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Quick Zip RV Sheets & Mattress Pads Reviews, Price, Discounts

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Everyone likes to have their bed neat and wrinkle-free. That might happen only in dreams. In reality, the sheets move from its place during nights, become wrinkled and might even look messy in the morning. To save you from these problems, The Zip on bed sheets are here from the Quick Zip Sheets. It’s a set of 2 pieces joined together with the help of a zipper to keep the flat sheet in its place and unmovable.

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Quick Zip Sheets

You can buy the Quick Zip sheets; zip up flat sheets and the zip mattress pads from You will get the sheets in all sizes and for a lower price as well.

Quick Zip Sheets User Reviews & Ratings

The QuickZip reviews show that the material of the sheets and fabric are soft. They are of high quality and easy to zip on and off. They fold easily without a bump and a lot easier than the fitted sheets. The hidden zipper is a hit among parents with kids. The pre-shrunk cotton material makes it convenient for machine wash.

The negative points of the QuickZip items are that they are prone to shrinkage due to the cotton material. The limitation of the color choices is also a negative mark as the bedding manly depends on the color to make up the bedroom.

The overall rating for QuickZip is 9.3 out of 10.

Best Mattress Models from Quick Zip Sheets

Lux Starter Packs

The Luxe Starter packs include the standard sizes zip on sheet sets. The same is available as 4 different packs that contain different items in it. These packs are,

  • Basic- 1 Base and 1 zip-on sheet
  • Classic contains 1 base, 1-zip-on sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases that make for a complete bed set. For a Split king bed, this premium pack will have 2 twin XL bases.
  • Premium- 1 Base and 2 zip-on sheets
  • Deluxe- 1 Base, 2 zip-on sheets, 2 flat sheets and 4 pillowcases

The Lux Starter pack is available in white or warm grey colors. The sizes available are a twin, full, queen, RV queen, king, Cal King, Twin XL Dorm and Twin XL deep pocket.

The larger sizes of the queen, king, and Cal King have deep pocket set that can fit up to 18.5” of mattress thickness.

Crib Starter Packs

  • The crib sheets are made of 100% cotton with 200 thread count and are pre-shrunk as well. It is the snug fit on the mattress.
  • There are variety packs available including the one with a waterproof mattress pad which is essential for crib mattresses. The different packs available are basic, premium and deluxe
  • Basic pack includes 1 base and 1 zip-on sheet
  • Premium consists of 1 base and 3 zip-on sheets
  • The Deluxe pack contains 6 items which include 1 base, 3 zip-on sheets, and 2 waterproof mattress pads.
  • The 4 available colors are Gray dot, grey, Organic white, and white.

Twin Starter Packs

  • Twin starter packs suit the bunk beds.
  • There are 2 pack types available here-premium and deluxe
  • Premium pack contains one wraparound base and 2 zip-on sheets in twin size
  • Deluxe pack contains 1 base, 2 zip-on sheets, and 2 mattress pads.
  • The varieties for the fabric are white cotton, white cotton-white fleece combo, gray dot and white fleece
  • The fabric used is 100% cotton with 20 thread count
  • These twin size sheet sets are not compatible with the standard twin set from Luxe collection. The zipper closure is on different sides of these sets.
  • The zipper tucks away easily and does not show for the kids to have mischief
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Quick Zip Sheets Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The available mattress sizes and their dimensions are

SizeDimensionsDepthFlat sheet
Crib52” x 27”5-6.5”NA
Twin75” x 39”6.5-10.5”105×74”
Twin XL80” x 39”8-15”105×74”
Twin XL Dorm80” x 38”5-9.5”
Full75” x 54’6.5-11”105×90”
Queen80” x 60”8.5-16”105×96”
King80” x 76”10.5-18.5”105×122”
Cal king84” x 72”10.5-14”110×118”
RV Queen75” x 60”7.5-13.5”
Pillowcases20” x 32”


20” x 39”

How do Quick Zip sheets work?

  • The Quick Zip Sheets come as a set of 2 pieces that can join together with the help of a zipper.
  • The base piece is a wraparound piece that stays snug to the sides of the mattress. There is no bottom piece for this base.
  • The zip-on piece zips to this base and the zipper closes all the way around.
  • You can easily remove the top sheet which is flat.
  • Once pieced together, the sheet set stays snug and unmovable on the mattress.
  • The flat piece is easy to fold, store and is even washable.
  • The closure can tuck inside the provided pocket
  • The zipper and closure are slightly down on the side of the mattress that it will not bother the sleep.
  • Separate zip-on pieces are also available
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Discount Prices On Quick Zip Sheets

  • Lux Starter packs costs $80-375, depending upon the pack type and size.
  • Crib mattress pack costs $39.99 to 208. The price deciding factors here are the type of pack and the choice of material of the sheet. If you choose organic white material in Deluxe pack the price is the highest.
  • The twin starter pack costs $64.99-154.99
  • Crib Zip-on sheets separately cost $24.99 for cotton, $29.99 for organic cotton and mink material.
  • Twin zip-on sheets separate costs $34.99 for cotton and $39.99 for mink materials.
  • Luxe zip-on sheets cost $55 – 90 depending upon the size.
  • Flat sheets cost $54-90
  • Pillowcases cost $45 for standard sizes and $50 for king size.
  • Luxe mattress pads cost $149-259.
  • The waterproof mattress pads cost $14.99-99 depending upon the size and material.

Mattress Pads by Quick Zip Sheets

Quick Zip Luxe mattress pads are made of an organic cotton material on the exterior with polyester batting inside. It helps with temperature regulation and stays firm under the zip-on sheets. There is no skirt for the pad and is easy to change when needed. It is available in sizes- twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal King.

The waterproof flat mattress pads are available for cribs, twin mattresses and for play yards usage. The materials used are either organic cotton or felt for the covering and breathable polyester for the filling. These pads are machine washable in low settings.

Quick Zip Sheets Bedding Accessories

  • The zip-on sheets are available for cribs, twin packs and all the sizes of Luxe collection.
  • Crib sheets are made of cotton, organic cotton or mink materials. The color varieties available for the cotton material are blue, gray dot, white, pink and gray. Organic cotton is available only in white and mink in blue, white and pink.
  • Twin sheets are available in cotton and velvety soft mink materials. Cotton sheets are available in white, gray and gray dots in colors. Mink material is only available in white.
  • Luxe sheets are available in white or warm gray in colors. The sizes availability is compatible with the mattress sizes.

Flat sheets and pillowcases from Quick Zip Sheets

Flat sheets are suitable for the Lux collection. The available sizes are limited and are available for twin/Twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal King. The color availability is white and warm gray.

Pillowcases come as a pack of 2 in either standard size or king size. The colors available are warm gray and white for the pillowcases.

Quick Zip Sheets Shipping & Delivery

The QuickZip items have free shipping within the USA. The delivery reaches within 2-5 days. Delivery happens via US Postal Service Priority Mail or FedEx as per preferences.

The sheets have a 30-day return policy that assures full refund if not satisfied. There also are options for a repair or replacement as well. This return policy does not include shrinkage due to washing, wrinkling etc.

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Quick Zip Sheets Customer Services Phone Number

The address of QuickZip is

  • 7003 East 47th Avenue Drive, Suite A900, Denver, Colorado 80216.
  • The toll-free number for the customer service is (866) 325-6837
  • The local number would be (720) 929-1099
  • Email id is

Quick Zip Sheets in Stores

There are several stores where you can buy the QuickZip sheets and other bedding items across the USA. You can find the nearest store from the store locator at the official site. Look for the stores according to the zip code and radius of distance.

Quick Zip Sheets Safety & Certifications

The QuickZip sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads etc are made using organic cotton, pure cotton, and safe mink material. One of these causes any allergic reaction on the users. The crib items are completely safe for babies. They would help keep the bugs away from the mattress. It does not allow dust to accumulate as well.

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Maintenance On Quick Zip Sheets

The QuickZip sheets, mattress pads and sheets are all machines washable. It is better to wash them in warm water rather than hot water. The tumble dry settings should be low to avoid shrinkage problems.


The QuickZip sheets came out after a necessity while changing the sheets by a new mother. The invention saved time and effort from the users. The QuickZip sheets make the beds look neater, cleaner and snug fitting. Quick Zip sheets and accessories are a life changer as they save you from a lot of efforts in changing, washing and putting on the sheets from time to time.

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