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Saatva Latex Hybrid
  • 180 Night Trial
  • 15 Year warranty
  • 5 Zone Talalay Latex
  • Organic Cotton Cover & New zealand Wool
  • Zoned Pocket Coil Unit
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Saatva HD Mattress For Heavy individuals

  • Priced at 2745 For a queen
  • 365 Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free mattress removal and in-room setup + Delivery
  • 15.5″ Thickness Profile
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Guardin Botanical Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Certipur Certified Foam
  • Natural Latex
  • Natural Flame Retardants with no chemicals
  • White Glove Delivery Within Room Delivery and SEtup
  • $99 Return Charges
  • HD Foundation is available for an extra cost. Available in 2 heights
  • Weight Limit of 500lbs per side.

The Saatva HD is designed for people above 250 lbs. If you are below 250 lbs, Check the other models of Saatva. We recommend the Saatva Classic.

The Saatva HD features 5 Zone pressure relief, cool comfort and durable support. Everything a Saatva classic has but for heavier people. The mattress has an excellent pressure relief system with LumbarZone Technology and a 5-zone latex layer. The mattress is naturally cool with latex and the open coils promote easy airflow for regulated temperature during your night’s sleep. The coil is tempered 12.5 gauge recycled steel which is 25 per cent stronger than regular steel coils. This ensures the mattress will not sag over time due to your weight.

The Best Features of the Saatva HD Mattress

  1. Natural, Hypoallergenic Organic Cotton Cover: Cotton Covers help wick moisture and prevent heat retention naturally. With organic Cotton covers, you get a hypoallergenic cover which is safe for use if you are allergic to chemicals used in a mattress cover. The mattress itself is treated with Guardin Botanical anti-microbial which is free from chemicals. It is free from toxic chemicals and fire retardants too
  2. 3″ Hand Tufted Euro Pillow Top cover of premium quality: The Top cover is the first thing you notice when you look at a mattress and it’s the only area you will ever experience too. If the top cover is not as good, no matter what goes into the mattress, it doesn’t matter. With the 3-inch euro pillow top, you get a luxurious mattress. but unlike regular mattresses, the Saatva HD Premium pillow top is durable and will not sag or sink, leaving a body impression over time.
  3. 5 Zone Natural Latex Layer. the first layer after the Cover is the Latex Layer. A normal Latex layer is good but when it comes to Pressure relief in a mattress, it’s better when it’s zoned. When you are heavy, chances are you have more weight around your lumbar zone and you will sink in more in that area. To provide perfect comfort, a straight alignment and zero pressure point, the 5 Zoned latex layer is crafted to support your body evenly. Latex is also natural, hypoallergenic and cool. They are more durable than foam which makes them perfect for heavy people.
  4. The Saatva HD has a memory foam layer below the Latex layer and this provides the comfort and plushness of a foam mattress. the Foam is 1.5 inches thick and gives a body-hugging feel. Specially crafted for heavy people, the Foam is dense at 5 lb, which is much more than the density of foam on a regular mattress. the dense foam makes the mattress durable and comfortable for someone above the average weight.
  5. The Edge support of the Saatva HD is impressive. For most people who are heavy, edge support is important. The Saatva HD provides 6 inches of high-density foam rails to prevent you from falling off the bed while you are on the edges while you sleep. This ensures that you have more sleep surface while also being easy to get in and out of bed.
  6. The coil used in the Saatva HD is high-density 12.5 gauge tempered steel but it’s not encased coil. Encased coils are usually not as supportive of the design the Saatva HD offers. With the Lumbar zone active spinal wire system that supports your lower back a lot better, it’s harder to incorporate encased steel coils. the inner coil system offers more body-contouring than traditional coils and yet it reduces motion transfer efficiently.
    In general, the Saatva HD mattress has everything a Good Mattress should have and still supports a person as heavy as 500 lbs. It is breathable, Cool, Supportive and pressure relieving with the 5 Zoned Latex layers, the Lumbar zone active spinal wire system provides excellent comfort for people with lower back pain and is durable too. Most mattresses cannot handle a weight of 500 lbs and still offer you a 365-night trial confidently. The Saatva offers it because the mattress can last and be comfortable.

Saatva HD Mattress King – Best Seller and Weight Limit

The Saatva HD sells more King sized mattress than The queen and is preferred for its extra width. The King sized mattress is 16″ more wider than the Queen. The mattress provides more space for those who really need it. Even with you or your partner not turning and tossing around or moving a lot, you could do with a bit of extra space to make sleep more comfortable. the King size mattress also makes sleep cooler when you are with your partner. More space means more breathability and a cooler sleep. The King sized Saatva hd mattress costs $3195.00 a $500 more than the queen.

When it comes to weight limit, the Saatva HD king Holds a weight of 500lbs or 226 KG comfortably without a problem.