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As per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the babies need their own mattress and bed to sleep on. These mattresses, popularly known as crib mattress comes in all varieties. Naturepedic organic cotton cradle mattress is one of this kind. The common factor in all these is that the mattress should be firm so that the baby does not sink in. This sinking in could choke them and cause the sudden infant death syndrome.

Does the Naturepedic organic cotton cradle mattress 15×33 fulfill the needs? Most definitely yes! Not only is the mattress made of organic material for the safety of the baby but is also light weight for you convenience. In case you want to get the mattress out for cleaning, the light weightiness comes handy. What all are the other features of this crib mattress? Let us find out.

Design Of Naturepedic Organic Cotton Cradle Mattress

  • Organic cotton: As the name suggests, the mattress uses organic cotton to cover the mattress which is in close contact with the baby. The organic cotton is hypoallergenic and safe for the babies. The amazing factor is that the cotton is coated with a water proof layer to keep the mattress dry all the while. This feature also helps to wipe clean the mattress when needed.
  • Water proof coating: The wipe clean water proof coating is done with polyethylene material which is 100% non-toxic. The material is also stain proof so that you don’t have to worry about in case there is an ‘accident’. This material is any day safer than the usual vinyl or PVC material. The water proofing is also done on all sides including along the edges to prevent any fluid penetration. The mattress is made seamless for easy cleaning.
  • The batting: Inside of this organic cradle mattress is also filled with organic material. The material is natural and is also renewable. The organic cotton fiber is non-allergenic. There are no chemicals or latex used.
  • The core: The core of the mattress is its most fascinating feature. Instead of the usual coil system, this cradle mattress uses a special Air core technology that has the structural support given by wavy structure. This wavy material is made of food grade polyethylene. The waves support the mattress well enough all over and at the same time provide ample aeration within the mattress.

Features Of Naturepedic Cradle Mattress

  • Dual firmness of this Naturepedic organic cotton crib mattress is that one side is firmer for the newborns. The other side has a softer feel to suit the toddler. Once the baby grows bigger, simply flip the mattress over to the toddler side for a comfortable sleep for him/her until they reach a height of 3 ½ inches.
  • Fire protection is done on the mattress with the organic cotton itself. There is no added fire retardant on the mattress. The specific design and construction makes a natural fire barrier.
  • Resistance: All the natural materials used and the water proofing done on top makes the mattress resistant to fungi, bacteria, mold, mildew etc. The mattress does not hold moisture on to it so there are no way these microbes can grow. Moreover, it is easier to keep the mattress hygiene. Mattress is also naturally resistant to dust mites to keep the babies safe. There is no need for an additional bed barrier.
  • The dual sides save you a lot money from preventing you to buy a new mattress when the child needs a softer mattress to sleep on. All you need to do is to flip the mattress and spread a fresh sheet.


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Dimensions Of The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Cradle Mattress

The dimension of this crib mattress is made in compliance with the federal regulations. The mattress measures to 52 x 27.8 inches that fits into almost all the standard sized cribs. It has a thickness of 6 inches. As for the lightweight factor, the mattress does not weight much and weighs just 10 pounds. The maximum the weight reaches is 12 pounds depending upon the make.

The mattress has got square corners for a snug fit into the cribs. There is less space left between the crib and the mattress. The mattress firmness and support facility can support the child’s weight well through the toddler years. It does have a longer durability. As an additional assurance, the mattress comes with a lifetime limited warranty and short period money back guarantee as well.

Happsy Vs Naturepedic

Here is the basic comparison of Happsy Crib Mattress Vs Naturepedic Crib mattress.

Happsy mattress

Naturepedic mattress




Type of mattress

Vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam

3 variations offered – lightweight, innerspring, and quilted

Price of Queen



Trial Period

90 days on all mattress except Chorus organic that come with 30-day money-back guarantee

120 nights risk-free trial period


Online and in Amazon

Available at selective retail stores and in Amazon

Free Shipping




 10-year warranty

Crib mattresses come with a lifetime limited warranty.

The Light Weight Boon

The lightweight mattress is a boon to the mom’s back. The hassle to change the sheets every now and then can be hard on the back muscles of moms. This 10 pound mattress is not difficult to get the sheets changed. The water proofing also saves much time. You just need to wipe it clean with a clean cloth and you are done.

Though the surface has a feel of plastic, it does not smell like one nor has the sound like plastic either. The mattress does have a NEW smell when opened from the box. It would go when you air it for a few hours.

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Why Organic Material For The Baby Mattress?

Well, the reason is quite obvious. Babies are too delicate to handle and they need delicate materials around them that cannot do any harm to their delicate inner organs. Most of the mattress materials around are made of chemical substances that are too harsh for the babies. This organic cotton material used by Naturepedic mattress, is delicate on the babies and do not harm them in any ways.

The organic material does not cause any skin abrasions or dry their skin too much. The label of The Global Organic Textile Standard aka GOTS means a lot more than being a label. It is an assurance that the material used is 100% organic and stays true to the claim. Naturepedic cradle mattress does have this GOTS label with it. Since mattress is a universal addition to the nursery and most probably the culprit that add to the indoor toxins, this organic cotton crib mattress from Naturepedic does make an exception in being a safe mattress for the baby, parents and to the environment.

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