Saatva Mattress

People who prefer to sleep on a firm yet comfortable mattresses should definitely go for the Saatva Extra Firm Mattress. Firm mattresses have therapeutic values as well. The Saatva extra firm mattress is made of the same high-quality materials that are typical in Saatva Mattresses. The Saatva extra firm mattress provides the necessary support to your body, especially the spine to take care of any back pains and also give a blissful sleep. Check some Saatva mattress reviews by the users and you will be able to see the exceptional results of these mattresses.

The Saatva extra firm mattress has individually pocketed coils in the top part of the mattress and these help the mattress to shape itself to your body contour. This coil system is the most advanced in the coil market. The steel coil base support system of the Saatva extra firm mattress is made of tempered steel and oven baked making the Saatva extra firm mattress durable and also prevents sagging of the mattress.

Also preventing sagging of the Saatva extra firm mattress is the dual perimeter edge support system. There is more surface area and the coils are covered in foam. The lumbar support system of the Saatva extra firm mattress is made of the highest quality of memory layer. The memory foam used in the Saatva extra firm mattress provides more support and reduces tension and stress for the lower back of the body providing it therapeutic comfort. The memory foam is also adaptable to different body contours.

The Saatva extra firm mattress has a euro pillow top which gives the mattress extra wadding and cushioning materials than what you would usually find in normal mattresses. These materials are kept below the outer covering of the Saatva extra firm mattress to give the mattress a neater look. This will also prevent the pillow tops from shifting around and lose shape.

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The Saatva extra firm mattress has taken a green initiative. The outer covers are made of organic cotton and the inner springs are made of recycled steel. The memory foam used in the Saatva extra firm mattress is made of safe and bio-based foam. This makes the Saatva extra firm mattress allergens free. There have been no complaints of any allergic reactions typical of foam mattresses. The Saatva extra firm mattress is also packed with quality materials the moment they are manufactured to prevent foreign material from entering the mattresses and they are priority shipped as well.

The Saatva extra firm mattress is the right choice for you if you find the ultra soft mattress to encaving. You get the feel of floating on your bed rather than sinking into it.

Saatva mattress reviews

Saatva Mattress REviews

Saatva mattress reviews indicate a strong user base and a great product. Among all the products made in the United States of America, Saatva mattress is one of the few which does not have an outlet, yet performs great with the user base. Saatva mattress reviews are strong for the price and the quality. There are over 200 odd Mattress manufacturers who are prominent in the United States and Saatva is the only one of them which does not have a retail outlet yet performs out of the way to compete with the top players. the products are from the organic base and some have synthetic content (mentioned in the brochure).

Saatva mattress is cheap and surely one of the few mattresses which come at an affordable price. The product lasts for 3-4 years comfortably without sagging in and some do last a lot longer. With multiple variations of products to choose from, Saatva caters to a wider range of audience than many of its competitors. Saatva mattress is the simply Cheap yet Good quality product. For more information on more Saatva mattress reviews, check the link Below.

Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews & Complaints

Saatva mattress has proved to be the most popular online sold mattress, although, like any other products, there are some complaints and cons attached. When going through the Saatva mattress reviews, I find that some of the complaints people have about the mattress are rather ridiculous, for example, one reviewer complains that the bed is so comfortable, their dog wouldn’t leave it, making it difficult for the people of the house to sleep on it. Understandably, I do not take this as a major complaint. Some people have complained about the sagging issues of the mattress, but these complaints are few and most of the customers seem to be satisfied with the product.

Saatva Mattress How organic is it in reality?

Though the makers of Saatva mattress have taken their green initiative seriously, users have found that the mattress is not exactly 100% organic. It is impossible to make a mattress without some processed parts as the longevity would be affected by it. Mattresses are meant to last for a few decades. The cover is organic and the other parts are a mix of both.



Saatva Mattress Usage

The bottom of the mattress is not adjustable base friendly. They come in a standard form, thus customizing these mattresses is not an option. They have tried to remedy this by providing an array of sizes in foundations and frames and also different comfort levels. The extra strong coil construction makes the mattress strong, yet unchangeable.

Saatva Mattress Trials

Since the whole Saatva sales are online, there is no option of trying out the mattress before getting it. They do not have a showroom where you can test the mattress before buying it. There are helpful information on the website like Saatva Mattress reviews, but this cannot be compared to actually testing out mattresses at stores. The return policy remedies this problem to some extent and not having to store the mattresses reduces the cost of it as well.

Saatva Mattress Memory foam

Memory foam is used in Saatva. This foam has numerous advantages, yet a few disadvantages as well. It tends to heat up after some use and some forms can give out toxic VOCs. Saatva uses non-toxic forms of processing to avoid allergies, but the few drawbacks of memory foam mattresses are still there.

Saatva Mattress – What is Memory Foam?

You might have come across this word ‘Memory Foam’ many times while searching for mattresses and the same search might have ended you up here! So, friends stop scratching your head, for Memory foam is nothing but a type of foam that is viscoelastic in nature. It is polyurethane plus certain chemicals are added to it, to increase its viscosity and density. It folds easily into the shape of the object placed on it and the moment the object is removed i.e. the moment the weight gets uplifted from its surface it retains its original shape. This ‘fast recovery’ feature of memory foam is one of the reasons why it is very popular among mattresses makers.

So, simply it is just a type of foam that will provide your body with the comfort that your body always desire for while sleeping and the outcome is a sound and undisturbed sleep for extended hours! Even thinking about it is bringing a smile to your face:) right? You know what is the other interesting thing about memory foam? It is a NASA production! Yeah, It was developed by NASA!

Saatva Mattress Memory Foam’s Origin

It all started in 1966 when Ames Research Center of NASA decided to increase the safety of aircraft cushions and lower the effect of G-forces on astronauts. Thus, as a result, memory foam was developed. In 1980’s NASA introduced memory foam to the public. Though initially, not many companies were willing to work with memory foam but then after 1991 there was no looking back!

Saatva Mattress – Uses

Memory foam is widely used for preparing mattresses, blankets, and pillows and even for the cushions of wheelchair. Many Hospitals uses memory foam mattresses for their beds for its ability in reducing body pain and providing a comfortable sleep for the extended period of time. Inadequate sleep is considered as one of the reasons for stress and tiredness, so memory foam mattresses will also be very helpful for people having sleeping troubles. The benefits of Saatva memory foam mattresses are well explained in the Saatva Mattress reviews.

How does memory foam works?

Memory foam distributes the weight of the body equally and relieves the pressure from the pressure points of your body. The heavier parts of your body sink in nicely and the lighter region like the lumbar region of your body, the main region from where the back pain generates gets the required support and base. Memory foam is very responsive to the heat and weight of the body and accordingly, it compresses itself and contours to the body shape. But, once the weight is removed it sprints back to the same form in which it was before you used it.

Some Saatva mattress reviews also complain that the beds, once they arrive, seem rather taller than how they appear on the website. They say that some people found the beds too bouncy or hard for their preference.

Saatva Store Locator

Saatva sells their mattresses only online. There are no retail stores that sell Saatva. These mattresses can be bought only online from their official site, Saatva mattresses are also available at Amazon.