Winkbeds Mattress

Customer reviews suggest that WinkBeds mattresses has a feeling of sleeping on a cloud. The coil layer below the top foam layer improves air circulation and also gives the feeling of sleeping on a cloud

Are you looking for the perfect mattress that can wake you up feeling refreshed and comfortable? Then this one is for you. Parklane mattresses are one of the promising brands in the mattress industry that offers a clear path to comfort. Parklane mattresses offer high-quality mattress products at the most affordable price to help people get the good sleep they are looking for.

Buying a mattress requires good research. When you select a mattress, you want to feel great and know that you have made a smart decision – the one that fits your needs and lifestyle. This is where Parklane mattresses play their role.

Parklane Mattresses – Products

All the sleep products of Parklane benefit the people who buy them. They design and create their own mattresses and use nothing below high-quality components like high density foam and more wood in the foundation. Parklane mattresses offer direct-to-consumer model to ensure that they offer a high level of quality and service at a modest price. Buying a quality mattress is a great investment and so make it worthwhile with Parklane mattresses.

Buy Parklane mattresses for an exceptional sleeping experience

Whether you buy a mattress today or after 5 years, the ultimate goal is to sleep well. The team at Parklane mattresses offer a completely open and pressure-free experience. What sets Parklane mattresses apart is that they manufacture their own brand of mattresses and foundations giving you the ultimate experience in comfort, support and durability. The Parklane mattress factory is situated at Tualatin, Oregon and is considered to be one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the greater Portland area.

Parklane mattresses top products

The Westover mattresses from Parklane

The Westover mattress features a layer of high-density soy-based foam for maximum comfort. The core of this mattress is wrapped with Marshall Coils. These innersprings are renowned for minimising the motion transfer because the coils move independently of each other. Marshal coil mattresses are very common among couples. Marshal coil mattresses will relieve your pressure points and conform to your body to provide individualized comfort night after night. In addition, the Westover’s foam encased edge extends your sleeping surface and prevent mattress roll off.

The Thurman Green Mattresses from Parklane

The Thurman series of Parklane mattresses come under handcrafted eco-friendly mattresses. These natural mattresses feature two comfort layers – the first consist of a generous layer of 4-pound gel foam for pressure point relief and the second layer consists of firm natural Talalay latex for luxurious support. At the centre of the mattress lies the high-density soy based foam surrounded by foam encased edge support to extend your sleeping surface. The firm soy-foam base offers increased stability for a restful night’s sleep. These mattresses offer 15-year warranty.

The Morrison Offset Coil Mattresses

Among the Parklane mattresses, the Morrison mattresses are the firmest mattresses that feature 2 layers of high density soy-based foam for improved comfort. The Morrison mattress is orthopedically designed to help you maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The core of this mattress provides a stabilized sleeping surface and overall support. Additionally, the Morrison’s foam encased edge supports will extend your sleeping surface to prevent mattress roll off. The mattress comes with a total thickness of approx 11”. The first layer of the mattress consists of firm-high-density soy-based foam and the second layer includes medium high-density soy-based foam. All wood used in this mattress is sourced from sustainable North American forests. The mattress comes with a 15-year warranty.

The Glisan Mattresses from Parklane

Are you looking for a superior mattress in comfort, luxury and durability? Then buy The Glisan Mattress from Parklane. The Glisan is a luxurious mattress that comes with a plush layer of 5-pound memory foam that conforms to your body to provide individual comfort and pressure joint relief. The second layer of Glisan comprises of 4-pound gel foam providing superior support, optimized weight distribution and reducing the overall pressure placed on your joints. Glisan provides supportive night and goes towards your overall sleep experience. The Glisan mattress comes with a high-density soy-based foam core. They provide 15-year warranty.

Parklane ecofriendly mattresses (hybrid-green mattresses)

  • The Alameda
  • The Hawthorne
  • The Market
  • The Powell
  • The Taylor
  • The Thurman


The Alameda

Parklane mattress brings an exclusive range of green mattresses that are natural and good for your body. The Alameda mattress comes with a plush layer of 4-pound gel foam over a comfort layer of soft natural Talalay latex. The base of this mattress is made of medium firm natural Talalay latex core for superior support. Latex is biodegradable and makes an excellent option for people who suffer from allergies.

The Hawthorne

The Hawthorne premium mattresses are the best of eco-friendly mattresses for superior comfort and pressure point relief. This mattress comes with a layer of 5-pound memory foam and another layer of soft natural Talalay latex and a mini Marshall Coil system for support and comfort. At the core lies the high density, medium-firm soy foam which offers increased stability for a good night sleep.

The Market

The Market is made from eco-friendly materials. The spring less mattress features a premium knit cover for a luxurious sleep feeling. At its core, the Market uses a thick layer of high-density medium soy-based foam ensuring both comfort and support. In addition, the soy-based foam provides increased stability. The Market mattress comes with 15-year warranty and a total thickness of approx. 7”.

The Powell

The Powell eco-friendly mattresses from Parklane Mattresses feature one layer of soft natural Talalay latex over another layer of high-density soy-based foam for maximum support and comfort. The core of Parklane Powell mattresses consist of a thick layer of high-density, medium soy-based foam which acts as an eco-friendly support system. All the wood used for The Powell mattress is sourced from sustainable North American forests. The mattress has a total thickness of approximately 10”.

The Taylor

Another premium mattress from Parklane is the Taylor mattress. Taylor mattresses are created for superior comfort and pressure point relief. The core of the mattress has a thick layer of high-density medium firm soy-based foam which is covered by a foam encased edge supports to extend your sleeping surface. This mattress comes in a box-top like design which includes one layer of firm natural and second layer of 5-pound memory foam and mini marshall coil system for comfort and support. Soy-based foam base is used for increased stability and restful sleep. The mattress has a total thickness of approx 14”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Parklane Mattresses reviews?

Yes, the official website of Parklane Mattress shows many genuine reviews given by the customers after using the Parklane Mattresses.



Is Parklane mattresses available at Vancouver and Pearl?

Yes, Parklane mattresses is available in Vancouver, Washington. Parklane Mattresses makes your mattress selection easy to match you to the perfect bed.

Parklane mattresses in the Pearl is your local sleep expert. They offer a 90-night comfort guarantee to make sure you are on the right bed.

Where all can I find Parklane Mattresses locations?

Beaverton, Broadway, Cedar hills, Clackamas, Gresham, Lake Oswego, The Pearl, Salem, Sherwood and Vancouver.

Where are the Parklane Mattresses made?

All of Parklane mattresses wood is sourced from sustainable North American forests. Parklane mattresses are designed by the company itself. They don’t sell products from big, assembly-line manufacturers. Instead the team at Parklane Mattresses handicraft each and every one of their products themselves right in their own manufacturing units. This ensures a better, more quality mattress on the whole.

Is Parklane Mattress available at Amazon?

Yes, Parklane Mattress is listed in Amazon. You can either buy from the official website of Parklane or from Amazon.

Does Parklane Mattresses offer sales promotions and coupon codes?

Parklane Mattresses offers “True Minimum Price” everyday so that you can buy Parklane Mattresses on your timetable. When you choose Parklane Mattresses, there is no need to rush or wait for a weekend sale or limited offers.

Are there any Parklane Mattress complaints registered?

So far, no complaints have been registered. Customers who used Parklane Mattresses were very much satisfied with the mattress. They said they were able to get a restful sleep.

How much clearance is required for a Parklane Mattress delivery?

No matter what the size of your mattress is, the delivery team at Parklane will need a minimum clearance of 60 inches between walls and railings. They will also need a minimum clearance of 65 inches between the floor and the ceiling for a twin, twin XL, full or queen mattress and 80 inches for a king or Califirnia King mattress.

Where is the latex of Parklane Mattress made?

All the latex of Parklane mattress comes from Latex international, the largest producer of Taslalay latex in the United States. The latex is poured and formed at Latex International’s facility in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Are Parklane Mattresses recyclable?

Parklane mattresses are 85% recyclable. Parklane Mattresses were the first mattresses to adopt this process.