Saatva vs Dreamcloud Mattress

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Key Similarities

The only similarity between the Saatva and the Dreamcloud mattress is that they both fall into the Luxury mattress category are compatible with adjustable bases . Everything else from warranty, Trial period, construction and package and delivery are different.

Innerspring Hybrid

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic Mattress is our top pick for the best mattress for chronic pain. This mattress combines three zones of memory foam with pocketed coils to create a medium-firm feel that adapts to your body shape and sleeping position.

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Key Differences & Unique Qualities

Trial120 Nights365 Nights
Warranty15 YearsLifetime
ConstructionCoil Over Coil , Encased coilEncased coil
Mattress CoverOrganic Cotton Euro pillow topCashmere Quilted Euro top
Firmness LevelsAvailable in 3 firmness LevelsOnly available in Medium Firm
Mattress TypeHybrid Coil over CoilHybrid
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  • Firmness : Saatva has 3 firmness levels to choose from. The plush soft, The medium firm and the firm. The Dreamcloud mattress has one Medium firm mattress and no other choices. IF you are looking for a plush soft option or a firm option, the saatva mattress would make a better choice.
  • Cover :The covers of the Saatva mattress is made of Organic cotton. The quilted Euro pillow top gives you a soft feel and is luxuriously comfortable. The dreamcloud mattress has a Cashmere cover and the luxury is on par with the Saatva mattress if not exceedingly so.
  • Comfort layer : Dreamcloud has a Gel infused memory foam to give a perfect pressure relief. The saatva uses high quality memory foam for its comfort layer. Gel infused memory foam is known to help with heat related issues and with that regard, the Dreamcloud mattress fares a bit better than the memory foam used on saatva mattress
  • Pillow top : For a luxury mattress its the look and feel which makes it different from the others. The saatva quilted pillow top is soft and comforting. The dreamcloud is not far behind with the Quilted euro top in a cashmere cover. Both the mattresses feel extremely comfortable to sleep on and its soft. Luxury undoubtedly.
  • Pocketed coils : Both the mattresses are constructed on pocketed coil. This reduces noise significantly. Saatva mattress offers more bounce to the mattress because its build on a coil over coil design. The Dreamcloud uses microcoils which are pocketed and placed over a firm base.
  • Mattress Selection : Saatva offers 3 levels of firmness. The plush soft, the Medium firm and the firm. For those who want a softer mattress or a firm one, the saatva is a better option. The dreamcloud only offers medium firm mattresses which may tend to be quite firm if you are lightweight.
  • Motion Transfer : The saatva mattress has a bit of a bounce and the motion transfer is noticeable. Built on a coil over coil design offers the Saatva mattress which has a good bounce but on the bad side also has a bit more motion transfer. The dreamcloud, with the encased coil on a firm base offers minimal motion transfer and can handle movement comparatively better.
  • Edge Support : While the saatva mattress has a dedicated foam layer which helps hold the sides firm, the dreamcloud mattress has a perfectly designed cover which can do the same. Saatva mattress has a bit more edge support as compared to the dreamcloud but is not very noticeable unless you are a bit on the heavier side.
  • Durability : When it comes to durability, both the mattresses do quite well. Constructed from foam and coil, both mattresses are durable. But when it comes to guarantee and warranty, the saatva is a bit more conservative with its 15 year warranty and a 120 night trial but the dreamcloud mattress goes all the way with a life time warranty and a 365 night trial. The confidence of the dreamcloud mattress on its product is impressive and they really talk about the durability of the product.
  • Off-gassing : the saatva mattress comes fully inflated with white glove delivery. With that said, you can start using the saatva mattress in a few hours from it being unpacked. The dreamcloud mattress will require that it inflates and airs out. This may take up to 2-4 hours for inflation and you it’s preferable to leave the mattress alone to off gas for 24 hours. Though the Dreamcloud mattress company will tell you that you can use it in a few hours, Most new mattresses will have a peculiar smell which is a bit irritating. Leaving the mattress to air out is always advisable.
  • Temperature Neutrality : The dreamcloud is built with a gel infused foam layer. Gel infused layers are known to be good when it comes to heat retention. The saatva mattress on the other hand has memory foam on its comfort layer which is known to retain heat as compared to the dreamcloud. On the other side, the construction of the saatva mattress is on a coil over coil, allowing the mattress layers to breathe. The dreamcloud mattress is stacked on a pocketed coil with foam layers. The breathability of the mattress is good, but not comparable to that of the saatva.  Both the mattress are temperature neutral and will not be a lot different. Saatva is better due to its construction and dreamcloud with its excellent material used.
  • Noise : Most coil mattresses and innerspring mattresses have a problem with noisce. Over time, the design of the mattresses changed and almost all mattresses today use a pocketed coil design which reduces noise significantly. Noise is only a problem when there is a give in the coils which happens over a period of time and constant use. The saatva with the coil over coil design has more chances of noise problems over a period of time . A lot of coils go into work with the saatva . With the dreamcloud mattress a single layer of pocketed coil ensures minimal noise problems throughout its life.
  • Sex : When it comes to comfort, Both the mattress ranks well. With regard to the bounce the saatva is a bit better, but most people dont really enjoy the extra bounce when it comes to sex. The dreamcloud mattress is a balance of bounce and comfort. Most people prefer the dreamcloud Mattress for sex because it has the right balance. Unfortunately if you are light weight, you may not really enjoy sex on the dreamcloud mattress. Its too firm and may not offer the kind of comfort required. The softer version of a saatva will be perfect for people who are light weight and indulge in sex.

Price By Size

SizeSaatvaDreamcloud Mattress
Twin XL$799$799
Cal King$1599$1,299
Split  King$1598 
Split Cal King$1698 

Delivery :Both Saatva and Dreamcloud mattress offer free White glove delivery. Saatva also offers to remove the mattress and the frame if you require it and mentioned the same during the purchase. There is no provision for mattress removal with dreamcloud but the mattress delivery is entirely free.

Luxury Mattress at a better price. 1 year Trial and a Lifetime Warranty

  • Back support  : Saatva mattress is certified by the Chiropractors association. Its designed to help you with back related problems. When it comes to Back problems, one mattress does not fit all the problems. You may need to vary the firmness of the mattress to your needs. It needs to be adjustable. Saatva fits most of the criteria required for a person suffering from back pain . Dreamcloud on the other hand is a medium firm mattress and is not certified. It could work for some people because it’s a medium firm. It’s also compatible with adjustable frames so it should help in that area too.
  • Pressure Relief : Both, saatva and dreamcloud have good pressure relieving qualities. Saatva has foam to give you optimum pressure relief while dreamcloud depends on its Gel foam. The Pocketed coils of saatva with the coil base gives enhanced support for your back. Dreamcloud mattress does a good job too but compared to the saatva its one step behind.
  • Supportiveness: When it comes to support, The saatva performs better than the dreamcloud mattress. Apart from being available in 3 firmness levels, the saatva’s design enables your back to be well supported. The dreamcloud is not far behind when it comes to support . The encased coil design helps provide great support for your body, especially if you are medium weight. If you are too heavy or too light, this mattress may not be suitable for you and you may need a softer or a firmer mattress.
  • People With Back Pain : If you suffer from back pain or back related problems, opt for the saatva mattress. The saatva is certified for back related problems and help you recover faster and better. The dreamcloud mattress may be a good option if you are in the medium weight category. If you are anywhere between 130-230 lbs, the dreamcloud may perform just as good as the saatva mattress, but saatva mattress has a better back support and pressure relieving qualities which are very important.
  • Couples : 80% of all couples who purchase a mattress have a disagreement. While one person find the mattress just right, the other may find it too firm or too soft. Unless both of them are of the same weight and prefer the same comfort level, the choice of a mattress could be difficult. The only option to get over this issue is to get a custom mattress which allows firmness levels to be adjusted on both sides individually. The saatva may work great for couples in general but there may be issues if the couple are of different weight. The same applies for dreamcloud mattress too.
  • Heavy People : the saatva mattress handles heavy weight gracefully. The Dreamcloud mattress on the other hand is just about ok. When choosing a mattress for people who are heavy, its important to consider the depth / height of the mattress. The saatva offers 2 variants in height at 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. The dreamcloud mattress comes in 15 inch height which is impressive. The dreamcloud mattress is mostly foam while the saatva mattress is 2 layers of steel coil. If you are a heavy person, the steel will be of better support than the foam. Consider purchasing a saatva mattress if you are heavy.

Sleep Position Ratings

The saatva mattress is the best for any sleeping position if you are medium weight. If you are too heavy and a stomach sleeper or too light and a side sleeper , avoid the saatva mattress as it does not perform as well as you would expect it to.The dreamcloud is great for back sleepers of average weight and performs good for most people in the medium and heavy weight range in all sleeping positions. Avoid dreamcloud if you are a Lightweight (Below 130 lbs) as it may be too firm and uncomfortable, no matter what your sleeping positions are.

Sleep Trial: The saatva mattress offers 120 Night sleep trial often sufficient to make a decision but with the dreamcloud 365 night sleep trial, the Dreamcloud is a clear winner when it comes to sleep trials.

Warranty : the saatva mattress offers a 15 year warranty for their mattress range. While most mattress vendors and sleep specialists recommend that you change your mattress every 8-10 years, the saatva mattress stays well its range. The dreamcloud mattress offers a lifetime warranty on all its mattresses and that is a good deal. With that said, both the mattresses cover only manufacturing defects and not wear and tear due to normal use.

Old Mattress Removal : The saatva mattress provides free mattress removal with your mattress purchase. The dreamcloud mattress on the other hand does not provide mattress removal services. Most mattress removal services will cost you up to $100 and that’s quite expensive. If you are looking to get your mattress removed, opt for a saatva mattress.

Owner Satisfaction : Both saatva and dreamcloud has a great customer base. Saatva has been on the online mattress world for a longer period of time , gaining more customer reviews and time to accumulate more credits. The dreamcloud mattress on the other hand has fewer customers. With that said, The saatva works hard on keeping their customers happy. There are a few complaints for the Dreamcloud mattress, mostly related to the shipping and delivery, returns area. Customer support too is comparatively great with saatva as opposed to the dreamcloud mattress.

Customer Reviews : Customer reviews on each of the official websites states that they have over 4.9 out of 5 ratings. Most of these reviews are curated and shouldnt be considered blindly. Check out some of the other sources, specifically the genuine ones like BBB to get the right reviews and content. Consumer reports are also another source for great reviews. External sources of reviews states that saatva is far better than the Dreamcloud mattress when it comes to satisfaction of customers.

Who Should Pick Saatva :

The saatva mattress is great for those with back problems. You get to choose the firmness of your choice and this is crucial. Customers who choose saatva are often those who look for a luxury mattress at an affordable price. The saatva usually fits the bill and their requirements. Saatva mattress offers great value. The saatva mattress is also great if you have problems with sleeping hot. The mattress is well aired out with the coil on coil technology.

Best Mattress for Back problems and Health issues. Recommended by Doctors and available in 2 different firmness levels

Who Should Pick Dreamcloud :

Dreamcloud mattress is a luxury mattress and comparatively at the same price. If you are looking for a mattress which can help your back, this is not one you should choose. But if you are looking at a mattress with a great trial , warranty etc. The dreamcloud mattress pulls no stops. The mattress is luxurious albeit on the firmer side. Go for the dreamcloud mattress if you prefer a medium firm / firm option. This mattress is great if you are above 150lbs in weight. Not recommended for people below 130lbs.

Luxury Mattress at an Affordable Price. Excellent Reviews. 1 Year Trial and a Lifetime Warranty

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel? : The dreamcloud mattress has the best cover. The cashmere  genuinely feels luxurious but they have a problem with the firmness. The saatva on the other hand has the firmness you really want and with the organic cotton feels just about right. It doesn’t matter which sleeping position or what your weight is , the saatva mattress just feels right and luxurious too.

Which Mattress is the Winner? The saatva mattress excels in quality, feel and service. The only place where the dreamcloud mattress excels is its cashmere cover, trial and warranty. If you are lightweight, then you will find the saatva mattress far better than the dreamcloud and there is no comparison to it. For those who are between 130 and 230 lbs, the Saatva and dreamcloud mattress will not really feel much different, as long as you get the right firmness levels from saatva. For those above 230 lbs, The dreamcloud is comfortable but the saatva has a better support. Its hard to pick one from the other and most people opt for saatva if they are heavy.

Innerspring Hybrid

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic Mattress is our top pick for the best mattress for chronic pain. This mattress combines three zones of memory foam with pocketed coils to create a medium-firm feel that adapts to your body shape and sleeping position.

Compare Offers: Saatva never comes out with an offer. No matter what the occasion, saatva has not had a deal for a long time. Dreamcloud on the other hand comes with offers time and again.At the time of this writing there is a presidents day sale with $200 off on all mattresses. There are memorial day sales, black friday sale, Cyber monday sales and more on dreamcloud mattress which can give you up to $200 off. There is no way to club offers and get a better discount and you do not require a discount coupon or coupon code to avail these offers.