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Parklane Mattress Reviews – Bed Frame, RV Beds and more

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Though Parklane is the expensive street of London, the mattress with the same name is not! Be ready for a comfort-filled, very relaxing and energizing sleeping ride with Parklane Mattresses. The Parklane Mattress reviews show how much the customers are in love with the mattress! Parklane has been manufacturing customer friendly mattresses for as long as 1921. And they offer their product and services at a modest price.

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The Parklane mattresses are handcrafted and well built. Parklane even has bed frames and pillows apart from mattresses in its store. Parklane has varieties in its mattresses. The following are the different types of mattresses present at Parklane.

The Handcrafted Coil Mattresses

  • The Alder
  • The Belmont
  • The Cornell
  • The Hawthrone
  • The Hoyt
  • The Irving
  • The Lovejoy
  • The Morrison
  • The Prescott
  • The Pettygrove
  • The Quimby
  • The Stanton
  • The Tillamook
  • The Westover

The Handcrafted Memory Foam & Gel Foam Mattresses

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  • The Broadway
  • The Glisan
  • The Uptown
  • The Handcrafted Hybrid-green mattresses
  • The Powell
  • The Thurman
  • The Handcrafted Latex mattresses
  • The Alameda
  • The Macadam
  • The Overton

You will find the above mentioned mattresses in every size. Mattresses that are affordable, provide comfort and support and are durable are very rare to be found. Consider Parklane mattresses to be one of those rare ones. Parklane mattresses are active supporters of the mattress recycling cause. Recycling mattress is a very big problem that the world is facing. If the mattresses are not properly disposed, they can create big nuisance. You can be a part of Parklane mattresses, mattress recycling mission. If you want they will take your old mattress for recycling, while bringing your order. But for that you will have to inform the company beforehand itself, while placing the order. Being a part of the recycle mission will cost you a few bucks, but then few bucks spent on a greater cause, a cause to save the environment from getting polluted, is worth the money spent. In a way it is beneficial for you too. Since you are buying a new mattress, you will have to do something about the old one. It is OK if you have a spare room to place your old one; it is a big question as to what to do with the old mattress. Giving it away to charity is one option, but the used mattresses are not a very healthy giving option. Being a part of the mattress recycling mission is Parklane’s own way of contributing to the betterment of environment and its protection.

[Note: the recycling service that Parklane offers is only for the destination that comes within 30 miles of Tualatin, Oregon.]

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The customers are well pleased with the customer services offered at Parklane mattress shops. The customer care executives are understanding and very knowledgeable. In, short they are well trained in how to deal with customers. So, thumbs up for Parklane mattresses!

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