Saatva Vs Amerisleep Comparison

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Saatva Vs Amerisleep are two of the top mattress brands online who provide amazing supportive mattress at a great price. Here are few of the similarities and differences which will help you decide which is best – Saatva Vs Amerisleep.

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Similar features

  • Function online only by cutting the middlemen
  • Have been in business for more than 2 years
  • Offer sleep trial periods and return policies
  • Deliver exceptional customer support

Features Compared – Saatva Vs Amerisleep

Firmness: Saatva offers a range of firmness levels – plush soft, medium firm, and firm. On the other hand, Amerisleep provides varying firmness options with models like AS1 (extra-firm), AS2 (medium-firm), AS3 (medium), AS4 (medium-soft), and AS5 (soft). If you’re looking for specific firmness choices, Amerisleep might have a slight edge.

Cover Material: Saatva boasts an organic cotton cover with a quilted Euro pillow top, providing a soft and luxurious feel. Amerisleep features a Celliant-infused cover designed to promote better sleep and aid recovery. Both covers offer unique benefits, catering to different preferences.

Comfort Layers: Amerisleep is renowned for its use of plant-based memory foam infused with Celliant technology, which is designed to enhance blood flow and regulate body temperature. Saatva employs high-quality memory foam in its comfort layers. Both brands focus on providing pressure relief and comfort.

Support and Motion Transfer: Both Saatva and Amerisleep utilize pocketed coil systems for reduced motion transfer and noise. Amerisleep’s memory foam layers help isolate motion, while Saatva’s coil-over-coil design offers excellent bounce and support.

Edge Support: Saatva incorporates a dedicated foam layer for edge support, while Amerisleep’s mattress designs also provide reliable edge support. This could be a crucial factor for those who value maximum usable sleep space.

Durability and Warranty: Both brands are committed to durability, with Saatva offering a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial period. Amerisleep goes the extra mile with a 20-year warranty and a 100-night trial. The longer warranty from Amerisleep might provide added peace of mind for those concerned about long-term use.

Temperature Regulation: Amerisleep’s Celliant technology aims to regulate temperature and promote restful sleep. Saatva’s coil-over-coil design aids in breathability. Depending on your temperature preferences, either choice could work well.

Back Support and Pain Relief : Saatva holds a certification from the Chiropractors Association, specifically targeting back support. Amerisleep’s various firmness options, including the extra-firm AS1 and the supportive AS2, cater to individuals with back pain concerns.

Personalized Preferences: Amerisleep’s range of firmness levels and models make it a strong contender for individuals seeking a customized sleeping experience. Saatva’s options might be slightly limited in this aspect.

Key Differences

  • Amerisleep offers memory foam mattresses while Saatva offer innerspring mattresses
  • Amerisleep gives you 5 models as per different sleeping style while Saatva offers one model with 3 firmness options
  • Saatva is much bouncier and responsive than Amerisleep.
  • Amerisleep is better than Saatva when it comes to motion isolation
  • Saatva is priced affordably but charges a shipping fee, which Amerisleep does not. However, the price of Amerisleep mattresses is on the expensive side.
  • Saatva offers white-glove delivery while Amerisleep is well-packed and shipped in a box.

Here is the ultimate breakdown of both the brands.

Saatva Mattress Specifications & Features

Check out the construction layers of Saatva Mattress.


The Saatva mattress cover is made using 100% organic cotton that feels soft and cool just like the traditional cover.

Euro Top

The top comfort layer is a Euro Pillowtop that is fixed with the lower layers of support. This makes it look like natural part of the mattress. It is 1.25” thickness and keeps it soft while improving air flow.

Different layers of comfort

  • The first layer is 3/8” thin layer of memory foam that offers the hybrid innerspring mattress a contouring effect. As this layer is thin, you don’t have to worry about any sinking on the mattress that usually comes with memory foam mattress.
  • The second layer is a 4”, 14-gauge individually wrapped comfort coils that form the support base. They are made using superior steel that offer you best resilience and conformity. The manufacturer has packed these coils in special edge support foam to inhibit sinking when you sit on the edges.
  • The third layer – This is the second innerspring layer that offers immense support and is the core system. They are made using individually pocketed springs that are interconnected using a metallic wire. Furthermore, the thickness is raised to 13-gauge and the length to 5.5”. What you get is a stiff yet springy overall structure. Usually, this layer might cause a lot of motion transfer but the neatly designed upper layers prevent motion transfer thus solving this problem.

The Saatva mattress infuses a foam border around the lower spring layers. This is to deliver proper edge support in conjunction with the whole mattress. As a result, the edge support is fantastic even in this innerspring mattress.

Take a look at the Firmness and Feel of Saatva Mattress.

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Comfort and Support

Saatva is available in three different models based on the firmness levels. However, the basic structure remains the same with just slight alteration in the foam thickness.

“Luxury Firm” is the flagship model of Saatva. It is tailored as a one-size-fits-all solution that gives the sleeper balanced proportions of support, relieves any strain in the pressure points and contours the body. Saatva does not disclose the ILD value for this model. This is to prevent others from copying their idea but as per their own firmness scale of 1-10, they say it falls somewhere between 5-7 i.e. medium-firm.

The mattress is also available in Plush and Firm levels that has an ILD of 18 and 30 respectively.

The Plush model offers more contouring than resilience which is exactly vice-versa of what Firm offers.

Edge support

The edge support foam is a prominent feature that highly supports your weight when you sit on your edge. The independently pocketed comfort coils are encased with foam that is strong and keeps the mattress sturdy without giving in to sinking.

Motion Transfer

Though the mattress is resilient, it is still able to give small, sudden movement whenever a sleeper moves. This is probably because of the cushioning action of the upper layers of memory foam.


Saatva is known to bit more heat than other brands. This is because of the Euro pillow top and comfort layer (both are memory foam) that is a natural heat trapper. The innerspring layers beneath also ensure proper air flow thus delivering proper air circulation to dissipate heat.

What makes Saatva Mattress unique?

Traditional cum contouring benefits – this hybrid innerspring mattress offers the best of both the worlds. The proper balance of resilience and compressive support offers the sleeper a fantastic experience. The Euro pillow top is added to provide proper spinal support . In simple words, you have the perfect blend of innerspring and viscoelastic foam that is not only soft to touch but also offers good comfort and support.

  • Affordable price – The price of Saatva mattress is affordable. What makes it much more beneficial is that it is sold online only. You won’t find it any retail stores. This saves you a good amount of unwanted tax and service charges added by retail middlemen.
  • Excellent trial period – Saatva offers you 120-day money-back guarantee as compared to Amerisleep’s 100 days. That’s like three weeks more than Saatva.

Amerisleep Mattress Specifications, Features

Amerisleep Mattress

Transform your sleep with Amerisleep Mattress. Dive into optimal comfort and support for rejuvenating rest. Upgrade your sleep sanctuary, transform your nights. Experience the perfect balance of plushness and stability. Elevate your rest with Amerisleep – where dreams meet tranquility. Your path to rejuvenation begins here!

The Amerisleep mattress comes with 5 different levels of firmness. We will be describing the foam layers of Medium-Firm “Liberty” Model.

Let’s take a look at the construction of Amerisleep memory foam mattress.


All the Amerisleep mattresses are encased in a Celliant cover. This is a proprietary mineral fabric that wicks away all the heat from your body at night. This will reflect on your skin till you are at an optimal temperature to sleep comfortably.

Different layers of comfort and support

  • The first layer of Amerisleep is 3” of Bio-PUR foam. It comes with open-cell memory foam that is partly extracted from plant-based materials making it eco-friendly. However, it is much better than traditional polymers. The open-cell structure also ensures to dissipate heat which is a problem in many memory foam mattress.
  • The second layer is 2” of Affinity foam that is responsible for streamlining the switch from contouring layer to firm and stiff support layer beneath. It supports the mattress to respond immediately to contour and become resilient to sinking. This gives you proper balance of the mattress comfort and support one is looking for.
  • The third layer is 7” of Bio-Core foam that is the core support foam of the mattress. This provides compressive support for the user. It also ensures optimal alignment of the spine. It will also reduce pain that occurs due to bad sleeping postures.

What is the firmness of Amerisleep and how does it feel?

Comfort and Support

Since it is a memory foam mattress, Amerisleep offers you signature conforming layers that contours as per your body shape and delivers great relief. This contouring nature works in sync with your body thus preventing any strain on the pressure points. The 7” thick Bio-Core support core offers you excellent support that will keep your body in proper alignment.


Amerisleep does not absorb heat as much as Saatva. Of course, there are users who claim otherwise. This is probably because of the Celliant cover that reflects the body heat back to you and at times goes down on certain nights.

Edge support of Amerisleep

Memory foam mattresses have a history of not offering proper edge support and Amerisleep is not an exception. The edges of the soft upper layer do not hold out against the weight of an average user.

Motion transfer

On the positive side, the absolutely plush and supportive nature of the upper visco-elastic layer resists motion transfer due to sudden movements at night.

What makes Amerisleep unique?

  • Contouring memory foam layers – this hybrid memory foam/polyfoam mattress is able to yield the sleepers with rich sleeping experience. People who love memory foam and love the sinking cradling sensation can go with Amerisleep.
  • Sleep-enhancing cover – the Celliant cover is a key feature of Amerisleep that balances the body temperature and optimizes your sleep. It is also known to regulate the blood flow so that you don’t have to wake up with a sore back.
  • Multiple options – Amerisleep offers you different firmness levels that will support and comfort the body.

Better warranty – While Amerisleep offers shorter trial period than Saatva, it makes up for the duration of warranty coverage by 5 years. As a matter of fact, 20 years is more than what many mattress brands offers in the industry that shows the confidence of Amerisleep in their products.

Which one is the best – Saatva Vs Amerisleep?

You will love Saatva if you

  • Want fast moving mattress with a dash of memory foam contouring
  • Need good edge support. Thanks to the manufacturer, the innerspring steel coils offer themselves superior edge support.
  • Want to invest less (or on a budget). The perfect blend of visco-elastic and innerspring offers you an excellent balance of support and comfort.
  • Are not really committed to buying a luxury mattress. If this is your first-time online purchase, then Saatva is a safe bet for you.

You will love Amerisleep if you

  • Love a mattress that contours as per your body shape and if you love the cradling feeling.
  • Want a longer warranty period. Amerisleep offers fantastic warranty period (even though even the best brands do not last more than 7-8 years). Nevertheless, if you love a mattress with long warranty period, then this is the best.
  • Are vigilant about the mattress that you sleep in. If you are specific about the level of firmness, comfort, and support, then Amerisleep provides you with different options for you to choose.
  • Run a tight schedule. If you have an active and exhausting lifestyle, then Amerisleep offers you relaxed sleep by regulating the blood flow and easing out any strain in your joints. This will enhance the healing process that will help you wake up feeling refreshed.

We hope you find this guide helpful. Think we left out something? Share us your comments here.

Saatva Vs Amerisleep By Sleeping Position

Sleeping PositionAmerisleepSaatva
Back SleepersAS2 (Medium-Firm) and AS3 (Medium) provide balanced support and spinal alignment.Medium-firm, and firm options offer support and weight distribution.
Side Sleepers AS4 (Medium-Soft) and AS5 (Soft) offer pressure relief for shoulders and hips.Plush soft option cushions pressure points.
Stomach SleepersAS1 (Firm) and AS2 (Medium-Firm) provide support to prevent lower back strain.Medium-firm and firm options maintain proper alignment.
Combination SleepersAS3 (Medium) suits various positions with a balanced feel.Medium-firm option offers versatility for changing positions.

Sleeping Positions: Amerisleep vs. Saatva

Selecting the right mattress is paramount for a good night’s sleep, and it heavily depends on your preferred sleeping position. In this comparison, we’ll explore how the Amerisleep and Saatva mattresses accommodate different sleeping styles to help you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers require a mattress that maintains proper spinal alignment . Amerisleep’s AS2 and AS3 models, with their medium-firm comfort levels, are designed to provide the necessary support for back sleepers. These mattresses offer a balance of contouring comfort and spinal support, promoting a comfortable sleep experience. Saatva’s medium-firm option and its supportive coil-over-coil design can also suit back sleepers by helping to distribute weight evenly and prevent sagging.

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers benefit from a mattress that cushions pressure points, particularly around the shoulders and hips. Amerisleep’s AS4 and AS5 models, with their medium-soft and soft firmness levels, respectively, offer the plushness required for side sleepers. These mattresses conform to the body’s curves, reducing pressure and promoting a cozy sleep. Saatva’s plush soft option might also accommodate side sleepers by offering a cushioned surface for the shoulders and hips.

Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers need a mattress that prevents the hips from sinking too deeply, which could strain the lower back. Amerisleep’s AS1 and AS2 models, both featuring firmer comfort levels, are well-suited for stomach sleepers. These mattresses provide the necessary support to maintain a more aligned posture during sleep. Saatva’s medium-firm and firm options could also work for stomach sleepers by offering a supportive surface that prevents excessive sinking.

Combination Sleepers: Combination sleepers switch positions throughout the night, so they need a mattress that accommodates various sleeping styles. Amerisleep’s AS3 model, with its medium firmness, is designed to cater to combination sleepers by providing a balanced feel suitable for different positions. Similarly, Saatva’s medium-firm option could cater to combination sleepers, offering a comfortable compromise between support and cushioning.