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Nolah Nurture 10″ Mattress

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  • Flippable Matters with 2 Comfort Levels
  • All Natural Latex
  • Organic Cotton and Wool, Certified
  • 10-year protection warranty against damages for $0.99
  • Available in 3 Sizes

Best Features of The Nolah Nurture 10″ Mattress

The Nolah nurture mattress is designed for kids. There are only 3 sizes, The twin, Twin XL and Full.
All Organic Components: The mattress is crafted from Natural latex, organic wool and organic cotton. All of which are certified by reputed organisations. This ensures that the mattress is not treated with chemicals, which are hazardous to your child’s health. the mattress is safe for kids with allergies and asthma.

Double-sided, Flippable, Dual comfort: It’s common to have kids with different preferences from time to time and also while they grow up. When you need a mattress to match the needs of your growing child, your mattress should also provide the same. the flippable Nurture 10″ mattress by Nolah comes with Firm comfort levels on one side while the other side is firm. You can choose between the firmness level depending on which firmness your kids prefer. When your child wants to move from plush to firm over time, you will not require to buy a new mattress.

Durable: The Nolah nurture mattress has the same construction and details as all the other mattresses from Nolah. They are crafted to perfection and made to last over years. the Talalay latex prevents sagging and lasts a decade and often more. the organic Cotton and wool layers are not just hypoallergenic but help protect the mattress from bacteria and allergens. The ultra-durable coil system, individually wrapped, lasts years and remains supportive throughout the life of the mattress.

Who this mattress is for

Children between the age of 5 and 18: the mattress, though designed for kids, will support teens too. The mattress is perfect for anyone between the age of 8 and 18. Kids below the age of 8 may find the mattress too big but still, it’s a great mattress even for kids below 8 it’s a great mattress. Being natural, the mattress is a perfect choice, especially if your kids are sensitive to allergens or are asthmatic.


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