Saatva Mattress

If you are living with your partner or if (no offense meant) you or your partner or both of you are big in size, then Queen size and King size mattresses are the mattresses for you! Queen size and King size mattresses by Saatva are strong and are well structured to hold weight and to provide comfort and big space!

If you have a medium sized room, then going for a king size mattress will be a big mistake, as, like its name, king size mattresses will take a king-sized space of your bedroom, this will make your room look small and might also make it a little congested. The king size mattresses are but very spacious and you and your partner will not have to fight for space and neither will have to think of tricks or strategies of how to get more space while sleeping with a partner. And it is not only just the partner, even your size plays a big role in deciding the size of your mattress. If you are overly healthy then a twin size mattress won’t be able to accommodate you fully. In such cases also, a queen size and a king size mattress come in handy. Queen size mattresses are the best options if you have a bedroom of a medium size, like not too big nor too small, as these don’t take too much of space and give enough space for couples to move freely on the mattress.

The queen size and king size mattresses from Saatva Mattress are available in three different comfort levels:

  • Saatva Plush soft
  • Saatva luxury firm &
  • Saatva firm

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Saatva offers two different thickness options for its mattresses:

  • 14.5” premium luxury
  • 11.5” custom slim

With the thickness, the weight of the mattress also changes. Though not a big change, a slight difference can be experienced.



The Dimension of Saatva Queen size mattress:

  • 60” W x 80” L x 14.5” H
  • 60” W x 80” L x 11.5” H

The Dimension of Saatva King size mattress:

  • 76” W x 80” L x 14.5” H
  • 76” W x 80” L” x 11.5” H

The price of Saatva queen size and king size mattresses as compared to other mattresses of such quality and structure is very low. Saatva offers its luxurious and supreme quality material making the queen size and king size mattresses at the lowest price that one can imagine! The mattresses of Saatva are created using eco-friendly materials like 100% organic cotton, recycled steel, certified foam etc. Saatva mattresses have a coil-on-coil construction and the individually pocketed coils are encased in memory foam. Whether it is the queen size or the king size, the mattress offers super comfort and a guaranteed great night’s sleep. The easily contouring property of the mattress lifts a lot of pressure points and the lumbar region, thus offering a relaxed and restful good night sleep to the user.

At Saatva you also get frames and foundation to match your mattress. The foundations and the frames are also available in good deals.