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Puffy Mattress For Back Pain

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The puffy mattress is taking its place in the market as one of the best mattresses for back pain. A lot of people have reviewed the puffy mattresses and given it a 5 star rating and have one thing to say in common. It’s Comfortable, Plush, feels like sleeping on a cloud and is extremely easy on your back. The last one really was interesting. A lot of people did find the puffy mattress to be one of the best mattress for back pain and specially the Puffy Lux Mattress to be precise. It’s then we dug a bit deeper to find that 80% of the people using the Puffy Lux find it more comfortable for back pain because they are side sleepers. The people who slept on the back actually found the Puffy original to be more therapeutic to their back!

Whatever the case, We decided to check out why the Puffy Mattress is so good for your back as so many people claim. But before that lets take a quick look at what we are looking for in a mattress which is supposedly good for back pain.

Things to look out for in a mattress for back pain

  1. Excellent support : This is one of the most important factors when it comes to back pain problems and most mattress owners fail in understanding support. We all go out checking for a mattress which is comfortable to sleep on. We consider how soft it is, how plush it is , and how good it feels when you lie down in the store. But we forget that 5 minutes of laying down in a bed in a store cannot determine how good the mattress is for your back. For people who are looking for a mattress for their back problems, its time you keep comfort aside and think about support.
  2. Pressure Relief : What does that even mean? It all cuts down to how you feel when you are on the bed, in your most preferred sleeping position. Do you feel pressure in your shoulder, back, arms or any other part particularly? Keep a note of it. Try another mattress and lay down in the same position. Does the pressure increase , decrease or is it completely gone? When you find a mattress where you dont find pressure on a particular part of your body, you just found the right mattress. Most of the time, 5-10 minutes is plenty to assess pressure relief on your mattress.
  3. Conforming : This has a lot to do with the feel of the mattress and how it hugs to your body. There are places in your body which will not touch the bed surface at all when you sleep on a very firm bed. For instance the back of your neck and the small of your back may not be touching the beds surface. This is bad because some other part of the body is taking that weight. You want the mattress to be conforming, and provide adequate support throughout the body.
  4. Heat Retention : This is not directly related to back pain but has a lot to do with sleep itself. Some mattresses, especially the memory foam mattresses, tend to accumulate more heat over a period of your sleep time. This tends to get a bit uncomfortable and leads to disturbed sleep. You will want to keep a watch on this.

And then there are the little things which may be overlooked depending on a lot of situations. Some of these factors include motion isolation, edge support and so on. While these are great to have, its not the most essential for back problems and may be overlooked without consequences, most of the time. They are also very different from person to person and their sleeping preferences.

The Puffy mattress is designed to have all these features in them. The Lux and the Puffy original have degrees of variations in their mattress when it comes to each of these factors and may vary from person to person based on their sleeping style, patterns, weight and a lot more. 

The Puffy Original Mattress for back pain

The Puffy Original Mattress is perfect for people with back pain and are

  1. Back sleepers
  2. Average weight (below 160lbs)

If you are a back sleeper and suffer from back pain, the Puffy original May be the mattress for you. It has great spinal alignment features and perfect pressure relief. Being memory foam, its conforming and with the Cooling gel technology, you can be sure not to sleep hot. The support on these mattresses varies depending on the person’s weight. So if you are too heavy, chances are you will find this mattress not suitable for your needs. You are going to want a mattress which can handle a lot more weight and we recommend the Saatva HD which is perfect for heavy people. But if your weight is below 160 lbs, The puffy original is perfect for your needs.

Understanding how you sleep and how much pressure is created in any particular part of your body can help you recover from the pain much easily. For people who sleep on their back, if the mattress is too firm and you feel a lot of pressure on the lower back and you feel the main in that area, its time to consider a different sleeping position or making slight adjustments to your existing sleeping position. Most therapists will recommend that you place a pillow under your knee to relieve stress on your lower back. This works great for almost everyone with back problems and sleep on their back.

If you find the Puffy original mattress to be too firm, understand that its normal for most mattresses to be a bit firm the first few days. The break in period for most mattresses are approximately 3 weeks. In 3 weeks , your body and the mattress would have adapted to each other. But even before you wait for the break in period to set, add the small changes to your sleeping positions. Place your pillow under your knee if your a back sleeper and a pillow between your knee if you are a side sleeper. For stomach sleeper, try a pillow which is low to prevent strain on your neck.

The Puffy Lux Mattress for Back pain

The puffy Lux mattress is perfect for people who 

  • sleep on their sides
  • Average weight (below 160 lbs

80% of all people prefer to sleep on their sides. This is one of the most natural sleeping positions. Its also is considered the best position for people suffering from back pain and back related problems. Though its the best position, the mattress could make or break the deal when it comes to back pain. Even for side sleepers, proper alignment is key. ?Comfort is essential too. You may not be suffering from lower back pain but there may be shoulder pain , stiff necks and arm related problems. The Puffy Lux is perfect for side sleepers. It aligns your spine perfectly, giving your entire body the support it requires and relieves pain almost instantly. 

The puffy Lux mattress has the best pressure relief possible in the entire industry. The mattress supports your body for a longer period of time without giving in . Unlike most hybrid mattresses and Spring beds, the Pure memory foam mattresses (which have quality foam) tend to support your body for a longer period of time. This is one of the main reasons why Puffy Lux is the preferred mattress for side sleepers. Its also one of the most cool mattress , ensuring that you never sleep hot, year after year.

The Puffy Royal Mattress – The best Among the puffy mattresses

The Puffy Lux and Puffy original are good. But what happens if you change the entire architecture of the mattress to provide a perfect mattress just for you!. Now though the puffy royal mattress may not be custom made for you, it sure feels that way. The puffy royal Mattress, Like most other mattresses in the industry, including the Puffy Lux and the Original , Provides all the basi features, like pressure relief, conforming, supportige and more, but the Royal mattress has different layers from end to end to support your body weight exactly as required. The Zonal Technology makes the puffy Royal mattress not only comfortable but extremely pressure relieving. The pressure relief feels like massage on foam to your body and there is perfect support on each and every part of the body.

The Puffy Royal Mattress is Considerably more expensive than the Puffy original and Puffy Lux, but if you are looking for “the” solution for your back pain, Well this may be it.

Mattress related back pain issues

While some people may have age related back pain, there are others who don realize that its the mattress which is creating the pain in first place. If this happens to you on your puffy mattress, Return it in 101 days for a full money back or get a replacement for your mattress for a different one. You may prefer an original instead of the Lux or may be a Royal. The chances of Puffy mattress creating a back pain is next to none. But if that ever comes up, you do know that there is an option. With that said, most people have a back pain related problem due to their lifestyle issues. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercises and poor back muscles have a big role to play in your back pain.

Some mattresses, specially when they get old tend to create more problems than solve them. Hybrid mattresses and spring mattresses are common culprits to this issue.  Try switching your mattress for a week. Sleep on a different mattress for a week and see if there is a difference in your back problem. If its getting even slightly better, you should consider changing the mattress immediately and get yourself a Puffy Bed.

Puffy Mattress toppers and pads 

So in a month, you find that your mattress is good for your back but isn’t that comfortable to sleep on. A small adjustment may feel a bit good . This is a great time to invest on a topper or a mattress pad. Mattress toppers can make your mattress slightly firm or slightly soft. Depends on what you are looking, the puffy mattress toppers are available to you in both variations. Mattress toppers are not Just great for adding comfort, but also ensures that your mattress life extends by a year if not more. Your topper can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a mattress. Its easy to replace them and needs only a few minutes of time and with that bit of comfort which can add up to quality sleep, its always worth the investment. 

Mattress pads on the other hand are just pockets filled with good things. They just feel great to have a mattress pad on your mattress. This does not support your back but feels great. So if you feel the lack of softness in your bed, go for it. There is no age where you cannot appreciate a soft bed. From children to seniors, we all love a soft comfortable bed and the mattress pad can just get you one step ahead of your existing one. 

Be sure to purchase the right topper. If its too soft or too firm, you may want to ditch your topper, though the chances are less that it would make your bed any less comfortable. You would want to choose a firm topper if your mattress is soft but any firmer that whats comfortable is not going to be useful and the vice versa.

The Pillow and why you need it.

When it comes to back pain, most people are focused on just the mattress. This is not entirely true. Though mattresses have a large share of importance when it comes to back pain, Pillows do play a CRUCIAL ROLE. A pillow which is too firm, Too soft, too low or too high could all be a cause for your back and neck problems. Getting the right pillow with the right comfort level is key. This means you should be able to adjust your pillow to your needs. If you are a side sleeper you want a slightly more supportive pillow which is quite high, while a back sleeper may prefer a plush pillow which is just right and not too high or low. 

Getting a pillow to just meet your needs today may not be the answer. The pillow may seem perfect to use while you are shopping but it may wear down after a week of use and be too low. Maybe you just don’t like the fact that this pillow is too hot for you, which you would have overlooked when you tested the pillow at the store. 

The Puffy pillows are customizable. You can remove or add fillings to your comfort requirements. This makes it perfect for anyone with any type of sleeping position. They are hypoallergenic, Washable and wait for it….. Cooling. Yes. The puffy pillow is cooler than most other pillows, credits to its cooling cover made with Bamboo and its breathability. And did we say that it comes with a 101 night trial and comes with 3 sizes?

Is puffy mattress good for back pain for heavy individuals?

The best option for you would be a saatva HD. The puffy mattress is great for people in the Light weight or medium weight category but not for people who are heavy or obese. The mattress, though supportive, is designed to be used for people with light or normal weight only.

Which is better, the Puffy Lux or the Puffy Original?

Your preference makes mattress purchase decisions easier and right. Choosing between the puffy lux and original largely depends on the sleeping positions. If you are a side sleeper, chances are , you will find the Lux a lot more comfortable than the original. For most back sleepers, the original has been the choice. Though the website at does state that they are great for all types of sleepers, you need to consider your back issues too. 

Should i buy a topper with the mattress or should i wait?

Personally i would prefer to wait before i get a topper. If the mattress is right for me but just needs a bit of tweaking, thats when i would get a topper. I will surely get a mattress protector along with the mattress itself to ensure that the mattress is protected from accidents during the period of trial. Returning the mattress would be a problem with stains or damages of any sort , just in case you plan to return them. But as for a topper… i think i would wait.

Is puffy better than Tempurpedic for back pain?

Puffy fares a lot better than Tempurpedic due to its support and cooling features. While the tempurpedic is good, undoubtedly, the puffy is a lot better. Not just better.  The top 2 layers of the Puffy mattress has a good role to play in the comparison between these 2 mattresses. Its extremely supportive and its considerably cooler. When you put the Tempurpedic side by side, you can see the difference in the ratings, especially when it comes to back pain related issues and support. 

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