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NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress – Compare Prices

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  • Certified Organic
  • Non Toxic
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • 10 Year warranty
  • 90 Day Money back Guarantee

NighSlee mattress is one of the new online mattress brands in the US (launched in 2018) that offers you a memory foam mattress at less than $500. (YUP…YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!!) We will review the NighSlee 10” Queen Memory Foam mattress here.

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NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

So far, NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress has received positive reviews from users. People say that the product is excellent and offers ultimate support and comfort to all types of sleepers. It is a one-mattress-suits-all brand which means it works brilliantly for all sleepers irrespective of size, weight, sleeping style, and gender.

I bought this for my 3rd My parents came, and my old bed was damaged while moving. So we trashed it and were searching for a new mattress on a budget with good comfort. it is the perfect mattress for those who are on a budget. It is not only made of quality memory foam, but it comes with cooling gels that regulate your body temperature. A sure try.


Excellent high-quality mattress at the best price. It is comfortable and comes with firm memory foam with a zip-on cover to keep it clean and protected. They are vacuum-sealed for easy delivery.

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Yasmin Hoppe

Arrived even quicker than I expected. Excellent memory foam mattress. It is so comfortable that the delivery is quick and hassle-free. I ordered the NighSlee King mattress. It looks great, feels great, and has given me the best night’s sleep I have ever had. I got this again due to customer service.

There is nothing I dislike about this mattress. I love the mattress it is so soft and firm and offers better sleep.

Arrived vacuum packed and left it 24 hours before use. I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. I am a large person with arthritis so would highly recommend it. It made a difference with comfort levels that assist better quality sleep

NighSlee Mattress Models & Sizes – – King, Queen, California King, Twin

Twin39” x 75” x 10.”41 lbs
Twin XL39” x 80” x 10.”44 lbs
Full54” x 75” x 10.”57 lbs
Queen60” x 80” x 10.”67 lbs
King76” x 80” x 10.”84 lbs

NighSlee Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

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NighSleep mattress offers you a 100 nights trial period. This means you can try the bed for 100 nights and if you don’t feel comfortable, directly call customer service and ask to return. You will get a refund in 30 days. Replacing the product does not cost you anything, and the cost is covered by the company. Nighslee Mattress also offers you a 10-year warranty which protects your bed, covers against manufacturing defects.

Discount Prices On NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress

NighSleep offers you excellent discounts on their mattresses. They are currently offering 10-30% OFF on all their beds.

  • 13% OFF on Twin
  • 32% OFF on Twin XL
  • 28% OFF on Full
  • 38% OFF on Queen &
  • 26% OFF on King

NighSlee Mattress Shipping, Delivery, Setup & Installation

NighSleep memory foam mattress is eligible for FREE SHIPPING and delivery anywhere in the USA.

NighSlee mattress comes packed in a vacuum-sealed format. It comes with a plastic cutter to remove the package cover. You will also find an instruction manual with the NighSlee mattress.

  • Unbox the NighSlee mattress BUT FIRST, make sure to place it in the bedroom where you are planning to use the bed.
  • Place the mattress on the bed frame or foundation.
  • Remove the package and the plastic cover.
  • At this point, your mattress will begin to expand. Give it time to retain into its original shape and firmness.
  • If you feel a slight odor, it is common. Leave the mattress open for 24 hours and the smell will dissipate.

The company is 100% legit as many customer reviews can vouch for the company, its products, quality, delivery, and other factors.

We understand it is difficult to rely on a new brand that doesn’t offer any office address or customer phone number but even the best online mattress brands do not provide addresses just because they function online.

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How is NighSlee Mattress Made

The mattress comes with three layers of construction.

Top layer

The first layer is 3” temperature neutral cooling memory foam. Unlike other memory foam mattresses in the market, this memory foam is made out of patented Temperature Regulating Cooling Air gel. This keeps the air circulation moving so that you can sleep dry and cool even in hot weather. This is the comfort layer.

Support Layers

The middle layer is also the support layer that offers you 2” of Bamboo Eco Comfort Foam with dynamic pressure relief. This is a prominent feature of the mattress that gives you more support and firmness while giving you a cuddly feeling for those who like to be cradled.

The third layer is 5” of supportive High-density polyurethane base foam. Stating the obvious, this is the base layer that handles all the above layers and your weight. Hence, it is one of the crucial elements of the mattress. That said, it is not only firm and robust but supports your weight equally.

The NighSlee Mattress Showroom & Store Locator

Nighslee mattress is available online only. It is not available at any retail stores or showrooms.

NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress Delivery Fee & Time

It would take approximately 7-10 business days to have your NighSlee mattress shipped and delivered to your doorstep.

NighSlee Mattress Financing

Currently, the NighSlee mattress does not offer any financing as the price of the bed is within $500.

Off-Gassing, Environmental Safety concerns at NighSlee Mattress

Since your NighSlee mattress arrives fresh and crisp from the manufacturing unit, you may (or may not) notice a faint smell. This is common with any other new mattress brand. Keep it open for 24-48 hours. You will see that the smell dissipates.

Motion Transfer on a NighSlee Mattress

NighSlee mattress is designed in such a way to absorb the weight and offer you excellent personal isolation. It means even if your partner hops in and out of bed, you can sleep peacefully.

NighSlee Mattress Safety & Certifications

All the NighSlee mattress PU foams are CertiPUR-US certified. This means they are free from harsh VOCs, flame retardants that can cause allergies and respiratory issues, heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, etc. It is an eco-friendly mattress that is safe for you and your family’s body.

All NighSlee products conform to the requirements of OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This indicates that they are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

Maintenance On NighSlee Mattress

It is easy to maintain the NighSlee mattress. For starters, DO NOT remove the mattress cover that comes zippered with the bed.

Always use a mattress protector. This means it is more comfortable to clean and care for your Nighslee Memory Foam Mattress.

Also, rotate your mattress. Since it is not flippable, rotating prevents sagging or losing edge support. So make sure to rotate the mattress every 3-6 weeks.

NighSlee Mattress Firmness Analysis

On a firmness scale of 1-10, the NighSlee mattress has received a rating of 6 out of 10 (5-7 perfect for medium-firm). In simple words, it is a medium-firm mattress that offers you the right amount of support and comfort. It provides excellent edge support.

NighSlee Mattress Frames & Foundation

NighSlee mattress is adaptable to all bed frames and foundations. If you have an existing structure in good condition, you can use your NighSlee mattress. If not, we suggest you buy a new bed frame to avoid jeopardizing the warranty. NighSlee 10” memory foam mattress is compatible with any bed frame including an adjustable frame.

Try the Lineal Adjustable bases and Foundations by Saatva. Suitable with any adjustable mattress and luxurious too. visit for more information

NighSlee Mattress Bedding Accessories

The only bedding accessory currently offered by the NighSlee mattress is a pillow made out of memory foam.

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NighSlee Memory Foam Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is an eco-friendly hypoallergenic dust mite-resistant design for the bamboo cover. It is designed to keep mold and bacteria away. This is to keep you and your children safe from dust mites and their related itches or rashes.

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Mattress Pads by NighSlee Mattress

NighSleep mattress is best suited for back and side sleepers. However, for those who want to sink in the mattress or want the bed to cradle you into your sleep or stomach sleepers, mattress pads will work best as they might offer the necessary softness you need.

NighSlee mattress and its pillows come with a 100-day return policy in case you want to return it and claim a refund. There is a Contact Us form from where you can contact customer care regarding any queries, refund, etc. 

Are Bedbugs in NighSlee Mattress a Possibility

NighSlee mattress is made using eco-friendly materials. It is dust-mite proof and comes with hypoallergenic materials. They use an only polyurethane foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and protect the environment and the sleepers equally. The materials conform to the requirements of OEKO-TEX standard 100. This means they are free from chemicals, pesticides, and phthalates. They are also free from lead, arsenic, and VOCs.

That said, make sure to use a mattress protector and clean your mattress and bed frame regularly to fight the accumulation of termites and dust mites.

Is NighSlee Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

NighSlee mattress is excellent for back pain problems. The bed is well-tested and manufactured keeping in accordance to alleviate back pain problems. It reduces strain on the pressure points such as the neck, lower spine, knees, etc. so that you can wake up refreshed without any sore back.

This is a medium-firm mattress so you can be sure that it gives you proper support and comfort without making you feel like sleeping on a log.

Is NighSlee Mattress Non-Toxic

NighSlee mattress is made using eco-friendly materials. It comes with bamboo comfort foam while the memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified making it free from harsh VOCs. They are natural flame retardants that make the mattress safe and hypoallergenic.

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Does the NighSlee mattress sleep hot?

Being a memory foam mattress, many think that the bed will sleep hot. However, that’s not the case with the NighSlee mattress. Because it features the patent air cooling gels that wick away the moisture from your body while improving the air circulation between the mattress layers. This will enhance the airflow and prevent heat from getting trapped into the mattress giving you a breathable surface to sleep.

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