Saatva Mattress

Why is it that Saatva mattresses are not creating the stir that they should be. For one thing, people do not change their mattresses frequently. Often, the same mattress is used for decades before tossing it. For another, people do not want to trust an online mattress website which could be spaming them.

Let me tell you this, there is nothing remotely spammy about the Saatva mattress websites. They have a lot of information on the website and they have enough reviews saying that they respond great to customers. Try going onto their website now and you will find them on Live Chat.

You can tell them about your sleeping needs and they will find the perfect mattress for you. You can even give the room lengths and heights and they will tell you the size of the mattress you should by. There are also different softness levels. Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. You can again decide what you would prefer, something really soft that cradles you, if you and your spouse have different sleeping needs or if you would like something that is firm yet plush.

It is not very easy to purchase mattresses from showrooms as you usually get confused after you try tentatively bouncing on a few. You then choose something at random and end up with it for the next few decades and also with a back pain after a while. Admittedly, there are people who know how to choose their mattresses and there are people who can dish out wads of cash for the mattresses. People like me, fall into neither category.

The Saatva Mattresses have a good return policy: this had me excited. If I did not like it, I could return it and no questions would be asked! They promised that this transaction would be very smooth and friendly, although they did have a mischievous air about it. I later realized that this was because there was no way anyone would return these mattresses! If they wanted it back, they would have to take me along, clinging on top of it.

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The Saatva Mattresses are not very pricey, given their lack of long chains. You get it directly from the manufacturers, assured about the quality and freshness. I’m perfectly happy with my Plush soft mattress and recommend that you soon find yours. Do read all the positive reviews that are also available on the site from people who have used the product.

Saatva Mattress Is The Best Mattress

Saatva mattress is an online mattress store which is known for the green initiative. The company offers eco-friendly, non-toxic mattresses of all sizes from twin, full, queen, king, and California King mattresses. Mattresses are the means to a good sleep. There are many ways to get better sleep and a soft and comfortable mattress is one of the sleep essentials. A comfortable mattress is required to stay asleep. Saatva mattress is made in 5 layers.

  • The comfort of the mattress is made by the individual pocketed coils. They are situated in the top portion of the mattresses. Each coil is individually wrapped so that movement in one will not affect the other coils.
  • This coiled part is covered by foam that does not sag at the edge and supports better. The technology used is the dual perimeter edge support that makes the Saatva mattress unique.
  • The next layer is the memory foam that lies on top of the foam covered part. The memory foam provides stress relief and supports the lower back.
  • The base layer steel coil system: The supporting part of any mattress is the coil base. What makes Saatva mattress different from other mattresses is that these coils are made of recycled steel. These coils make the mattress long lasting and increase the durability up to 10-15 years.
  • All the above layers are duly covered by organic cotton and euro pillow top. The euro pillow top means that the wadding materials are inserted under the top cover giving the mattress a smooth finish. It also helps retain the shape longer than any other technique.




Saatva Mattress Sizes

  • Twin mattresses that are 39” x 75” in size and these are the narrowest size fitting for day beds and kids room.
  • Full-size Saatva mattresses are 54” x 75” in width and length. They are suitable as a single bed but more spacious.
  • Queen Size Saatva mattress is larger than the twin and full-size mattress with 60” wide and 80” long, that makes comfortable space for two people easily.
  • King Size Saatva mattress is huge and even when there are two people sleeping in there is a lot of spare space in the mattress. Comfortable, spacious and sturdy is what King mattress is. They are 76” wide and 80” long.
  • California King Size Saatva Mattress is a longer king size mattress but less wide by 4 inches. This is convenient for people who are taller than usual.

What makes Saatva the best mattress is that it gives the same comfort as any expensive mattress but at a lesser rate and it is also eco-friendly and better for health. The ultra-premium specifications make its quality higher. It can provide comfort, and sturdiness better than any other mattresses. Though it is available only online the 30-day trial helps one to be sure that this is what they really want.

Saatva Mattress – An Organic Mattress?

The mattress is made of foam that is made using chemicals. These chemicals are carcinogenic and cause many other health troubles. Saatva mattress is an organic mattress but the brand does not claim it to be 100% organic. Saatva has utilized reusable and plant-based products for the manufacture of the mattress. It is a green initiative towards an eco-friendly approach for the mattress making.

What is an Organic Mattress?

An organic mattress is one that is made with organic foam. Here in Saatva Mattresses, the foam is made using 30% of soya or corn oil. This means, there is a 30% reduction, in the usage of the chemicals. The chemicals used in the foam making are toxic and emits toxic vapors polluting the air and causing respiratory problems or skin allergies. Soy is the most popular product used for foam making as it is a natural product and also a biodegradable or reusable resource.

How is Saatva an Organic Mattress?

Saatva uses 30% of soy to make the foam, which is a very huge step towards the organic movement. Additionally, there are other recycled items used in the making of Saatva Mattresses. The mattress fibers are natural thistle making it less allergic than the chemical mattresses. It also helps the mattress be fire retardant without using any more chemicals. The coils are made of steel that is recycled. This helps reduce a smaller portion form the earth’s burden. The memory foam also is made out of bio-based viscoelastic. The outer covering of the mattress is done by organic cotton making fewer chances of skin allergies. The cotton is backed with hypoallergenic fibers. All the bio-based components have a derivative of soy. The no-stores also play a role in being eco-friendly by reducing the carbon print.

Saatva mattresses have very low VOC emission and utilize no mercury or other heavy metals and no formaldehyde is used at all. Since it has lesser chemicals it surely does reduce the ozone depletion also. To avoid the risk of frequent exposure to the one-third of the life – as a person spends one-third of his life in bed sleeping, choose the organic Saatva mattress for a better health and greener environment.

Saatva Mattress – Comfort, Support, and reliability

Saatva Mattress is one of America’s favorite that provides good comfort, support, and reliability to you and your home.

Lack of sleep is often one of the ignorant things that we, humans forget to consider. Though sadly, your brain never sleeps, your body does without any doubt and that is one of the factors that lead to many issues with your health. Believe it or not, lack of sleep can make you stupid…!!! (no pun intended).



Saatva mattress stands in one of the top three positions in best mattress reviews for the sole selling point – quality. It comes in three different comfort levels known as Plush soft, luxury firm and Firm. You can choose the best suited for you as per the firmness level you desire. As an example, if you are a person to sleep on your back or stomach, then Saatva Firm is apt for your sleep.

Saatva Mattress also is an ambassador of green and the covers they manufacture is made out of organic cotton. Even the mechanical equipment’s such as steel is recycled and the foam is bio-based and does not contain any formaldehyde or other irritants. Some of the features include:

  • use memory foam that is bio-based that contours the shape of your body and retracts back into original when not in use
  • has a coil on coil construction. While the lower coil provides an hourglass shaped base, the top coil unit is individually wrapped to ensure healthy sleep and unwanted movements.
  • the gap between the springs also promotes healthy air flow and evaporation of water at night times when you perspire which makes the bed cool to sleep on. It also keeps away termites or germs.
  • has the chiropractic seal of approval for its therapeutic use
  • does not have any retail stores and hence reduces the effect of the carbon footprint on our environment i.e. driving up to retailers that pollutes the climate
  • cures any problems in your body such as hip, back or shoulders
  • is affordable than other competitors such as Tempur-Pedic or Sleep number

The best part of Saatva mattress is it fits easily with any standard foundation. The lower coil base is made out of Bonnell coils as they deliver good lifespan. Though they do not deliver good comfort when used as a single layer, they provide a strong core when used on two coil system and since Saatva mattress is made out of double coil construction, I need not say further.

Sleep well with saatva mattress that not only ensures good quality mattress but also saves you from shelling out extra bucks. If you still more convincing, you always have the 30 day trial period to try it out for yourself.