SweetNight Mattress & Topper Review: The Ultimate Guide to a Restful Night’s Sleep

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The SweetNight Mattress is known for its comfort and affordability, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious shoppers seeking a good night’s sleep.

In the fast-paced world of today, a good night’s sleep has become a precious commodity. It’s no secret that the right mattress can make all the difference in achieving that elusive restful slumber. Enter the SweetNight Twilight mattress, a hybrid marvel that promises both comfort and affordability. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the world of SweetNight mattresses, focusing primarily on the 10-inch model. So, if you’re in the market for a mattress that won’t break the bank and still offers a rejuvenating sleep experience, read on.

Unpacking SweetNight Twilight

A Hybrid Marvel

The SweetNight Twilight mattress boasts a unique hybrid design that blends the best of memory foam and innerspring technology. It combines layers of gel memory foam with tempered steel coils, resulting in a responsive sleep surface that adapts to your body’s contours. The result? A comfortable and supportive mattress that won’t leave you tossing and turning throughout the night.

Eco-Friendly Materials

One standout feature of SweetNight mattresses is their commitment to eco-friendliness. All of their products use CertiPUR-US certified memory foams, which are not only environmentally responsible but also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is good for both you and the planet.

Who Will Love the SweetNight Twilight?

Stomach Sleepers

If you’re someone who prefers to snooze on your stomach, the SweetNight Twilight might just be your dream mattress. Its firmness rating of 7.5 out of 10 provides the ideal support for keeping your spine aligned and your comfort maximized.

Those Seeking Responsiveness

For individuals who crave a mattress that responds to their movements, the SweetNight Twilight delivers. Its hybrid construction ensures that you won’t feel stuck in one position, making it an excellent choice for those who tend to shift during the night.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers

In today’s economy, finding high-quality products at affordable prices is a win. The SweetNight Twilight falls into this category with its budget-friendly price point. You can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

Who Might Not Be a Fan of the SweetNight Twilight?

Side Sleepers

While the SweetNight Twilight excels in many areas, it may not be the best choice for side sleepers. Its firmness might lead to uncomfortable pressure points around the shoulders and hips, potentially disrupting your sleep.

Luxury Seekers

If you’re in the market for a top-tier, luxury mattress, the SweetNight Twilight may not meet your expectations. While it offers fantastic value, it doesn’t provide the premium features found in higher-end mattresses.

Exploring the SweetNight Twilight

Firmness and Feel

The SweetNight Twilight’s firmness level is crucial to understanding its suitability for different sleepers. We’ve rated the 10-inch model at 7.5 out of 10, making it a relatively firm mattress. This firmness is due to the combination of high-density foams and steel-tempered coils, ensuring that the mattress doesn’t compromise on support.

It’s essential to note that firmness is somewhat subjective and can vary depending on factors like your body weight and personal preferences. Additionally, the 12-inch model may offer a slightly softer feel compared to the 10-inch version.

The SweetNight Experience

Back sleepers will likely find solace on the SweetNight Twilight. It provides excellent spinal support and alignment, promoting a peaceful night’s sleep. However, lighter individuals may find it a bit too firm for their liking in this position.

Side sleepers, on the other hand, might face some challenges with this mattress. The firmness could lead to pressure points around the shoulder and hip areas, potentially causing discomfort.

Stomach sleepers are in for a treat with the SweetNight Twilight. Its firm nature keeps the hips elevated and aligned with the spine, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.

The Feel of SweetNight

The SweetNight Twilight mattress offers a unique feel that combines responsiveness with comfort. While it features a pillow-top layer, sleepers will quickly sink into the firmer layers beneath. It’s an ideal balance between cushioning and support.

A Closer Look at SweetNight’s Construction


The SweetNight Twilight’s cover is crafted from knit fabric and tufted with foam, creating a luxurious pillow-top feel. This plush cover sets the stage for a cozy night’s sleep.

Comfort Layers

Beneath the cover, the primary comfort layer features Air-flow high-density foam, known for its bounce and responsiveness. Below that, a layer of gel memory foam provides pressure relief while also dissipating heat. This gel-infused memory foam adds breathability, setting it apart from traditional memory foam mattresses.

Support Layer

As a hybrid mattress, the SweetNight Twilight relies on independently wrapped, steel-tempered coils as its primary support layer. These pocketed coils contribute to the mattress’s overall support and responsiveness, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed.

Size Options and Pricing

For those wondering about size options and pricing for the SweetNight Twilight, we’ve compiled the details below. Please note that these prices are based on the 10-inch model.

  • Full: 54″ x 74″ – $448.00
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ – $498.00
  • King: 76″ x 80″ – $528.00

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Performance of the SweetNight Twilight

Temperature Regulation

The SweetNight Twilight excels in temperature regulation, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Its breathable cover and gel-infused foams, combined with the airflow provided by the coils, ensure that you stay cool throughout the night.

Motion Transfer

While the SweetNight Twilight shines in many areas, motion isolation is not its strong suit. Its bouncy and responsive nature means that it doesn’t absorb motion effectively. If you share your bed with a partner, be prepared for some movement transfer.

Edge Support

On the positive side, the SweetNight Twilight impresses with its robust edge support. Whether sitting or lying near the edge, the mattress remains stable, making it a viable option for couples or individuals who enjoy sleeping closer to the edge.


As a value mattress, the SweetNight Twilight may not boast the same longevity as premium alternatives. With proper care, you can expect it to last approximately 5 to 7 years, providing excellent value for its price point.


During our review, we observed some initial off-gassing from the SweetNight Twilight. This is a common occurrence with bed-in-a-box mattresses and typically dissipates within a few days, leaving behind a neutral scent.


At the time of our assessment, we did not encounter any significant noise issues when moving around on the SweetNight Twilight. However, it’s worth noting that mattresses with coils may develop slight squeaks over time.

Suitable for Intimacy

Thanks to its responsive nature, the SweetNight Twilight is an excellent choice for couples seeking an intimate experience. Its lack of sinkage ensures ease of movement and versatility in various positions.

Company Policies

If you’re considering purchasing the SweetNight Twilight mattress, it’s essential to be aware of the company’s policies:

Warranty Info

All Sweet Night mattresses, including the SweetNight Twilight, come with a generous 10-year warranty. This warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

Sleep Trial

SweetNight offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Twilight mattress. This extensive trial period allows you to thoroughly test the mattress and ensure it meets your sleep needs.

Return Policy

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the SweetNight Twilight mattress during the 100-night sleep trial, the company offers a hassle-free return process. Simply contact their Customer Support team to initiate a refund.

SweetNight Twilight vs. Competitors

For a well-rounded perspective, let’s compare the SweetNight Twilight to some prominent competitors in the mattress market.

SweetNight vs. Casper

The SweetNight Twilight’s hybrid design differs significantly from the all-foam original Casper mattress. Casper incorporates zoned support, making it more tailored to different areas of the body. In contrast, the SweetNight Twilight offers uniform support.

Firmness also distinguishes the two mattresses. The SweetNight rates firmer at 7.5/10, while the Casper falls slightly softer at 7/10. Additionally, the feel varies, with the SweetNight offering a responsive hybrid feel and the Casper providing a balanced foam experience.

Price-wise, the SweetNight Twilight is the clear winner for budget-conscious shoppers, with a Queen-size model available at $498 compared to the Casper’s $1,095.

Who Should Get The SweetNight?

  • Savvy shoppers looking to save money
  • Stomach sleepers seeking support
  • Individuals prioritizing budget-friendly options

Who Should Get The Casper?

  • Back and side sleepers requiring advanced support
  • Those seeking a more premium mattress experience

SweetNight vs. Nectar

In a showdown against the Nectar mattress, the SweetNight Twilight showcases its hybrid charm. While the Nectar is an all-foam option with thick memory foam, the SweetNight Twilight combines coils and memory foam for a unique feel.

The Nectar mattress offers a classic memory foam experience, with a slow-sinking sensation when lying down. In contrast, the SweetNight Twilight delivers a bouncier, on-top-of-the-mattress feel.

In terms of firmness, the SweetNight Twilight wins the firmness battle with a rating of 7.5/10, while the Nectar provides a medium-firm feel.

Lastly, budget-conscious shoppers will appreciate the SweetNight’s lower price point.

Who Should Get The SweetNight?

  • Those who prefer a responsive mattress
  • Fans of firmer mattresses
  • Shoppers on a budget

Who Should Get The Nectar?

  • Enthusiasts of memory foam
  • Side sleepers seeking plush comfort

In Conclusion

The SweetNight Twilight mattress offers a compelling combination of affordability and comfort. Its hybrid construction, eco-friendly materials, and responsive feel make it a standout choice for back and stomach sleepers on a budget.

While side sleepers and luxury seekers may find better options elsewhere, the SweetNight Twilight excels in providing a restful night’s sleep without the hefty price tag. With a 10-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and a commitment to eco-conscious materials, SweetNight ensures your satisfaction.

In the pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep, the SweetNight Twilight mattress is a worthy contender. If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, visit SweetNight today and take advantage of their Labor Day sale to save up to 65% with code CLARITY.


Affordable Comfort: Sweetnight mattresses offer excellent comfort and support at an affordable price, making quality sleep accessible to a wide range of customers.

Variety of Firmness Options: Sweetnight provides a range of firmness options, including plush, medium, and firm, allowing customers to choose a mattress that suits their preferred sleep style and comfort level.

Pressure Relief: The mattresses are designed to alleviate pressure points, providing relief for individuals with back pain or joint discomfort.

Motion Isolation: Sweetnight mattresses excel in motion isolation, minimizing disturbances from partner movements, ensuring uninterrupted sleep for couples.

Durable Construction: Despite their affordability, Sweetnight mattresses are well-made and durable, maintaining their shape and support over time.

Easy Setup: The mattresses are delivered conveniently packaged and are easy to set up, allowing for a hassle-free experience for customers.


Limited Firmness Customization: While there are multiple firmness options, some individuals with very specific firmness preferences might find the choices limited.

Off-Gassing: Like many other mattresses, Sweetnight mattresses may have a slight odor upon unboxing (off-gassing), although this typically dissipates within a few days in a well-ventilated room.

Edge Support: Some users find that the edge support could be improved, as the mattress might compress when sitting or sleeping near the edges.

Long-Term Durability: While Sweetnight mattresses offer good initial durability, some users have reported potential long-term sagging over extended periods of use.

Limited Cooling Features: Sweetnight mattresses may not have advanced cooling technologies, which could be a drawback for individuals who tend to sleep hot and require additional temperature regulation.