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Nectar mattress for Sex – Best Memory foam Mattress For sex

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Nectar mattress is the most preferred mattress for sex. Its also one of the most searched mattress as far as sex is concerned. Nectar mattress is Firm yet soft, comfortable, supportive and cool enough for most people who are involved in sex. Unlike many other mattresses, The Nectar sleep mattress ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way when involved in sexual activities. The mattress does not sink in too much, become hot or feel uncomfortable in any way. 

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Some of the most common problems when it comes to sex and involves a mattress are

  1. Too hot to be comfortable
  2. Sinks too deep, often suffocating the person below
  3. Unsupportive , creating a back pain after sex 

When it comes to mattresses most people overlook the fact that the mattress is also a place for sex. It’s not just for sleep. While its only a few hours a month that you would be involved in sex, a fraction of time spent sleeping, Sex is just as important for most people. A comfortable mattress may look insignificant when it comes to sex but it adds value to relationship at some point of time.

What Mattress Companies have to tell about their mattress when it comes to sex?

Investing in a good mattress is a decision you have to make taking into consideration a lot of factors. When one of the factor is sex, its important to understand what exactly you are looking for. 

The Health magazine Rates the Nectar sleep mattress as the best Memory foam mattress for sex. It’s recommended for its firm , yet soft feel, and it’s cool foam. The mattress is also one of the most affordable mattresses in the industry.

What people look for in a mattress for sex and how nectar sleep is rated.

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Heat Retention.

When things are getting hot , you don’t want the mattress heating up too. Keeping the mattress cool will ensure that you enjoy the moment. Most women find a mattress hotter than men. A mattress which is cool will keep the mood intact and not take the focus away from the action. You really don’t want you or your partner sweating it out in bed, not if it involves the mattress for sure. 

The Nectar sleep mattress has one of the best cooling gel foams in its construction. The gel memory foam distributes your heat through the mattress and the construction allows the mattress to breathe releasing the heat. Gel foams are known to keep mattresses cooler, especially when they are memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot and thats surely not what you want when it comes to a mattress for sex.


Evidently , Bounce is one of the key factors when it comes to sex. Unfortunately bounce is one thing which most memory foam mattresses are not so good at. The other thing which memory foam mattresses are not so good at is the edge support (which we will come to next). Nectar Mattress does not have a good bounce and that’s very clear. But where it lacks in bounce, it compensates in comfort. The soft pillow top and the supportive layers ensure that the mattress is comfortable for sex. Unlike most memory foam mattress which will devour you when you lay down , especially when involved in sex and you are the person underneath, the nectar mattress is supportive , yet firm and comfortable, ensuring you experience a good time.

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Edge support

Imagine falling down from the edge of the mattress when you are completely involved in sex. Its not really something you want to experience. Its embarrassing and also spoils the entire process. The edge support for almost all memory foam mattresses are poor. Nectar mattress has a considerably good edge support but surely not something which can be compared to a hybrid mattress. Being a medium firm mattress, The nectar maintains a good shape when you are sitting down in the edge or lying down near the edge. Compared to most other memory foam mattress, the nectar really has the edge covered. Pressure Relief

This may sound odd but why is pressure relief so important for a mattress specially when we are looking for one which is good for sex. Isn’t pressure relief related to back pain? Yes and no. Pressure relief is important for normal sleep too. If the mattress does not provide adequate support to your body when you are sleeping, it creates more pressure in certain areas than others. Certain points where excess pressure is exerted ends up being sore. Ever wondered why you feel an ache, pain or sore in the leg or neck area in the morning? That’s not just because you did not sleep right. Its because your mattress has poor support and pressure relief. A good mattress should provide proper support and it becomes even more important when you are involved in sex. Nectar provides perfect support and pressure relief for both partners involved in sex.


Responsiveness is the ability of the mattress to come back to its natural shape after pressure is exerted to it. While mattresses are expected to contour to your body shape, its also meant to get back to the normal shape once you get up. If the mattress retains its original shape in 5 seconds, that’s a bit too slow. If it takes 10 seconds, that’s really bad. If the mattress retains its normal shape in a second or less, its responsiveness is high. Responsiveness is very important when it comes to sex. You are moving around the bed a lot and when you are doing so, you don’t want your mattress to let you down. The mattress should be able to adjust to your movements fast. While memory foam mattresses are comparatively bad when it comes to responsiveness, the NEctar sleep mattresses are known to be more responsive than others.


Some mattresses last 2 years while others last 10. Any mattress should be changed after the 8th year but for those 8 years, the mattress should maintain its shape, bounce, volume and feel. You don’t want a mattress which looks and feels great for a year but by the end of the third it sagging in some areas, the edges give off or the mattress is simply not working for you. That’s why nectar mattresses are so good. With a 1 year trial and a lifetime warranty on its material, there is no way you are going to go wrong when it comes to durability of the mattress. The mattress will last a lot longer than 8 years but we recommend that you get one every 8 years because even if your mattress has not changed, your body surely would have.

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How does Nectar sleep mattress compare to Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are generally cooler and responsive than most memory foam mattresses. Most latex mattresses are also natural. They have the same firmness levels available on memory foam mattresses and compared to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are slightly better in some areas. As far as sex is concerned, Latex mattresses are more responsive and retain less heat. Apart from that, there is little to no difference at all between latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. When it comes to price, latex mattresses are a bit more expensive. Latex mattresses usually cost 30-40% more for the same quality and features.

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How does Nectar sleep compare to Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are one of the best types of mattresses. When in comparison to the nectar, the Hybrid mattresses have excellent edge support, more bounce and far better support and pressure relief. Well it is also expensive. While memory foam mattresses come at $1000, you can expect to pay a lot more for a hybrid mattress of the same size. When it comes to sex, hybrid mattresses are plush soft, (Depending on the Brand), supportive and extremely comfortable. They dont retain heat and are breathable too. The downside to a hybrid mattress usually comes when we discuss durability. Being a spring mattress, its highly possible that they sink or sag after a period of time. With sex involved, you can expect the mattress to give in to all the pressure sooner than you would imagine , if the quality of the mattress is not good.

Hybrid mattresses are also a concern when it comes to noise. While most hybrid mattresses are now designed with encased coils, there still remains a possibility of noise after a period of time. With a nectar mattress, the chance of noice is zero and you can expect silent sex for as long as the mattress lasts.

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