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Saatva Mattress
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friendly
  • Recommended By Chiropractors
  • Doctor Approved
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Saatva Mattress For Back Pain

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Saatva mattress is designed for people with back pain in mind. Almost every mattress in the industry will claim to have some form of support for your back but only a few have the resource to prove how it affects people with back pain and back problems. The Patented Spinal zone technology by saatva is clinically proven to reduce back pain and related issues.

The saatva mattress comes with spinal zone lumbar support enhancement, Contouring Comfort coils, Steel Coil Support Base and Euro pillow top. Each of these features help people with back pain to some degree but the Spinal zone Lumbar support enhancement feature is key to saatva mattress and its ability to help people with back pain.

What is the Spinal Zone technology and how it affects Your back pain

While most mattresses are made with uniform firmness from head to toe using the same material , The saatva uses spinal zone technology to use firm layers where the weight of your body is more. Our body weight is higher in the torso. For some the chest and bottom areas are more heavier. When we lay down, the areas which are heavy usually tend to go deeper into the mattress as opposed to the lighter area. Your feet, neck and head are usually not aligned at all. The spine is also unaligned due to the weight issues. By having a firmer layer of foam in the area where the weight is higher the mattress forces your spine to be aligned.

The west virginia state university study found that  spinal Zone technology alone has been proven to reduce back pain by 34% and increase quality of sleep by 29%. The same study concluded that stiffness in legs and back had improved significantly over consistent use of a mattress with Spinal Zone technology.

Features Of Saatva mattress for back pain relief

Saatva mattress is not an orthopedic mattress which has its full focus on just one aspect, that is your back pain problems. It’s also a luxury mattress which has every feature you could think of when it comes to comfort. From the organic cotton cover to the plush euro pillow top, the saatva mattress is designed to look and feel good too. The mattress comes in 3 different firmness levels and is compatible with adjustable bases. Saatva mattress has its own line of adjustable base, the Linea which is perfect for the saatva mattresses and will also help you with your back pain problems.

  1. Firmness :Doctors recommend a firm or medium firm mattress for people who suffer from back pain. For most people who are heavy or sleep on their stomach, a firm mattress is recommended. For those who sleep on their sides or back, a medium firm is better suited. A soft or Plush soft mattress is to be avoided for most people suffering from back pain problems unless they are below 80lbs. For people who are light, the medium firm mattresses are too firm and usually not comfortable and thus not preferred.The Saatva Mattress comes in 3 firmness and you will need to choose them wisely. Prefer a medium firm mattress if you are between the weight of 80-150lbs. This will be your best suited firmness levels. 84% of the people who chose saatva were satisfied with the Medium Firm saatva mattress. If you are heavier than 150lbs, Choose the Firm option and increase the height to 14.5”. Mattresses which are thicker are known to be more durable for people who are heavy and ensure that they don’t bottom out. You do not worry about the weight capacity of the saatva as saatva is capable of handling a person up to 500lbs!
  2. Support : If you have ever slept in an extremely soft mattress, you would understand the concept of support better than I can ever explain. Your torso is deep inside the mattress while your neck , head and feet are a bit higher. There is no support for your spine in these mattresses. It’s more or less a large pile of foam which is soft and comfortable for a while to sleep on but turns out to be too uncomfortable after a while. A good support is essential for people with back pain. This includes sufficient firmness in the areas which are heavy in our body.The Active wire support in the center third of the mattress is crucial for the support of your back and the Spinal Zone technology by saatva enables enhanced support in these areas. Your spine is aligned , no matter what position you are sleeping in on a saatva mattress, creating uniform support throughout your body.
  3. Pressure Relief : While Support is crucial for your body, a firm mattress should also be pressure relieving. The Euro pillow top by saatva contours to your body and ensures proper pressure relief where normal Firm mattresses wouldn’t be able to reach. The Memory foam layer and the Spring sup[port ensures that the pressure in your back and neck area are uniform and does not exert excess pressure anywhere.

Certifications and accreditations

The Saatva mattress is proud to be accredited with the chiropractic seal of approval. The mattress is vouched for by doctors, therapists and chiropractors. The Founder, Director of healthbridge had replaced his tempurpedic to a saatva after trying the saatva. Today, The saatva mattress is the official mattress of healthbridge sleep medicine.

Saatva mattress is also certified by the sustainable furnishing council for its organic cotton cover, Eco friendly memory foam, and the inner spring constructed from recyclable steel. The mattress is treated with botanical antimicrobial agents which prolongs the life of the organic cotton.

Saatva is one of the Most preferred Mattress for Back pain today.

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