The back pain you are dealing with right now might be your mattress. That’s right. Worn out inner coils from your mattress is displaying signs of retirement on your body via back pain. If you have inadvertently purchased a wrong mattress, I feel sorry for you. However, it is never too late to set things right. Now, I assume you have heard about Olejo stores. You are even planning a purchase. But before you do, read this first.

I recently got hold upon a website called Olejo stores that boasts of having anything from everything you need to enhance the look of your home. This includes bedding to lightings to fountains for your home. They even have mattresses of top brands such as Spring Air, Serta, Beauty Rest etc. and more. In this article, we are taking a dig on the mattress section. Basically, that’s what we do here. We cover everything related to mattress here in this website.

Types of Mattress

Here are few of the mattress types that they carry depending on your likes and comfort.

Winkbeds Mattress

What makes Winkeds a hybrid mattress? WinkBeds has 2” hypersoft and gel memory foam layer on top followed by 2 levels of spring coils.The individually wrapped coils in the support layer helps to conform to the body better

Innerspring Mattress

Olejo stores offers you spring mattress that comes with different comfort levels such as firm mattress, plush mattress and so on. Traditional spring mattress come with high quality spring bed. They can stand the test of time with increased comfort and support. They also possess a luxurious knit cover making it a definite steal.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress are visco elastic cells that support your body’s heat. They absorb excess heat thus keeping you cool. These luxury mattress also takes the shape of your body when you sleep giving you a floating experience. It takes the pressure from your body by recording your spine alignment. Therefore, you will feel much more support on your spine.

Latex Mattress

An eco friendly permanent sleep solution is what is offered by Olejo stores via prominent quality latex mattress. This product comes with multi channel air flow system that creates a comfort zone at day’s end. The natural ingredients of the latex and bamboo fiber cover oozes additional heat thus keeping you cool at all seasons.

Other types of beds by Olejo Stores include, air mattress, hybrid ones, kids mattress, water bed and so on. You can even opt for recliners, mattress covers, toppers, pillows and more.

Available in all sizes such as King, Cal King, Queen, Twin and so on, Olejo stores provides you a great deal on any mattress you choose at a discounted price without compromising on quality.

For those who are dealing with a sensitive body and a skin, you can choose hypoallergenic mattress and organic mattress that are gentle on your skin.

Olejo Stores Reviews

To be honest, Olejo Stores has only handful of “good” reviews to talk about. Rest of them range from bad to worst.

Good reviews claim that company is quite easy to deal with. They also offer you excellent support right from ordering the product to delivery to post delivery issues, if any.

Now comes the dark side. Many sites such as, have reviews from users who say that the mattress are of poor quality. The customer service even lack the decency to help them sort the issues users are facing.

In fact, customer service is one of the worst ever faced by users when it comes to mattress companies online. One user says that he has been charged twice for the mattress he purchased and when asked for a refund was put on hold without a prompt reply or refund.

This is something Olejo stores must keep in mind and make immediate changes, if they want to survive in online business. This is costing them good customer support as well.

Here are few of the Olejo stores mattress consumer reviews.

“Not at all happy” – (from

I do not recommend this company to anyone. Purchased a king mattress and two boxsprings. They claimed delivery in 24 hours to 5 days as mentioned in the website. The delivery men came with one of the two box and the mattress. What the heck are we supposed to do with one boxspring for a king mattress. After making good amount of calls, the company claimed that the bed was made to order. I never heard of such a thing as made to order mattress. They also blamed the manufacturer for the one box spring. What we saved from the company we lost in stress, both physical and mental.

“Beware of them” – (

I am dealing with bunch of BS with Olejo stores over a recliner that I purchased and some of it broke right after putting it together. I am not sure how this will turn out to be but anyone who is planning to buy from them – BEWARE. Oh, another thing, they tell you no tax, but will charge it anyway.

They however, did refund my money which I didn’t expect but use your own judgment while buying anything.

“Bad customer service” – (

I ordered bunk beds for me and my husband. The sales rep knew what the beds were meant for. The beds arrived 10 days late from the expected date with “Donco Kids” stamped on the boxes. I called to complain and was told that Olejo does not carry any adult bunk beds and if I want to return them I had to pay 40% of the sales price in fees. Worst it took more than a month to get a supervisor answer my emails. I was re-directed and absolutely ignored.

This conpany should not be allowed to be in business. They care less about the customers satisfaction and primary objective is to sell something just to make few bucks.


I have been writing about mattress reviews for a while now and this is clearly not a good news for Olejo Stores. Now, I need not ramble further about the company as this is a clear cut evidence that the quality might be good (since they are affiliates of other branded mattress companies) but the delivery and the customer support play a crucial role when it comes to any company and Olejo Stores clearly lack these two pillars.