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Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow Reviews – Pillows Researched

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A lot of companies have popped up recently capturing the market with their innovative features and comforts they provide. So how does Nest bedding stand unique in the industry? Here is a complete review about the company and the mattresses they provide.

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About Nest bedding 

Nest bedding was established in the year 2011 with the sole aim of selling natural, organic and certified bedding and mattresses. Today, Nest Bedding represents global brands and products offered by Americans. Nest bedding aims at providing good quality mattresses at the best prices available online. Today, Nest Bedding proudly has 3 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in Los Angeles, ready to serve you. Are you looking for the perfect organic bedding to buy from Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, then Nest Bedding has all that you are looking for.

Nest bedding mattresses Review

Unlike other mattress manufacturing company that designs memory foam mattresses, firm mattresses and luxury firm mattresses, Nest bedding offers organic bedding and memory foam for every type of customers. At Nest Bedding you get CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam mattresses. This ensures that the materials used in the processing of mattress are free from harmful chemicals. Yes, Nest bedding offers bedding, mattresses and bed frames that are specifically designed with your comfort in mind. Not only are their mattresses natural, organic and certified, but are designed with the most luxurious memory foam in the market.

When it comes to customer service, Nest Bedding stands on top, as their staff is entirely dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction even after sales. Not just that, Nest Bedding offers 5 star service with 0% financing,

Nest Bedding organic memory foam mattresses

Is there any mattress that is both organic and memory foam? Well, there is no such thing as that, but Nest Bedding mattress includes certified memory foam mattresses, organic duvet covers, blankets and organic sheets, each designed with absolute comfort in mind. The 5-star rated customer service executives at Nest Bedding works 24/7 to earn your satisfaction, while the design and manufacturing team works endlessly. Moreover, Nest Bedding is a family-owned business that has a personal touch and care of a locally-owned store with the resources, materials, and talent of a nation-wide designer company.

Why buy mattresses from Nest Bedding?

  • 5-star rating for their customer service
  • The mattresses at Nest Bedding come under top quality mattresses that are affordable, durable and non-toxic.
  • The company facilitates online shopping for all their products depending on your credit, up to 0% financing.
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Nest Bedding – products

  • Mattresses (memory foam mattresses, luxury firm mattresses and firm mattresses, latex mattresses, pet beds, bed in box and many more)
  • Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets, comforters, mattress and pillow protectors, toppers, pet beds, baby/toddlers, hot sleeper products and many more).
  • Furniture (adjustable bed base, bed frames, metal platform bed, and sturdy foundation )

Nest bedding mattresses

Mattress shopping is a one-time investment and so it requires a careful research and analysis before finalizing the mattress. It’s obvious that you would like to know why Nest Bedding mattresses are one of the worth investments you can make. Here is why Nest bedding mattresses are the next generation mattresses among the customers.

At Nest Bedding, you get the finest latex mattresses at affordable rates. Their CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattresses are made here in USA using organic wool, certified organic latex or Oeko Tex certified blended latex or CertiPUR-US certified foams. Whether you have allergies or just want a comfortable, affordable and durable mattress, Nest Bedding has all that you are looking for.

When a mattress is said to be CertiPUR -US certified, it means that the materials used in making the mattress have been tested and found free from harmful chemicals.

Nest Bedding uses only natural materials to make their beds pass National Fire Standards set forth by the U.S Government. This means that you are assured that the Nest bedding mattress that you buy do not have any mysterious chemicals emitting from the bed.

All Nest Bedding mattresses- be it luxury firm, memory foam, firm mattresses or organic mattresses are made by local craftsman here in the USA with USA made materials. They use the most durable materials taken from the most respected manufacturers.

All products are hand-selected by the company CEO with over 20 years of direct consumer and industry experience.

The Nest mattress collection includes The Alexander Signature Series, The Alexander Signature Hybrid, The SmartHouse Cool Sleeper Mattress Collection, The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex, The Nest Bedding Graphite Latex mattress, ActiveX Mattress, Love & Sleep Mattress and The BKB – My Big Kid’s Bed.

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Nest Bedding Organic Bedding and Mattress Stores

Nest Bedding has 9 showrooms across USA.

Nest Bedding retail outlets can be found in San Francisco, Studio City, Berkeley and South Bay areas, but what sets them apart is their quality, sourcing, and pricing. Its only at Nest Bedding, you can find unique bedding items that are made in the USA with high quality natural and non-toxic materials.

Nest Bedding Studio City is located in Studio City, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. This store is at a very convenient location and has well equipped staff for all kinds of support.

Nest Bedding – Bedding sets and Sheet sets

Nest Bedding has a professionally dedicated team who help you in selecting the best organic and natural bedding for your bedroom.

Nest Bedding’s organic sheets are available at best prices on the web. They have a wide range of pillows featuring wool, cotton, kapok, Alpaca, buckwheat and Easy Breather Pillows. Oh yes, their blankets come in a full selection of Pendleton wool, mattress protectors and everything you need for a clean bedroom. Their newest addition – Organic Cotton and Hemp blankets from BAD blankets are highly recommended by many customers.

Nest Easy Breather Natural Pillow 

The Easy Breather natural Pillow is made with Oeko Tex Shredded latex and natural cotton shell. This pillow is a made in USA product. It is breathable, soft, and also provides support. It is available in three sizes, standard, queen and king size. No animal products or chemicals are added while making this pillow. You get a cool and comfortable sleep while using this pillow. The size of this pillow can be adjusted.
You can buy these Nest Easy Breather pillows at Amazon. 

Nest Bedding Furniture 

Get the high-quality bedroom furniture from Nest Bedding. As they offer a huge selection, you can choose the one that meets your requirements and matches your bedroom. The company offers a great selection of hardwood bedroom furniture made with sustainable wood from FSC sources. Their bedroom furniture list includes cardboard platform bed, adjustable foundation, bamboo bed, bi-fold platform foundation, sturdy folding metal foundation.

Nest bedding mattress reviews 

Sleeping on Nest bedding mattress has satisfied many users. Users who slept in Nest bedding mattresses said they had a sound sleep all night. They felt like they were sinking into the bed just the right amount to provide cushioning for all your pressure points. 

Some said that the bamboo bed from Nest Bedding had more elasticity than a cotton cover which adds softness and flexibility.

People who used Alexander mattress said that the mattress was thicker compared to other mattresses with slightly less motion transfer and less bounce. It is also a bit softer than the love Bed, for those who would like to please yourself and your partner, Alexander is the best choice. 

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Nest Bedding coupon codes 

Enjoy shopping with Nest Bedding by purchasing the mattress and bedding items at discounted rates. Here are some of them; 

  • Save $100 on any Alexander mattress with code “ALEXANDER100”
  • Save $100 on any Honest Bed mattress with copupon code “HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS”
  • Save $50 on any mattress from Nest Bedding with coupon code “SLEEPOPOLIS”
  • Receive 10% off for Tencel sheet sets using the coupon code “NEWSTORE” 

Easy Breather Pillow Coupons are also available for their pillows.

Can anyone give me information on Nest Bedding’s return policy?

Beeding items like blankets, sheets, duvet covers and pillows are categorized as personal items and thus have warranties. Once used, they cannot be returned, but if you are having any issues, you can either make a call or email and discuss the situation with their dedicated customer service executives. The company also offers a 30 day trial period and not before 30 days. Returns will be accepted on beds in original condition and unstained/ undamaged.

When do I get my order delivered?

Nest Bedding delivers to all 50 states and to almost every country in the world. Onceyou place an order, a tracking number will be emailed to you. Nest bedding mattresses are usually shipped 2-3 business days after placing an order.

Is Nest bedding mattress shipped internationally?

Yes, Nest bedding has a tie-up with a trusted third-party company to fulfill orders for their international customers. If you are an international customer, just select the item you wish to purchase and choose the “International Checkout” option. International shipping is currently available worldwide from Nest bedding.

Are the memory foam mattresses of Nest Bedding very costly?

USA made memory foam mattresses start at $699 for their queen size mattresses. There can be change in the price. Please check the rates online on their website.

What does a CertiPUR-US mattress means?

This means that the materials used in the processing of mattress are free from harmful chemicals.

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Is there any chemical odor for the mattresses at Nest Bedding?

The CEO of Nest Bedding assures each and every customer that there is no odor of “offgassing” with their mattresses.

Are there any Nest Bedding coupon codes available online?

Yes there are many coupon codes and promo codes offered by Nest Bedding online.
Some of them are listed above.

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