Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom and Leaf mattresses from saatva are available online only.

Saatva Mattress is a small team yet one of the fastest growing mattress companies online. In recent times they launched their brand – Loom and Leaf that offers premium luxury memory foam mattress with added features. With many competitors locking horns to be in the top position, Saatva within no time climbed the charts and is currently one of America’s favorite mattress.

Saatva Mattress

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  • Is Saatva mattress any good
  • Saatva mattress complaints
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  • Saatva mattress cost
  • Saatva mattress customer service
  • Saatva mattress returns
  • Saatva mattress dealers
  • Saatva mattress warranty and guarantee
  • Used Saatva mattress
  • Saatva mattress Loom and Leaf
  • Saatva mattress reviews
  • Saatva mattress locations
  • Saatva mattress discount, promo and coupon codes
  • Saatva mattress Vs. Top mattress
  • Saatva mattress FAQs

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History Of Saatva Mattress

Topping Forbes top 100 “America’s Most Promising Companies, Jan 2015”, Saatva mattress was initiated within a tiny team. Currently, it has more than 18 factories all through USA that is manufacturing patent mattress. Spreading across all the 50 states, order Saatva mattress online and get your personal mattress delivered right at your door step. Optimum customer satisfaction is the key to Saatva mattress’s success.

In fact, it is one of the most best-reviewed mattress brands on Google for the year 2013-2014. The secret behind Saatva mattress is they deliver simple comfortable and durable mattress without any false promises. This means you pay for what you get. Saatva luxury mattresses have been made affordable for you. Try saatva affordable luxury mattress are available at any sizes and any chosen type – firm, medium firm, soft and so on.

There are many Saatva mattress features. One of the prominent features of Saatva mattress is the eco-friendly products that are used. Lesser the carbon footprint, better the Earth. As a Go Green initiative, organic mattress from Saatva is launched to curb allergies and other health conditions for those dealing with the sensitive body. Organic Saatva mattress comes with a recycled tempered steel, bio-based foams, and natural cotton coverings. Though not 100% organic, Saatva mattress balances to maintain quality, affordability, and health in the mattresses they provide.

All Saatva mattresses come with CertiPUR-US that speaks volumes about the quality. Unlike normal mattress that comes with flame retardants, formaldehyde, lead etc., Saatva mattresses are made out of low emitting VOCs that hardly trigger any health issues.

Organic Saatva Mattresses

Organic Saatva mattress offers you the edge of taking a step ahead and caring about the Mother Nature. For instance, the cotton cover, euro pillow top, and cushioning materials are made out of natural cotton grown right here in USA.

Organic Saatva mattress is handcrafted right here in US. Using individually wrapped pocketed coils topped with bio-based memory foam layers, Saatva mattress comes with hypo-allergenic features that will give you best sleep quality…ever!!!

Where Are Saatva Mattress Made?

There are many Saatva mattress manufacturers all over USA. With Saatva mattress headquarters at Westport, CT and Austin, TX, the Saatva mattress factory is nationwide.

Saatva mattress stocks are manufactured using hourglass shaped steel support base. It acts as the lower coil unit. The top coil unit comes with thrice tempered individually wrapped coil system. This ensures maximum saatva mattress durability and resists motion transfer. Motion transfer or personal isolation stands for the resistance of the bed to stand still when either of the partners moves during sleep. Made to last more than a decade, Saatva mattress has been able to maintain their quality well over time.

Saatva Mattress For Spine Health

Our spine is one of the most crucial body parts. Most people are NOT AWARE of the importance of a healthy spine until a back pain breaks out. Saatva has designed sleep well mattress to maintain a healthy spine. The spine health Saatva mattress has been recommended by many chiropractors. A healthy luxury coil innerspring mattress fixes any spinal problem. But that’s not all. It also assists in deep quality sleep so that you wake up positive and pain-free. Thanks to the patented ‘SLEEP ZONE’ sleep technology that inhibits back pain and stiffness during sleep through an active wire support located right in the center third of the Saatva mattress.

Prominent features of Saatva mattress for spine health include

  • Sleep zone that correctly aligns the spine
  • Less back pain and more quality sleep
  • Organic materials used
  • Tempered coil system
  • Bio-based memory foam layers that contour with your body
  • Utmost quality and comfort guaranteed
  • 75-day money back policy
  • 15 years warranty

Why Should You Buy From Saatva Mattress?

There are many reasons as to why Saatva mattress stands USA’s favorite and is the OFFICIAL MATTRESS OF HEALTHBRIDGE SLEEP. In fact, Dr. David Edelson, MD of the Healthbridge clinic says that many patients replaced their Tempurpedic mattress after using Saatva mattress.

Here are few of the other reasons on why Saatva mattress is reliable for you.

  • Options available – choose between the king, queen, twin etc. at your discretion
  • Cheap mattress – Saatva mattress is available at an affordable price
  • Hypo-allergenic mattress – made out of hypo-allergenic products such as cotton, memory foam that are excellent for sensitive people
  • Ready to sleep – Saatva mattress customer service help in installing and setting up the bed
  • Nationwide shipping – Saatva mattress owners ship anywhere in USA
  • Chiropractor recommended – Saatva mattress comes with the Chiropractic Seal of Approval
  • Supports your back – the mattress comes with patented ‘Spinal Zone’ that enhances sleep and inhibits spinal stiffness.
  • Trial period – Saatva mattress offers you 75-day trial period wherein you can try the product and if unsatisfied, get the money back

Warranty – mattresses from Saatva come with 15-year warranty

Be it luxury firm mattress or king sized Saatva mattress, be assured you are having the best mattress online. The Saatva mattress is available with box spring. However, if your existing box spring is intact, you may order the mattress only. Bio-based Memory foam Saatva mattress leaves body impressions. This is due to the viscoelastic feature. It takes the shape of your body. Nevertheless, it retracts back to original form once you are out of the bed.

The green Saatva mattress does come with “off-gassing” issues. There is a slight off-gassing during supplier’s facility. But it is ensured that all foams are stable before they are shipped. This makes Saatva mattress allergy proof assisting in disease-free life. For instance, skin sensitivities, breathing conditions and so on. Even Saatva mattress topper and cover are made of organic materials.

Saatva Mattress Sizes And Types

Saatva mattress is available in the following dimensions

  • Saatva mattress Twin size 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL mattress 38” x 80”
  • Full size mattress 54” x 75”
  • Saatva mattress Queen size 60” x 80”
  • Saatva mattress King mattress dimensions 76” x 80”
  • California King size mattress 72” x 84”

Types of Saatva mattress on sale

Saatva Mattress Plush Soft

Plush soft from saatva mattress is for those who want the mattress to hug them and embrace them supportively, the plush soft comfort level is best recommended.

The individual wrapped coil comes with soft conforming foams that hugs your body as you fall into a deep sleep. The saatva mattress is a firm mattress. It has the right firmness to inhibit the feel that you are sinking too deep into the bed.

Choose plush soft if you

  • Are a side sleeper or sometimes like to sleep on back
  • Want to feel enveloped under your bed
  • Having difficulty with your arms falling asleep before you do
  • Want a soft mattress

Saatva Luxury Mattress

The saatva luxury firm mattress is a flagship product from saatva. It offers the best comfort level that is used in many hotels. The Luxury Firm strikes the right balance between cushion firm and contouring support. It doesn’t matter how you sleep – side, back or stomach, saava luxury firm mattress gives you the perfect comfort level that is not too hard or too soft.

Choose luxury firm mattress if you

  • Sleep on back, side or tummy
  • Best mattress for couples with different sleep requirements
  • Looking for Goldilocks bed – not too hard or too soft
  • Switch sleeping positions at night
  • Want to feel luxury hotel experience at your home

Saatva Firm Mattress

For those who prefer their mattress firm but not hard firm, then saatva firm mattress is the best choice. They come with individually wrapped coils with firmer and conforming foams. This creates a floating feel as you sleep. You will feel a plush when you hit the sack but it is quickly converted to the necessary firm support you craved for. This takes off the feeling that you are sleeping on a board.

Choose saatva firm mattress if you

  • Prefer to sleep on back or stomach
  • Want a mattress that feels like you float on top rather than sinking feel
  • Your health practitioner recommends a firm mattress
  • If you want a firm mattress

Maintenance Tips For Saatva Mattress

Take care of your saatva mattress with these helpful tips. This brief guide will help you on how to ensure a healthy and durable mattress. We all know Saatva mattress is built to last long. But keeping the feature intact depends entirely on us especially when it comes to the mattress. They are a long-term investment. Here are a few tips for maintaining saatva mattress.

  • Rotation – Saatva mattress is NO designed for flipping. So rotate them at a frequency. There is no frequency set but make it a point to do it at least once a year. Just turn the mattress from head to toe. This will help the mattress wear off evenly.
  • Buy the foundation – It is advised to buy Saatva mattress foundation. But if your existing base is in good condition, I suggest you can go ahead with that. The company chooses specific foundation because it works well with the mattress. This combo will ensure that the mattress stays a good long time.
  • Stains and pet dander – Many love bringing food to the bed. If you spill something, Saatva recommends using a small amount of soap with a sponge to clean it off. Bear in mind NOT TO use too much water or things might get difficult. Similarly, DO NOT bring your pet to the mattress. Pet dander (dead skin cells), mites sticking to their skin can bring respiratory and skin disorders. So make sure to keep your pet away even though it is the hardest thing to do.
  • Expected lasting time – Saatva mattress is meant to last 10 years. Considering mattress are a long-term investment, maintaining it correctly can help in prolonging the mattress life. So follow the advice for longevity.

Is Saatva Mattress Any Good?

Many people ask; are Saatva mattresses good? Is Saatva mattress bad? How hot is it? And so on…!!! If you are one of them, this is for you.

Started out small, Saatva mattress is currently featured on Forbes and Vogue dishing out some juicy mattress that can be excellent for people of all ages. You might be the new honeymooners or a sleepyhead who just wants a good night’s sleep after a day’s work. Saatva mattress has the right bedding collections for you. From firm to soft mattress who cuddles you warmly, Saatva mattress wicks away the excess moisture from your body. This will keep you cool even at summer nights.

Few complained about Saatva mattress odor or smell. But this was felt only during the initial couple of days. Though the company ensures that the smell fades and is under control, the smell of freshly packed mattress exists. The smell of Saatva mattress is not toxic in any way. It does not contain any formaldehyde or flame retardant that can be dangerous to health. Hence, this minor flaw is negated thanks to the myriad features and quality.

Saatva Mattress Complaints

A revolutionary product in the field of a mattress, Saatva mattress has few flaws here and there. The Saatva mattress quality is insanely famous. It says so in Saatva mattress rating in many sites including Amazon. However, for those who are looking for pure memory foam mattress might not get a feel out of Saatva. Though plush soft claims to cuddle you, you really get the feel of sleeping “in” the mattress than “on” the mattress.

Saatva mattress is available ONLINE only. This is a drawback since you cannot voluntarily scrutinize the mattress. But on the bright side, Saatva mattress offers a 75-day trial. In this way, once the mattress is installed you can sleep and see how it blends with your body.

A couple of users reported Saatva mattress sagging. They claim even after rotating, the sagging persists. Surprisingly, other users came with a rebuttal that they had an excellent experience from Saatva.

Bottomline, the positive experiences of Saatva mattress are much higher than negative. Of course, you are free to check the reviews yourself. I leave it at your discretion to make the better choice.

Where Is Saatva Mattress Available For Sale

Did you know that Saatva is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sattva’ which means ‘pure? Started by two friends, Saatva mattresses are handcrafted in 18 independent factories spread in USA. There are more than 100 fulfillment centers with a factory located in Toronto for Ontario consumers. Nonetheless, Saatva mattress is a TRUE 100% ONLINE STORE.

The company provides a FREE INSTALLATION where the representative installs the Saatva mattress at your home. You can even arrange for a pick up of old mattress at Saatva.

Saatva Mattress Cost

Cost of saatva mattress is absolutely budget friendly. Contrary to what people think, the price of saatva mattresses is quite economical. In fact, they line up with the cost of many innerspring mattress competitors. This is a rare-see based on the prominent features Saatva offers. The eco-friendly features hit the right spot among nature lovers and give the itch to try out this sleep pad.

Saatva consumer reviews claim that they never expected such high-quality mattress to be available at a cheap price. This shows savvy marketing and genuine integrity. The consistent need to please consumers and deliver a quality product is what makes Saatva worth a try.

Saatva Mattress Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at Saatva mattress reviews. The name “Saatva mattress” speaks for itself. Thanks to the amazing consumer reviews and the impeccable quality that Saatva delivers. Consumers are happy and are getting excellent response from users. The mattress underground has users talking about saatva. Many users have noticed excellent relief from back pain after using saatva. The company ensures that the mattress comes with patented ‘Spinal Zone’ sleep that works in a way to support proper spine alignment. This helps not only in quality sleep but less tossing/turning at nights.

The customer service of saatva mattress has received excellent reviews. Users claim that the customer support helps and assists with any queries. Few were even skeptical of trying out mattress online. But the customer support provided change the viewpoint of many users.

The only drawback is saatva mattress cannot be flipped. Nevertheless, you can rotate it.

Saatva Mattress Returns

Saatva mattress comes with returns policy. The company offers a 75 day trial period. If you feel the mattress is not comfy with your body, you can return it back. The company will arrange a pick up date. You will get your money refunded excluding the original delivery charges. There are NO RESTOCKING FEES or PICKUP CHARGES.

Saatva Mattress Warranty

Saatva mattress DOES NOT offer any guarantee. They do provide a 15-year warranty. If your mattress is deemed defective (faulty workmanship or any structural defects) within the first 2 years, Saatva will replace the product. From the next 3-15 years, if any problems occur, Saatva will completely repair the mattress without any charge (excluding transportation charges).

Make sure to check out the warranty page before buying any mattress online.

Saatva Mattress Loom And Leaf

Saatva mattress recently launched a brand called Loom and Leaf. Absolutely American crafted, Loom and Leaf promise eco-friendly LUXURY MATTRESSES. Loom and Leaf mattress are plant-based. They are made out of renewable plant oils. The foam layer is topped with medical grade cooling gel. This will relieve pressure points providing an ergonomic support while you sleep peacefully.

They are void of any PBDE chemicals/flame retardants that can be unhealthy for your skin and respiratory organs. With NO FORMALDEHYDE and low emission of VOCs, Loom and Leaf come with 75 day trial period. This way you can know how the mattress responds to you.

Saatva Mattress Discount, Promo And Coupon Codes

There are many saatva mattress promo codes. Punch in Saatva mattress discount code during payment plan. Final amount post cut-off from Saatva mattress coupons will be displayed.

Saatva mattress vs. Casper vs sleep number vs. Stearns and foster vs. Heavenly bed vs. Serta vs. Beautyrest vs. Luxury firm vs. Loom and leaf

Types availableMemory foam onlyLatex and memory foamMemory foamMemory foam with cooling gelsMemory,  Hybrid and InnerspringHybrid and pocketed coilPillow top mattressMemory foam mattress
FeaturesBio-based memory foam with eco-friendly and recycled materials for perfect spine health and cater different needs of partners3 layers of foam (latex, memory and polyurethane) constructed  with tough cover right in USAMemory foam mattress with adjustable features to suit different needs.Innovative half foam and half spring mattress with eco-friendly fiber and Primacool cooling fabricSmartmotion base with Sleeptracker app that mointors your REM sleep and assists in quality sleepSertapedic mattress for therapeutic benefitsHotel like luxurious experience right at your bedroom with Heavenly bedding set that helps in balancing the circadian rhythmPlant based memory foam crafted right here in USA. Free installation and pick up as well
AvailableOnline onlyOnline onlyBoth Online and retail storesBoth Online and retail storesBoth Online and retail storesBoth online and retailers availableOnline onlyOnline only
Trial support75 day trial100 nights trial with full refund100 night trialN.A.120 day home trial75 day trial15 day return from the date of purchase75 day trial support
Warranty15 year warranty10 year limited warranty25 year limited warranty10 year warranty10-25 years warranty depending on the mattress you purchase25 year warranty10 year warranty15 year warranty

Saatva Mattress FAQs

Are there any Saatva mattress youtube videos reviews?

Yes, there are many Saatva mattress video reviews put up by real consumers.

What is the official Saatva mattress facebook page?

This is the official page of saatva – https://www.facebook.com/saatva/

Does Saatva offer any air mattress?

No, saatva offers only normal memory foam mattress.

Where to buy Saatva mattress?

You can buy Saatva mattress online only. They do not have any retailers.

Was Saatva mattress mentioned in gone girl movie?

While few claim that it was Saatva, few term it was savior beds.

What is the weight of Saatva mattress? Is it portable?

It varies as per the mattress you choose. However, saatva mattresses are absolutely lightweight and can be carried easily. Its the base that needs a hand. But the company helps the user with free installation so you are tension free.

Does Saatva mattress come with adjustable base?

No, saatva mattress does not come with adjustable base.

What is the Saatva mattress longevity promise?

Saatva mattresses are meant to last a good period i.e. more than 10 years. It all comes down to how you maintain and care your mattress that can prolong the life of your mattress.

What is the linkedin page of Saatva mattress?

This is the linked in page of https://www.linkedin.com/company/saatva

What is the break in period of saatva mattress?

Saatva mattress says to give couple of weeks as a breakin period. It takes more than a week to get adjusted with the new bed.

Is Saatva mattress accredited by bbb?

Yes, saatva mattress has been an accredited member of Better Business Bureau since 2011.

Does Saatva mattress give away black friday offers?

No, saatva does NOT give away any black friday discounts or offers. They offer the same price everyday and believe that giving away “sales” are basically an insult to the customers. This is because you are paying the “free delivery” charge that is hidden with the mattress charges in the end. And that is just sad.

Are there any official Saatva mattress forum?

There are many mattress forums available but no official saatva mattress forums.

Are Saatva mattress used in hotels?

No, but saatva luxury mattress offers the same comfort level found in finest hotels all around the world.

What things should I note before financing on Saatva mattress?

Saatva comes with 75 day trial period. If dissatisfied, return the product and get a refund. So even if you finance for saatva, you can be sure that your amount is not going anywhere.

Are Saatva mattress too hot?

No, in fact saatva mattress comes with cooling gels that wicks away excess moisture and keeps you cool during hot seasons.

Does saatva mattress offer pads and protectors?

No, saatva mattress only provides quality and environment friendly mattress.

What is the height of saatva mattress Twin XL?

The dimensions of Twin XL saatva mattress is 38” x 80”.

Why do I get the feeling that Saatva mattress is too hard?

No, saatva mattress has plush, luxury firm and firm mattress. Chiropractors recommend firm mattress for spine alignment.

Are there any issues with saatva mattress?

Few found that the mattress releases smell during the initial days of use. But that’s only temporary and the product seems unbeatable.

Saatva mattress suggests 11 1/2” mattress for platform beds. But can I use 12 1/2” thickness on a platform?

Yes, you can use the slimmer version if the platform has low headboard.

Will Saatva mattress provide sheets with the bed?

No, you need to order it separately.

Are Saatva mattress available in a soft version?

For those who want the bed to cuddle and snuggle them, PLUSH version of Saatva mattress is best recommended.

Will saatva mattress work on slats?

Few consumers have tried and laid out wooden board on slatted bed and it did work. But for best sleep quality and safeguarding the warranty, make sure to stick with the foundation that saatva offers.

Did saatva mattress appear on today show?

Yes, Matt Lauer and Elizabeth Mayhew appeared on Today Show and delivered few mattress shopping tips to users.

Are there any saatva mattress showroom available in USA?

No, saatva mattress are ONLY ONLINE SELLERS and DO NOT any retail stores in USA.

Where can I find saatva mattress specs?

The specifications of saatva mattress is provided below the mattress you opt.

Are there too firm saatva mattress available?

No, too firm mattress may not be the right mattress for your spine health. Even chiropractors recommend sleeping on firm mattress. Saatva mattress has patented features that guards your spinal alignment.

What is the thickness of saatva mattress lower base layer?

Though saatva mattress uses Bonnell coils for optimum durability, they went on to add another thick gauge steel coils in the industry of 13 gauge coils. This means double the thickness.

Will saatva mattress get too hot?

No, the memory foam comes with cooling gels that keeps you cool at hot climates. It wicks away the excess moisture from your body and leaves you dry and cool.

Are there any Saatva mattress delivery charges?

Yes, there is a certain amount of delivery charge that needs to be payed by saatva mattress buyers.

Are there any problems with saatva mattress?

Few users complained about off-gassing issues during the initial days of use. Some wanted the bed to cuddle them. A general consensus says that you get the feel of being “on” the mattress than “in” it.

Where can I find saatva mattress dealers?

There are NO Saatva mattress dealers since the company sells online only. However there are many saatva mattress deals thanks to discount coupons available online in many websites.

Where can I find used saatva mattress?

You can find used saatva mattress at thrift shops where users might have donated the same.