Avocado Green mattress

Avocado Green Mattress uses Non Toxic material to build an ecofriendly bed. You will not breathe the noxious fumes from Artificial Foam as Avocado green mattress uses 100% natural dunol Latex. Read more on Avocad mattress here

Why Organic Mattresses?

Organic Mattress ise the most preferred and healthy mattresses. We spend one-third of our life sleeping! Most of the ordinary mattresses are made from synthetic materials like petroleum based polyester, nylon or polyurethane foam. Many of these mattresses emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) when they are new. These mattresses then go through the flame-retardant process which again uses chemicals like boric acids, phosphates or silicon. The mattress covers too are flame-resistant, again using various chemicals. All these chemicals can cause various allergic reactions including skin allergies to the users. Hence the need for organic mattresses. A wide range of the best and popular organic mattresses are available at Asheville, in NC, USA.

What are organic mattresses made from?

An Organic mattress is mainly made from three popular natural products.

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  • Wool: Wool labeled as ‘Pure Grow Wool’ is taken from organically raised sheep. All natural and untreated wool that are available are resistant to fire and also dust and mite. These make for great organic mattresses.
  • Organic cotton makes for good organic mattresses. But the catch with organic cotton is that it is not fire resistant and hence does not comply with the consumer product safety commission. Hence in mattresses which use organic cotton, the cotton has to be wrapped in wool for it to pass the safety tests.
  • Natural latex is one of the most popular natural products used in the manufacture of organic mattresses. Derived from the bark of rubber trees, the latex goes through various treatment processes before use to remove the allergy causing proteins present in them. Natural latex may be of natural Dunlop latex or natural Talalay latex.

Organic mattresses do not contain any of the harmful and toxic chemicals and hence should be the logical choice for all people who love natural products.

A word of caution

Customers are however advised against buying mattresses which may be termed “eco”. Some products like ‘Plant derived’ or ‘soybean’ foam are not made from soy foam but contain a very high percentage of chemicals or petrochemical products. Similarly, “bamboo fabrics” are not made from bamboos at all. These products are not natural and customers are advised to check the labels thoroughly before falling for ‘eco’ labels. Also check for Certifications.

Buy Organic Mattresses from Asheville

Organic mattresses are long lasting, comfortable and environmentally sustainable. The organic mattress is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. They do not have a build up of heat and moisture. Organic materials like those made from latex do not transfer motion and hence reduces bouncing especially while sharing the mattresses. Latex is also bio-degradable and very easy to dispose off.

So whether you are buying Organic mattresses from Asheville or anywhere in the U.S., do look for the best brands of Organic mattresses. Though the price is slightly higher, they are a very healthy option being chemical and pesticide free. They are also hypo-allergenic making it a great sleeping option for infants, children and adults. So start shopping now!