Nest Alexander Signature Mattress

Nest Alexander mattress is a bedding solution made with more healthy materials. It is known as the ideal solution for those who have allergic reactions from the chemicals in the mattress. The product from the company Nest Bedding uses only healthy foam to make the mattress, a healthy way to improve the health.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

The Nest Alexander mattress is completely made of foam or various kinds. The same foam offers any comfort level for the sleeper’s preference. Each comfort level has different proportions of foam thickness layered.

Nest Alexander foam mattress layers

The foam mattress from Nest Alexander is a comfortable mattress made with layers of foam. The mattresses are available as soft, medium-firm or firm mattress. All the layers are foam. It uses visco foam, gel foam and then high density convoluted foam to provide the support. The top layer is for comfort, the second layer for heat dissipation and the third layer is supportive. Each layer has its thickness and it is this thickness of the top layers that determine the comfort level. The third layer stays the same in all mattresses.

  • The top layer is the quilted soft foam. The thickness of this layer is 1.5 inches and is seen in both the soft and medium-firm mattresses. This is for the comfort of the sleeper and provides the cushiony effect that everyone seeks in the mattress. It also serves as the protective layer over the other layers. It is this layer that makes the mattress softer and its absence gives you the firm mattress.

Additional Features…

  • The next layer is the inch thick visco foam that is for the bouncy effect of the mattress. It can sink in deep up to 3-5 inches depending on the body weight. This sinking does not affect the mattress at all and can soon get back to its position. The bouncy effect is just right and makes a cradle for the sleeper without having to sink too much. There are also no hassles to move while sleeping.
  • The third layer is the inch thick gel foam that mainly helps dissipate the heat from the body of the sleeper. The foam has the reputation to retain the heat and passes from layers. The gel foam is more airy and dissipates the heat better to make a cooler surface to sleep on. The heat is evicted through the sides. It is this layer that is responsible for the pressure relief and supporting the body.
  • The bottom layer is for the support. It makes the foundation layer made of high density convoluted foam that is 8 inches in thickness. It avoids the compression of the mattress due to lower density foam on the top. This support foam prevents the sagging or bottoming out of the mattress. This layer is made with special kind of foam that is made into channels that can support as well as allow aeration. It can also keep its integrity while doing both these functions.

Thickness of the foam in each comfort levels of Nest Alexander Signature Series mattress

  • The soft comfort is made with soft foam layer of 1.5 inches, followed by 3 inch thick visco foam as the actual top layer. The gel foam underneath is 2 inches and then comes the 8 inch thick support foam. People who love a hugging mattress to sleep on, this comfort level is the perfect choice. The body contouring is better than other memory foam mattress where the body can sink deeper.
  • Medium comfort mattress has the 1.5 inches soft foam followed by 2 inches each of visco foam and gel foam layers and the foundation layer is the same 8 inch support foam.
  • Firm comfort level has got no soft foam layer at the top, instead it directly has the firm visco foam and gel foam that are 2 inches thickness each. The support layer is the 8 inches convoluted foam.

The overall thickness of the mattress is 13 inches. The quilted top is made with soft foam and fabric that is a blend of cotton and polyester. The quilt layer is beautifully designed to make you feel good and comfortable. It is more of the olden style but the modern touch is also prevalent.

Sizes available for Nest Alexander mattress

Nest Alexander mattress is available in all usual sizes. The twin mattress, twin extra long, full size mattress, queen mattress, king size as well as the California king mattress are all available. All the sizes come as standardized.

Pros and cons of Nest Alexander mattress

  • The advantages are that the mattress is available in all sizes
  • All three comfort levels are offered by Nest Bedding in the Alexander mattress series
  • There is no off-gassing or smell coming out of the mattress which is the biggest advantage of all. Almost all kinds of mattresses that are not made of natural materials tend to have smelly in the initial days, but not the Nest Alexander mattress.
  • The motion isolation is complete even in the soft firm level
  • All Alexander Signature series mattresses now use something called Thermic phase change cooling fabrics to keep the mattresses cool

Disadvantage of Alexander mattress

  • The main problem associated with this mattress is its price which seems fairly high for the low size mattress. If you are looking for a cheaper mattress, Nest Alexander mattress would not be your choice. The larger size models do seem economical in comparison but not the smaller sizes.
  • There are no fancy discounts on the mattress and the $100 discount coupon is the only option for savings.
  • There are no box springs from the manufacturer. The only option is a platform base. The other options are adjustable base or the existing rigid foundation. The adjustable base makes the expense too high.

101 Days trial and warranty of Nest Alexander mattress

The 101 days trial is not something that we come across among the mattresses. a mattress take sits time to show its true nature, mere few minutes spend on the mattress in the stores would only give you the exterior feel of the mattress rather than how it feels while you sleep on it. The 101 days trial from Nest Bedding offered by the company makes it easier for you to try the mattress in real. If you are unsatisfied with the mattress you can claim for a refund within the 101 days of purchase.

The return does not have any fees and 100% money back is guaranteed. The returning mattress can also be donated to any charity organization that you prefer. You do not need to worry about the transportation for the same.

The Alexander mattress is covered by a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects. It also hints that the mattress is expected to run for a long time. The usage wearing out is to be expected and a loss of comfort over the period of time, but better performance is expected from the brand. Monthly installments are available towards the payment for those with a tight budget. There are no interest rates on this facility. Simply opt for the same at checkout.

Tempurpedic mattresses vs Sensorpedic mattresses

Tempurpedic foam mattresses use visco elastic foam. The foam is temperature sensitive and changes accrding to the room temperature. These mattresses trap body heat and hence these mattresses may sleep hot.

Sensorpedic is not dependent on the room temperature or body heat. These mattresses are very comfortable and breathable.

Nest Alexander Signature Sheets Review

Nest bamboo sheets use bamboo to make their sheets cool, lightweight, and soft. They have excellent temperature control. These 300 thread counts sheets have anti-microbial properties and are available in 4 colors.

Concluding thoughts

If you are in the market to shop for a Tempurpedic mattress, go for the Next Alexander mattress which is as good as the former and a lot better. The same comfort is available without much problems. It is not the ideal mattress for everyone but the longer trial period offers you the best reason to try the Nest Alexander mattress. Since 100% money back guarantee is there, you no longer have to lose the money or having to pay extra for the return.