Puffy Mattress

Are you a side sleeper? Puffy Mattress is a fantastic option for side sleepers (including lighter side sleepers). The memory foam layer contours to your body so that you would feel like you are sleeping on clouds. Know more features here.

Natupalm looks like a company’s name, but in reality it is a type of natural foam! Natupalm is the natural version of Visco memory foam, which has been created by using extracts from the palm tree. Natupalm mattress is an entirely eco-friendly product for an energetic and stress free sleep.

Forget about all the body pain and discomfort with Natupalm mattress. Natupalm embraces you to a world of comfort and peace! No chemicals, no off-gassing and no issues of skin allergy! Natupalm mattress is slowly gaining stardom for its natural good sleep giving ability and the ease it provides to the body. The natural Natupalm mattress is giving a tough competition to its chemical based mattress competitors. The composition of Natupalm mattress is such that it distributes the body’s weight evenly on the surface, helping the body to release pressure from shoulders, legs and other pressure points, thus providing relaxation and comfort to the body. The Natupalm mattress has the feature of the normal memory foam of moulding itself according to the shape of the body and once the body weight is lifted, getting back to the original form.

An improvised technique and highly creative process has been brought in to generate a high quality, excellent performing and result providing mattress. With quality it has got durability also and top of all, its eco-friendly composition is one of the main attracting aspects of Natupalm mattresses. Eco-friendly mattresses that can provide comfort, are durable and at the same time don’t burn the pockets are a rare species in the market of mattresses, and Natuplm mattress is one of these rare species!

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Where to find these wonderful Natupalm mattresses? These are easily available online. One of the best online Natupalm mattresses would be of Deluxe. Along with the naturally extracted palm extract processed Visco memory foam, Natupalm Deluxe mattress uses organically cultivated cotton to create the covers of the Natuplam mattress. The zip off cotton cover is very soft & silky to touch and, can be easily removed and washed. The organically produced cotton used in the Deluxe Natupalm mattress is SKAL certified. When you lie down on the Deluxe Natupalm mattress, you will experience a complete lightness and muscle relaxation. The mattress will absorb the whole pressure from your body and will give you a feeling of weightlessness.

Deluxe Natupalm mattress contains renewable components and is well known for its pureness and naturalness. It is convenient, comfortable and cool. The deluxe Natupalm mattresses are highly breathable; the efficient air flow inside the mattress enables the absorption of moisture, preventing the user from the discomfort of night’s perspiration.

Wonderful to look at and great to lie on, the Deluxe Natupalm mattress is an ultimate choice for highly comfortable and sound sleep. Like mattresses, even pillows and mattress toppers prepared of Natupalm are available in the market. An Natupalm mattress with a Natupalm pillow and a Natupalm mattress topper is a perfect package for a luxurious and super sleep.

Go grab one Natupalm mattress and make your daily sleeping experience a super comfortable and relaxing one!