About Saatva Luxury Mattress & its Reviews

The simple and smart place to purchase your sleeping comfort mattress is from Saatva. Saatva Luxury Mattress is ultra premium, best priced, eco-friendly and exclusively sold online only. This mattress is build to offer luxury, comfort and maximum sustainability. Saatva Luxury Mattress is handcrafted and a made in USA product.

Saatva Mattress

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Saatva Mattress Features

Saatva Luxury Mattress uniquely combines the top 5 features found in very premium bedding. All unique features are handcrafted into one perfect and reasonably priced luxury mattress.

  • Steel coil base support system – Saatva Luxury Mattress is built with a distinctly superior quality feature called ‘coil on coil’ construction. The lower coil unit of the mattress is built with a tempered steel support lower coil. This base has a support from the connected hourglass shaped steel base. This makes the saatva luxury mattress durable and sustain for long period of time while offering the best design to prevent sagging.
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils – The top coil unit contains a lavish individually wrapped coil system that contours and response perfectly to the movements of your body by eliminating major motions. Each of the individually wrapped coils is separate to make sure that the rest of the bed is not getting disturbed by the movement of surrounding coils. Also, note that all Saatva coil units are tempered three times and oven baked to offer you the best final product.
  • Dual Perimeter Edge Support System – Foam enclosed with an anti-sag edge support to offer enhanced durability and more sleep surface. The Saatva luxury Mattress uses a Dual Perimeter Edge Support System. The upper comfort coils are foam covered. This kind of quality can be offered only in the most durable and best mattresses.
  • Lumbar support enhancement – The mattress contains a high-quality memory foam layer to support your lumber region of the body. This provides an added pressure relief by helping to reduce stress and tension from the lower back.
  • Organic cotton cover and euro pillow top – Unlike most regular pillow tops, the euro pillow top in this luxury mattress offers more soft and cushioning material. These materials are inserted beneath the outer cover of the mattress to offer neat and clean appearance. Regular pillow tops which are sewed on the top of a bed are likely to shift and change shape.

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This luxurious construction combined with the advanced euro pillow top is generally found only in premium category mattresses, costing more than $2,000, but saatva offers this quality at almost half this price. Saatva Luxury Mattress is made to last for nearly 10 – 15 years. Over time, this mattress will continue to perform consistently well. The standard premier luxury mattress is 14 1/2″, however, it can also be custom made slim to 11 1/2″. The foundation of the bed is available in two thicknesses such as Standard 8″ and 4″ Low Profile. Ensure that the change in size will not alter the feel the mattress offers.[/restab]
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credits: https://www.pinterest.com

credits: https://www.pinterest.com

Types of Saatva Mattresses

For having a peaceful sleep and reducing stress while sleeping, saatva offers you with the three varieties of mattresses for you to choose from. Saatva luxury Mattress comfort level is scaled from 1 to 10, 1 being extremely soft/ minimal support and 10 is extremely hard/ table top. For people willing to have a comfort level 1-2 or 9-10 then saatva mattresses are not the right products for you as the saatva comfort level ranges from 3 to 8 only. The three types of mattress offered by saatva are:

Saatva Plush Soft: If you are a kind of sleepers who want to sleep hugging the mattress then Plush Soft comfort level is the product for you. It contains individually wrapped coils layer with soft and conforming foams to build a mattress that hugs your body while you are busy sleeping. The main idea behind making this mattress is to provide just the right firmness to ensure you don’t sink in too much and match perfectly to your unique body. Comfort level of Plush Soft is 3. This mattress must be selected by people who:

  • Prefers soft mattress
  • Usually sleeps on the side or sometimes back
  • Like to feel surrounded in bed and between linens
  • Having trouble with arms falling asleep

Saatva Luxury Firm: Saatva Luxury Firm offers a flagship comfort level ranging 5 to 7. This is the standard comfort level used by several finest hotels all over the world. It offers just the right balance of cushion firm and contouring support ensuring to give you great night sleep. This also assures proper spinal alignment with the premium foam cushion layers giving you the ultimate and most comfortable sleeping experience. This medium firm comfort level is helpful if you sleep on your side, back or stomach. It is not very hard or very soft, offering the perfect comfort level which is usually the number one rated amongst the buyers. Saatva Luxury Firm is must buy if you:

  • Prefer sleeping on side, back or stomach.
  • Perfect for couples with different sleep needs
  • Prefer a not too firm and not too soft bed
  • Frequently change sleeping positions
  • Looking for the luxury hotel like experience daily at home.


Saatva Firm: Saatva Firm is for people who want firm but not too hard mattress. So Saatva Firm has a Comfort level of 8, allowing your body to float on it. The individually wrapped coils layer along with firmer and conforming foams is built on the mattress to allow your body to float on the mattress as you sleep. On lying down the mattress you will initially feel quick softness that is instantly followed by the firm support you desire. The central idea is to create a right firm balancing mattress that ensures you neither sinks in nor you feel like sleeping on a board. Choose saatva firm mattress if you:

  • The choice to sleep on back or stomach
  • Prefer a firm mattress
  • Prefer a mattress that allows you to float on top instead of sinking in
  • A health professional had recommended a firm mattress


Saatva luxury mattress is American handcrafted and hence, the height measurements may vary slightly.[/restab]
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Prices And Buying Offers on Saatva Mattress

The Saatva luxury mattress business model is distinct but simple to understand. They are the creator as well as the direct supplier of the products. Moreover, saatva luxury mattress is sold only online and there is no retail outlet for you to buy from. Its lower e-commerce cost structure gives an extraordinary competitive benefit of offering the products at lower prices.

Today, you will number of TV commercials as well as printed ads in the newspaper regarding sale or discounts such as 50% Off Sale, One Day Only Sale, Best Sale of the Year and many more on mattresses. In this way, they pretend to sell the best quality product at lowest price. But should you actually believe these? No, selling an item on discount which is going to already fetch profits is the intention behind these kinds of discount offers. What they do is increase the product price by 20% – 30% and offer you 15% discount.

This is because a mattress is a big ticket item and the only way a mattress store or departmental store can support their huge overhead cost is by getting you to spend more. All stores have to incur heavy overhead costs such as, rents, marketing and advertising expenses, staff and maintenance expenses and many more which are strategically levied on the consumers.

Unlike them, Saatva luxury mattress is available to you directly from the creators while eliminating middlemen and additional cost. This allows the company to sell the ultra-premium quality mattresses at affordable prices. Moreover, as these mattresses are reasonably priced there is no need for any coupon codes for discounts. You will find no coupon codes for saatva luxury mattress.

There are many reasons for you to buy Saatva luxury mattress:

  • 75 Day Home Trial, if the bed is unfit for you then return for a prompt and full refund of the purchase price minus the original delivery fee.
  • No penalty fees, pick-up fees or restocking fees
  • Warranty period of 15 years
  • Easy online ordering

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Customer Reviews – Saatva Luxury Mattress Reviews

Every customer reviews of the saatva luxury mattress are positive. Many customers are using the product for the number of years without any complaints. Furthermore, they stated after using saatva for several years, for any reason, sleeping on other mattresses simply hurt their backs and makes sleeping uncomfortable. In several of the Saatva Luxury Mattress reviews, the customers have stated that on arrival of Saatva they were simply thrilled to see the product quality.

Most of the customer reviews on the Saatva Luxury Mattress mentioned of using several branded mattress but their favorite is only Saatva. Saatva luxury mattress is an amazing product that almost all users thought they had found a forever mattress brand. In addition, it’s organic, coil on coil construction, 3 different comfort levels for firmness and quality, in general, makes Saatva luxury mattress a highly recommended product.

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Saatva Mattress Locations

Saatva mattress is an online store. There is no physical location to get the product. Saatva mattress return locations are available on the purchase of saatva mattresses

Saatva Mattress Reviews Sleep like the Dead

There are no current saatva mattress reviews on Sleep like the dead. The product has not been reviewed due to various reasons and we are yet to get a response from sleep like the dead website owners

Saatva Mattress Review 2014

The saatva mattress review for 2014 has been more positive on all products of the brand. Some of the products though, like the Memory foam Luxury mattress had complaints of sagging

credits: https://innattabbscreek.com

credits: https://innattabbscreek.com

Saatva Mattress Dealers

Saatva mattress is an online store with no dealers. Anyone claiming to be a saatva mattress dealer is often not licensed to sell the saatva mattress or is selling a fake product. Always purchase saatva mattress from the saatva mattress website

Saatva Mattress Reviews Consumer Reports

You can read Saatva mattress reviews and consumer reports on the Saatva website and better yet the BBB website. You will see genuine complaints (if any) from the bbb website which is second to none in the consumer world

Saatva Mattress Google Reviews

Google Does not review products. So if you are looking for saatva mattress google reviews, you will be out of luck. I recommend instead you check for consumer reviews or customer reviews.

Saatva Mattress Reviews yelp

Yelp has a range of reviews on Saatva mattress and they are surely unbiased. Some of the reviews are negative and you may want to go in detail on these complaints before you make your purchase. Yelp does indeed make a difference in the decision on making any purchase, not just saatva.

Saatva Mattress Topper

The Saatva mattress Topper is undoubtedly the Luxury memory foam mattress. This range of mattress has seen a great number of sales and raving reviews. The saatva topper, undoubtedly.

Saatva Mattress Amazon

Saatva mattress amazon seller is genuine. But you will find that the cost is a few dollars more. Saatva range too is far lesser on the Amazon site. The chance of people selling saatva products on Amazon is a bit confusing and its safer to purchase Saatva mattress from their site alone.

Can I Buy Saatva Mattress in Austin

Saatva Mattress in Austin. Yes Saatva Mattress is now delivered in Austin area with no extra cost.

Saatva Mattress Australia

At the moment Saatva mattress is Not in Australia and delivery options are not available. You can buy saatva mattress in the USA, but purchasing in Australia is still not possible

Saatva Mattress address

We couldn’t find the Saatva Mattress Address as they are not available on the website.

Saatva Mattress bad review

Yes there are some saatva mattress bad reviews. There have been complaints about the Sagging Saatva mattress since 2014 and it seems to be a complaint which is coming from a range of customers. The company has been notified about the problem and many customers have given a feedback which is positive after the issue was resolved.

Saatva Mattress Black Friday

The Black Friday saatva mattress deal lasted for over a week with special discounts. Unfortunately, black Friday is yet to come this year and we will notify of any discounts and Coupons available for The upcoming deals on Black Friday.