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Listen with your pillows and bid farewell to your clumsy headphones at night. Yes, it is possible with the help of pillow speakers and there are many brands available by now. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers are my favorite and I just love them because they have a reasonable price and come with good quality. I guess majority out there love to sleep listening to music or any other audiobooks, podcasts etc. To be frank, headphones are not a good idea when it comes to lying flat on the bed. This is exactly where pillow speakers can fit in to create a revolution with the way you hear and the level of comfort you can achieve. Read More …

For more details about pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers, and how cool they are as hearing aids, keep reading.

I am a diehard fan of podcasts and I cannot imagine myself sleeping without headphones stuck to my ears. I sleep off in the process and the next time I wake up, I end up tangled. This is something that most of us face and it is not an issue as such, however I get irritated easily. I wanted something that could give a better comfort. I tried Bluetooth headsets and they are good to a certain extent. Still, I wanted something that was effortless and easy to use. After a lot of research, I finally found this pillow speaker concept and tried it. Man, I must say thanks to myself that I did find the right pick. I just love the pillow speakers and they are simply awesome.

Why choose FM 15 Pillowsonic speakers?

They are easy to set up and hear, unlike normal headphones that keep you away from having a comfortable sleep. You cannot toss and turn with your headphones that add to the discomfort.

There are different types of pillow speakers available nowadays like flat under-pillow speakers, small speakers, and built-in memory foam pillow speakers. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers are under the pillow speakers with great quality. This is a simple audio accessory that easily sits beneath your pillow and allows you to hear. It connects to all sound sources easily if you have a 3.5 mm audio jack in your music gadgets.

About FM 15 Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speaker In A Quick Glance

  • Personal pillow speakers that allow you to hear in private
  • Does not disturb your sleeping partner
  • Helps you to sleep faster and aids in stress relief
  • Have 2 built-in digital micro speakers that pass through dense pillows
  • Uses 3.5mm universal jack and fit into any audio device easily
  • Contains acoustic foam material that ensures that it remains under the pillow without displacing
  • Total comfort and great audio quality
  • Includes a back pocket that acts a storage area for your audio player

Benefits Of Fm 15 Pillowsonic Speaker

  • Pillow sonic speakers easily fit into digital players, smart phones, TV/Radio, and other audio devices with the help of 3.5 mm audio jack. You do not have to run searching for compatible devices as it follows the universal standards.
  • Absolute clarity and clear sound along with safe volume levels
  • This device offers total comfort and your ears will enjoy the freedom of listening without a burden to hold.
  • These speakers keep you alert from the surrounding sounds and do not isolate you from your current state. You can listen to the music as well as stay alert when you get an emergency call from your loved one.
  • You can toss and turn, move freely with these under- the- pillow speakers.
  • Takes you to the sleep world with your favorite choice of music or story

Pillowsonic Stereo Pillow Speakers Fm 15 – How Does It Feel?

To start with, this piece comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. FM 15 looks sleek and stylish with the soft acoustic foam material. It has a flat design and it stays put under the pillow without displacing. The acoustic foam material used is a non-slip, durable version that keeps the speakers at hold. The digital micro-speakers, when placed under the pillow, allow you to listen to anything in private without disturbing others in your room. Having two such speakers means both the partners can hear something different without disturbing each other.

It eliminates the need of having ear buds and headsets that are irritating once we are off to sleep. Pillowsonic FM 15 has two digital speakers that provide clear sounds and safe volumes even if you use a dense pillow. When you play the audio, you can listen to the music anywhere or almost from the entire surface areas of your pillow. This gives you the freedom to toss, turn, and listen from wherever you want. I am a combination sleeper and I love this thing due to this one main reason. To store the Smartphone they have provided a nice back pocket. You do not have to bother with your phone or iPod while off to sleep as it remains safe underneath.

If you are a cleanliness freak then you have the option to remove the outer foam cover of the speaker and wash it as you like. Only the foam covers I mean and not the speakers. Well, obvious but as a precaution, I need to put this out here. This speaker does not use any battery or power source and it is easy to carry around wherever you travel. The sound quality is matchless and simply amazing. I have never tried other brands, as this being my first pick. I am seriously happy that I made this choice.

Customer Reviews

According to the customers, Pillowsonic FM15 stereo pillow speakers help to listen to music without any hurdles and allow you to sleep comfortably. Most of them say that it is easy to use and relaxation is a guarantee as you can hear every bit of sound. The best part is that you can hear music from any part of your pillow and not miss even a single beat.

Customers also love this because they get the stereo effect with the two digital speakers. The sound quality is superb and gives a different feel. I guess there is no other better way to hear music and listen to podcasts while off to sleep. You can adjust the volumes as you like and listen to your favorite audio files without any disturbance. If you check for reviews at the Amazon, you might find both positive and negative reviews. I am not sure what went wrong with customers who did not find this impressive. As far as I am concerned, I love this speaker and the reasonable price it comes.


Listening to audio files at night is a habit that most of us have cultivated with the advent of gadgets. Wearing headphones every time is not a good idea, especially at night. You need to give some space and freedom to your ears and body. The best way, to not bother your ears and at the same time listen to music is to use pillow speakers. Trust me they are simply great and easy to use. The quality sounds caress your senses and take you to the sleep slowly. Imagine listening to ASMR videos using pillow speakers… they are just heavenly and a euphoric experience in all together.