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Saatva Mattress
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friendly
  • Recommended By Chiropractors
  • Doctor Approved
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Saatva Vs Avocado Mattress

Key Similarities Saatva Vs Avocado Mattress

  • Compatible With Adjustable Bases
  • Made in USA
  • Hybrid Mattress

Key Differences & Unique Qualities

Everything about the Avocado mattress is different from the Saatva mattress. To begin with, the avocado mattress is all Natural. The Avocado mattress uses Latex instead of Foam. The construction is a simple hybrid on an Avocado mattress while the Saatva has a coil-over coil design which gives a better bounce. When it comes to warranty and trial, the Avocado mattress gives you a 365 night trial with a 25-year warranty a bit more than the 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty offered by the Saatva mattress.

A quick look at the chart above will give you an idea about the price and the mattress type. The Avocado mattress is a latex mattress. All-natural and they take pride in it. The wool is natural and obtained without harm to animals. The Latex is from reliable organic sources. The cotton is organic. The saatva mattress, on the other hand, is a luxury mattress that uses foam. The foam is high end and has its own advantage. The price for an Avocado mattress is a bit higher but it also offers you more warranty and trial period.

Saatva Vs Avocado Mattress


The saatva mattress has a different construction compared to all the other mattresses in the market. The coil-over coil design is one of the key design differences in all the mattresses compared to saatva. The avocado mattress is a simple hybrid mattress with the best material used. The saatva uses foam, to be precise the best memory foam in the market. Let’s compare the construction, part by part.

  • Firmness: The saatva mattress comes in 3 firmness levels. The Soft, The medium firm and the firm. The firm mattress stands at the level of 8 out of 10 while the soft is about 3. The Avocado mattress comes only in one firmness level and its medium firm. Not too Soft, not too firm. Just right to support your back. Most mattresses come in medium-firm firmness levels. This is because its the most suitable for all sleeping positions. While the firmness levels stated by the company is near to what people like, firmness levels may differ from brand and products too. For instance, the firmness of medium-firm on saatva may feel a bit too firm or soft compared to that of the avocado medium firm. Also, over time, the firmness levels of the mattress will change over time. Most mattresses may be firm initially but will become softer overtime. The saatva mattress medium firm is a bit firm initially but will tend to be a lot softer after a month’s use. The same applies to the Avocado mattress but with the avocado mattress, the mattress is not as soft as compared to the Saatva.
  • Cover: Most people who have used saatva will tell you that the covers of the saatva mattress are extremely soft and comfortable. It’s true. They have one of the best cotton covers in the industry. The avocado mattress is not far behind. As a matter of fact, if you compare the Avocado mattress cover to the saatva, you will find very little difference. The avocado mattress covers are made of organic cotton and are soft to touch and do not retain heat.
  • Layers: The avocado mattress has 4 layers and its practically the simplest construction. A top quilted layer which is purely for comfort, followed by 2 inches of Latex for comfort and support, then a pocketed coil layer and finally a firm base layer. The construction is simple and there is little space for mistakes. There is no reason why the mattress could go wrong in any way if the mattress is so simple in its construction if the parts are all perfectly balanced and correctly placed. The saatva mattress, on the other hand, goes on with a quilted top, a Memory foam layer followed by a pocketed coil layer and then a support layer and a Coil again to finish off with a firm base. There are a lot of layers but each of these layers plays a good, intricate role in providing comfort.
  • Pillow Top: The saatva mattress comes with a Luxury euro pillow top. The Organic Cotton Cover makes the saatva mattress comfortable and luxurious. The pillow top is one of the crucial parts of the saatva mattress and getting it right makes the Saatva mattress luxurious and the most preferred mattress in the industry. The Avocado mattress comes with an optional Pillowtop. Like all the other materials in the Avocado mattress, the Pillow top is also completely organic. If you prefer a pillow top, it’s advised that you purchase the pillow top option as the pillow tops provided by the Avocado mattress come attached and are not removable. The avocado mattress with pillow top adds 2 inches to the mattress and a lot of comforts. The pillow tops are charged extra on the avocado mattress and are made of Latex with organic cotton covers.
  • Pocketed coils: The Avocado mattress 1414 Coils in a King sized mattress while the Saatva mattress has 1088 pocketed Coils on the king-sized mattress. The number of coils usually doesn’t determine the quality or the comfort of a mattress and should not be taken into consideration while purchasing a mattress. Too many coils or too few coils could hamper the comfort and the right balance will differ from mattress to mattress. The saatva and the avocado mattress both are comfortable even with the difference in coil count.

Mattress Selection

Most people want a selection from a range of mattresses. Some companies only offer different sizes but not different firmness levels while others offer a wide range from firmness levels to material used. The avocado mattress does not have a range of mattresses. They have different sizes but the firmness level of medium-firm and latex all-natural mattress is all that they have and they focus on it. They have a completely vegan option tough where they replace wool with a silica-based fire retardant. Apart from that, there is nothing else to choose from. The saatva mattress comes in 3 different firmness levels, all sizes and they even have a Latex mattress in the Zenhaven brand and a full memory foam mattress in the brand name of Loom and leaf. Your choices are more when it comes to the saatva mattress but limited when it comes to the Avocado.

  • Motion Transfer : the saatva mattress is known to have lesser motion isolation in comparison to the Avocado mattress. The Avocado mattress with more springs in one layer provides optimum bounce with minimal motion isolation. With latex, there is even better control on the motion isolation. The saatva construction of Coil-over coil adds a good bounce but has a bit more motion transfer as compared to the Avocado mattress
  • Edge Support: the Edge Support on the saatva mattress is excellent. The excellent foam support with high-density coils on the edges makes saatva one of the most preferred mattresses when it’s tested for edge support. The Avocado mattress has high-density coils on the edges for support and does a good job. Compared to a saatva, the edge support on an avocado mattress is slightly on the downside.
  • Durability: Most mattresses today come with a Lifetime warranty. It shows the confidence of these manufacturers on their products, but it doesn’t mean that the warranty will be enough to qualify for its durability. For instance, a mattress with a 15-year warranty will often outlive its lifetime if it was only based on the warranty which covers only manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tears. The Saatva mattress offers a 15-year warranty and is made of coils and foam. The foam will sag over time and often faster when compared to Latex. Latex is known to keep its form for a longer period of time. The coil density plays a major role when it comes to the life of a mattress. The avocado mattress is perfect when it comes to durability. Latex mattress with high-end coils makes this mattress one of the most durable. Its hand-stitched, no glue and free from chemicals, making it all a great choice.
  • Off-gassing: The Saatva mattress comes ready to use. Unlike most Bed in a Box mattress which comes in a box, Vacuum packed, the saatva mattress can be used right off the cover and there are little to no off-gassing problems. The mattress can be in an airy room for a few hours and that should suffice. You will probably feel a slight odor of a new mattress which is nothing compared to some of the mattresses which come in a box and you will not feel any nausea or irritability. The avocado mattress is not just organic but also takes care when it comes to packaging and delivery. You will find that the mattress takes a few hours to come to its full form and shape but no odor or chemical smells. The mattress is manufactured without any chemicals and there is no foam involved. Apart from the time involved in inflating the mattress, there is no time required for off-gassing. Both saatva and Avocado mattresses have no off-gassing problems at all.
  • Temperature Neutrality: There are heat-related problems when you use a foam and specifically memory foam. If the construction of the mattress is not right, the problem will be noticeable for most people just on the very first night. The construction of the saatva mattress enables the mattress to be well aired out. The spring and coil spacing allow the mattress to breathe better and the heat from the foam will not bother your slumber. The avocado mattress is known to be one of the best mattresses when it comes to heat retention. The Latex layers do not retain heat and the coil layer of 8 inches helps the mattress to air out well.
  • Noise: Spring mattresses have a potential noise problem. The only way to go around it is with pocketed coils which most companies use now. Even with pocketed coils, the risk of noise remains. The construction of a saatva mattress is based on pocketed coils and its placed on another layer of coils. The bottom layer of coils is not pocketed and thus have a higher chance of noise over time. The Avocado mattress, on the other hand, has only one layer of the Pocketed coil and the chances of noise problems are considerably lower.
  • Sex: When it comes to sex, people have their own preferences. Some of us love to feel covered while in the act while others want the sheets off them and a slightly firmer base. Too soft or too firm is not really fun when it comes to sex. You should not feel like having sex on a slab or too uncomfortable with the mattress completely covering you, especially if you are the person who is down below. The mattress should also not be too bouncy but should bounce enough to support the process. With that said… saatva is better when it comes to sex. The bounce is excellent and the mattress is just right when it comes to firmness. The avocado mattress is good but the bounce is not what I personally like. It may vary from person to person and many really love the avocado mattress for sex.
  • Sizing and Pricing: If you find a tag that says organic or natural on a mattress, expect to pay more. The Avocado mattress is priced a bit higher than the saatva mattress for just the reason. There is a lot of work involved in procuring the material and also manufacturing the end product. With no choice in Glues, the mattresses are stitched together often hand-stitched. This takes time and adds to cost. The saatva mattress, being a luxury mattress is still priced at a lower rate than the Avocado mattress.
  • Delivery: Both the Mattresses, Avocado and Saatva offer free shipping via FedEx standard. The saatva mattress offers White glove delivery services and free mattress removals while the avocado mattress offers a Delivery with setup option with mattress removal for an additional $199. With Avocado mattress you also have an option of inhouse delivery and a to the door delivery. The avocado mattress does not have FedEx standard delivery for king and California king-sized mattresses. For king-sized mattresses, the Avocado mattress uses AGS Shipping services.

15 Year warranty with 120 Night Trial. Chiropractor approved. Best mattress for Back Problems

Health Related Support

  • Back support: Back support is a key point to consider while purchasing a mattress. If you already suffer from back problems or if your existing mattress is giving you one, consider a mattress which is tested to provide the best back support. The Saatva mattress offers one of the best back Support and is tested for the same. While the avocado mattress is great, it’s not really tested specifically for back support.
  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam with Spring is known to be one of the best for pressure relief… until Latex came into the industry. Today the right Latex mattress with Encased coil could provide the same pressure relief if not better. The avocado mattress and the Saatva mattress offer equal comfort and pressure relief but the saatva mattress is more tested.
  • Support: The Saatva mattress is known to be one of the best mattresses when it comes to supporting. May it is your back or your neck, the mattress conforms perfectly to your body weight allowing perfect support to your body. Its recommended by doctors and tested extensively. The avocado mattress does not stand far behind. Though the Avocado mattress is not tested by chiropractors, the mattress conforms well and provides adequate support.
  • People With Back Pain: The Saatva mattress is Certified by Doctors and chiropractors for its healing benefits which include excellent support for your back. It’s also one of the most tested mattresses in the laboratory and by people. If you are choosing a mattress for your back problems, the Saatva mattress is one of the best. Compatible with adjustable bases, the Saatva mattress works great if you have undergone a surgery or if you are going through therapy.  The Avocado mattress, on the other hand, is not tested as extensively as the saatva. The performance of the Avocado mattress, though on par with the saatva mattress, there is no evidence of its efficiency in supporting people for back problems.


Couples have different needs. While one person may need a firm mattress the other may prefer something soft. Both saatva and Avocado DO NOT have custom options for sides. You cannot choose a firm side and a soft side on the same mattress. Fortunately, most couples find it comfortable to sleep on a saatva mattress if they are young. Sex is great on a saatva mattress and the mattress is extremely comfortable. If you are old, chances are that you will have different needs from your partner and if this happens, there is little you can do but choose a different mattress for your partner or purchase a customizable mattress with different firmness on both sides.

Heavy People  

Saatva has one of the best supports for heavy people. If you are heavy, you need a mattress that is more than 10 inches thick. Both Saatva and avocado are more than 10 inches thick. The saatva mattress which is 14.5 inches thick is your best option if you are heavy. The avocado mattress works just as great. If you are heavy, there is not much difference in the medium-firm of either mattress. The avocado mattress will work just as well as the saatva medium firm. A soft mattress from saatva is not recommended for those who are heavy. The most preferred mattress for heavy people is the Saatva Firm mattress. The Avocado mattress will give you more comfortable if you are choosing a medium-firm mattress. It’s easier to move around a latex mattress as compared to a memory foam hybrid.

Sleep Position Ratings

The best mattress for back sleepers is the saatva. If you are heavy (more than 230 lbs) the avocado mattress will be a better choice for you, for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers should go for a saatva mattress.

  • Sleep Trial: The saatva mattress offers a 120-night trial. This is often enough for most people to know if the mattress is right for you. The break-in period of most mattresses range from 2 -4 weeks. Within this period of time, you will know if the mattress is right for you. a 120-night trial is sufficient time for you to decide if the mattress is for you or not. The Avocado mattress goes all the way with the 1-year trial. Anytime during this 1 year, if you don’t find the mattress suitable for you, you may return or get a replacement. There are costs involved in returning a saatva mattress. A $100 will be charged for shipping your mattress in case you want a replacement.
  • Warranty: The 15-year warranty on a saatva mattress is just right for most mattresses. You will usually change your mattress anywhere between 8 and 10 years’ time if you use it regularly. If you use the mattress sparingly, a 15 year time should be enough warranty. The avocado mattress has a 25-year warranty on their mattresses. Both the mattresses cover only manufacturing defects in their warranty and not normal wear and tear.
  • Old Mattress Removal: With the white glove delivery services, Saatva mattress will remove your old mattress with no extra cost. Mattress removal usually costs $100 upwards from 3rd party and this is entirely free with the saatva mattress. Ensure that you check the mattress removal service when you purchase the saatva mattress. With the Avocado mattress, you will be charged $199 for mattress removal and white glove delivery and setup.
  • Owner Satisfaction: Saatva mattress has been in the industry for a long time and has a bigger customer base. Even with all the customers, the 95% customer satisfaction rate is impressive. Saatva’s customer support and efficiency is notable. They take care of their customers and always ensure that the customer is taken care of. The avocado mattress is new to the industry when you compare the saatva mattress but they have a great team to handle customer services. The phones are always working and the staff is helpful. Unlike many mattress brands, avocado does take care of their customers and usually find solutions which are agreeable to both parties.
  • Customer Reviews: The Customer reviews on saatva mattresses are always on the best side. The customers seem to like the service and the mattress. From purchase to the setup everything seems to be extremely good. Very rarely there are complaints about delivery. The avocado mattress reviews are more towards the quality of the product itself. People purchasing an organic mattress have a different set of expectations. The avocado mattress meets most of the expectations from their customers and the reviews reflect the same.

Who Should Pick Saatva : Saatva is a Luxury mattress. It offers 3 firmness levels to choose from and has excellent support for your back. If you have gone through surgery or have back problems, you may want to consider the saatva mattress. With different firmness levels, you have options to choose from and you will never be let down with the choices.

Best Mattress for Back problems and Health issues. Recommended by Doctors and available in 2 different firmness levels

Who Should Pick Avocado : If you are allergic to foam or are inclined to purchase an organic product, the avocado mattress is your best option. Though the mattress only comes in one firmness level, you may find a topper or pad which can add the desired comfort for you. The mattress is durable and has lesser heat retention. The motion isolation is great too. Recommended for couples and great for people who have mild back problems. Compatible with adjustable bases.

100% Pure Natural Latex Hybrid mattress. No allergy, 25 Year warranty and a 1 year Trial

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel?

The saatva mattress feels simply great. The cover is really soft and the padding gives you comfort and a feel of luxury. It’s crafted so well that even without a sheet, you would feel so comfortable that you could go to sleep on the mattress. The avocado mattress is Excellent with its organic cotton cover but falls short in comparison to the saatva mattress. Also the Plush soft in the saatva range gives you the cuddly feel which is to die for if you are a person who loves soft mattresses. 

Which Mattress is the Winner?

Saatva is a winner if you look at comfort and spinal support. The avocado mattress is clearly the best mattress for people who prefer something organic, and have problems with heat. If you or your partner moves around at night frequently, the avocado should be your choice. It’s hard to compare these two mattresses and tell which one really wins because its more or less all about the preferences. Saatva and Avocado can be rated almost equally and there is no clear winner when you compare the products of the same firmness.

Compare Offers

Avocado Mattresses come with offers and deals from time to time. Check out for offers here. Offers are available especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. There are special sales on the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Saatva does not have any offers at all. 

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