Nolah 10-inch Original Mattress, Original Hybrid

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Nolah Original 10 mattress offers a unique sleeping experience, blending advanced technology with eco-friendly materials for a superior level of comfort and support.

  • Optimal Cooling
  • Affordable Luxury mattress
  • Long-term Durability 300 times more durable than memory foam
  • Pressure relief on hips and shoulders
  • cooling AirFoam
  • The comfort level between 5 and 6 out of 10
  • Priced at $899 for a queen
  • Premium Tencel covers
  • Comes in 2 models, Airfoam and Airfoam Flex(original Hybrid)

Best features of the Nolah Original

Nolah Original

Experience the original comfort with Nolah Original Mattress. Crafted for exceptional support and cooling airflow, it promises nights of undisturbed, restorative sleep. Embrace the perfect balance of softness and stability. Each night, indulge in rejuvenating rest, waking up refreshed and revitalized. Elevate your sleep sanctuary. Upgrade to Nolah Original for transformative sleep quality.

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Cooling: Temperature neutral Foam prevents heat-trapping and is free from harsh chemicals. The Airfoam releases heat 20 per cent faster than traditional memory foam. the Tencel covers are known to be breathable and moisture-wicking. this allows better airflow keeping the mattress and the person sleeping on it fresh and cool for a longer period

Pressure Relief: The airframe is known to distribute boy weight evenly, distributing pressure throughout the surface. it offers better peak pressure in the shoulders, back and hip area preventing back pain and neck pain issues. The foam is designed to keep your spine aligned, no matter which position you sleep in.

Durability: Being a 100 % foam mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. Most foam mattresses are known to sag or sink over time. the Airfoam used in the Nolah original is 300 pecentage more durable than the best memory foam on the market. This, along with the 4 layer construction provides a better sleep experience over years, maintaining its firmness and spinal support . Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Nolah original is a mattress which can last over a decade.

Variation: The Foam Hybrid version of the original mattress has Airfoam flex micro cut waves which create channels between layers, increasing airflow and reducing heat further. It also is more responsive than the original without compromising on motion isolation and durability. The Foam hybrid version has 5 layers instead of four and costs $99 extra.

The construction of the Nolah Original

  1. The organic Tencel covers keep the mattress breathable and cool. the moisture-wicking features and better airflow enable the best sleeping experience while the patterns and sow white colour give it a clean look
  2. The 2-inch air foam allows better weight distribution and pressure relief, especially around the joints and hip area. Airfoam is known to contour around your body well yet prevent trapping body heat like memory foam.
  3. The third layer is a strong durable 1-inch memory foam layer. While the base of the mattress is the most important layer, the layer above it helps prevent bottoming out and provides much-needed support for heavy people. this layer adds resilience and provides the bounce of the mattress for a healthy sleep
  4. As ever, the base layer is the most important part of the mattress and determines how durable the mattress is. A high-density core will ensure a long-lasting mattress and your mattress will last over decades. The Nolah original comes with 7-inch reinforced, breathable, high-density foam. This is the layer which ensures overall stability and durability

The Nolah Original (Hybrid) Construction Variation

  1. While the Original hybrid is only a slight price variation, the construction of the mattress itself is a lot different than what most people would expect. Usually, a variation of a mattress would mean an additional layer to the existing one. The Original Hybrid, on the other hand, has one additional layer while some of the other layers are completely changed. If allowed, this mattress could be marketed as a different model rather than a variation of the Original Nolah.
    Similarities in Layers between original and Hybrid
  2. The Tencel Cover: the top cover is the same for both the Nolah original and the Nolah original hybrid. All the features of the Tencel covers or the original are carried forward to the original hybrid too
  3. The Nolah air Foam: the 2-inch Nolah air foam is also the same for both mattresses. For most people, these are the 2 layers which they “think” they feel and it’s true to some extent. The features of the air foam are also the same.

What is different

the difference is in the layers below the top ones. in the Original mattress, the bottom 2 layers are high-density foam for better support. but with the original hybrid, this is replaced with 3 Airflex Foam layers with micro-cut waves facing each other with a high-density air foam HD layer in between. It’s a sandwich of high-density layers between 2 waved air foam layers. this mimics a coil system and provides the bounce required for the mattress, which is not common in foam mattresses.
Note that the Nolah original Hybrid is not a hybrid in the traditional sense where encased coil system is used. there is no coil in the Original hybrid but the waved foam design mimics the hybrid to some extent, adding bounce and contouring features at the same time. This not only makes the mattress more effective and supportive but also durable.

Reasons To Buy A Nolah original

Back pain, Hip pain and shoulder pain : If you are one of the many people complaining about sore back pain, neck, shoulder or hip pain, the Nolah original is an affordable solution for you. the mattress is relatively cheap compared to other options in the market. The mattress has excellent pressure relieving and support features, preventing and even to some extent helping you with your existing pain problems due to your mattress. the Nolah original helps sleep better with its cooling features while keeping your spine aligned throughout the night. Being durable, the mattress will last a decade without sinking or sagging, ensuring that you will not face back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain problems during the life of the mattress.

Best mattress for Teenagers: When it comes to teenagers, people often look for a mattress which is relatively supportive and durable. But one of the key factors when purchasing a mattress for teenagers is the price. An affordable mattress which is of good quality is key. The Nolah original offers everything a mattress is required for a teenager. It’s affordable, durable and supportive. with the price tag of $648 for a twin, the Nolah Original is the most preferred mattress for teenagers in the year 2022

Best mattress for people who sleep hot: If you are complaining about sleeping hot and waking up all sweaty, the Nolah original and its hybrid, are excellent choices for you. The Tencel cooling cover, the air foam and the design coupled with it create a very breathable mattress allowing you to sleep cool throughout the night. This is one of the few reasons people prefer Nolah original mattress and its also awarded the best cooling mattress in the year 2022.

Nolah Original Awards

  • Best mattress for Shoulder pain
  • Best mattress for Hot sleepers
  • Best mattress for Hip Pain
  • Best Mattress Online
  • Best mattress For neck pain