Bear Vs Yogabed

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In the world of mattresses, there are numerous options available to choose from. Two popular mattress brands that often come up in discussions are Bear and Yogabed. Both brands offer unique features and claims to provide a comfortable and restful sleep experience. In this article, we will compare Bear and Yogabed mattresses in terms of their construction, materials, comfort, support, and value for money. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of which mattress might be the better choice for you.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep. Bear and Yogabed are two well-known mattress brands that offer different features and benefits. Let’s delve into the details and compare these mattresses to help you make an informed decision.

Designed for Athletes

Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress delivers unparalleled comfort and support, designed with active lifestyles in mind. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, its graphite-gel memory foam ensures cool and restorative sleep. Engineered to alleviate pressure points, it promotes deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Perfect for athletes and health enthusiasts, the mattress offers superior recovery benefits. Its motion isolation feature guarantees uninterrupted rest. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and innovation with the Bear Mattress, ensuring you wake up refreshed and revitalized every morning.

Construction and Materials

The construction and materials used in a mattress play a significant role in its overall performance. Both Bear and Yogabed mattresses are designed with quality materials and thoughtful construction.

On the other hand, Yogabed utilizes a four-layer construction. The first layer is a proprietary Instant Response Foam, which provides immediate responsiveness and bounce. The second layer is gel-infused memory foam, delivering pressure relief and temperature regulation. The third layer is a YogaGel layer, offering additional support and cushioning. The final layer is a high-density foam base, providing durability and stability.

The Bear mattress features a three-layer design. The top layer consists of a responsive and breathable cover, which helps regulate temperature and promote airflow. The second layer is made of memory foam, which contours to the body and provides pressure relief. The base layer is made of high-density foam, offering support and stability.

Comfort and Support

When it comes to comfort and support, both Bear and Yogabed mattresses excel in their own ways. The Bear mattress offers a balanced feel with its combination of memory foam and responsive foams. It provides a contouring effect that relieves pressure points, making it suitable for side sleepers and individuals with joint or back pain .

Yogabed, with its unique Instant Response Foam and gel-infused memory foam, offers a plush and supportive feel. The mattress adapts to the body’s curves, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing tossing and turning. This makes it a good choice for individuals who prefer a medium-firm mattress.

Cooling Properties

Maintaining a cool and comfortable sleep environment is essential, especially for hot sleepers. Both Bear and Yogabed mattresses incorporate features to enhance temperature regulation.

Yogabed employs gel-infused memory foam, which is designed to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. The YogaGel layer also contributes to heat dissipation, ensuring a cooler sleep surface.

The Bear mattress utilizes a breathable cover and open-cell foam technology to promote airflow and dissipate heat effectively. It helps prevent heat buildup, allowing you to sleep cool throughout the night.

Motion Isolation

If you share your bed with a partner or a pet, motion isolation becomes an important factor to consider. Bear and Yogabed mattresses are designed to minimize motion transfer, ensuring undisturbed sleep.

The Bear mattress absorbs and isolates motion effectively, thanks to its memory foam layer. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by each other’s movements during the night.

Similarly, Yogabed’s multiple foam layers work together to minimize motion transfer. The Instant Response Foam and gel-infused memory foam combination help isolate motion, allowing you to sleep peacefully even if your partner moves around.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential, especially if you tend to sit or sleep near the edges of the mattress. Both Bear and Yogabed mattresses provide decent edge support, although there are slight differences.

The Bear mattress offers solid edge support, thanks to its high-density foam base layer. You can sit or sleep near the edge without experiencing significant sinkage.

Yogabed also delivers good edge support due to its high-density foam base. The mattress provides a stable and supportive surface, allowing you to fully utilize the mattress area.


Investing in a durable mattress ensures that you can enjoy its comfort and support for years to come. Bear and Yogabed mattresses are engineered to offer long-lasting performance.

The Bear mattress is built with quality materials and construction techniques that contribute to its durability. The high-density foam base layer enhances the mattress’s longevity, providing consistent support over time.

Yogabed also prioritizes durability in its mattress design. The high-density foam base layer, along with the other layers, helps maintain the mattress’s structural integrity, ensuring it withstands regular use.


Pricing is a crucial aspect when choosing a mattress. Bear and Yogabed mattresses fall within different price ranges, allowing you to choose based on your budget.

Bear offers its mattress at a competitive price point, making it an affordable option for many customers. The company often provides discounts and promotions, making it even more accessible.

Yogabed is positioned at a slightly higher price point due to its premium features and construction. While it may be a bit more expensive, it still offers value for money considering its quality materials and performance.

Warranty and Trial Period

Warranty coverage and trial periods provide peace of mind when purchasing a mattress. Both Bear and Yogabed offer generous terms to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bear provides a 10-year limited warranty, which covers manufacturing defects and premature sagging. The company also offers a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to test the mattress in the comfort of your home.

Yogabed offers a 10-year limited warranty as well, protecting against defects in materials and workmanship. The mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial, enabling you to determine if it meets your sleep preferences.

Customer Reviews

Understanding what other customers have to say about a mattress can be helpful in making a decision. Let’s take a look at some summarized customer reviews for Bear and Yogabed mattresses.

FeaturesBear MattressYogabed Mattress
ConstructionThree-layer designFour-layer construction
MaterialsResponsive cover, memory foam, high-density foamInstant Response Foam, gel-infused memory foam, YogaGel layer, high-density foam base
Comfort and SupportBalanced feel, pressure reliefPlush and supportive feel, proper spinal alignment
Cooling PropertiesBreathable cover, open-cell foam technologyGel-infused memory foam, YogaGel layer
Motion IsolationExcellentExceptional
Edge SupportSolidRemarkable
PricingAffordableSlightly higher
Warranty10-year limited warranty10-year limited warranty
Trial Period100-night sleep trial101-night sleep trial
Customer ReviewsPositivePositive

Bear Mattress Reviews

FeaturesBear MattressYogabed Mattress
Comfort and Support★★★★☆★★★★☆
Cooling Properties★★★★☆★★★★☆
Motion Isolation★★★★☆★★★★☆
Edge Support★★★★☆★★★★☆
Trial Period★★★★☆★★★★☆
Customer Reviews★★★★☆★★★★☆
  1. “The Bear mattress has significantly improved my sleep quality. The pressure relief is excellent, and I wake up feeling refreshed.”
  2. “The cooling properties of the Bear mattress are impressive. It helps regulate temperature, and I no longer wake up sweaty.”
  3. “The motion isolation of the Bear mattress is fantastic. My partner’s movements don’t disturb me anymore.”

Yogabed Mattress Reviews

  1. “I love the plush feel of the Yogabed mattress. It provides excellent support without sacrificing comfort.”
  2. “The Yogabed mattress contours to my body perfectly. I wake up without any aches or pains.”
  3. “The edge support of the Yogabed mattress is remarkable. It offers stability even near the edges.”


In conclusion, both Bear and Yogabed mattresses offer unique features and benefits. The Bear mattress provides a balanced feel, excellent pressure relief, and effective cooling properties. On the other hand, the Yogabed mattress offers a plush and supportive experience, with exceptional motion isolation and edge support.

When making a decision, consider your individual preferences, such as desired firmness, cooling needs, and budget. Take advantage of the trial periods offered by both companies to test the mattresses and ensure they meet your expectations. Remember to prioritize comfort and support to achieve a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.


Q: How long do Bear and Yogabed mattresses typically last?

A: With proper care, both mattresses can last between 7 to 10 years or more.

Q: Are Bear and Yogabed mattresses suitable for all sleep positions?

A: Yes, both mattresses are designed to accommodate various sleep positions.

Q: Do Bear and Yogabed mattresses emit any unpleasant odors?

A: Initially, there may be a slight odor due to the manufacturing process, but it dissipates quickly.

Q: Can I use a box spring or foundation with Bear and Yogabed mattresses?

A: Yes, both mattresses can be used with a box spring, foundation, slatted bed frame, or adjustable base .

Q: Are Bear and Yogabed mattresses suitable for individuals with allergies?

A: Yes, both mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens like dust mites and mold.