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PranaSleep Vs Tempurpedic Mattresses

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Everyone wants a comfortable mattress to lie down at the end of the day. In their quest for the most comfortable mattress many might have come face-to-face with the luxury mattresses. More than luxury you need comfort and the pressure release from your body parts to have a peaceful sleep at night. The PranaSleep mattress and Tempurpedic mattress are both luxury brand mattresses that offer unique features for the sleeper. They do have some similar features and that make them stay apart from each other. Here is a small comparison between these mattresses. Hope it would help you choose your perfect mattress between them.

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Better than Tempurpedic. Incredible Cooling. Memory foam with Gel Foam. More Conforming and Supportive

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PranaSleep Mattress

PranaSleep mattress are hand made mattresses ghat oozes quality and eco-friendliness. The mattresses use natural latex as their core that reduces the need of several layers and the chemical exposure. PranaSleep is made to rejuvenate the body and mind and restores the lost energy from the life.

PranaSleep follows the principle that a good night’s sleep is the natural restoration anywhere needs. The restful sleep provides energy, regeneration, immune boosting etc. These mattresses are made to allow comfortable position of the spine with cradling and support.

PranaSleep mattress benefits

  • PranaSleep mattresses are and assembled and are made to stay flip-free and rotation free. They do not get sagged or get dented in the vulnerable areas. the entire mattress top can stay put to accommodate the sleeper for a long time.
  • The mattresses use the natural latex with no rubber to cause any kind of allergy.
  • The latex comforts to the body and contour it perfectly.
  • The latex layer flaunts the pinhole design with more open cells to allow air to pass through.
  • The mattresses do not retain heat and moisture. They are both wicked out of the mattress with the air circulation.
  • The comfortable latex material releases the pressure on the body parts. This allows better blood circulation without any pressure blockage.
  • The improvement in the blood circulation provides better nutrition to the cells and muscles.
  • The latex is antimicrobial in nature and can inhibit the microbe growth in it.
  • The PranaSleep mattresses are dust mite resistant that reduces the major allergic reactions.

One of the Best Latex Mattresses and Latex Hybrid mattresses. Conforming and Supportive

PranaSleep mattresses unique features

Outlast smart fabric technology

This is a technology claimed t be developed by NASA. The special fabric material can absorb the excess body heat and dissipate it as required. The fabric contains the special thermocouples that does this job. This provides the natural temperature control, in addition to the air circulation in the mattress core.

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PranaSleep patended spring foundation

The special spring foundation from PranaSleep eliminates the need for the foam encasement in the mattress. The foundation provides edge-to-edge support amply to have pressure relief and body conformation. The spring provides shock absorption to release the extreme pressure points.

PranaSleep perimeter wrap

Not all PranaSleep mattresses have spring in it. Most mattresses are latex with no spring. For the mattresses where springs are used, they are encased in a non-woven fabric gird that stabilises the mattress without using any foam encasement. This special springs provide internal stability and be consistent with the edges without any special empowerment.

PranaSleep customize option

PranaSleep offers to make customised mattress for you. The options are for shoulder comfort, software, low beds and customised mattresses for vehicles and other beds.

Soft Shoulder offers the softer beds for people who needs pressure relief from the shoulders. The options for the soft mattress for them are the mattresses from the series, Super Vayu, Super Vinyasa, Hatha and the higher degree mattresses.

SoftCore mattresses have a slightly softer core than usual but not too plush. All the PranaSleep, Organics and Om collection of mattresses have this feature.

LowProfile is the option for the thinner mattresses for the lower height beds. You can customise the mattresses by cutting off a few inches, 1-3 inches from it to suit your needs. The selected mattresses for this option are Om, PranaSleep, Lotus and Organics

Made to measure is exactly, made to measure mattresses. The special shaped or special sized bed can have the suitable mattress at your comfort from PranaSleep.

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Other features of PranaSleep mattresses

PranaSleep mattresses are luxury mattresses with plush feel. The Talalay latex is very soft and yet body conforming without suffering over cradling by the mattress. The plush layer stays atop the firm foam that supports the mattress very well. These layers are covered by the special mattress cover. The mattresses are usually 11-16 inches in thickness, depending upon the model and type.

Tempurpedic mattresses

Tempurpedic mattress have been the leading brand in the mattress industry. The mattresses are not overly thick but thick enough to provide comfort and support for the sleepers. The tempurpedic mattresses are made of foam layers of different comfort or feel level. The foam make a transition from the soft to firm layers. Each layer is of different thickness and different from each other.

Specialty of Tempurpedic mattress

  • The Tempurpedic mattresses contain the special TEMPUR foam that can conform to the body by the body temperature, weight of the person and the shape as well. This provides the customised cradle for sleep.
  • The comfortable sleep position provides better sleep with less tossing and turnings
  • The mattress has low motion transfer that allows undisturbed sleep for the partner next to you or vice versa.
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Features of Tempurpedic mattresses

  • The Tempurpedic mattresses are foam mattresses and some are hybrid.
  • The mattresses have a top layer of covering material that can wick the moisture from the top to the inner layers for dissipation.
  • The top cover is easily removable with a zipper attached. You can remove it and wash them.
  • Mattresses are available from soft to firm and also in any middle comfort level like medium-firm or medium-soft.
  • The mattresses are shipped for free.
  • The mattresses are covered by 10-yr warranty
  • The special feature here is that you can get the mattress for trial use for 90 days. You do pay for the mattress but can be returned if it does not fit for you as expected.

Types of Tempurpedic mattresses

You will get all kinds of mattress types from Tempurpedic. from the soft to firm and the mattresses that can instantly contour to the cloud like softer mattress as required.

  • TEMPUR-Flex is the pressure receiving hybrid mattress that uses both foam and spring core. The mattress is made of 4 layers with an additional thick covering material. The comfort layers are 2 layers of foam with the lower layer being a responsive one. The core is made of encased springs that are enclosed on the sides by the base layer. This type of mattress is easily responsive to the body and gets you instant comfort.
  • TEMPUR-Contour is body contouring mattress with the multiple foam layers. The foam layers transit from soft to firm. there would be the comfort layer followed by the responsive and double base layers. This is the kind of mattress that can be easily used on an adjustable bed. These mattresses are more on the firmed side.
  • TEMPUR-Cloud is the soft mattresses for the plus lovers. This is a foam only mattress that adds to the softness of the mattress. The mattress is made to dissipate the heat easily to avoid the foam-hot-mattress feel.
  • TEMPUR-Breeze is for the cool comfort feel from a mattress. The mattress comes with a cooling cover that is breathable and with some cooling technology. The top layers are made to remove the heat and make it cool in feel. The bottom layer offer the conforming and support. Even the base layers are made to be breathable.
  • TEMPUR-Legacy mattresses are a combination of plush softness with the pressure receiving ability from the other layers. These mattresses have the unique middle layers that is made with some spike shapes for the pressure relief and weight distribution. This mattress can stay in the softer side, in fact it can be anywhere between 2-3 on a scale of 10.

All of these mattresses are available in almost all sizes from twin to California king to the Split CA king mattress.

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PranaSleep Vs Tempurpedic

Though both the PranaSleep and tempurpedic mattresses are luxury mattresses that can cost higher, they can provide the same but different comfort levels. The major difference between these mattresses is the material that they are made of.

They are made of memory foam and latex for the layers. Though it is just a matter of material they are made of, that itself can make a huge difference. Yes, latex and memory foam can be comfortable on its own. It entirely depends on the user to decide which one is superior to the other. If you know closer, you would know that they have the similar features and a few one-above-the-other features as well.

The comparison

Back support

Visco foam and the Talalay latex can provide ample support for the back. They are dense enough to have equal weight distribution. They are resilient to prevent sagging or dentation. Both these materials are mainly responsive to the body temperature and weight.

Pressure relief

Memory foam and latex can provide pressure relief to a higher extent. The open cell structure for the memory foam and the contouring ability of latex make their own version of reassure relief.

Allergy resistance

This is where it makes a difference. The latex mattresses especially the ones like PranaSleep that uses Talalay latex that can resist the mold, dust mites and most allergens. Being a natural latex it contains less of the common latex allergens. On the other hand, the memory foam with its open cell structure could be the hiding pace for the micro organisms.

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Both PranaSleep and Tempurpedic mattresses are luxury mattresses that cost higher. But the PranaSleep mattresses have the lower priced mattresses if you want. The availability depends on the comfort level. Not all mattresses are cheaper and can cost much higher. At the same time, Temurpedic mattresses have a steady price range, PranaSleep mattress cost is sky high and highly ranging.


Choosing the right mattress is up to you to decide. We can only provide you with the key features and tell you what to expect. Price is also not the major factor of buying a mattress. The mattress needs to have what you are expecting in them. Final point is that the tempurpoedic mattress does have a trial period which the PranaSleep mattresses do not offer.

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