Saatva Zenhaven, Natural Latex Mattress Upgrade (Updated 2023)

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Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is a All-Natural Latex, Flippable Mattress with Dual firmness. Zenhaven Mattress is made of 100% high quality Durable, natural latex with no toxic material. Zenhaven is ideal for all sleep positions and weight categories, including Plus size folks. It is dual sided with firm on one side and medium-firm on the other. The Zenhaven mattress is all-natural. The cotton and wool in the mattress are certified and the Latex is sourced naturally . The Zenhaven mattress is manufactured in the USA.

Note : There were a few upgrades to the Zenhaven mattress in 2022. some changes to the material and construction has put a different perspective on the product. Zenhaven is now capable of a weight capacity of 500 pounds per side, making it feasible for heavy folks who prefer to sleep on their side . The mattress is also a lot more breathable due to the pinhole differences from the previous latex layers.
Saatva Zenhaven, Natural Latex Mattress Upgrade (Updated 2023)

Dual Sided Flippable Latex Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

Discover the epitome of tranquility with the Zenhaven Mattress. Exquisitely crafted from natural, eco-friendly Natural latex, it offers unparalleled support and luxurious comfort. Experience the perfect balance between softness and support, ensuring a restful sleep every night. Embrace the serenity of Zenhaven and transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation .

Zenhaven Mattress Overview


  • Hypoallergenic, All Natural material.
  • Durable Supportive material
  • Good Bounce, Very responsive


The Zenhaven mattress is a pure natural latex mattress durable that’s Cool and a perfect option for hot sleepers . They are also hypoallergenic. When it comes to firmness, the mattress provides 2 firmness, medium firm or Luxury plush as Saatva refers it with a firmness scale of 4-5/10 and a Gentle firm with a firmness scale of 7-8/10. depending on your sleeping position and weight, you may find one of the sides suitable for you. they are responsive making it a comfortable latex bed for young couples. Both sides of the Zenhaven mattress are zoned for better lumbar support and spinal alignment . At a height of 10 inches the Zenhaven mattresses are categorized as luxury Latex Mattresses. Zenhaven has a high durability rating, Cooling features, Breathability, Allergen resistance, off gassing , noise , trial period and warranty rating. They do fall behind in Motion isolation / motion transfer and edge support. The mattress is available in All standard sizes, split king and an Upperflex model, which is compatible with the Saatva adjustable base .

Overall, the Zenhaven mattress has a mixed rating, slightly inclined towards the better side.

Trial365 NightLongest Trial period in the industry
ShippingFreeFree White Glove shipping, free Mattress & Foundation removal
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLongest Warranty for all Defects in material or craftsmanship to original owner
FirmnessDual Comfort , Flippable (Medium Firm, Plush)Offers both Comfort in one single mattress.

Mattress Features

All Natural, Organic Mattress : The Zenhaven mattress use all Natural, organic Latex for all its latex layers. The covers are organic cotton, treated with Guardin Botnaical antimicrobial to prevent from mold, mildew and bacteria. The eco-friendly material helps with people with allergies and makes it hypoallergenic.

Adjustable firmness levels : Technically, the mattress is flippable with dual comfort. This makes it comfortable for people to choose the right comfort level or firmness. Depending on your choice you could opt for a Luxury plush or Gentle firm whenever you like.

Durable: Latex mattresses don’t sag as much as memory foam and makes the Zenhaven mattress durable . Being handcrafted, for durable construction. The durable composition of the mattress and the construction makes the mattress last years without losing shape or comfort.

Zoned Comfort : The Zenhaven mattress is designed with 5 zones with the lumbar zone being the firmest. This enables better pressure point relief, keeps the spine in alignment , supports the hips, shoulders and back and alleviates tension in key pressure point areas. the Zoned Layers helps with neutral spine alignment which makes it a great mattress for back pain , sciatica, scoliosis , Fibromyalgia and to some extent even post surgery patients. the frim Lumbar area provides the right pressure relief sinkage , supporting the hip area and torso, while maintaining a neutral sleeping position.

Better cooling: Latex mattresses are generally cool. The design of the Zenhaven mattress with the right pinhole in the latex layers and the latex layer arrangements allows the mattress to be more breathable than most competitors. The pinhole arrangements prevents overheating, promotes breathability. For people who sleep hot, the Zenhaven mattress is surprisingly temperature neutral and regulates body temperature very well. the vents between each layers of the mattress provides further ventilation for the mattress.

The right bounce : Latex mattress is naturally bouncy. The mattress is conforming and contouring. You can move around the mattress easily which makes it a preferred latex bed for young couples. the bounce of the mattress is just right for young couples who are sexually active. The bounce and responsiveness of latex makes it the preferred mattress for sex .

Lumbar Zone Quilting : The Organic Cotton quilting not only makes the mattress cool and hypoallergenic but also provides support. The LumbarZone Quilting allows for more support in the lumbar area (1/3rd) of the mattress to handle more weight.

Where Saatva Zenhaven Mattress Rates poorly

Edge support : The Zenhaven mattress does not have a dedicated edge support. The mattress, does perform well compared to other brands but still sinks a bit too much if you are a heavy individual. The edge support is perfectly good for someone below 300 pounds but not more. You may have the feeling of rolling off the bed, if you are on the heavier side and may not be able to use the full surface are of the mattress. you may find a comfortable edge support if you are below 230 pounds .

Motion isolation: For those who have used an hybrid mattress , you will see a significant difference in the motion transfer features of the Zenhaven mattress. for young couples and deep sleepers, this may not be a problem but if you are a light sleeper and are easily disturbed by movement, you will find the Zenhaven mattress lacking in Motion isolation features. if you are looking for a mattress that Absorbs motion better, you will need to consider a hybrid mattress.

Why Zenhaven Latex Mattress

Motion Isolation3.5/5Minimal to No motion isolation
Temperature Control5/5Very less Heat retention
Pressure Relief4/5Food Pressure Relief but depends on your weight and your choice of firmness
Edge Support3/5Average Edge support
Ease of movement5/5Easy to move on. Does not feel stuck
Sex / Couples4.5/5good mattress for couples , specially those who are heavy. The mattress is cool and suitable for sex
Off gassing5/5No off gassing

Firmness and Feel

choosing the right firmness is key to enjoying your Zenhaven mattress or returning it. If you get the firmness levels right, you will enjoy immediate pressure relief, good comfort and support. The vice versa is true too

Luxury Plush:

Lightweight Sleepers (130-180 lbs.)
Perfect for Back and side sleepers in the weight range of 130-180 pounds. Lightweight sleepers will find the Luxury plush just right if you are a side sleeper . you will experience ample pressure relief, comfortable edge support and the right pressure relief sinkage.

Normal weight Sleepers (180-230 lbs.)
if you are in the weight range of 180 -230 pounds, you will find the luxury plush mattress comfortable for side sleeping. The Luxury plush may be a bit too soft for side sleepers and definitely too soft for stomach sleepers . The pressure relief is noticeably good for side sleeper , specially in the hip and lower back areas. the Zoned construction provide support for the lumbar area.

Heavy Sleepers (230-300 lbs.)
The Luxury plush mattress is not recommended for heavyweight sleepers. its sinkage is a bit too much for back and side sleepers, often putting more pressure on your lower back and hips.

Gentle Firm :

Lightweight sleepers (130-180 lbs)
The mattress is best suited for back and stomach sleepers if you fall in the lightweight category. For back sleepers you will find a firm surface to sleep on with ther ight support . It is bouncy yet gentle. Combination sleepers will find it easy to move in the mattress.

Medium weight Sleepers (180-230 lbs)
The Gentle firm option is best suited for combination sleepers in the midweight category. You will find that the mattress has the right support and pressure point relief. this mattress will serve you well for pain relief performance and support for your hips ankle and lower back. for side sleepers, you may find a bit of pressure in the lower part of your body and you neck area.

Heavy weight sleepers (230-300 lbs)
The gentle firm option is best suited for this weight range if you are a side sleeper. you will find the best pressure relif skinkage and the keeps the spine in alignment. for back and stomach sleepers though, they may find this option slightly uncomfortable but if you love a slight sinkage, then this is the right firmness choice for you

Obese folks (300-500lbs)

While the zenhaven mattress does support heavy individuals upto 500 pounds, you may find that the mattress does not perform as well as many other mattresses designed specifically for heavier indivduals. A heavy duty mattress designed for obese folks has a different construction . The Zenhaven mattress does remain on the list as one of the best Latex mattress options but lacks in certain areas. The edge support is one concern when it comes to heavy folks. The other areas where the Zenhaven lacks when it comes to heavy folks include Support and pressure relief.

Zenhaven Mattress Performance

Sleeping hot and Body temperature regulation
Zenhaven provides excellent temperature regulation, preventing overheating and helping you sleep comfortably. The organic cotton cover is moisture wicking and the latex layers come with pinholes for better aeration. The airflow vent design in between the layers of latex prevents overheating. The cooling features of the Zenhaven is due to its material and construction

Motion transfer and motion isolation
Motion isolation is one are where Zenhaven fails. Though not terrible, its comparatively bad, specially with so many innerspring mattress in comparison. Pure latex mattresses are naturally bouncy. this makes motion isolation hard and motion transfer evident . Though the mattress is bouncy and contouring, making it a great mattress for young couples and sexually active couples , the lack of motion isolation may be of concern for those who are disturbed due to movement in bed

Edge support:
for those in the weight range of 130 and 230 pounds you will have no complaints on the edge support. for heavier individuals though, the edge support is of concern. The lack of dedicated edge support gives you the feeling of rolling off the mattress and not being able to use the full surface area of the mattress.

Zenhaven has quality material and its durable. The handcrafted mattress provides you the same comfort from day one to the time you decide to change your mattress. the Lifetime warranty and a 365 night trial is clearly an evidence of quality. For a better mattress life, use a mattress protector.

Off gassing
There is a slight odor of latex for a few hours after unpacking the mattress. This is normal and not harmful. There are no smells of chemicals which will cause you any irritation. Nevertheless, leave the mattress to air out for an hour or two before you start using it.

Noise & Sex
A pure latex mattress is silent and does not create any noise. as for sex, the mattress has its pros and cons. The mattress is definitely bouncy and conforming. it is supportive and the zoned layer, though built for better lumbar support also adds as a bonus when it comes to sex. on the down side, the motion isolation is lacking and you will feel your partners movement while they toss and turn in bed. There is also a small concern when it comes to edge support, specially for those on the heavier side.