Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability with its distinctive high quality ‘coil on coil’ construction and uniquely combined top 5 innerspring features.

Saatva mattress is a mattress brand that is available only online. They have mattresses of all sizes and two options for the thickness of mattresses and foundation. California mattress is the largest sized mattress from Saatva. It is similar to the King mattress except that California mattress is less wide and more lengthy than the King mattress. King mattress has wider space but California mattress is more spacious for people who have more height.

But there is no clear answer to which one is better. The answer depends on the convenience and demand of the buyer. Some people will want wider bed and others will want a lengthier one. Saatva mattress offers both the sizes and the price also is not much different. California king mattress is perfect for people who want more leg space. The thickness is decided on how high one wants the bed to be. Choosing the thickest mattress and the thicker foundation will make the bed higher than expected. Calculate the total height with proper measurements before choosing the mattress and the foundation.

What is Saatva Mattress made of?

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The design of the Saatva California King mattress is eco-friendly and follows green initiative. Most of the components of the mattresses are natural or recycled. The mattress starts from the base with the foundation that is made of durable hardwood and topped with bio-based foam and covered with organic cotton. The mattress has three layers. The base is coils made out of recycled steel, which not only is sturdy but also helps in reducing the junk from the earth. The coils are covered with memory foam which is comfortable, less toxic emitting, and less allergic. These qualities make it excellent for home air. The mattress is flame retardant. It uses natural thistle barrier fiber mesh. This creates a natural barrier to fire without any use of chemicals.

Drawbacks of California Mattress

As much convenient the mattress is, it is difficult to fins proper sheets to cover this type of mattresses. The biggest available sheets are for the King size mattresses and California King Mattress is lengthier, those sheets cannot fully cover it lengthwise. The sheets will have to be custom made.

The advantage of Saatva California King Mattress

The advantage of Saatva California King Mattress is that it has a 30-day trial option to decide whether it is good or not. And in case it is unsatisfactory simply make a call and the company will come and pick up the product and refund the money but the delivery charges are excluding.