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Relyon beds are one of the premium mattresses that are popular all over the world. Besides, it also features the highest build quality, finest materials, and innovation. Thus, Relyon is highly incredible and is considered as a perfect mixture of traditional and modern techniques. Further, read out the honest reviews stated and check whether Relyon is affordable or not.

Relyon Mattresses User Reviews & Ratings

Overall, there are excellent 5/5 ratings stated for these Relyon Mattresses. Most of the honest customers have specified – This is a really comfortable mattress which offers a softer feel to the users.

Best Mattress Models from Relyon Mattresses

Relyon beds arrive in numerous models and designs. Amongst them some of the top-selling include –

  • Relyon Pocket Memory Classic 1500 Mattress
  • Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress
  • Reylon Imperial Luxury Ortho 2200 Pocket Mattress


    Relyon Mattresses Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

    Yes, the above-mentioned mattress models are available in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes. You can check the site for more basic analysis on these beds.

    Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Relyon Mattresses




    2ft 6” Small Single

    29.5” x 75”

    75 x 190cm

    3ft Single

    36” x 75”

    90 x 190cm

    4ft Small Double

    48” x 75”

    120 x 190cm

    4ft 6”Double

    54”  x 75”

    135 x 190cm

    5ft King Size

    60” x 78”

    150 x 200cm

    6ft Super King

    71” x 78”

    180 x 200cm

    Relyon Mattresses Specifications

    Relyon Pocket  Memory Classic 1500 Mattress

    • This is a wonderful mattress that customer’s love the most. It features 1500 pocket springs along with an additional body-molding memory foam for needed support and comfort.
    • The added 1500 pocket spring technology is good at providing the best support to the user.
    • Equally, the 50mm memory foam added molds to your body shape and offers the right support in all the right places of the body.
    • Besides, it is hand tufted and features a white stretch knit ticking with 3 rows of side stitching.
    • There are beautiful handles sewn onto the sides of the mattress. It helps rotate this mattress from top to toe regions.
    • The air vents present ensures that the mattress breathes effectively and maintains a dry sleeping environment.

    Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress

    • This is a medium to the firm mattress which offers a unique sleeping experience and impressive value for the paid money.
    • The added 1500 pocket springs ensure the mattress provides plenty of support to each area of the body.
    • Equally, the 50mm layer of memory foam molds according to your body shape for added luxury and comfort. This is in turn, keeps the mattress fresh (everytime you sleep on it).
    • It has felt tufts which helps you keep in shape every year after year.
    • Besides, the product is non turn. So, there’s no need to turn or flip it every time.
    Nectar Mattress

    Most Affordable Mattress in the Market with 365 night trial and a Lifetime warranty


      Reylon Imperial Luxury Ortho 2200 Pocket Mattress

      • This imperial luxury comfort mattress offers an unparalleled comfort and support to the users.
      • The 2200 pocket springs added are mounted in individual cloth pockets that support each and every area of your body as required.
      • Besides, it has luxury filings like a lamb’s wool, cashmere, and silk. All these added materials offer a needed luxurious comfort to the sleepers.
      • Equally, the pocket springs prevent any roll (if present) and also won’t disturb other person sharing your bed.
      • Besides, the mattress has an edge to edge support. Hence, it can be used across its full width.
      • It features a Belgium white, cream/oyster damask material with hand-tufted wool tufts.
      • Along with four rows of side stitching along with hand stitched handles and air vents.

      Relyon Mattresses Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

      Relyon Mattress warranty – The company offers a 12 months guarantee period on all their products. Besides, few products also come with an additional 5-year warranty period. So, you can visit their respective site for more info.

      Relyon Mattresses Trial Period – This Relyon bed comes with a 14-day return policy. Thus, you can return them at the earliest for a hassle-free refund policy.

      Coupons Codes & Discounts For Relyon Mattresses

      Relyon bed comes with 5% off on all the mattresses above £100, 50% off on the selected pocket sprung beds, free pillows on the selected orders, special offers on newsletter sign-ups and much more. Hurry! Just get into the website for more interesting deals and major offers.

      Independent Reviews On Relyon Mattresses

      • Lesley says “Very soft for a perfect sleep experience. I recommend you buy the same.”
      • Chris says “Really comfortable mattress for me.”
      • Catherine says “This new mattress is always going to feel better than the older one. For me, nothing can compete these Relyon beds as the memory foam added really makes it soft and warm.”
      • Owen says “Excellent! Nothing much to exclaim.”
      • Alexander says “5 stars, all is what I can give.”

      Bad reviews of Relyon Mattresses

      So far, there are no bad reviews listed for these Relyon beds. Altogether, the bed is a perfect model for a great support. Still, if you are unhappy… then you may refer the seller’s website for everything.

      Relyon Mattresses Comparison

      Well, you will not find much on Relyon mattress comparison. Better, you refer the site and check for this supportive, long-lasting mattresses.

      Relyon Mattresses Return Policy

      Mattressnextday offers a 14-day return policy on all their products. Hence, it is best suggested you return them at the earliest if you are not satisfied with the quality of these beds.

      Relyon Mattresses Shipping & Delivery

      Well, the site doesn’t specify much on shipping. However, the company will charge a small amount of £9.95 on orders under £150. But, you can avail free shipping on orders above £150. Further, look into their site for more understanding.

      Relyon Mattresses Setup & Installation

      Installing this mattress is quite easy. Altogether, it is helpful at keeping you in shape year after year and there’s no need to flip it also.

      Relyon Mattresses Complaints & Consumer Reports

      Until now, there are no complaints or any bad reviews stated for these Relyon mattresses. Thus, you can buy them without any worries.

      Relyon Mattresses BBB Business Profile

      No, this Relyon Mattresses is not BBB accredited. Still, you will find only positive reviews listed for these mattresses.

      Relyon Mattresses Scam

      Not at all! This Relyon mattress is not a scam. The bed is great for the needed luxury comfort and contouring support.

      Are Bed bugs in Relyon Mattresses a Possibility

      Bed bugs are a common occurrence in most of the mattresses. Hence, it’s recommended you create a bedbug-free zone or heat up the buggers to get rid of its infestation.

      Is Relyon Mattresses Good For Back Pain Problems

      Yes, Relyon is a great mattress that fits your natural sleeping posture. This Relyon bed is good for back pain issues. However, the mattress offers maximum pressure relief to the users and lets your body weight to spread evenly.

      Is Relyon Mattresses Non-Toxic

      The product is NBF approved and it won’t emit any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde or volatile organic elements, allergic dyes, chemical flame retardants, and colorants. Hence, you can buy them safely without any major worries.

      Adjustable base For Relyon Mattresses

      Relyon Mattress works great on any adjustable bases as it works at reducing the acid reflux by helping you sleep better. But currently, there are no adjustable bases available at Mattressnextday. Better you refer other sites for more info.

      Mattress Pads by Relyon Mattresses

      Mattress pads provide an extra comfort and protection to your beds. So, you can buy one for your Relyon beds if you wish to prevent discoloration or marking on your mattresses.

      Relyon Mattresses Cover/Topper

      The cover of this mattress is impressive as it features a luxuriously soft knitted cover that is highly breathable in nature. It helps you stay cool and maintains an even temperature everytime you sleep on it.

      Relyon Mattresses Bedding Accessories

      You will find only limited information stated for these Relyon mattress bedding accessories. Thus, it is recommended you check other sites for more details.

      Relyon Mattresses Firmness Analysis

      These Relyon beds offer a right level of firmness to the users. Hence, it will never take you to any joint discomfort, back or shoulder issues or poor heat retention during the nighttime.

      The Relyon Mattresses Blog

      For Relyon mattress blog, you can refer the link giving interesting articles on mattress quality and its importance for sleep.

      The Relyon Mattresses Showroom & Store Locator

      Mattressnextday has showrooms located at places like Canterbury and Herne Bay. Their working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. So, you can visit them anytime, in case you wish to look for their Relyon mattress models or much more.

      Relyon Mattresses Dealers & retailers Near Me

      Hard to say, that Relyon beds are not available in the local stores. Hence, it is suggested you buy them from the online stores only.

      Relyon Mattresses Customer Services Phone Number

      Their customer support phone number is 0333 0069 769. You can call them for all your doubts and worries on this subject.

      Black Friday Deals & Sales on Relyon Mattresses

      Currently, there are no Black Friday deals available with Mattressnextday. But, you don’t get disappointed… instead you keep checking the site for better options and interesting updates.

      Relyon Mattresses Delivery Fee & Time

      Well, it depends on the mattress you order. However, the manufacturer states your mattress will get delivered the very next day or you can avail free delivery on orders over £150.

      Relyon Mattresses Financing

      The manufacturer offers a 0% interest-free credit option on all their mattresses. Once you are accepted by V12 retail financing solutions you can buy anything with a repayment period that suits your budget.

      Relyon Mattresses Safety & Certifications

      Relyon beds is an NBF approved mattress as the manufacturer is a member of the National Bed Federation’s Code of Practice. Besides, the product is fire resistant in nature and thus it is considered perfect for use at home.

      Maintenance On Relyon Mattresses

      Maintaining this mattress is quite easy as Relyon is best at offering you a quality sleep you need from these beds. Further, you can refer their mattress guide or for Relyon cleaning tips available online.

      Odor & Smell in Relyon Mattresses

      Well, you will not find any unpleasant chemical smell emitted out of this mattress. But still, if you find some, then you need to find some preventive measures for complete odor removal of these beds.

      Motion Transfer on a Relyon Mattresses

      Relyon Mattresses is considered best for the light sleepers as it offers a good quality, restorative sleep patterns to the users.

      Sagging Problems in Relyon Mattresses

      This Relyon bed is not a sunken mattress. Altogether, the mattress is great and won’t promote any disintegration of the mattress cells. Thus, you can call this a conventional mattress that provides an even surface and supports your body in every aspect.

      Brands That are Equivalent to Relyon Mattresses

      The site doesn’t specify much on brands equivalent to Relyon beds.  Still, it would be best you check other sites for more info.

      Relyon Mattresses Video Ads & Promo’s

      For video ads and promo’s on Relyon beds you can refer the links:

      Relyon Beds and Mattresses

      They can explain to you everything on these Relyon beds. Just check it out!

      The Relyon Mattresses Giveaway

      At present, there is no mattress giveaway offers available at the seller’s website. But it is suggested you keep checking the site for related info.

      The Relyon Mattresses Lawsuit

      Nothing to worry! As there are no criminal cases or legal issues charged against these mattresses.


      In conclusion, Relyon Mattress is a good mattress that heavily contributes to a peaceful, healthy sleep. You will never regret its purchase as it’s a great investment that will keep you energized throughout the day. Hurry buy them!