Saatva Mattress

The right kind of investment in mattress offers you top durability at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Saatva Mattress is undoubtedly one among them. If you have heard about them, I need not tell you more but if you are not aware, well here’s the chance to know all about it.

Make the transfer

As a general rule of thumb, it is essential to change your mattress every 8 years. Just like any other perishable product, your mattress too comes with an expiry date. Over using of a limited mattress can rob you away of quality sleep. It can give you a bad back pain especially while waking up.

If you have been using a wrong mattress, then things can go out of hand. Nevertheless, the cortisol levels also go up thus provoking you to get up in the morning without having a good peaceful sleep.

About Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress was initiated with a motto to assist customers with best quality mattress that not only helps them with peaceful sleep but also delivers a healthy spine. From luxury mattress to memory foam mattress, you will find everything you always wanted to in your mattress right here at Saatva. The prominent feature is the individually wrapped coils and the coil on coil system that lasts a few good years for utmost comfort.

The best part is all the products are environment-friendly which keeps you away from allergies or pollens helping in soft skin and a fit body in the years to come.

Products from Saatva Mattress

1. Luxury Firm Mattress

Luxury firm is one of the flagship products from Saatva Mattress. Choose the mattress size, frame, and foundation as per your desire and have it delivered. Has it installed for free at your home?

From Cal King to Twin sized, you will find everything under Luxury Firm mattress. America’s popular choice is the Luxury Firm which is not too firm and not too soft, just right. Topped with a nice and soft layer makes it absolutely cozy and welcoming after a day’s work.

2. Firm Mattress

These are the types for those who need a very solid and firm comfort level. Basically best for back and stomach sleepers, firm mattress from Saatva comes with a soft foam and a layer of upholstery to give it the “firm” look.

Side sleepers better go with soft plush mattress that gives a comfort and huggy feel while they hit the sack.

3. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress is popular among those who want to cuddle and drift off to a peaceful sleep. The prominent feature of memory foam is its ability to contour itself to the shape of the sleeper. It retracts back to its original position once you are up from the bed.

Memory foam usually does not go with people as it tends to emit pungent smell during initial use. But that’s not the case with Saatva memory foam mattress the company uses eco friendly and organic materials.

Saatva Mattress Consumer Reviews

People have fallen in love with products of Saatva Mattress and NO.. I am not exaggerating here. There have been many Saatva Mattress Reviews from actual users who have chosen Saatva over others in the market.

This is mainly because Saatva Mattress offers the quality product at an economical cost which is rare see in today’s market. Many competitors run for quick bucks and campaign high in national televisions. Saatva Mattress take their own time and rely entirely on local advertising, thus playing it safe. Word by mouth reviews by many users also plays a crucial role in rising customers.

They also give away a great warranty period of 15 years with first two years offering generous features such as full replacement, fixing any defects etc. And the next 3-15 years features any repairs if defects pop up. The warranty is valid as long as the mattress is fixed on the metal frame or platform foundation.


The Saatva Return Policy

It’s probably not right to put the return policy on the first section of the content if you were to read a company brochure, but then Saatva needs to highlight this part the most. I haven’t heard of a company giving a 75 day no hassle return for a physical product. Buy a product, and if you don’t like it in 75 days, return it and the only cost you incur is the INITIAL delivery charges. The return charges are handled by the company. What more? you also have the same policy for exchange of the product. So you purchased the Plush soft but you decide the Luxury firm Saatva mattress is the right thing for you. No problem. Get the product exchanged in 75 days and all you pay is the Delivery charges and the difference if any.

I don’t know of such companies which can beat the saatva mattress return policy. What company would charge you nothing but the delivery cost for an exchange or return? Usually, the companies charge a penalty, pick up charges and also take the delivery charges for a product like a mattress. Saatva is genuine and excellent. Call them customer-centric and I don’t think it would be a mistake.

Why Saatva Mattress – Best reasons to buy from them

Saatva Mattress is known for two things. The rock bottom price and the impeccable quality. Among the top brands that manufacture Luxury mattresses, Saatva mattress has made its way into the market with its unique marketing strategy. Saatva mattress is currently the only Mattress company which is completely operating online. The company does not have a store except a godown and an address to take returns for this company. On one side, the company had problems marketing their products initially, considering that they did not have a physical address, But with the return address and the quality of the mattresses, the rise was rapid.

The Saatva Mattress Online Only strategy did well for both the customers and the company. The products are at least 30% lesser than their competitors. The manufacturing cost is the only thing that the company incurred in large. The staffs are minimal such as people to attend calls, few for delivery etc. The company is focused on its service as much on the product itself. The quality of both the product and the service is clearly seen in the reviews.

Unlike retail shopping, the downside of online purchase is we don’t have the option to touch, feel and know the mattress. The only other option would be to check out on someone who has already purchased the product and buy the same thing. Saatva mattress knows the predicament when you purchase their product. They know that customers may or may not like a product. That’s why they have a return policy which is transparent and friendly.