Avocado Green mattress

If you are not aware of Off gassing and other hazards of traditional mattress, you need to read this. Find out how Avocado mattress is helping people get a healthier sleep without any toxins and Noxious gas. Sleep well and sleep healthy with Avocado Green Mattress

If you are a San Diegan and looking for a local good organic mattress store then, Pure Rest Purity is the perfect place for you. Pure Rest Purity is a pure organic store situated in San Diego. Pure Rest Purity goes out of its way to ensure that its products are delivered to its customers in its purest form. Pure Rest Purity mattress goes through various tests before it is displayed for sale. if You are looking for Cheaper yet the best quality mattresses online, check out the Saatva mattress website now.

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The various precautions Pure Rest Purity takes to ensure purity of its mattresses are:

  • From sewing tables to floors, everything is painted with AFM Safecoat (AFM safecoat paints are non-polluting and sustainable paints.)
  • Pure Rest Purity hire keeps only those people as their employees, who are non-smokers and the criterion also specifies that they should not be living with a smoker.
  • The employees are not allowed to use scented products.
  • If there is any product which is of non-washable type, then Pure Rest Purity securely seals it in virgin polyethylene bags so that the products purity is maintained even during transport and storage.
  • Various tests are performed to check the purity level of the mattress

Pure Rest Purity offers a variety of organic mattresses in different sizes. There are options in the level of firmness also. The different types of Pure Rest Purity organic mattresses are:

Natural Rubber Zip Outer Customizable Organic mattress:

  • 6” Zip Harmony / Everest mattress
  • 8” Zip Leo mattress, 9” Zip Sagittarius
  • 12” Zip Zeus mattress

Natural Rubber organic outer tailored mattress (non-zip):

  • 9” Atlantis Pillowtop mattress
  • 10” Euro Pillowtop Sagittarius mattress
  • Circa/ Aries dual sided Pillowtop mattress
  • 7” Harmony mattress
credits; http://newliving.net/

credits; http://newliving.net/

Innerspring Organic Quilted Outer Mattresses:

  • Organic cotton/ Eco-wool outer celestial/ Libra innerspring pillowtop mattress
  • Organic Cotton/ EcoWool Outer innerspring mattress
  • Organic Cotton/ EcoWool outer Selene/ Athena pillowtop mattress


Pure Rest Purity Youth and Guest mattresses

  • 5” Gemini mattresses
  • 7” Organic Harmony/ Everest
  • Wool Outer mattresses

None of the Pure Rest Mattresses contain chemical flame retardants. It uses layer of eco-wool as flame retardant. Pure Rest Mattresses keeps its mattresses free of toxic substances. It is very important for Pure Rest Purity that the final product that reaches their customer should be of top most quality and the customers get the worth for the expense they have made.

The various certifications that Pure Rest Purity has got are

  • Purest Natural Rubber Certification
  • Organic Wool Processing Certification
  • Organic Cotton Certificate
  • Organic Cotton USA GOTS Certification
  • Barrier & Pure –Rest Fabric Certification
  • Kapok Phytosanitary Certification