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Wayfair Nora Hybrid & Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Nora by Wayfair is a plushy, firm bed that offers a quality sleep to the users. Equally, the bed made using the luxurious layers, perfectly conforms to your body figure… no matter how many times you change positions. Further, check on the reviews to know more on the softness and firmness features offered by these beds. Keep on reading!

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Nora Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

Nora and Nora’s hybrid is affordable beds that have been rated with 5/5 stars by most of the satisfied customers. They are saying – it’s a perfect bed that is designed to last longer offering a high rest to the back and side sleepers. Besides, other prominent features like low movement transfer, softness, removable and washable bedding are something which makes this mattress unique.

Best Mattress Models from Nora Mattress

Nora and Nora’s hybrid mattress are the two best selling mattresses, made using the supportive, cooling technology. However, the breathable layer of these mattresses offers you the needed comfort, making you want-to-stay in the bed forever.

Nora Mattress

This Nora mattress is an ultra-breathable bed featuring four luxurious layers, covered with a woven gemstone jade. Equally, the layers of this cooling memory foam are beautiful as it supports a great foam cradle and effectively contours every part of your body by minimizing motion disturbance. While the gel infusion layer regulates the body temperature and is compressed and rolled in a box and delivered right at your doorstep.

Nora Mattress Features

  • The comfort level is firm.
  • Foam type used is the memory foam.
  • Mattress top type is tight top.
  • It’s a mattress in a box where box springs are included.

Nora Hybrid Mattress

This is a luxurious hybrid bed that is specially optimized for great support and pressure relief. It includes individually encased coil springs mixed with resilient foam to offer a contouring support to the sleepers. Besides, it features the same jade infused cover, similar to that of Nora. Equally, the gel infused cooling foam is thermo regulating in nature that keeps you cool all night by drawing heat away from your body. All the premium materials added in this mattress are the CertiPUR US certified, hypoallergenic resistant to mold, bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

Nora Hybrid Mattress Features

  • Comfort level offered is medium.
  • Foam type used is memory foam, gel memory foam.
  • Mattress top type is tight top.
  • Equally, it’s a mattress in a box.
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Nora Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

Yes, both Nora and Nora mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. You can refer their weight and dimensions chart for more related info.

Nora Mattress Specifications

Foam type usedMemory foam
Comfort  level offeredFirm
Cover includedYes, it is removable and machine washable in nature
Mattress layerPolyurethane
Mattress in a boxYes
Cooling technologyYes
Mattress top typeTight top
Compatible with an adjustable baseYes
No of layers present4

Nora Hybrid Mattress specifications

Comfort level offeredMedium
Mattress top typeTight top
Foam type usedMemory foam, gel memory foam
Hypoallergenic in natureYes
Fire resistantYes
Cooling technologyYes
Compatible with an adjustable baseYes
Number of layers5
Low motion transferYes
Coil typePocket coil
Coil count – twin size392
Coil count – twin XL size420
Coil count – queen size660
Coil count – full size560
Coil count – king size870
Coil count – California king size864
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Independent Reviews On Nora Mattress

Nora Mattress reviews

Nora mattress has received 4.6 stars out of 5. Further, stated below are few honest user reviews for your reference. Just have a look on them for every possible detail stated.

  • William says “My delivery arrived in a good condition and it’s a pretty good bed for me. I found it based on a review on the mattress site. All thanks to Nora as their beds are really awesome and cheaper… I will never go back again.”
  • Michelle says “Initially, I was nervous to get a mattress online. But it ended up with such a positive experience as Nora is the most comfortable mattress I have ever bought…”
  • Kara says “After a long search I replaced my Sealy innerspring mattress with Nora. I love the luxury offered by this 12” luxury, thick bed and it really helps me stay cool throughout the entire night. Highly recommended option.”
  • Jamie says “Great buy! My husband and I were looking for something special which could fit our comfort needs and that’s how we brought Nora. It’s a great bed that exceeded our expectations. Besides, the shipping was quick and the packaging is also neat. Overall, it’s great and I don’t think you can really beat it in terms of comfort and price.”
  • Jean says “I am so happy we decided to opt for this memory foam mattress. Really, the shock absorbent quality of this mattress is amazing. Overall, the cooling cover is a major plus. Now, I don’t even notice my husband getting up or moving late nights. We love it! Our dog loves it too.”
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Nora Hybrid Mattress Reviews

  • Ryan says “This mattress is really amazing! Unboxing and setup are also a lot easier. For me, the mattress looks great and sleeps even better…”
  • Jenn says “I have slept on this mattress for a couple of nights and had no bad hip pain. Love it!”
  • Jason says “This is a good mattress and its packing was awful. However, I recommend it to all my friends.”
  • Gina says “So far it’s very good! Great for my guest room.”
  • Daniel says “My Nora hybrid mattress is great. Got this on a sale and haven’t look back. Love it! Worth every penny.”
  • Natalie says “I love this bed. It’s super supportive for me.”
  • Joseph says “Comfortable bed, I haven’t slept on it and felt it comfortable without spending more. For me, this is the best mattress I have ever owned.”
  • Evan says “The mattress showed up right on time and it is in great condition. Really this mattress is supportive and offers a cooling foam to the user.”
  • Dara says “5 stars! All is what I can say. Nothing much to exclaim.”

Nora Mattress Comparison

Nora MattressNora Hybrid Mattress
This an expertly crafted, the excellent mattress made using quality materialsThis is a great mattress, made with classic comfort and optimized support.
Construction Made using a body contouring memory foam Thermo regulating foam layer Supportive foam base layer Jade infused cooling coverConstruction Features hundreds of individually wrapped coils Body contouring memory foam Thermo regulating foam layer Jade infused cooling cover
Benefits This bed adapts to all sleeping positions Gives supportive pressure relief Offers minimal motion transferBenefits This bed adapts to all sleeping positions Offers targeted pressure relief Boosts motion isolation Optimized for edge support

Recommended by customers and featured on the ellen show. One of the best mattress for sleep problems

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How is Nora Mattress Made

Nora Mattress

These beds are safe, designed using CertiPUR -US foams and they won’t produce any off-gas nasty toxins.

  • Layer 1 – This is the top layer, made using the jade infused cover. It is specially constructed to keep things cooler on the surface.
  • Layer 2 – Features 2” gel infused memory foam that perfectly contours around your body.
  • Layer 3 – Features 3” of gel infused cooling foam which is firmer on the top layer to provide more pressure point relief.
  • Layer 4 – Two 3.5” layers of high-density support foam on the bottom layers compress and ventilates the bed, giving more support and pressure point relief to the user.

Nora Hybrid Mattress

Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Nora Mattress

Twin38”W x 75”L
Twin XL38”W x 80”L
Full54” W x 75”L
Queen60”W x 80”L
King76”W x 80”L
California King Size72”W x 84”L

Nora Hybrid Mattress

Twin38”W x 75”L65.5 lb
Twin XL38”W x 80”L70.4 lb
Full54”W x 75”L86 lb
Queen60”W x 80”L102.3 lb
King76”W x 80”L146.3 lb
California King Size72”W x 84”L147.6 lb

Adjustable base For Nora Mattress

Nora mattress perfectly works on the adjustable bed frames. It is available in various dimensions and you can easily check them on the seller’s website.

This Nora adjustable base offers a complete support to your sleep system. In addition, the base offers a range of health benefits – like increased blood circulation, decreased snoring and acid reflux.

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  • Adjustable legs for 3 different height options – 4”, 6.5” or combined 10.5”.
  • Power – Full electric.
  • Massage function – Yes.
  • Available in – Full, King, Twin XL, and Queen sizes.

Mattress Pads by Nora Mattress

Using the mattress pads provides a wonderful layer of comfort and warmth to the users. Besides, it appropriately reacts to the pressure, temperature and gives a weightlessness sensation to the users. But, at present, mattress pads are not available with the Nora dealers. Better, you refer the seller’s website for every single info stated.

Nora Mattress Cover/Topper

Nora Mattress features a jade infused cover that offers a ‘cool to touch’ features to the user. Besides, the fabric is washable and it stays several degrees below your body temperature. Thus, it helps with thermoregulation.

Nora Mattress Bedding Accessories

Nora mattress bedding accessories include a Nora pillow, Nora adjustable base, and Nora mattress foundation.

Nora pillow – This is a beautiful pillow, specially designed using the gemstone jade. The natural cooling properties offered by Nora keeps the surface of the pillow cooler, ensuring a complete’s night sleep. While, the memory foam added provides a needed comfort to your head, neck and shoulder areas. Thus, making it suitable for the side, back and stomach sleepers.


  • Overall dimension – 16”L.
  • Comfort level offered is medium.
  • Sleep positions include side, back, and stomach.
  • Filled material – memory foam.
  • Includes a soft, beautifully tailored knit cover which is specially designed to disperse the body heat away.
  • Equally, the featured zippered removable cover is machine washable and it can be used without a standard pillowcase.

Nora Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

  • Nora Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee – The company offers a 100 night trial period on both their Nora and hybrid mattress varieties. So, you can return them anytime (within 100 nights), in case you don’t like the beds.
  • Nora Mattress warranty – Nora comes with a 10-year warranty period on their beds. So, you can repair them within the prescribed period, in case any wear and tear happens to your mattresses.

Discount Prices On Nora Mattress

Wayfair offers 20 to 25% off on their Nora and Nora hybrid beds. 50% off on every major purchase of products from their site, 60% off on their sale items and much more. Further, you can visit Wayfair for more deals and interesting offers on Nora.

Nora Mattress Return Policy

The company offers a 100 night free trial on their Nora beds. So, you can return them anytime in case you won’t experience a quality sleep. Check with the site for more basic details.

Nora Mattress Shipping & Delivery

Generally, Nora mattresses are shipped through USPS, FedEx system. However, it takes about 1 to 2 days for processing the orders and 1 to 7 business day to deliver them to the users. Visit their website for more!

Nora Mattress Setup & Installation

Setup and installation of this mattress are quite easy. These mattresses arrive compressed, rolled in a box. All you need to unwrap and unroll the beds on your foundation and it will automatically start expanding to its full size (however, this may take about 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand to its shape).

Nora Mattress Complaints & Consumer Reports

So far, there are no bad reviews or any complaints launched against these beds. Hence, you can buy these CertiPUR US certified mattresses without any major worries.

Nora Mattress BBB Business Profile

Well, Nora mattress is not BBB accredited. But no worries! The mattress is absolutely safe and you will find only positive reviews stated for these beds.

Nora Mattress Scam

No not at all! Nora mattress is not a scam. Both Nora and Nora hybrid mattress is well built, made according to the eco and ethical policies. Overall, it offers a reasonable comfort, cooling sleep and support to the users. Check them for deep understanding.

Are Bed bugs in Nora Mattress a Possibility

Yes, Bed bugs infestation generally occurs in the mattresses (even if the company claims the bed is free from all kinds of infestations). Hence, it would be better you create a bedbug-free zone or prefer taking heat treatment methods to kill them.

Is Nora Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, Nora and Nora’s hybrid mattresses are good for your back pain troubles. Besides, it is lightweight and offers the right firmness levels to the users, no matter how many times you change positions. This makes the bed suitable for spinal alignment and anyone suffering back injury.

Is Nora Mattress Non-Toxic

No, Nora mattress is non-toxic in nature. The mattress is perfect! Made using the quality CertiPUR US certified foams. Thus, it’s good both for the user and the environment. All you will want to nap a little longer, simply chill and relax.

Nora Mattress Firmness Analysis

Nora beds feature a comfort level of 7.5 out of 10. However, sleeping on these beds will help you avail the right amounts of weight and pressure supported by the layers from below.

Nora Mattress Frames & Foundation

Features steel construction with metal center rail for the needed mattress support. Besides, it showcases 8” plastic and steel legs, wooden slats for frame reinforcement and is quite easy to assemble.

  • Yes, Nora Mattresses works great with any base including an adjustable base. You can check for their Nora mattress foundation available at their site. It’s an upholstered platform bed frame available in grey featuring 8” plastic and steel legs.

Other features include:

  • The foundation is very quick and easy to assemble.
  • It features wooden slats for frame reinforcement, including steel construction with metal center rail for additional support.

Besides this, other alternatives include a floor, slated or box spring foundation, any flat surface.

The Nora Mattress Blog

Well, no particular blogs are available on Nora mattresses. Hence, it’s better you search for other interesting blogs available online.

Nora Mattress Factory Location & Headquarters

Nora by Wayfair has numerous headquarters at different places like Massachusetts, Germany, UK. You can check their official website for more information on these Corporate Offices.

Nora Mattress Dealers & retailers Near Me

These Nora beds are not available in the local stores in your nearby vicinity. Hence, you purchase them online from the manufacturer’s website or from other websites (where you can buy these beds for a cheap, affordable price tag).

Nora Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

The contact number of Nora mattress is (844) 220-1087. You may call them anytime for clearing all your doubts and worries on Nora beds. Their working hours are from Monday to Friday (8 am midnight), Saturday (8 am to 8 pm) and Sunday (9 am to 6 pm).

Black Friday Deals & Sales on Nora Mattress

No, currently there are no Black Friday Deals available on Nora beds. But you never lose hope and keep checking their Wayfair for their most interesting offers and upcoming Black Friday deals.

Nora Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

Nora mattresses are shipped via FedEx, UPS delivery system to all its customers. Generally, it takes around 1 to 7 business days to transit them to the users. Refer, the site for more in-depth analysis.

Nora Mattress Financing

The company offers a Wayfair Credit Card option to the users. There are many benefits associated with this card as they offer $40 off on the first order, no annual fee, 3% rewards on qualifying orders, 36-month financing option on eligible orders and much more. Look them out for better understanding.

Nora Mattress in Stores

Well, no particular information is mentioned on the availability of Nora mattresses in stores. Hence, it would be better you check them online itself.

Nora Mattress Safety & Certifications

Nothing to worry on the safety issues of these mattresses. Overall, the beds are purely made using the CertiPUR US certified foams. Thus, you will not find any toxic, lead components added in these beds.

Maintenance On Nora Mattress

No basic information is available on the cleaning and maintenance of these Nora beds. Hence, it would be great you check other websites for interesting blogs on the maintenance of these beds.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns related to Nora Mattress

Yes, there would be a slight odor when you first open the box of Nora mattresses. But, don’t worry the smell will dissipate over a couple of days.

Motion Transfer on a Nora Mattress

Motion transfer in Nora is very good and is considered as the best option why couples switch from innerspring to the memory foam.

Sagging Problems in Nora Mattress

There is no excessive sinkage offered by these mattresses. However, the mattress is great, made using different foam types, firmness levels, and densities.

Brands That are Equivalent to Nora Mattress

No major details are available on best selling brands that are equivalent to the Nora beds. Thus, it would be good to clarify with their official website or other websites sharing excellent details on Nora.

Nora Mattress Video Ads & Promo’s

For Nora mattress video ads and promo’s you can refer the links

They will provide you with very detailed information on these Nora beds. Check this link to learn more.

The Nora Mattress Giveaway

At present, there no Nora mattress giveaway offers available with Wayfair. Still, you keep checking their site, as you could easily win a mattress with their special giveaway offers.

The Nora Mattress Lawsuit

There are no lawsuit or legal criminal cases filed against these Nora beds. It is constructed using the best quality foams that effectively contours your body and provides the needed pressure relief while sleeping.Conclusion In conclusion, Nora is definitely a good mattress to sleep on. It delivers its promise to provide a good night’s sleep to the user. So, buy them to know the real difference between yourselves.

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