Muse Memory Foam Mattress & Protector

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  • 120 Night Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Made in the USA

The pillows and mattresses from Muse offer a range of comfort levels to help you find the ideal sleeping solution.

Muse Sleep Mattress addresses the primary disadvantage of memory foam mattresses, which is overheating during the night. Muse Memory Foam Mattress enables you to sleep cool and comfortable while experiencing the pleasure of contouring pressure alleviation made possible by its innovative cooling technology.

In order to guarantee superior quality at an affordable price, Muse Sleep products (mattress, pillows, and protector) are designed, constructed, and supervised by the in-house development team.Further information is available in the following sections: Muse Mattress Reviews, Construction, Features, Discounts, and Where to Buy.

Muse Mattress With Customizable Cooling Comfort Layer for Most Comfortable Sleep

Muse is an opulent memory foam mattress available in soft, medium, and firm configurations, constructed with cutting-edge cooling technology. You may select the Comfort Layer firmness level that corresponds to your preferred body type, sleep position, and temperature. Take a straightforward Sleep Personality Quiz if you are uncertain which level of comfort is most conducive to a restful, profound sleep.

It is constructed from premium memory foam, high-performance materials, and a 12-inch thickness to ensure that you have the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Furthermore, it incorporates a cutting-edge, exclusive cooling wire fabric to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Additionally, the gel-infused memory foam conforms to the sleeper’s body and regulates body temperature, promoting a revitalized awakening.

This mattress of extraordinary quality is both designed and manufactured in the United States. In addition, it includes complimentary shipping, a ten-year warranty, and a 120-night guarantee.

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Size, Dimensions, Weight, and Price

Twin39” x 75” x 12.”55 lbs$650
Twin XL39” x 80” x 12.”60 lbs$650
Full54” x 75” x 12.”76 lbs$850
Queen60” x 80” x 12.”91 lbs$950
King76” x 80” x 12.”115 lbs$1,100
Cal King72” x 84” x 12.”115 lbs$1,100

Muse Mattress Difference

The revolutionary cooling technology and customizable cooling comfort layer distinguish The Muse Mattress. Muse eliminates the problem of conventional memory foam mattresses overheating by integrating gel-infused foam with a novel cool-to-the-touch cover. This results in an opulent bed that ensures consistent temperature regulation and optimal comfort for the duration of the night.

Every Muse Sleep mattress is made up of three distinct layers of polyurethane. The second layer of the bed is the customizable cooling comfort layer that is 4 lb. Density memory foam and available in three options – soft, medium and firm. The degree of firmness of this layer varies in accordance with the comfort level that is chosen.

Why Choose Muse Mattress? – Features

  • Muse is one amazing mattress with three comfort options
  • A dense layer of gel-infused foam provides more restful sleep.
  • Innovative cool-to-the-touch cover made using Cold Wire yarns comes with a zipper for easy cleaning
  • Custom comfort memory foam layer available in soft, medium and firm
  • Base layer adds stability and durability for comfortable sleep for years
  • The Muse mattress is designed to fit comfortably on virtually any surface.
  • Made using CertiPUR-US certified foam only
  • Designed in Charlotte and crafted with care in the United States
  • Available in all standard size and dimensions at the best price
  • Free shipping via UPS Standard within the continental United States
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 120-night guarantee

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Muse Mattress Cover

This mattress is enveloped in a washable, premium 480 GSM (grams per square meter) proprietary cold wire fabric comprised of polyester and polyethylene knitted strands. This cover is woven with high-performance Cold Wire Plus temperature control fibers/ yarns for a soft, cool surface. Cold Wire fibers are utilized to construct an exquisite quilted pattern. In addition to regulating body temperature and wicking away moisture, these high-performance fibers produce a chilling effect. Zippers are included on the cover to facilitate removal and cleaning.

The mattresses’ outer base covers are constructed from 380 GSM Woven Chenille Fabric, which is a blend of polyester and rayon. A blended fiber of rayon and cellulose composes the inner cover, which protects the mattress interior from fire. The internal substance adheres to all flammability standards outlined in CFR-1632/33 and is subjected to regular performance evaluations.

Muse Mattress Accessories

  • Muse Pillow: Similar to the Muse mattress, this pillow is also offered in an assortment of colors. It is constructed from a blend of molded memory foam and premium shredded foam clusters in order to offer cooling, long-lasting comfort.
  • Muse Protectors: A Muse mattress protector will increase the longevity of your Muse mattress while also providing an additional layer of soothing comfort. Its impermeable, washable cover provides protection against accidents and liquids.

Muse Mattress Construction, Material and Layers

Muse is 12 inches thick Mattress with three layers

  • Temp-Regulating Gel Memory Foam – The 2″ weighs 4 pounds. In order to mitigate heat retention and prevent motion transmission, the density dual-wave temperature-regulating gel swirl memory foam layer is infused with cooling gel, thereby establishing an ideal sleeping surface.
  • Responsive Comfort Foam – The second layer is 2″ premium conforming layer of memory foam that has a generous amount of giving and rebounds quickly, catering to your body and creating a cloud-like feel. Three available alternatives – A soft mattress weighs 3 pounds and measures 2 inches. Medium-density memory foam with a lower deflection value imparts a plush feel; it measures 2 inches in height and weighs 3 pounds. A 2″ firm memory foam mattress with a slightly higher deflection value that produces a balanced sensation weighs 2.3 pounds. By combining high-density, premium flex foam with an even greater deflection value, the most supportive mattress is produced.
  • Supportive Foundation – The supportive foundation is covered in a luxurious high-end fabric. The 8-inch, 2-pound density core support flex base layer foam provides stability for a foundation of support that is both exceptionally long-lasting and comfortable, with a lifespan of several years.omfortable, with a lifespan of several years.

Comfort Levels, Firmness, and Feel

The individual feel of each Muse mattress is determined by the firmness (soft, medium, or firm) selected to accommodate the user’s preferences and requirements.

  • The Soft Firmness – The softness level provides a predominantly cloudlike, plush sensation. Despite being the softest mattress available, it maintains correct body alignment throughout the night by providing adequate support. This particular sleeping position is most suitable for side sleepers and certain back sleepers, as it facilitates comfortable indentation of the shoulders and hips into the mattress. This comfort level will envelop the body, resulting in a comparatively cooler sleep that is nonetheless warm and comfortable.
  • The Medium Firmness – This level of comfort ensures that the foundation layer remains supported without being overly rigid or supple. It is firm to the contact while still possessing an ideal amount of give. A firmness level of medium is optimal for all sleeping positions. It conforms to the body at every angle to offer support and comfort. This level of comfort is more supportive than a firm mattress but less sinking than a soft mattress.
  • The Firmest – The firm comfort level gives a solid, supportive feel. It is durable and has a negligible amount of surface bouncing. This mattress is most suitable for individuals who lie on their back or stomach, as it prevents the hips from sinking. This mattress promotes increased airflow and body elevation, thereby facilitating a more tranquil sleep.

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Muse Mattress Customer Reviews

Online, a variety of Muse Mattress Reviews can be found. Certain individuals who are soundly asleep assert that Muse provides the most comfortable sleep. Few individuals believe the mattress fell short of their expectations.

Certain sleepers adore the sensation of the Muse Mattress Results. Memory foam and a cooling cover infused with gel maintain a cold surface throughout the night. According to some, the memory foam is unresponsive and the bed provides no support.

According to the majority of consumers, the new bed is simple to assemble and can be used to unwind in a matter of hours. Off-gassing-related Muse Mattress complaints are nonexistent. Certain individuals report feeling revitalized and more energized after using this mattress. While others sleep the entire night in discomfort and instigate their return.

Muse Mattress Testimonials

  • Jensen says muse mattress is pain-free and very comfortable. She has no more aches or pains.
  • Michael ordered the soft mattress and said it is not soft enough for his taste.
  • Sherry says the firm is way too hard and feels like a rock. She will request a refund.
  • Mark before ordering the mattress took the sleep quiz and is happy to find the perfect bed for him. He says the firm gives the right amount of support and responsive feel while sleeping on stomach or back.

Kevin ordered the medium firmness and said it is just as described and works for all sleeping positions. And best of all no odor.


What is the Muse Mattress?

The Muse Mattress is a premium mattress that combines advanced cooling technology, pressure relief, and optimal support to provide a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

What are the different firmness options available for the Muse Mattress?

The Muse Mattress offers multiple firmness options to suit different sleep preferences. You can choose from soft, medium, or firm, allowing you to find the perfect level of comfort and support for your needs.

Does the Muse Mattress provide good motion isolation?

Yes, the Muse Mattress is designed to minimize motion transfer. This means that movement on one side of the bed will not disturb the other person, ensuring an undisturbed sleep for couples.

Does the Muse Mattress sleep cool?

Yes, the Muse Mattress incorporates advanced cooling technologies, such as gel-infused memory foam and breathable cover materials. These features help dissipate heat and regulate temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Is the Muse Mattress suitable for all sleep positions?

Yes, the Muse Mattress is designed to accommodate all sleep positions, including back, side, and stomach sleepers. The multiple firmness options provide the right level of support and pressure relief for different sleeping preferences.

Does the Muse Mattress come with a sleep trial and warranty?

Yes, the Muse Mattress comes with a generous sleep trial period, allowing you to try the mattress in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, it is backed by a warranty that provides coverage against manufacturing defects.

Muse mattress Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Movement transfer is essentially eliminated when using a Muse mattress. This is due to the fabric-only construction. It provides an exceptional reduction in motion transfer between sleeping companions. This provides light sleepers with companions who frequently change positions during the night with an advantage.

The Muse mattress provides superior edge support in comparison to industry standards for memory foam beds. The mattress’s construction incorporates high-density foams that provide uniform support across the entire bed, including the perimeter. Additionally, when reclining on the edge of this bed, one does not experience a sensation of “rolling off” the edges and feels as though their entire body is being supported.

Muse mattress Sleeping Hot and Off-Gassing

With its gel-infused memory foam layer and high-performing Cold-Wire temperature regulating cover, which is cool to the touch and keeps the mattress cool, the Muse mattress is designed to promote cool slumber.

There may be some mild off-gassing from this mattress after it has been unboxed, but it should be extremely minimal. The odor would dissipate after 12 to 24 hours of ventilation of the bed.

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Muse Mattress 10-Year Warranty / 120 Night Sleep Trial

Designed to last, Muse mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty. Also, it comes with 120 nights risk-free sleep trial. Try Muse for 120 nights in your bedroom and if you’re not completely satisfied, initiate easy return and request for a full refund. The company highly recommends sleeping on your Muse for at least 1-2 weeks before returning it.

Free Shipping and Easy Set-Up

Each Muse mattress is compressed, rolled and shipped to your door for free in a small box within 5–7 business days. Upon arrival, unbox, unroll, watch it expand and relax.

Is Muse Mattress Safe?

Muse is proudly made in the United States and only uses CertiPUR-US Certified foams. Each layer of this mattress is made without ozone depleters, flame retardant chemicals, and heavy metals. Also, foams are low VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Thus, you can rest and breathe easy knowing that you are sleeping in a safe and healthy mattress.

What base/ foundation works best with Muse Mattress?

The Muse mattress is designed to fit comfortably on virtually any surface – flat platform, slatted base, box spring, adjustable bed or even the floor works best for this bed.

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How long will it take for my new mattress to expand?

After unpacking, you can enjoy sleeping on your new mattress in 1-2 hours. However, if the room has poor ventilation, the bed could take up to 12 hours for full expansion.

Where to buy Muse Mattress?

The best place to buy Muse Mattress online is directly from the manufacturer Here you can avail the best price, periodical sale offers, Muse Mattress Coupon codes like use code SLEEP during checkout to get $150 Off Any Mattress, free shipping, etc.

Is Muse Mattress available for sale on Amazon?

Yes, Buy Muse Memory Foam Mattress, Firm Comfort Level, on Amazon for best price plus free shipping.

How can I contact the manufacturer?

You can contact them via phone 855-699-6873, email or submit your query on their ‘contact us’ page.

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Premium dense memory foams, three levels of comfort layers, 12″ thickness, and cool to touch cover and effective price makes Muse Mattress worth a try. Don’t forget to consider free shipping; 10-year limited warranty and 120 nights sleep trial.