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The Naturals collection by US-Mattress offers a solution for those seeking high-quality, all-natural mattresses at affordable prices. In an industry saturated with options, these mattresses stand out by utilizing organic and all-natural materials such as cotton and wool, ensuring superior comfort and support. What sets these mattresses apart is their exclusion of foams, making them an ideal choice for those desiring an all-natural sleep experience. With Naturals by US-Mattress, you can enjoy the benefits of all-natural comfort, eco-friendly materials, and achieve a healthier sleep. If you’re interested in learning more about Naturals by US-Mattress, including reviews, pricing, specifications, and available models, continue reading.

Whats Covered

US Mattress

There are numerous compelling reasons to choose US-Mattress for your mattress needs, whether you’re browsing through our online store or receiving guidance from a sleep expert at a nearby location. We are dedicated to simplifying your search for the perfect mattress, ensuring you enjoy improved sleep quality. Discover more about the exceptional US-Mattress experience today.

Naturals Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There is a limited number of online reviews available for Naturals by US-Mattress, but those that do exist mention the use of organic cotton material in the mattress interior. This material is praised for its ability to provide a cool sleeping surface during summer and a warm one during winter. Users also appreciate the inclusion of both the Bonnell coil system and individually wrapped coil system, which contribute to a supportive and comfortable sleep experience. The edge support is particularly praised, as it allows for maximum sleeping space without feeling confined.

Naturals by US-Mattress offers a variety of sizes and comfort options to cater to different types of sleepers. Many customers express satisfaction with their online purchase, taking advantage of the 120-night sleep trial offered in the comfort of their own homes. They believe that trying the mattress in a physical store may not always provide an accurate feel for the product. Therefore, the convenience of purchasing online from is highly valued. Additionally, the reasonable pricing and free shipping are considered great advantages by customers.

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Naturals Mattress

  US-Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress
SizeDimensionsHeight: 7″Height: 10″Height: 12″Height: 13″
TwinWidth: 38 Length: 7543 lbs46 lbs57 lbs69 lbs
FullWidth: 53 Length: 7560 lbs65 lbs80 lbs97 lbs
QueenWidth: 60 Length: 8073 lbs78 lbs96 lbs117 lbs
KingWidth: 76 Length: 8092 lbs99 lbs122 lbs148 lbs

Best Mattress Models from Naturals Mattress

  • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress – This Level 1 Luxury Firm mattress is an affordable way to experience a natural zero foam bed. It includes all natural comfort materials and organic ingredients. It is perfect for guest rooms, a child’s first mattress, or a college dorm room. With comfort cotton padding and supportive Bonnell coil system; this all natural mattress gives you a firm comfort feel.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – This Level 3 Luxury Firm bed includes all natural, tried and true comfort materials like cotton and wool. It includes no poly based foam materials. The comfort layer has a cotton pad and back support comes from active edge quantum, coils and quantum edge. This natural mattress provides a firm, yet forgiving feel for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – This Level 4 Plush mattress uses no poly foams and includes all natural cotton and wool materials. With an extremely versatile comfort level, it is perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers. It gives an excellent blend of comfort and support from Cotton Pad and Coil layer at a very reasonable price.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – The Level 6 Luxury Plush is a top-tier mattress. Its natural construction with Jacquard Organic Cotton/ wool blend and Nano Coils support system provides the very best in all natural comfort and support. This is one of the best options for people sleeping with partners.

Naturals Mattress Specifications

 US-Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress
Comfort LevelFirmLuxury FirmPlushLuxury Plush
Comfort – Padding LayersCotton PadCotton PadCotton Fales PadCotton Pad + Cotton Fales Pad + Nano Coils
Back Support SystemBonnell Coil SystemActive Edge QuantumActive Edge QuantumCombi Zone Quantum Edge
Coil Gauge: 14.5Coil Gauge: 13.75Coil Gauge: 13.75Coil Gauge: 13.75
Complete Border RodQuantum EdgeQuantum EdgeQuantum Edge
Coil Counts (Queen)3907897892516

How is Naturals Mattress Made

  • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress – This mattress includes an organic cotton quilt, and a cotton pad for comfort, and pressure relief. It uses Bonnell Coil System, a series of steel coils, connected to each other. This tied coil system is popular and provides very stiff support and an excellent lifespan.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – Wrapped in organic cotton quilt fabric cover, this mattress comfort layers include cotton Fabric, Wool, and a Cotton Pad. All natural cotton material conforms to provide pressure relief, while wool promotes deep REM sleep as well as a neutral sleep environment. Back support comes from a steel Active Edge Quantum coil system. This individually wrapped coils contour to the curves of your body for a gentle and solid support. This system works great for light sleepers for its motion transfer feature. Lastly, the Quantum Edge support with thicker coils provides a very consistent feel, even when sleeping to the edge.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – Made from premium cotton, its comfort layer helps reduce tossing and turning, and promote deep REM sleep. The Active Edge Quantum coil system provides ultimate back support with its individually wrapped coils. This system is extremely adaptive, very supportive and helps minimize motion transfer. The Quantum Edge support system allows you to sleep all the way to the edge, without compromising on comfort or support.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – The layer of Jacquard Organic Cotton quilt cover helps wick away moisture. The Wool and Cotton Blend comfort layer aids in alleviating pressure points, regulates temperature, contours to the body, and provides more breathability. A layer of Nano Coils is exclusive to this mattress which adds an additional layer of support and contouring. It helps isolate motion transfer for undisrupted sleep. The CombiZone Quantum Edge Coil System provides individually targeted, conforming support to the lower back. This individually wrapped design also results in less motion transfer. The Quantum Edge features two rows of extra thick coils, for edge to edge support with no roll off feeling.

Adjustable base For Naturals Mattress

US-Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress and US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress are adjustable base friendly.

Naturals Mattress Cover

  • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress and US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – Features an Organic Cotton Fabric cover that’s soft to the touch and contours well to your body.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – Wrapped in the Brushed Organic Cotton Cover that is soft to the touch and contours well to your body.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – Comes with Jacquard Organic Cotton Fabric Cover

Naturals Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

With Naturals by US-Mattress, you can take advantage of the 120 Night In-Home Trial to ensure your satisfaction. It’s important to note that the mattress is non-refundable, but you have the opportunity to exchange it if needed. After sleeping on your new mattress for a minimum of 30 nights, if you find that you’re not completely satisfied, you can request an exchange within the 120-night trial period. The company’s sleep experts will assist you in selecting the perfect replacement. They will handle the shipping, delivery, and pick up of your original mattress. However, please be aware that a processing fee of $139.00 will apply. This policy allows you to experience the comfort of your new mattress with the added reassurance of finding the right fit for your needs.

Naturals by US-Mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty.

Discount Prices On Naturals Mattress

Buy Naturals by US-Mattress on sale for up to 60% off. Additionally, search for Naturals by US-Mattress Coupons and promo offers to book the best possible deal.

 US-Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush MattressUS-Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress
SizeSale PriceSale PriceSale PriceSale Price

Buy Naturals Mattress

The best place to buy Naturals by US-Mattress is directly from This is because of the following reasons –

  • Free Shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • 120 Nights In-Home Trial
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Comfort level rated for each mattress
  • Knowledgeable customer service support
  • Rewards Programs -Earn 3% cash back on all purchases or refer a friend and receive $50
  • Easy Financing options
  • The regular sale offers – summer sale, clearance sale, brand-wise sale, etc.

 Naturals Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The company offers free in-home setup or in-home setup and removal shipping options on these mattresses. They will deliver free in the continental 48 states. However, if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or a location only accessible by ferry, shipping fees are applicable. Delivery to the army post office (APO), fleet post office (FPO), and post office box addresses are not accepted. The standard delivery time frame is 2-4 weeks from the date of purchase unless otherwise notified.

Naturals Mattress BBB Business Profile

This business is not BBB accredited.

Are Bed bugs in Naturals Mattress a Possibility

Mattresses are a cozy place for dust mites, bed bugs, and other microbes to live. Dead skin cells from the body can provide enough organic material for them to sustain. Thus, Naturals by US-Mattress is no exception. The key is to keep your mattress and bedding clean and protected. Use mattress protectors or mattress pads to prevent the growth of dust mites and other potential allergens and keep your mattress free of stains. Ensure to wash the cover and vacuum your mattress regularly.

Is Naturals Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

These mattresses allow you to enjoy gentle yet solid support in every area of your mattress with individually wrapped coils. The Bonnell Coil System in Level 1 Firm Mattress is a stress-relieved tied coil system that provides solid support to the lower back. Each coil here is connected to its neighbor, for maximum long-term durability. The Active Edge Quantum coil system in other Naturals by US-Mattress models uses individually wrapped coils that contour to the curves of your body for gentle, yet solid support.

Is Naturals Mattress Non-Toxic

These mattresses contain no toxic or harmful chemicals. It includes all-natural cotton and wool material blends. Additionally, no synthetic/ poly foams are part of these beds. The manufacturing labels these all-natural beds as “safe” and “non-toxic”.

Are Naturals Mattresses Any Good

These mattresses’ design offers great comfort and pressure relief, and all the natural way. It uses no synthetic foams but only natural materials like Wool and Cotton, making them good for you. These materials wick away moisture, conform to the curves of your body, and provide long-lasting, comfortable sleep. In addition, these beds are flame resistant which passes industry-standard tests performing at par compared to other chemically treated mattresses.

Naturals Mattress Firmness Analysis

The comfort level scale rating is from 1 to 10, where 1 is the firmest and 10 is the softest.

  • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress – Its comfort level rating is 2.5, which means it has an extremely firm overall comfort.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – The comfort scale rating of 3.5 makes this mattress a perfect choice for people who like a firm, yet contouring feel.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – The comfort level score of 5.5 of the Level 4 mattress provides a neutral, not too firm, not too soft feel.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – It has a Comfort Scale score of 6, which falls almost in the middle, making it ideal for most side, back, or stomach sleepers.

Naturals Mattress Frames & Foundation

Place these beds on any solid and firm frame or foundation.

The Naturals Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

US-Mattress has 7 stores located in Michigan, USA. Find the nearest store by visiting – You can buy Naturals by US-Mattress in Stores at the best price here.

Naturals Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

1289 Rickett Rd, Brighton, MI 48116, USA

Naturals Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

Call toll-free – 1-800-455-1052

Naturals Mattress Financing

US-Mattress has partnered with Synchrony, Affirm, PayPal, and Progressive to offer you easy financing options. For details, visit –

Maintenance On Naturals Mattress

Almost all manufacturers will void a warranty on a stained mattress.  Hence, to keep your mattress spotless and dust mites free, use a mattress protector. This will also help you maintain and sustain mattress life.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Naturals Mattress

Naturals by US-Mattress include no foams, hence, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant realities, such as off-gassing, odor, usually found in foam mattress construction.

Brands That are Equivalent to Naturals Mattress

Some brands that are equivalent to Naturals by US-Mattress are Restonic, etc. available at the US-Mattress website.


Naturals by US-Mattress include comfortable layers of fluffy wool and cotton and no foams for a night of natural healthy sleep. They conform to the curves of your body, provide pressure relief, regulate temperature, and give solid support from individually wrapped coils. With a wide variety of firmness level options, these safe and non-toxic beds are perfect for any type of sleeper.