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Nolah Mattress & Topper

Nolah Evolution 15″ Mattress

Nolah Evolution is a 15-inch Luxury mattress with HDMax Trizone Technology and AirfoamIce. The mattress is cool, Conforming and pressure-relieving. The Evolution is the Best selling mattress in the Nolah mattress range. The targeted back support with responsive pressure relief makes the evolution a preferred mattress for people with back pain

Best Known For

  • Airfoam Ice with ArcticTex Cooling
  • TriZone Spinal Support
  • Available in 3 firmness

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Nolah Nurture 10″ Mattress

The Nolah Nurture 10-inch mattress is a natural durable mattress with Talalay latex for kids. The targeted support of individually wrapped coils makes the mattress comfortable for kids. The mattress comes with an organic cotton cover and organic wool. The two-sided flippable mattress comes with a 10-year protection plan.

Best Known For

  • Double-Sided Firmness
  • Durable and Cooling
  • All Natural and Organic

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Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress

The Nolah Natural 11-inch mattress is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. The mattress is made of Talalay Latex and is a hybrid with HDMax Trizone Technology. The organic cotton covers are luxurious. The GOTS Certified wool with the Punctured Talalay Latex Layer helps the mattress be cool and breathable

Best Known For

  • Pressure-Relieving Talalay Latex
  • Responsive and gently contouring
  • Natural Comfort

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Nolah Signature 12 ” Mattress

The Nolah Signature 12-inch mattress is crafted especially for people with back pain, hip pain, and shoulder and neck pain issues. The mattress helps with pressure points and pain around the hips shoulders and joints. The mattress is balanced, plush and cushioning with deep support. The mattress is temperature neutral, comes with Organic cotton and is durable.

Best Known For

  • Pressure-Relieving AirFoam™
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

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Nolah 10-inch Original Mattress Mattress

The 100% Foam mattress by Nolah, the Nolah original 10 inch provides Comfort and support for a decent price. The mattress offers excellent cooling, Pressure relief, and good contouring. The Nolah original mattress is durable and comes at a discount price. the mattress comes in Snow White Tencel covers with cooling AirFoam. The Nolah original is great for people with back pain, Neck Pain, hip pain, shoulder Pain and hot sleepers.

Best Known For

  • Tencel™ Cover
  • Gentle Contouring Meets Spine-Aligning Support
  • Scientifically-Proven Comfort

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CoverLayersFirmnessFoam TypeMattress Type
Evolution 15″ Cotton ArcticTex9Plush, Luxury firm, FirmAirFoamICEHybrid
Original 10″Organic Tencel 4Medium FirmAirFoamFoam
Original Hybrid 10″Organic Tencel 5Medium FirmAirFoamFoam Hybrid
Signature 12″Organic Cotton5Medium Firm (5/10)AirFoamFoam
Signature 12″ HybridOrganic Cotton6Medium FirmAirfoam+Airfoam FlexFoam Hybrid
Natural 11″Organic Cotton7Medium FirmTalalay LatexHybrid
Nurture 10″Organic Cotton7Dual Firmness (Plush and Firm)Talalay LatexHybrid
Nolah Mattress Construction in a glance
Weight CapacitySupportCoolingResponse
Nolah Original 10″225886
Nolah Original 10″ Hybrid250898
Nolah Evolution 15″ Hybrid350889
Signature 12″300887
Signature 12″ Hybrid275899
Natural 11″300889
Nolah Mattress Sleep Comfort
Sleep PositionFirmness Feel
Nolah Original 10″All5-6
Nolah Original 10″ HybridSide sleepers5
Nolah Evolution 15″ HybridAllCustom
Signature 12″All5
Signature 12″ HybridSide Sleepers4-5
Natural 11″All6
Nolah Mattress Sleep Position & Firmness

Nolah Mattress Topper

  • AirFoam Toppers, Made with the same technology as The Nolah Mattress
  • Add to old or New mattress
  • Available in Plush and Luxury firm
  • 300 times more durable than Memory Foam
  • 4 Times Better Pressure Relief than Memory Foam
  • Dissipates heat 20% faster than Memory foam
  • Organic cotton Cover, Breathable and Wicks Moisture
  • Easily attaches to mattress with Elastic bands
  • Compatible with mattresses 10″ to 15″ thickness
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Trial
  • 2″ thickness

Why Nolah Mattress Topper

A mattress topper has 2 benefits

  1. It increases the life of the mattress: The Nolah mattress toppe can be used with your existing mattress or a brand-new one. no matter what the purpose, the mattress topper will add a few years of life to your existing mattress. If your mattress is 2-3 years old, you can experience the feel of a brand-new mattress. A very old mattress is not going to benefit from a mattress topper, no matter which brand. But if your mattress is still in use and relatively comfortable, you can expect to add at least 2-3 years of life to your mattress with a topper
  2. Manage comfort: There are times when you find your mattress too firm or too soft. You like the mattress but the comfort is the only reason you are going to return your mattress. In such cases, a mattress can make the small changes you need to your comfort levels. Purchase a firm mattress topper if you want a firmer feel to your mattress or a plush mattress topper if you want a plush feel. A mattress cheaper is often a cheaper option to manage firmness levels, especially when you like everything about the mattress but the comfort level. A mattress topper will also add life to your mattress which is an added benefit.

Features of the Nolah Toppers

The Nolah Mattress toppers are made from Airfoam. Not latex, Not memory foam. Airfoam is more durable than memory foam and retains lesser heat. It dissipates heat 20% faster than memory foam. It’s breathable and cooling. Airfoam is also more supportive than memory foam. With all the benefits of latex and without the problems of memory foam, the Nolah mattress topper is cost-effective and durable.

Organic Cotton Covers of the Nolah mattress topper is moisture-wicking and keep you cool. Its breathable and being organic, also ensure that you are not allergic to the mattress topper.

The mattress topper is compatible with all mattresses with a profile between 10-inch and 15-inch thickness.

The mattress topper comes with 10-year warranty and a 30-night trial.


  • Best Mattress Topper 2022
  • Best cooling Mattress Topper
  • Best Topper for Back pain
  • Best topper for Pressure Relief