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Boat owners are often at a fix when they are looking for a suitable sheet set for their boat mattresses. The regular mattress sheets will not fit fine for these custom-made mattresses. The Quahog Bay Bedding has come with a solution where you will be getting the boat sheet sets. In fact, the Quahog Bay Bedding offers a whole lot of bedding accessories for the boat as well as for home usage. The specialty is that the bedding accessories all have a nautical design to it that it suits the purpose and the location. The same designs are also seen in the home products as well. This will be a good choice for all who love the life on the sea. They could make their home feel like living in the sea with these accessories.

You can buy it from the manufacturer’s official website or from the third party stores like Amazon etc. You can either buy the ready use bedding items or have the custom sized sheets and accessories directly from the makers.

Quahog Bay Bedding User Reviews & Ratings

The overview is that the Quahog Bay bedding items are ideal for the boats. They fit perfect for all boat mattresses that are 10” or less in depth. It is also noted that these bed sheets are fine for air mattresses that usually have the sheets coming off too often.

  • John- “It is so nice to have a fitted sheet around the V berth cushion. This is the only brand with one size fit for all sheets in the non-custom category.
  • Debby- “Our sheets are comfortable and are washed nicely. Very pleased with the purchase.”
  • Cari- “I love the plush mattress topper that fits perfectly. It feels great as well.”

Quahog Bay Bedding Features

  • Quahog Bay bedding offers bedding accessories for boats, home, and RVs
  • The bedding is available in the standard sizes for the home products and RVs
  • You can get standard sized sheets, as well as custom, made sizes
  • The home products have sheets for the standard beds and for the adjustable base
  • The fabric used is mostly bamboo or cotton to be safe for the user and for the environment.
  • The CinchFit boat sheets are available in Aft berth, V berth, XLV berth or custom sizes
  • The bedding items usually come in sets. If you want only the fitted sheet it will be available in the clearance section

Unlike other fitted sheets, the Quahog Bay bedding uses a cord instead of an elastic band to secure the sheet on to the mattress. This cord is adjustable and can be tied to tighten the sheet.

Quahog Bay Bedding Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

There is this Split Flex Bedding- no rip guarantee against any ripping of the stitched of the bedding item at any time. Since the product is hand sewn the stitches might come out on rare occasions. To save your money due to this, this guarantee is offered where a replacement will be sent. All you need to do under these circumstances is to send an email to the customer service explain the problem.

Quahog Bay Bedding boat & home products

Quahog Bay Boat sheets

The CinchFit boat sheets are either made of bamboo or in cotton fibers. The fabric is antibacterial and can wick the moisture away to keep the user dry in the damp weather. The fabric is fade resistant as well as mold resistant.

The sheets are available in sets of 3 sizes- Aft berth, V berth and XL V berth.

  • Universal V berth- Fitted sheets 82 x 82 x 20 inches, flat sheet- 102 x 110 x 40 inches
  • Universal XL V berth- fitted sheets 102” x 82” x 30”, flat sheet- 102” x 110” x 40”
  • Universal Aft berth- fitted sheet- 90” x 60” x 74” and flat sheet- 90” x 102” and up to 6 inches depth.

There are 7 color options for the sheets in block colors of Taupe, ivory, teal, sea, white, grey and sage.
The price ranges between $245-274 for the bamboo sheets and $215-255 for the cotton sheets.

Quahog Bay custom boat sheets

For the custom boat sheets, you need to send the measurements to the customer service. Measure the foot width, length, head width and the mattress depth.

For the mattresses of round, diamond or other shapes, draw out the measurements on the paper as well as the measurements at the widest region if any. You will also need to take an image of the mattress and send to have the custom bed sheets.

CinchFit design has the sheet fitted with the help of a cord that cinches the sheet tightly on to the mattress. There is also a cord storage pocket underneath to secure the cord when not to be handled.

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Quahog home sheets

The home sheets are not of the standard size and design. Quahog Bat bedding offers the sheets for the unique mattresses like the Split Flex mattresses where the mattresses are either completely split or have a split right to the middle. The available sizes are,

  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal king
  • Split Cal king
  • Split Flex queen
  • Split Flex King
  • Split Flex Cal king
  • Twin/Twin XL

The sizes follow the standard measurements except for a split I the middle wherever applicable. The color choices available are grey, ivory, sage, sea taupe, teal, and white.

The sheets fit perfectly for mattresses that are up to 15 inches deep. The sheet set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

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Quahog Bay Blankets and Throws

For boats

Universal V berth fleece blanket is medium weight ultra soft V berth sized blankets. The blankets are 108” x 40” x 90” in measurements. There are 7 color choices of smoke grey, grey, cream, linen, periwinkle, navy blue, sage, and white. The blankets are reversible and machine washable.

Universal V berth cotton basket weave blankets are designed in basket weave. It is made of ultra-soft cotton material. The design is jacquard weave and has self-binding on the edges. There are 8 color choices of charcoal, ivory, light blue, navy blue, plum, sage, taupe and white. The blanket is machine washable. The blanket is 108” x 90” x 40” in size.

The Home sizes are

Universal Tuck Me In V berth footed blanket is as the name suggests, stays tucked at the foot of the berth. It is made of 100% cotton with chevron pattern on it. The size of the blanket is 90” x 90” x 30” with the corner pockets having 8” depth and 8” allowance for the tuck. The color options are ivory, charcoal, white, sage, light blue and navy blue.

For home

Twin/Twin XL: The size is 68” x 90”. Full/queen- 88” x 90”. King/Cal King- 108” x 90”. The blanket types of throw blankets, luxurious cotton metro blankets and Tuck Me In footed blankets.

Quahog Bay Duvets and Comforter sets

For boats

Under this category, you may get the Boat duvet insert or the boat duvet cover sets. The duvet insert is sized to fit the V berths or other custom boat berth shapes. The size is 40” x 90” x 90” for the V berth duvet.

The XLV berth duvet insert is 40” x 90” x 106”

The duvet cover is tapering at 10 inches from the head. There are 4 varieties with the duvet cover sets. The cover set contains only the duvet cover and matching pillowcases. The duvet covers are available in custom size, V berth size as well as XL V berth sizes. The sizes are 92” x 90” x 40” for the V berth and 106” x 92” x 40” for the XL V berth. The sham covers included are 20” x 26” and 20” x 36” respectively. The price range is $15-160.

For home

The home duvet covers are available in 2 sizes- full/queen and king/cal king.

  • The full/Queen covers are 90” x 92: with 2 shams of 20” x 26”
  • King/Cal king have 106” x 92” with 2 sham covers of 20” x 36”.

The solid style sets are available in black, blue, burgundy, chocolate, ivory, linen, navy, sage and white colors.

The classic style duvet cover sets are double colored with the choices of, blue/chocolate, chocolate/white, grey/light grey, linen/white, navy/white, taupe/black and white/chocolate.

The Meridian design set is available in color choices of beige/ivory, blue/white, coral/white, grey/white, navy/white and periwinkle/white.

The desired style has solid colors with white designs on them. The color choices are burgundy, grey or navy with white designs.