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  • Wide Range of Mattresses
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Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory-Foam Pillow

People do not give much importance while purchasing pillows as they do for the mattress. Pillows are essential part of the bedding and come second best after the mattress for your comfort and health. A wrong kind of pillow can cause back pain or neck pain in the morning. Even pillows have its specifications and duties in determining the health of the sleeper.

Read on to know all about Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, features, reviews etc.

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Features of Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

  • Made with gel infused memory foam, this Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow can provide the support and cradling effect of the memory foam and also the cooling effects of the gel infusion.
  • It uses the visco as well as latex to make the pillow. It responds to the body heat to compress and expand.
  • The gel infused layer lies directly beneath the covering layer to keep the heat from the body dispersed as the person moves at night.
  • The compression of the gel infused memory foam pillow is minimal and takes only seconds to bounce back to its original form.
  • Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow has got two protective layers of cover to resist the mold and other fungal growth. The outer cover is removable and washable. The inner covering layer is pure cotton and the outer layer is a blend of cotton and polyester in the ratio 75:25, that can resist the common allergens. This will reduce any allergies due to the allergens from the pillows.
  • The gel pad is right under the covers that can reduce the heat in the pillow up to 3.5 degrees F.

Why choose a Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow?

  • A memory foam pillow can contour to the head and neck region to keep a healthy alignment to the spine as well as for the air passages. The head will be kept at a comfortable position that does not block the airways. This allows reducing the snoring episodes and relieves sleep apnea.
  • Allergens are known to grow less on a memory foam mattress than in other types. The memory foam can resist the dust mites, mold, mildew etc and reduce the allergic reactions.
  • As said earlier, it helps make a better body alignment to keep the spine straight and healthy. Waking up with a sore neck and back will be forgotten with a memory foam pillow.
  • Finally, memory foam pillows are much cheaper than other types.

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How does Nature’s Sleep memory foam pillow fare?

  • Foam used in this pillow is the custom made memory foam from Nature’s Sleep Vitex. The foam has the pressure relieving effects as the memory foam and the bouncy effect of latex to keep up the shape. Now, the foam used is not the shredded foam but the molded foam to make it denser and firmer. The foam is made with no harmful chemicals and have the CertiPUR-US certification to show that it contains no ozone depleters, flame retardants, harmful heavy metals and that it has low amount of volatile organic compound emission.
  • Covering for this pillow is done in two layers for extra protection against allergens from growing in. the material used for the covers are breathable and soft to touch. The outer layer is a cotton-poly blend that is removable with a zipper attached and washable as well. The inner cover is intact and is made of 100% cotton. The double covers improve the durability of the pillow. With the addition of a pillowcase the protection increases more and the benefits the total lifespan of this Nature’s Sleep Vitex cool gel infused memory foam pillow.
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Key factors of Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Cooling: Nature’s Sleep Vitex cool gel memory foam pillow can give you a cooler pillow to sleep on. But that does not mean that you get a cool or cold pillow. Do not expect a cold effect from the pillow. The gel memory foam is made to keep the heat off and not to make the air cooler. The degree of difference in the heat of the pillow would be 2-3 degree Fahrenheit. If you are in for the ‘cool’ pillow, you are not getting one from this pillow. The key is ‘cooler’ not exactly cooling.

Smell: The manufacturer claims that there is no smell of any kind coming from Nature’s Sleep Vitex cool gel memory foam pillow. But there is still a lingering ‘almost nasty’ smell coming from the pillow. The sad part is that you can still detect it after a few days even after having your pillowcases on. Though it is not recommended, it would be a good idea to air the pillow in an open area before you use it. Many customers did feel a strong smell but I got only a fraction of it. I did air the pillows for an entire day but seems not enough to erase it completely.

Height and weight of this gel memory foam pillow is rather on the higher values. The pillow does have some weight on it. It weighs about 5 pounds as against the standard 3 pounds in general for the memory foam pillows. The height is also about 5 inches. Being a memory foam pillow, do not expect a sink in the height over the period of time.

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Nature’s Sleep Vitex cool gel pillow suits for

  • Nature’s Sleep Vitex Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is the best for back sleepers. The construction is ideal for the back sleepers as they get enough support for the neck region. The foam is cushioning and cradles the neck in a healthy way to align the spine as well.
  • People who are fond of a high and dense pillow would enjoy using this memory foam pillow from Nature’s Sleep.
  • Those who do not move their pillows much during the night can opt for this memory foam pillow as the weight will keep it in place. If you want to move the pillow at your convenience, a standard pillow would be nice.
  • Nature’s Sleep gel memory foam pillow can mold to the body weight but does not give a deep cushion effect. If you are ok with the firm molding, this pillow should just be fine with you.
  • If you hate a hot pillow at night, choose this vitex gel memory foam pillow. It will keep the pillow cooler and less hot.

The contouring effect of this pillow is what makes it all the more essential for sleep. The pressure from the neck and back is relieved to help you sleep better. Nature’s Sleep Vitex cool gel infused memory foam pillow is not a cure for insomnia but do expect a better sleep if you are having difficulty with your existing pillow.

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