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Naturals by US Mattress collection fill the gap of high quality, all natural mattress options, at affordable prices in the mattress industry. This high quality all natural mattresses use organic and all natural materials like cotton and wool for superior comfort and support. These mattresses use no foams. Enjoy all natural comfort, eco-friendly materials, and best healthier sleep ever on Naturals by US-Mattress. Keep reading to know more about Naturals by US Mattress Reviews, Price, Specs, Models, etc.

Naturals Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

There are not many Naturals by US-Mattress Reviews online. People say the inside of a mattress is organic cotton material. This material works well to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, people appreciate the use of Bonnell coil system and individually wrapped coil system in these mattresses. Also, the edge support is wonderful giving you more sleeping space. These mattresses are available in different sizes and various comfort options to match every sleeper. Majority of users are happy to buy these mattresses online and avail 120-night sleep trial in the comfort of your home. They say the mattresses in stores don’t always give you an accurate feel. Thus, online purchase from is easy and convenient. Plus, the reasonable pricing and free shipping are great advantages.


Dimension, Height, Depth, weight, Thickness Of the Naturals Mattress

US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress

US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress

US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress

US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress



Height: 7″

Height: 10″

Height: 12″

Height: 13″


Width: 38 Length: 75

43 lbs

46 lbs

57 lbs

69 lbs


Width: 53 Length: 75

60 lbs

65 lbs

80 lbs

97 lbs


Width: 60 Length: 80

73 lbs

78 lbs

96 lbs

117 lbs


Width: 76 Length: 80

92 lbs

99 lbs

122 lbs

148 lbs

Best Mattress Models from Naturals Mattress

  • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress – This Level 1 Luxury Firm mattress is an affordable way to experience a natural zero foam bed. It includes all natural comfort materials and organic ingredients. It is perfect for guest rooms, a child’s first mattress, or a college dorm room. With comfort cotton padding and supportive Bonnell coil system; this all natural mattress gives you a firm comfort feel.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – This Level 3 Luxury Firm bed includes all natural, tried and true comfort materials like cotton and wool. It includes no poly based foam materials. The comfort layer has a cotton pad and back support comes from active edge quantum, coils and quantum edge. This natural mattress provides a firm, yet forgiving feel for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – This Level 4 Plush mattress uses no poly foams and includes all natural cotton and wool materials. With an extremely versatile comfort level, it is perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers. It gives an excellent blend of comfort and support from Cotton Pad and Coil layer at a very reasonable price.
  • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – The Level 6 Luxury Plush is a top-tier mattress. Its natural construction with Jacquard Organic Cotton/ wool blend and Nano Coils support system provides the very best in all natural comfort and support. This is one of the best options for people sleeping with partners.
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    Naturals Mattress Specifications

    US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress

    US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress

    US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress

    US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress

    Comfort Level


    Luxury Firm


    Luxury Plush

    Comfort – Padding Layers

    Cotton Pad

    Cotton Pad

    Cotton Fales Pad

    Cotton Pad + Cotton Fales Pad + Nano Coils

    Back Support System

    Bonnell Coil System

    Active Edge Quantum

    Active Edge Quantum

    Combi Zone Quantum Edge

    Coil Gauge: 14.5

    Coil Gauge: 13.75

    Coil Gauge: 13.75

    Coil Gauge: 13.75

    Complete Border Rod

    Quantum Edge

    Quantum Edge

    Quantum Edge

    Coil Counts (Queen)





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    How is Naturals Mattress Made

    • US Mattress Naturals Level 1 Firm Mattress – This mattress includes an organic cotton quilt, and a cotton pad for comfort, and pressure relief. It uses Bonnell Coil System, a series of steel coils, connected to each other. This tied coil system is popular and provides very stiff support and an excellent lifespan.
    • US Mattress Naturals Level 3 Luxury Firm Mattress – Wrapped in organic cotton quilt fabric cover, this mattress comfort layers include cotton Fabric, Wool, and a Cotton Pad. All natural cotton material conforms to provide pressure relief, while wool promotes deep REM sleep as well as a neutral sleep environment. Back support comes from a steel Active Edge Quantum coil system. This individually wrapped coils contour to the curves of your body for a gentle and solid support. This system works great for light sleepers for its motion transfer feature. Lastly, the Quantum Edge support with thicker coils provides a very consistent feel, even when sleeping to the edge.
    • US Mattress Naturals Level 4 Plush Mattress – Made from premium cotton, its comfort layer helps reduce tossing and turning, and promote deep REM sleep. The Active Edge Quantum coil system provides ultimate back support with its individually wrapped coils. This system is extremely adaptive, very supportive and helps minimize motion transfer. The Quantum Edge support system allows you to sleep all the way to the edge, without compromising on comfort or support.
    • US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush Mattress – The layer of Jacquard Organic Cotton quilt cover helps wick away moisture. The Wool and Cotton Blend comfort layer aids in alleviating pressure points, regulates temperature, contours to the body, and provides more breathability. A layer of Nano Coils is exclusive to this mattress which adds an additional layer of support and contouring. It helps isolate motion transfer for undisrupted sleep. The CombiZone Quantum Edge Coil System provides individually targeted, conforming support to the lower back. This individually wrapped design also results in less motion transfer. The Quantum Edge features two rows of extra thick coils, for edge to edge support with no roll off feeling.