Nectar Sleep Vs Saatva Mattress

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Saatva And Nectar were both one of the major contenders in the best mattress category for a long time until, nectar took over the budget segment and Saatva focused on the high end market. Both mattresses are constructed quite similar until they both came up with newer better versions of their products

Innerspring Hybrid

Saatva Classic Mattress

Elevate your sleep with Saatva Mattress . Indulge in luxury, embrace comfort. Crafted with precision, it offers superior support and cloud-like softness. Dive into a world of rejuvenation each night. Wake up refreshed, ready for the day. Experience exquisite sleep. Upgrade to Saatva Mattress and transform your nights into pure bliss.

  •  365 night Home trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Free shipping and returns

Saatva Vs Nectar Mattress – Key Differences & Unique Qualities

Saatva Vs Nectar Mattress : The saatva mattress is a Luxury Hybrid Memory foam mattress. The Nectar mattress is a Gel Foam mattress. The differences are evident. At the end of the day all mattresses are not the same and each mattress has its own set of pros and cons. Comparing Saatva vs nectar is comparing 2 different mattress types and both of them, almost entirely different. For one, i would say that the only common thing in these 2 mattresses are that they are mattresses. Apart from that, both these mattresses are different in every way from construction to comfort and price.

  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Good Back Support
  • Coil on Coil with Memory Foam
  • Green, Eco friendly
Mattress TypeInnerspringMemory Foam
Firmness OptionsPlush Soft, Luxury Firm, FirmMedium Firm
Support SystemDual Coil System (Innerspring)High-Density Memory Foam
Pressure ReliefEnhanced Lumbar Support, Plush Euro Pillow TopAdaptive Foam Layers
Motion IsolationFairExcellent
Edge SupportExcellentGood
Cooling TechnologyBreathable Organic Cotton Cover , Coil SystemGel Memory Foam
Warranty15 YearsLifetime
Trial Period120 Nights365 Nights
Price Range (Queen)$1,199 – $2,699$799 – $1,299
Delivery and SetupFree White Glove Delivery and Mattress RemovalCompressed and Shipped in a Box
Eco-Friendly MaterialsYesCertiPUR-US® Certified Foam
Suitable Sleep PositionsAll (Back, Side, Stomach)All (Back, Side, Stomach)


The quality and life of the mattress depend on its construction. A mattress that is made of the right material and has a firm base with the right springs and foams will last longer. A pure foam or pure latex mattress will technically outlast a spring mattress. The nectar mattress has an edge over the saatva mattress because it’s a pure foam mattress. The nectar mattress is stable, firm and durable. The guarantee and warranty of the product reflect the type of mattress in this case.

  • Firmness : The Saatva mattress offers 3 firmness levels. The plush soft, medium firm and the firm. The nectar mattress has one single firmness in their mattresses. Though it’s rated medium firm, it’s more on the firm side till you break into the mattress. This takes about 2-3 weeks. The varied firmness levels in the saatva mattress make it one of the best options for buyers.
  • Cover :The Saatva mattress has a cotton cover with a quilted top. The Nectar mattress uses Tencel covers for a natural cooling effect. Both the covers are excellent, but the Cotton covers from Saatva offer a luxurious feel. 
  • Comfort layer : Right below the quilted top is the most important layer for all the mattress and the comfort layer does just what it says. Comfort. The Nectar mattress has Gel memory foam as its comfort layer. The Gel foam not only provides the benefits of memory foam which include conformance and support but also keeps away heat, which is a major problem in Memory foam. The saatva mattress on the other hand uses high quality memory foam. The construction of the saatva mattress ensures that there is no extra heat on the mattress while you are sleeping. The Coiled construction enables better air movement and keeps heat in control
  • Pillow top: Both the Mattresses, Nectar and saatva have a quilted top. The saatva has a euro pillow top and the nectar has a quilted tencel covered pillow top. When it comes to comfort, both the mattresses feel just about the same. The soft cotton in the Saatva gives you a luxurious feel and the tencel covers on the Nectar enable cooling. Personally, its the cotton cover which most people prefer. 
  • Pocketed coils : the Nectar mattress is a Full Memory foam mattress. There are no springs involved and the construction is simple and plain. Layers of memory foam arranged in a specific manner packed in a mattress cover with the right edge supporting frame. There is nothing fancy about this mattress but then, the memory foam mattresses last longer due to its simple construction. On the other hand, the saatva has a coil over coil construction with the top coils encased. This provides excellent bounce, more air flow and better comfort. The saatva mattress is luxurious due to its construction and the encased coil over coil design plays a major part.
Mattress TypeInnerspringMemory Foam
Firmness Options⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Support System⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pressure Relief⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Motion Isolation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Edge Support⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cooling Technology⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trial Period⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price Range (Queen)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Delivery and Setup⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Eco-Friendly Materials⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Suitable Sleep Positions⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Mattress Selection : The Saatva mattress company offers 3 different firmness levels in their mattress. The company also manufactures their own brand of Latex mattress (Zenhaven) and Pure memory foam mattresses( Loom and Leaf ) to choose from . The choices are wide when it comes to the mattress selection from Saatva. On the contrary, the Nectar sleep mattresses come in 2 different varieties , The nectar Memory foam mattress and the Nectar Lush mattresses. The lush mattress is a bit more on the Luxury side but surely does not match the Luxury of the Saatva. Moreover, there are no firmness choices when it comes to the nectar mattress.
  • Motion Transfer : The Biggest problem with Coil mattress is the motion transfer. If you or your partner is a light sleeper or have problems going to bed, toss and turn etc, the saatva mattress may be a small problem here. Though the company does state that there is minimal motion transfer in the mattress and it’s tested, the comparison with a pure memory foam mattress will put most coil mattresses behind. The nectar mattress, being a pure memory foam mattress stands a higher chance of winning the motion transfer battle. With pure memory foam chances of movement is not noticeable at all.
  • Edge Support : The saatva mattress has a dedicated perimeter edge support for its mattress. The pure high density foam ensures that the edges are firm and supportive. The coil construction on the edge too is designed with a higher density to provide better edge comfort. The Nectar mattress on the other hand does not have any measures to provide a better edge support at all. Though the edge support of the nectar mattress is good, it’s not in any way good in comparison to the saatva mattress.
  • Longevity : Mattresses cost a lot and longevity is one of the main factors everyone considers. How long should your mattress last? Anywhere between 8-10 years is a good number. If your mattress lasts more than 8 years, its worth every penny you have spent on it, if you have used it well. The saatva mattress offers a 15 year warranty and the Nectar sleep offers a lifetime warranty. But that does not mean the mattress is going to last that long. A mattress which is fairly good usually lasts 4-5 years. A good mattress will last you up to 10 years. If your mattress lasts longer than 10 years, it still isn’t any good for you because it will create problems for your health. Over the years it would have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt which is not easy to clean up. The only better option would be to discard it. With that said, Spring mattresses usually don’t last as long as memory foam mattresses. The nectar sleep mattress, though extremely durable when compared to the saatva, will need to be replaced after 10 years. And yes, the saatva lasts 10 good years. 
  • Off-gassing : Off gassing is a concern in most mattresses which come in a box. The nectar sleep mattress being a mattress which comes in a box takes time to expand and releases some small amount of toxins in the air for 6-7 hours. Its safe to use the mattress after one day but we recommend that you air the nectar sleep mattress for at least 3 days before using it. The saatva mattress on the other hand comes ready to use. No matter what, its important to air the mattress for at least 24 hours before use. 
  • Temperature Neutrality: Temperature neutrality or heat retention in a mattress has been a concern since the introduction of memory foam in mattresses. The traditional cotton mattresses used to accumulate heat over the sleep time but not as much as memory foam. Over time, with the invention of gel memory foam, heat retention was in control. With added technology and inclusion of spring with memory foam, temperature could be controlled even further. The nectar sleep mattress uses gel foam to control heat while the Saatva mattress is a coil mattress which has free flow of air and helps the mattress breath better. Overall, both the mattresses do equally well when it comes to heat retention.
  • Noise : The advantage of a Pure memory foam mattress lies in its comfort. With that said, the Noise problem in a spring mattress is not uncommon for many. Its annoying to hear your bed squeak every time you toss or turn and embarrassing when you are having sex . A bed with noise problems is more or less like announcing that you are having sex to the person next door. Even if they can’t hear it, you don’t feel comfortable with the squeaks. Its not fun having sex and thinking about the noise at the same time. Nectar sleep matters is a pure foam mattress. No springs, no noise. Period. The Saatva mattress on the other hand has encased springs on a coil over coil design. A lot of springs. Initially the mattress works great. The embedded coil not only provides great support but is also mute. No noise at all. Over a period of time though, the mattress will eventually give in, specially the bottom spring layer. This is when your noise problem will start. Thankfully, it will take a long long time before it happens and by then you would have to change your mattress anyways!
  • Sex : Some people prefer to sink in the mattress while having sex, while others love a bounce. What is your preference? Personally, the Saatva mattress is conforming and bouncy. A perfect combination for active lovers. The nectar sleep mattress is good but without the bounce… you feel a bit let down, unless you are the slow, Sensual kind who wouldn’t rock the bed during action.

Sizing and Pricing

  Nectar Saatva
Twin $499 $799
Twin XL $569 $899
Full $699 $1099
Queen $799 $1199
King $999 $1599
California King $999 $1599

The nectar mattress is a low-cost mattress. It’s inexpensive, efficient and works well as a mattress. Comfortable to sleep on but nothing fancy and the cost matches what is given. The saatva mattress is a deluxe mattress. The cotton is natural, the foam is high-grade and the coils are wrapped. The workmanship is superb and radiates luxury. The price for the Saatva, when you compare the caliber of the mattress, is worth every cent.

  • Delivery : The saatva mattress comes with Free white glove delivery. This covers the mattress setup and mattress removal and all at no extra charge. The delivery company will contact you beforehand to set a time and date at your ease. You can call and reschedule if the time is not suitable for you. The nectar mattress has Mattress removal and whiteglove delivery services but at an added cost of $145. Though it may not be a steep price to pay for mattress removal , its actually a bit higher if you just want the mattress setup. The nectar mattress arrives in a box and unlike the saatva mattress which is hard to move to your desired room, the NEctar mattress is simpler to shift before its open and expanded. White glove mattress may be a good choice if you are looking for Mattress setup and mattress removal, but not for mattress setup alone.
  • Back support : The saatva Mattress is made not just for Luxury but also keeping in mind people with back issues. May it be a spinal surgery or a constant back ache, The saatva mattress is ideal for your problem, Specially the medium firm option. With chiropractors’ seal of approval, the saatva mattress has always been an option for people with spinal injuries and it carries forward to all people with back issues. The Nectar mattress on the other hand is a plain mattress. Its medium firm mattress is complained to be a bit too stiff for most people. There is no testing for back problems or support. Though the company does claim that the mattress is supportive and one of the best for back issues, there is little proof to these claims.
  • Pressure Relief : Memory foam mattresses were known to be the best for pressure relief for a long time now. But with new technology and innovation in the mattress industry, the hybrid mattress is known to have better pressure relief than ever. The mix of Memory foam and spring helps with pressure relief throughout the body. The saatva mattress has one of the best pressure relieving features. The thorough and tiring testing puts the saatva mattress as one of the best mattress with pressure relieving abilities. The NEctar sleep mattress is good. The foam does a decent job in pressure relief but falls short in all measures when in comparison to the saatva mattress
  • Supportiveness : The saatva mattress has a high density foam for support. The foam is backed by a layer of steel coils for better bounce. The mattress is tested for the best support. The nectar mattress provides excellent support too and there is not much of a difference when it comes to the support provided by either mattresses
  • People With Back Pain : People with Back troubles and back pain should opt for the Saatva mattress. The saatva mattress comes in 3 firmness levels and is tested for people with back pain . If you are heavy, chances are that a medium firm mattress will feel a bit too soft for you. The firm mattress option by saatva should be a perfect choice for you. With Nectar, you may find the mattress too stiff for a normal weight and too soft for someone who is heavy. Moreover, its not tested for people with back troubles
  • Couples : Picking a mattress is simple if you only think of one person. But when 2 people share a bed there are many factors to consider because they may have different likes. You may also need to account for motion isolation, age and sex. If you are lively in bed, Young (under 50) you may enjoy the Saatva mattress because it’s great for its support and provides excellent support while having sex. For people over 50 it gives therapeutic effect, support and pressure relief. It’s great for back issues and back pain too. The Nectar mattress on the other hand is good for motion isolation. It’s also great if you are medium weight and want a cheap mattress with average support. If you don’t have a back issue and love being hugged or have a cozy feel when you are into sex, the Nectar may be a good choice.
  • Heavy People : The thickness of the mattress usually decides how long your mattress will last and also how much weight it can hold. The Saatva mattress is known to be heavy and supportive for people who are heavy. The Firm mattress, 14.5” height  specifically is known to be excellent for people with weight problems. The nectar mattress is supportive enough but for heavy people this mattress may have a plush feel even though the mattress is rated medium firm.
  • Sleep Position Ratings : The nectar mattress is good for people who are medium weight and it rates equally well on all sleeping positions. It’s good for back sleepers if you are lightweight but not as comfy for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. For heavy people, avoid this mattress if you are a stomach sleeper. The saatva mattress works well for all sleeping positions and rates excellent for stomach sleepers if you are normal weight. The mattress may not be very comfy if you are overweight and a stomach sleeper.
  • Sleep Trial : Saatva Gives a 365 night trial for all their mattresses. It’s good enough to make a decision. If you don’t like the mattress, you can always replace the mattress or return them for an extra cost of $100 for shipping the mattress back. The Nectar sleep goes all out on their trial and gives a 365 night trial. 
  • Warranty: Nectar mattress again does a great job with their warranty with a life time warranty while the saatva mattress gives 15 year warranty for their mattresses. Note that warranty of the mattresses only cover manufacturing defects and not normal wear and tear. 
  • Old Mattress Removal : Saatva mattress with the White glove delivery services give free mattress removal with frames. For NEctar, you can get the white glove delivery and setup service for an extra cost of $149. The cost includes mattress and frame removals. Additional $45 will be charged for any extra mattress or frames.
  • Owner Satisfaction : Saatva mattress has the highest number of happy customers when it comes to online mattress sales. Saatva was one of the first few companies to start delivering mattresses and started as a full online company with no brick or mortar presence. This enabled them to cut down cost and pass it on to customers. Many of the customers who have used saatva have praises for their product and their services. Nectar mattress has a good product but there have been complaints regarding returns and not being able to contact customer support for various reasons.
  • Customer Reviews : Customer reviews for saatva ranges between 8 and 9 out of 10. For Nectar mattress most reviews are on the higher side of 8 and 9 but there are a few customers who did not really agree to the product or the service provided and have rated the mattress company poorly.

Who Should Pick Nectar Mattress?

Saatva Pros– Multiple firmness options– Excellent motion isolation
– Strong edge support– Good pressure relief
– Excellent breathability– Lifetime warranty
– Eco-friendly materials– Longer trial period (365 nights)
– Free white glove delivery and setup– Competitive pricing
Nectar Pros– Excellent motion isolation– Good pressure relief
– Good price value– Gel memory foam for cooling
– Lifetime warranty– CertiPUR-US® certified foam
– Longer trial period (365 nights)– Suitable for different sleep positions
– Suitable for different sleep positions
Saatva Cons– Fair motion isolation– Average breathability
– Higher price range– Average edge support
Nectar Cons– Average breathability– Average price range
– Average edge support– May be too firm for some sleepers

Nectar Mattress is simple and affordable. Nothing fancy. It works and its cheap. For $799 you get a queen with a 365 night trial and a lifetime warranty. Thats a good deal for a lot of people. This mattress may be a bit big for college students but its luxury for a small price. ITs also great for young adults. The most selling mattresses in the Nectar range is the Full sized nectar.

Who Should Pick Saatva?

Luxury mattresses are great for homes. It’s not the mattress for dorms. IF you have a back problem, the saatva mattress may indeed by your best choice and often the only choice. It’s the best-priced mattress in the Luxury range that comes with an organic cotton quilted pillow top and is simply one of the few mattresses to have.

Which Mattress Has the Best Feel? : Undoubtedly, the Saatva mattress rates far better than the Nectar mattress. The feel of organic cotton and the Excellent Feel of quilted top simply wins hearts. The nectar sleep falls short when it comes to the great feel and surely doesn’t match up with the luxury quality of Saatva

Which Mattress is the Winner?

It’s hard to determine which mattress is good. If you are looking at price, the Nectar is a great mattress. It’s reasonably priced (half of what the saatva sells for) and is functional. The saatva mattress is a luxury mattress and caters to a different crowd altogether. If you are looking at the quality as a factor, the saatva is a great mattress and far better than the Nectar even though the nectar mattress beats saatva in trial and warranty terms.

FAQ: Nectar vs Saatva Mattress

Q: What are the main differences between Nectar and Saatva mattresses?

A: Nectar and Saatva mattresses differ in their construction and materials. Nectar is a memory foam mattress known for its excellent motion isolation and pressure relief. Saatva, on the other hand, is an innerspring mattress that offers strong edge support and breathability. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences for mattress type and desired features.

Q: Which mattress is better for motion isolation, Nectar or Saatva?

A: Nectar mattress is known for its excellent motion isolation properties. The memory foam layers absorb and isolate motion, making it a great choice for couples or individuals who are easily disturbed by movement. Saatva, being an innerspring mattress, provides a fair level of motion isolation, but it may not perform as well as Nectar in this aspect.

Q: Are Nectar and Saatva mattresses suitable for all sleep positions?

A: Both Nectar and Saatva mattresses are designed to accommodate different sleep positions. Nectar’s medium-firm feel makes it suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Saatva offers various firmness options, including plush soft, luxury firm, and firm, allowing individuals to choose the one that best suits their preferred sleep position.

Q: Which mattress offers better edge support, Nectar or Saatva?

A: Saatva mattress excels in edge support. Its strong coil system and sturdy construction provide excellent edge support, allowing you to sleep or sit comfortably near the edge without experiencing significant sinkage. Nectar, while providing decent support overall, may have slightly less pronounced edge support in comparison.

Q: Do Nectar and Saatva mattresses come with a trial period?

A: Yes, both Nectar and Saatva mattresses come with trial periods. Nectar offers a longer trial period of 365 nights, allowing you to test the mattress for an extended period. Saatva offers a 120-night trial period, which still provides ample time to assess the comfort and suitability of the mattress.

Q: How do the prices of Nectar and Saatva mattresses compare?

A: Nectar mattresses are generally priced at a lower range compared to Saatva mattresses. Nectar offers a good value for the quality and features it provides, making it a more budget-friendly option. Saatva mattresses, while priced higher, offer a range of firmness options and additional features that may justify the higher cost for those seeking specific benefits.

Q: Which mattress offers better breathability, Nectar or Saatva?

A: Saatva mattresses are known for their excellent breathability. The coil system allows for increased airflow, which helps regulate temperature and prevent heat retention during sleep. Nectar mattresses also have good breathability, but Saatva’s design specifically caters to enhanced airflow, making it a preferable choice for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Q: Do Nectar and Saatva mattresses come with warranties?

A: Yes, both Nectar and Saatva mattresses come with warranties to ensure customer satisfaction and protect against manufacturing defects. Nectar typically offers a lifetime warranty, while Saatva provides a 15-year warranty. It is important to review the specific terms and conditions of each warranty provided by the manufacturers.