Luma Sleep Hybrid Mattress

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Luma Sleep Mattress offers Natural Latex Hybrid and Pure latex Mattress in 3 different models. Since 2015, Luma Sleep has manufactured a line of American-made mattresses, slumber systems, and bedding accessories featuring Talalay latex to help you experience natural comfort. Luma Sleep currently offers latex and Luma Latex hybrid mattresses in three different models. Luma Mattress is a luxury bed-in-a-box mattress and Luma Sleep Slumber Systems allow you to customize the feel of your mattress. In addition, Luma Sleep offers bedding accessories like toppers, pillows, and foundations. Keep reading to know everything about Luma Sleep Mattress Reviews, Features, and Models, Where to buy and more.

Best Mattress for Support

Luma Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Transform your sleep with Luma Sleep Hybrid Mattress . Crafted for customized comfort and superior support, it offers the perfect balance of softness and stability. Experience blissful rest every night, waking up refreshed and ready. Elevate your sleep sanctuary. Upgrade to Luma Sleep for nights of rejuvenating, uninterrupted sleep.

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Luma Sleep Size and Dimensions

Twin39″ x 75″
Twin XL39″ x 80″
Full54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
Cal King72″ x 84″
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Luma Sleep Latex and Hybrid Mattresses

Luma Mattresses are made of the highest quality, top performing materials. Both Talalay Latex and individually wrapped pocket coils are proven to provide exceptional comfort, pressure relief, support and breathability that you expect in a luxury mattress.

In addition, Luma Sleep mattresses have simplified design and eliminate the unnecessary cost to offer luxury products at a significantly lower price. These mattresses only contain four of the following materials – latex, pocketed coils made from a blend of certified recycled American steel, Tencel fabric, and a high-density foam base.

All Luma Sleep mattresses are available in three different firmness settings to match sleepers with varying comfort preferences. Also, all these mattresses come in various sizes and standard dimensions for the best price.

In addition, free standard shipping, complimentary latex pillows, White Glove delivery, best in the industry warranty and 100-night trials are included with Luma Sleep beds.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Models – Luma Latex Hybrid and More

  • Luma Mattress is a hybrid 3-layer bed featuring a comfort system of Talalay latex. It offers amazing support with pocketed coils and a sturdy high-density polyfoam makes a base layer.
  • Latex Hybrid Slumber System is also a hybrid mattress with 4 layers. Its top layer is interchangeable Talalay latex that is available in one of three firmness ratings. Then, the following layers are just like the Luma Mattress – non-removable Talalay latex layer, pocketed coils support layer and a high-density polyfoam base layer.
  • All-Latex Slumber System features 3 layers with an interchangeable top comfort layer of Talalay latex that comes with three different firmness settings. The support core is Talalay latex and a bottom layer is firm Dunlop latex.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Difference

Luma Sleep Mattress Difference lays in their two-layer Slumber sleep system beds wherein you can customize the comfort layer before and even after purchase. This customize-anytime Slumber Systems bed features a 3-inch thick, interchangeable Talalay Latex Comfort Layer a top a progressively supportive base mattress.

If the firmness you choose when you purchased a Slumber System is not feeling good after you have slept on it for a few weeks, contact a Luma Customer Service at or call at 800-982-9846 for exchanging the comfort layer for a plusher or firmer version for FREE. This comfort exchange program works free during the first year. Then you can certainly buy a new comfort layer at a nominal price. This is super simple to make sure your bed always feels great and comfortable. Luma Mattress comes with a one-piece design, so free Comfort exchanges are not available with it.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Models – Features and Specifications

Models – FeaturesLuma MattressLatex Hybrid Slumber SystemAll Latex Slumber System
IntroductionSleep soundly with materials that respond to you. With the Luma Mattress, 90% of the materials actively respond to you, keeping you comfortable and supported.This is a complete comfort slumber system from Luma. It comes with interchangeable Comfort Layer that allows you to change the firmness feel (firmer or plusher Comfort Layer) of your bed anytime, free for the first year.  After the one year trial period, change the firmness at a nominal cost. Luma Sleep helps you to make your bed feel just right for you.All Latex Slumber System Mattress with Talalay on top offers luxurious comfort and bone-deep support. Its design has interchangeable Talalay Comfort Layer on the top, creating the progressive support that makes this bed feel truly magical.
Construction and Layers 1.5″ Customizable Talalay Latex3″ Talalay Latex Comfort Layer3″ Talalay Latex Comfort Layer
 8″ QE Pocket Coil Array1.5″ Customizable Talalay Latex2″ Talalay Latex
1″ HD Base Foam8″ QE Pocket Coil Array6″ Dunlop Latex
 1″ HD Base Foam 
Number of Layers3 layers4 layers3 layers
CoverTencel Knit CoverHD Tencel CoverHD Tencel Cover
Unique FeaturesTalalay Latex/Pocketed Coil MattressTwo-layer Luxury Hybrid Latex/Pocket Coil Sleep SystemTwo-Layer All Latex Slumber System
 Features cool, breathable pressure relief of open-cell Talalay LatexExchangeable 3″ Talalay Latex Comfort Layer8″ Progressive Firmness Latex Mattress
  Offers cool, breathable pressure relief comfort from open-cell Talalay LatexExchangeable 3″ Talalay Latex Comfort Layer
   Luxury mattress system with exceptional comfort and support from open-cell Talalay latex
Firmness and Firmness ratingPlush (4), Medium firm (6), firm (7)Plush (4), Medium firm (6), firm (7)Plush (4), Medium firm (6), firm (7)
Comfort Layers1.5″ Talalay Latex (19 to 36 ILD)3″ Talalay Latex (19 to 36 ILD)3″ Talalay Latex (19 to 36 ILD)
 1.5″ Customizable Talalay Latex 
Support Layers8″ Pocketed Coils (1,280 Count)8″ Pocketed Coils (1,283 Count)2″ Talalay Latex
1″ HD Polyfoam1″ HD Polyfoam6″ Dunlop Latex
Thickness11″ Height14.0″ Height11.5″ Height
Prices Starts From$695$1,095$1,295
Warranty10 Years Warranty15 Years Warranty15 Years Warranty
Additional Benefits$75 Talalay Latex Pillow Two (2) $75 Talalay Pillows and $69 Mattress Protector – FREETwo (2) $75 Talalay Pillows, $69 Mattress Protector and White Glove – FREE
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Why Choose Luma Sleep Mattresses? – Features

Luma Sleep is only online luxurious mattress brand that offers latex and hybrid mattresses with various features as below –

  • The top comfort layer is naturally-derived Talalay Latex
  • Talalay foam offers soft support to relieve stress and muscle pain.
  • Talalay Latex offers uplifting comfort and support that memory foam can’t match
  • Individual wrapped pocketed coil mattress delivers amazing support.
  • All Luma Sleep mattresses and slumber systems are made of durable, sustainable materials
  • Two-layer Slumber Systems are customizable before and after purchase.
  • The hybrid system combines foam and coiled mattress support.
  • Provides progressive back/spinal support without motion transfer
  • Natural Tencel fabric cover breathes like cotton feels like silk
  • 100% made in California, USA
  • Choose from the various available sizes.
  • Made from safe, natural, chemical-free fabrics and American steel
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • 10/ 15 Year Warranty

Luma Sleep Mattresses Customer Reviews

You will find an impressive number of positive Luma Sleep Mattresses Reviews Online. You can read real customer reviews in a Consumer Affairs where it has received 4.9 stars out of 5 based on 57 reviews and Trust Pilot where it has got 4 stars out of 5 based on 36 reviews. These mattresses are getting popular for the best materials, best prices, 100-night return, and warranty and one-year exchange. There are no major Luma Sleep Mattresses complaints from sleepers except for some people who exchanged the top layer for right firmness.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Testimonials

  • Richard owns Luma Sleep hybrid mattress and likes its interchangeable comfort layer feature. He went from medium to firm and says the exchange process was just as easy as Luma Sleep claims. He adds, overall the mattress quality is very good and is happy with Luma Sleep Mattresses Results. There is no chemical smell, no squeaking and plenty of latex. There is ample edge support for the person like him who weighs 250lbs and is an edge sleeper.
  • Jill purchased a Luma Sleep latex mattress which she says is a lot more comfortable than the previous mattress. It is nice, cool, and feels more comfortable with waking up. She adds it had a reasonable price, a good warranty and delivers perfectly.
  • Lisa is slightly unhappy with her new Luma Sleep slumber system. She feels every move of her partner. It is way too soft and didn’t have a decent night’s sleep since it was set up.


What type of frame or foundation works best with these mattresses?

Any firm, flat, and sturdy surface works great with Luma – a platform, bunkie board, traditional box spring or slats but no more than 3 inches apart. Avoid using curved slats.

Where To Buy Luma Sleep Mattresses?

The best place to buy Luma Sleep Mattresses online is directly from the manufacturer Here you can save 10% instantly on the purchase of any mattress. Just sign up to avail instant discount. Also, get the benefits of free shipping, best prices, sale from time to time, etc.

Is Luma Sleep Mattresses available on Amazon?

Buy Luma Sleep Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress on Amazon for the best price. Currently, avail Amazon promo code offers ‘Shop Luma Sleep Under $700 at Amazon for Free 2-Day Shipping w/ Prime’.

Can I find any Luma Sleep Mattresses Coupon codes and discount deals?

Yes, search for Luma Sleep Mattresses Coupon codes and you will find plenty of them. Ongoing offers – use code Lincoln2018 for 15% off your order $300 or more at Luma sleep site-wide, Use code Dollar125 to get $125 off on any mattress or slumber system at Luma sleep and more.

How can I contact the manufacturer?

For any help, you can contact them via – Call 1-800-982-9846, or Online live chat or, Email at

Luma Sleep Mattresses Comfort and Support

Luma Sleep Mattresses combines Talalay latex, Dunlop latex, and more than 1,000 individually wrapped pocketed coils, to provide progressive support and comfort for you to keep perfect posture in any sleep position for deep sleep.

Firmness, Motion transfer and Bounce

These mattresses are available in three different firmness options

  • Plush (4) – This firmness level gives you light sink-in feel. Also, it has more bounce and motion transfer, making it ideal for side sleepers or lightweight people.
  • Medium Firm (6) – This level is best for all types of sleepers or people who frequently change sleeping positions. This option gives you low motion transfer and slight bounce.
  • Firm (7) – This option is quite firm and perfect for back sleepers or people who prefer a firmer feel, or heavy weight people.

Temperature and Off-Gassing

Luma Mattresses have a ventilated and thin layer of foam that doesn’t allow for heat to build up. Secondly, Talalay latex is cool and has breathable properties. Lastly, the mattress cover is designed from highly breathable Tencel fabric that wicks moisture to keep the surface cool. These mattresses use natural latex material, which eliminates the off-gassing effect.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Warranty/ 100 Night Trial

Luma Sleep offers a 15-year warranty on Slumber Systems and a 10-year warranty on the Luma Mattress. They come with an unconditional guarantee that these products will be free of defects in workmanship and materials and will maintain functional integrity for the specified warranty period.

All Luma sleep mattresses come with a risk-free 100-night trial that also serves as the easy return policy. You can try luma bed at the comfort of your home for 100 nights. If you decide the Luma mattress is not for you, return your Mattress or Slumber System within 100 days of purchase, to receive a full refund for the original purchase amount. The company will arrange a free pickup from your home for your return. However, the company recommends sleeping on your Luma for at least a month. This allows your body time to adjust to the feel and support of your new mattress.

Luma Sleep Mattresses Cleaning and Maintenance

The manufacturer strongly recommends using a high-quality mattress protector for all Luma Mattresses. A luxury Tencel mattress protector is included with each Luma Slumber System, but not for Luma mattress.

In addition, the manufacturer recommends not removing the mattress cover for washing. However, if you choose to do so, dry clean or hand wash the cover, and do not machine wash or use the dryer.

Also, for spills and stains, spot treat the area with mild detergent and cool water by blotting and dabbing gently. Do not scrub or apply direct force. If damaged, you can remove and replaced the cover.

Is Luma Sleep Mattresses Safe?

Most of the components used in these beds are backed by environmental certifications such as

  • The HD fabric cover is certified per Okeo-Tex Standard 100
  • The polyurethane foams used in the mattress core are certified by Certi-PUR-US
  • The Talalay latex foam used in the comfort layer is certified per Okeo-Tex® Standard 100

Moreover, the manufacturer claims that they are made from safe, natural and chemical-free fabrics. Thus, these mattresses are safe and eco-friendly for you and your family to sleep safe and healthy.

Q: Are Luma Sleep mattresses suitable for all sleep positions?

A: Yes, Luma Sleep offers mattresses that cater to different sleep positions. Their product line includes options for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Q: What are the key features of Luma Sleep mattresses?

A: Luma Sleep mattresses are known for their customizable comfort and support. They typically feature a hybrid design combining latex and pocketed coils for a balance of pressure relief, responsiveness, and breathability.

Q: Do Luma Sleep mattresses come with a sleep trial period?

A: Yes, Luma Sleep offers a sleep trial period for their mattresses. This allows customers to test the mattress at home and determine if it meets their sleep preferences. Be sure to check the specific terms and conditions of the sleep trial.

Q: Are there any discount coupons available for Luma Sleep mattresses?

A: Luma Sleep occasionally offers discount coupons or promotions. It’s advisable to check their official website or inquire with their customer support for any ongoing offers.

Q: What are some common customer complaints about Luma Sleep mattresses?

A: While Luma Sleep mattresses generally receive positive reviews, some common complaints may include initial off-gassing odor, firmness preference variances, or delivery issues. It’s important to read customer reviews and consider individual preferences.

Q: How does Luma Sleep handle warranty claims?

A: Luma Sleep provides a warranty for their mattresses. In the event of a warranty claim, customers should reach out to Luma Sleep’s customer support for assistance and follow the guidelines outlined in the warranty documentation.

Q: Can Luma Sleep mattresses be used with an adjustable bed frame?

A: Yes, Luma Sleep


If you are looking for a competitively priced all Talalay-latex or hybrid mattress, free delivery to your doorstep with amazing features like adjustable firmnesses and many positive customer reviews, there is no compare to Luma Sleep Mattresses. Backed by a 15-year warranty, 100-night trial and easy return policy, Luma Sleep Mattresses are worth a buy.