed coil. The difference in saatva is that it is placed over another set of coils and they term the technology as the coil-over coil. The Bear hybrid places the encased coil on top of high-density foam to give the mattress a sturdy construction.

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel? When it comes to feel, the saatva offers a luxury feel while the bear hybrid does not stand too far. Though not a luxury mattress, the Bear hybrid does have a soft feel and the fabric used is cooling and very soft.

Motion Transfer : Bear mattress offers higher motion isolation than saatva mattress. With saatva mattress coil over coil design, the motion transfer is slightly more than that of the Bear hybrid.

Edge Support: Saatva mattress has a dedicated edge support foam all around the mattress. This is excellent and effective. Bear uses a premium coil on the edge for extra support. Both the mattresses are excellent when it comes to edge support. It’s hard to rank one better than the other

Durability: The bear hybrid has one Encased coil layer while the saatva has 2 layers of coil. Coil is usually one of the first components in a mattress which is prone to wear and tear over constant use. Though the saatva mattress uses the best coil, you can expect it to wear off after 7-8 years of use. The Bear hybrid too uses a coil and the quality of the coil is good but since it’s only one layer and most of the mattress is foam, chances are that you will find the bear mattress last a bit longer.

Off-gassing : Saatva mattress usually does not require off-gassing. They are not packed in a box and do not require the mattress to expand. Most often, you will find the saatva mattress ready to use on arrival. The bear mattress, on the other hand, will require that you leave it to off-gas. The process may take anywhere between 8 hours to 3 days. The Bear Hybrid is considered safe to use after 24 hours of off-gassing in a ventilated room.

Pressure Relief: Both the mattress have excellent Pressure relief quality. The Saatva mattress relies on a special layer for spinal Alignment with the encased coil, but the Bear mattress relies more on the Foam layer and a bit less on the Coil. Essentially, both the mattress provide excellent pressure relief. Saatva mattress though can be efficient in pressure relief if you are very heavy or light with their choices in firmness.

Temperature Neutrality: The saatva mattress is cooler than the Bear hybrid. The bear hybrid with the Celliant Covers creates a bit more heat than the Saatva with the organic cover. Both the mattresses are designed to be breathable and you will probably not notice the heat difference unless you spend a few hours in bed. If you were to try the mattress for a few minutes, chances are you will feel no difference at all.

Noise : The saatva mattress is a coil over coil mattress. The coils usually start creating noise issues after an extended period of use. With the Encased coil the Mattress noise is reduced considerably. The coil base is not encased and will eventually create a bit of sound. The mattress is designed in such a way that the coils don’t touch each other. The noise in a saatva mattress and the Bear hybrid is minimal and you will not notice any noise for the life of the mattress, usually 7-8 years.

Sex : The bear hybrid mattress is perfect for sex if you like a medium-firm mattress. The Saatva mattress plush soft is excellent for those who want a luxurious feel. It’s mostly a personal choice when it comes to mattress for sex. Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress with enough bounce. Added pillowtop is simply luxury giving the lovemaking experience a new dimension

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews for Bear hybrid is at 4.9 / 5.0 and the saatva ranks at 4.8/5.0 saatva mattress have a lot more reviews than the bear hybrid. The bear hybrid is relatively new and has been tested by fewer customers. It is hard to judge a mattress from the reviews. The reviews are usually biased and some of them have bad reviews based on Delivery and shipping which does not reflect the quality of the mattress itself

Price By Size

Delivery : The bear mattress arrives in a week to 10 days. They use FedEx and the Package comes in a box. The saatva mattress, on the other hand, will take a week to 18 days for delivery. Saatva does not deliver as a bed in a box and the package will be the entire mattress as it is. Due to its large package size, the time required may vary from a week to 18 days.

Back support: Saatva offers slightly better back support as compared to the Bear hybrid. Though not noticeable, Professionals will tell you that there is a significant difference in how weight is handled by both the mattresses. Saatva is a chiropractor approved and has the seal of approval. Bear mattress, on the other hand, does not test extensively for the product but is very similar.

Mattress Selection Saatva wins hands down when it comes to the choice of mattress firmness. Saatva allows the customers to choose among their range of plush soft, luxury firm and firm mattress in each size. Though this may not seem like a lot for many people, it’s a considerable decision for many especially if they are suffering from back problems and are looking for a specific firmness level. Bear mattress only has one firmness level to choose from.

Sleep Trial: While most mattresses today will offer you a year in the trial, the saatva and bear offers a lesser night trial. Saatva offers a 120-night trial and the bear hybrid can be tested at your home for 100 nights. Most users will decide if they like the mattress or not in the first month. 30 days is a good time to decide if you like the mattress or if you should return it.

Sleep Position Ratings

The bear hybrid rates excellent for side sleepers, Good for back sleepers and not recommended for stomach sleepers. A saatva mattress would work great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers but for a side sleeper, saatva would rate moderately. These recommendations are for people with a normal weight between 130 and 230 lbs . Your sleep comfort will vary according to your weight

Warranty : Saatva has a 15 year warranty and the Bear hybrid has a 20 year warranty. Most mattresses will have a lifespan of 8-10 years and you are recommended to change them in 10 years max. Also both the warranty only covers manufacture defects and not wear and tear due to normal use.

Old Mattress Removal : Saatva has a Free mattress and a free removal option with a Free White glove delivery. Casper does not have an option for mattress removal.

Owner Satisfaction: Saatva and bear mattress owners are both satisfied with the product but they have completely different demographics. Saatva users are 30 years and above while Bear hybrid users are young and athletic. Bear hybrid works great and is tested among users who are athletics and works great for recovery from daily workouts. Saatva is designed for good sleep and those with health problems. Both the mattresses do what they promise

Who Should Pick Saatva : If you are looking for an option in firmness, and you suffer from back or pain-related problems including arthritis, spondylitis etc, the Saatva mattress is your best choice. Saatva is also a luxury mattress. It’s a mattress where you would not go with your choice.

Who Should Pick Bear hybrid: Bear hybrid is great for young people who are athletic. IF you see a lot of action in bed, the bear hybrid is great too. It works great for people who are having back problems because of poor sleeping positions or bad beds.

People With Back Pain: The Saatva mattress is designed for back problems and people who suffer back pain. The mattress is crafted with health issues in mind and they offer the firmness level of your choice and comfort. You can be assured that you will get the nearest fit to your comfort when you choose a saatva mattress. These mattresses are chiropractor approved and guaranteed to give results. The bear hybrid on the other hand is best for people who are active. If you run, workout, climb, or bike, the chances are you are tired and need a good recovery while you sleep. The bear mattress is apt for these situations. Yes its good for your back too but it’s not designed specifically for people with back problems

Couples . Most couples will love the Saatva mattress. Its luxurious has a good bounce when you are active in bed and it’s soft, yet firm. Sex feels even better on a saatva and no doubt about it. The bear hybrid is not too far behind. Its good, has a moderate bounce, and feels quite ok, but if you compare it with a saatva, The bear hybrid falls short.

Heavy People : Saatva again is the clear winner here. With multiple choices when it comes to firmness, most heavy individuals prefer a saatva firm mattress which gives excellent support and pressure relief as compared to a bear hybrid. The bear hybrid tends to be too soft for some individuals and they do fear that the mattress will not last more than a few months considering their weight. Bear is not as good as a saatva when it comes to heavy individuals. Saatva ranks higher.

Which Mattress is the Winner? When comparing the Bear hybrid vs saatva there is a lot going into consideration. Most of the features are on par with each other and make it difficult to compare. The saatva has 3 firmness levels to choose one and surely thats a plus. The celliant covers on the bear is good and that’s a plus for Bear hybrid. Coil over coil is a bit bouncy and as for motion isolation, the bear hybrid fares a bit better. It all rounds to your requirements. If you are young and need to recover from Daily workout pain, the bear is a great mattress and unbeatable at it. If you have Conditions like Chronic back pain or Arthritis, then the saatva is a better option. For general use as a normal mattress, the saatva is luxurious and the bear hybrid is just comfortable.

More on Bear Mattress …

Compare Offers : Saatva does not have any offers and have not had one since the past 5 years. Bear Mattress on the other hand comes with offers from time to time. At the time of this writing, Bear offers a 20% Discount on the mattress and 2 free pillows when you use the coupon code PRES20. This will change after a while. Bear mattress usually gives a $300 off on Holidays including christmas, Black friday and cyber monday.

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