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Restonic mattresses are one of the top mattress manufacturers in United States. If you wanna wake up in the morning with a refreshed and energetic mind, buy Restonic mattresses. The whole team at Restonic are committed to support your nights for healthier mornings. This is why they have received the Women’s Choice and Consumers Digest Best Buy Awards – not just one time, but for 7 times. Apart from the Retonic mattresses there are other mattress manufacturers who also have received these awards many times. With Restonic mattresses you are assured of quality mattresses to support your dreams.

About Restonic Mattresses

Restonic mattresses have been serving the bedding industry for nearly three quarters of a century, which only very few mattress companies achieve. Each time they launch a mattress, its the end-result of a continuous research and development. The company was set up in 1938 and today, they stand as one of the top mattress companies to deliver high-quality mattresses. Sleeping with Restonic mattress is like you are guaranteed with a good night’s sleep. This means that Restonic mattress is made using high quality materials and with greater attention to detail.

Restonic Mattress Company

Restonic mattress was set up in the year 1938 as the Triple Cushion Corporation. They manufactured unique brands of sleeping products with integrity, quality, value and innovation in the industry. Their ‘Marvelous Middle Technology’ was very popular in the industry that was significantly different in design from other mattresses. Today, the Restonic mattresses come with a full line of worldclass sleeping products with unique technology offered at a great value.

Restonic Mattress Quality – How they are made

Every Restonic mattress that you buy carries a promise of quality and value throughout the world. The success of Restonic mattress is due to the continuous research, development and engineering. The awards that they receive every time shows how the perfection is synchronized with quality in their mattresses. The success of the Restonic mattress is their Marvelous Middle Technology which provides 25% more support in the centre third of your mattress.

  • The craftsmanship of the Restonic mattress begins with the selection of highest quality materials. All their materials strictly confirm to the Federal Flammability Standrads.
  • Each mattress is assembled by hand and made to fulfill the needs of all types of customers.
    The process begins with the border. The mattress material is quilted and cut to the specific sizes of the Restonic product line.
  • The border goes through several stages and is passed on to match with other components.
    Then, the top panel for the mattress is quilted to specifications, cut in size and taken to the assembly area.
  • The components of the mattress products are loaded on to an assembly line and delivered to craftsmen who move the items to an assembly table where each mattress will be built by hand.
  • Depending on the specific product, these components may include innerspring, individually wrapped coils, premium latex, memory foam, eco-friendly materials and temperature control technology.
  • At the core of the Restonic mattress lies the Marvelous Middle Technology construction which provides 25% more support than any other mattresses, by concentrating more coils on the centre-third of the mattress. This is done to prevent sagging and thereby extends the life of the mattress.
  • As a final step, the mattresses are then assembled with a tape edge. After the mattresses are assembled, they are thoroughly inspected and put through the bagger for the shipment.
  • The next step is to assemble the foundation. For this, wood and steel frames are assembled and made into specific sizes of foundations. The foundations are then covered with a matching material of the mattress to complete the set. Once this is done, the foundations are then taken for the final inspection before they are shipped.
  • Mattresses and foundations are assembled according to the customer order and then loaded on to Restonic trucks for delivery.

Restonic mattress models

  • Restonic Comfort Care
  • Restonic Comfort Care Select belts
  • Restonic HealthRest line


Restonic Comfort Care

Restonic Comfort Care features Marvelous Middle Technology. The Restonic Comfort Care mattress provides an entry to mid-level innerspring mattress that features either pocket coils or bonnel. Its comfort layer includes one or all of the regular foam, memory foam and latex. Its the Restonic Comfort Care mattress that has received the Women’s Choice Award for excellence for 5 consecutive years. 96% of women recommended Restonic mattresses to their family and friends. They are also the multiple time-winners of the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

The Marvelous Middle Technology in the mattress improves circulation with equalized pressure distribution.



Provides support and comfort

Slight back pain after few months of use

Even distribution of body pressure


Restonic Comfort Care Select Belts

Restonic Comfort Care Select Belts feature individually wrapped coils and posturized support zones that helps reduce partner disturbance. The Comfort Care Select Belts from Restonic provides correct-spinal alignment. It reduces motion-transfer between sleep partners. The individually wrapped and zoned tempered coils equalizes pressure distribution across the entire body.



Provides proper spine alignment

Chances of swinging/ shaking

Reduces the effect of motion on the bed

The mattress started to sag towards the middle after a few months of use

Restonic Health Rest Mattress

Restonic Health Rest mattress features premium latex and memory foam beds. Plan for a better health with Restonic’s Health Rest mattress series. The Health Rest mattress is made from memory foam, latex or TempaGel – either of which you can choose. Whether its the hygienic qualities or the breathability, the Restonic latex mattress conforms to your body shape and delivers healthier and happier mornings. Made with the highest quality latex, Restonic Health Rest mattress will provide a supportive hygienic sleep experience night after night.



Provided a peaceful night’s sleep

The mattress is associated with heat retention

Ensures uniform temperature throughout the mattress.

Initial odor when opened the mattress from the pack.

Reduced back pain

Restonic Mattress Reviews

Following are the reviews of Restonic mattress models – Comfort Care, Comfort Care Select and Health Rest.

  • Restonic Comfort Care mattress reviews: The high density foam present on the edges of the mattress helps to prevent sagging and ensure comfort for the user.
  • Restonic Comfort Care Select reviews: Users felt that the mattress managed to provide a solid base. It did not create any stress on the spine and remained aligned.
  • Restonic Health Rest mattress review: Users stated that the mattress allowed them to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. It ensured uniform temperature throughout the mattress. Users felt great relief from back pains as it helped in proper alignment of back and spine. The neck remains straight when the user is on sleep. The only complaint users had about Restonic Health Rest mattress is about the initial odor of the mattress. But users also stated that those who unpacked the mattress did not experience any smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where all can I find Restonic mattresses?

Restonic mattresses can be found in the finest retail stores – both nationally and internationally as they have a strong worldwide network throughout the world, making your shopping experience easier.



Are there any Restonic mattress complaints registered?

Some customers have complained that the Restonic Comfort Care mattress swings too much instead of remaining still. Some users have also stated that the mattress worsens the back problems instead of providing relief. The users also added that the mattress started sagging after a few months of use.

What does the restonic mattress reviews say?

The Restonic comfort care mattress reviews give a positive feedback about the product.  Restonic healthrest customers were relieved from back pains. They stated that they enjoyed a restful sleep which delivered healthier and happier mornings.

Are the restonic mattress prices costly?

Compared to other mattresses, Restonic mattress stands unique in the industry due to the quality and technology it uses. Being the award winner for more than 7 times, it won’t be a bad investment when buying Restonic mattress.

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced mattress that provides comfort and support, then the Restonic mattress is the right one for you. Further, visit their concerned site to know more on restonic beds factory prices.

What all comes under my Restonic mattress warranty information?

Restonic ensures that the new mattress is free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. In case the mattress fails during the warranty period, Restonic at its option will replace or repair the mattress with no charges except for transportation costs.

Are there any Restonic mattress dealers in US?

Yes, the company has thousands of dealers in the U.S. In addition, they also have a dealer locator to make it easy for you to find the Restonic mattress near you. Also check for Restonic houston, factory shop, retailers and much more.

Will I get Restonic mattress warranty after the original warranty period?

Repair or replacement of the Restonic mattress does not extend after the original warranty period.

Where is the Restonic mattress company location in US?

The Restonic mattress factory can be found in Buffalo, Escanaba, Fayetteville, Grand Forks, Haven, Houston, Johnson City, Oegon, San Francisco, Springfield and Toledo.

Are there restonic mattress for sale online?

Yes, you can also make online purchase of Restonic beds and look into their tempagel, Euro top series, latex mattress etc.

From where to buy Restonic mattress?

It is recommended to buy Restonic mattress from their official website to get the mattress at a discounted rate or from Amazon.

Restonic Mattresses

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