For those who feel that an adjustable bed with a plush mattress is the ultimate luxury, the Reverie 9T-series adjustable bed might come as a surprise. Reverie 9T-series adjustable bed is the latest technology enabled bed to pamper you and spoil you. It makes the night time sleep, truly peaceful and trouble free. Reverie 9T-series Adjustable Bed has many interesting features that let you take rest in any position you prefer to. Otherwise, you can make do with the preset positions as well.

Made with many technologies and coming in different bed sizes, this Reverie 9T-series adjustable bed offers both quality design and comfort for the users.

Reverie 9T-Series Adjustable Bed

For those who feel that an adjustable bed with a plush mattress is the ultimate luxury, the Reverie 9T-series adjustable bed might come as a surprise. Reverie 9T-series adjustable bed is the latest technology enabled the bed to pamper you and spoil you.

Reverie 9T-series Adjustable Foundation Features

  • This adjustable bed can have both the ends raised for comfort. The head and foot could be raised to any angle.
  • The bed comes with an under-the-bed- night lamp that illuminates for easy access at night. This light could be switched ON or OFF with the help of the remote control.
  • The smartest feature of the 9T adjustable foundation is that it can give you a massage which has a setting of 10 intensity levels. The massage can be done for full body or the head or foot only options. It gives you a relaxing massage before bed or right when you wake up.
  • The Reverie 9T Split King size foundation offers individual massage options for either side of the bed.
  • When you want to watch TV or read a book, have the adjustable bed raised to an upright position, and have the head part tilted for comfort.
  • The 4 corner retainer bars are the safety lock for the mattresses on this foundation. It keeps the mattress in place
  • The Reverie 9T-series adjustable foundation can fit almost all standard bed frames. Headboard brackets are given for all foundations but are not included with the bed.
  • The legs of the Reverie 9T foundation uses the 3-in-1 method that offers individual movements to adjust the height. It is this mechanism that allows you to take any position that you prefer with the bed.
  • The material of the foundation is steel and has got a comfortable padding on the surface.
  • The smart mechanism of the bed makes it compatible with a Bluetooth Smart Mobile Module to sink the bed to the Smartphone app for easy operations. There is also the additional use of remote control. You can use either the app or the remote control for the operations.
  • The weight carrying limit for this foundation is 850 lbs. there is also a safety stop button which works automatically when the weight is overloaded.
  • This adjustable bed comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Remote Control For Reverie 9T-series Adjustable Bed

The remote control used here is OLED remote with a high-resolution screen. The bed positions are denoted by numbers. It shows the massage intensity as well. The product comes with a wireless charging pad, where you can place the remote for its charging. The same charging pad can be used to recharge your Smartphone devices as well. It carries individual buttons for operating the head and foot.

The wireless remote control of Reverie 9T comes with programmable memory positions. You can customize the bed positions like the way you want and store them in the memory. Use this with the remote to get the instant access. In addition to this, there also are 2 preset positions with the bed- zero gravity and anti-snore.
Zero gravity pre-set position makes you feel weightless. It helps in eliminating the pressure felt on the limbs and lumbar area. This position is an excellent way to relax after a tiring day.

Anti-snore pre-set position saves your sleep from the snoring next person. This program adjusts the bed in such a way that the head is slightly higher that allows the airways to open up and breathe smoothly, without snoring.

Reverie 9T-series Adjustable Foundation Sizes

The Reverie 9T adjustable foundations are available in all standard sizes of twin, twin XL, Reverie 9T full,Reverie 9T Queen, Reverie 9T Queen split,Reverie 9T King, Reverie 9T King Split, and Reverie 9T California King Split. The split foundations come in 2 pieces for both sides. It fits all the standard size mattresses on it.


Reverie 9T-series adjustable foundation is widely available online. There you can also get a trial period of 100 days where within you can decide whether or not you want to continue to use the bed. If you are not satisfied, you are still able to return the product for a full refund. This loss-proof facility makes this adjustable bed a favorite. But the price of the bed is much too higher in comparison. It is also a fact that you don’t see these many smart technologies as in this Reverie 9T, in any other adjustable foundations.