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myCloud Mattress – Nimbus Vs Cirrus, Stratus Beds

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Mattresses are an inevitable part of our life and choosing the best mattress is a terrible task. There are many brands and in this article, we will discuss about myCloud mattress.

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“Sleep on a myCloud mattress to redefine extravagance and comfort”. This is what the group myCloud- an SEI brand claims. How far this is true and what exactly does this mattress provide.

Lets us take a look at this mattress range in detail to explore its features and comforts offered. In addition, I will list out what customers have to say about this mattress so that you can get an idea to make an informed purchase.

It has four models and every mattress gets a name related to cloud formations. Here are the four models along with their profile with a quick rundown list of their features.

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8 inch Stratus – Best Value Mattress

  • Construction – 2-inch gel infused memory foam on the top and 6-inch high density polyurethane base foam
  • More to the firmer side
  • Reduced motion transfer and offers uninterrupted sleep
  • Awesome edge support and has a non-skid bottom
  • Available in all standard sizes and dimensions
  • Best suited for side and stomach sleepers as it offers medium firmness feel
  • It has a breathable 3d knit cover(minimalist design) which has a stylish look

10 inch Cumulus – Soft Hugging Mattress

  • Construction – 1.5-inch CoolCloud gel-infused, ventilated memory foam, 1.5-inch ventilated medium density select memory foam, 7-inch high density poly-base support foam
  • Gives a medium firm feel with ultimate support
  • Foam encased for edge support
  • Low motion transfer
  • Again great for side and stomach sleepers
  • Breathable cloud-puff stretch 3D circular knit cover with navy corner accents and cyan satin piping all over the mattress. It offers a rich and royal feel to the mattress.
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • Progressive triple layer construction offers better support and pressure relief to the body.
  • Coolcloud foam increases the cooling ability of the mattress and helps you to sleep cool without any heat retention.

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12 inch Cirrus – Plush Comfort Mattress

  • Construction – 1-inch quilted comfort memory foam top layer, 1.5-inch CoolCloud gel-infused, ventilated memory foam comfort layer, 1.5-inch ventilated medium density select memory foam comfort layer,8-inch high density poly-base foam support layer
  • Gives a moderately soft and plush feel while sleeping on the mattress
  • Ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Great edge support and triple layering for superior comfort
  • Breathable cloud-puff stretch 3D circular knit cover that is breathable and remains cool throughout the night.
  • Beautiful cover with navy corner accents and piping design different from the previous model
  • Plush quilting comfort which also adds to the luxury factor
  • Available in all standard sizes and dimensions

14 inch Nimbus – The Ultimate Luxury Mattress

  • Construction – 9″ high density poly-base supportive foam layer, 1″ select medium density memory foam comfort layer, 1″ medium density ventilated select memory foam comfort layer, 2″ CoolCloud gel-infused, ventilated memory foam top layer 1″ quilted comfort memory foam cover
  • Super ultra plush feel
  • Minimal motion transfer when compared to other ultra plush mattress brands
  • Luxurious and soft feel
  • Excellent support at the edges and the middle
  • Progressive quadruple layering which offers ultimate comfort
  • Ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers as it offers pressure relief
  • Breathable knit cover with opulent eurobox topper
  • The cover is white and has circular knit cloud puffs all over the mattress with navy accents and satin piping.
  • Pillow top and quilted feel for ultimate luxury
  • Available in all standard sizes and dimensions

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Other Features

Therefore, that was the quick sum up of all the features of the respective mattresses. There are some attributes common to the four models and you can find them below.

  • All the mattresses have a non-skid base that stay put the mattress at its place.
  • The mattress covers are circular knit and totally built for providing ventilation
  • All the four models offer pressure relief and contours according to the body shape
  • Motion transfer offered is different for each model and depends on their firmness/ softness.
  • For maintenance, you can go for spot cleaning using mild detergents. Avoid machine washing and using dryers.
  • All the four models are adjustable friendly
  • Fourth generation open cell memory foam
  • Enhanced balance and support with progressive layering
  • Speedy delivery with better sleep just a few days away
  • Place this mattress on the floor, adjustable slat or a platform and it will work perfectly

Who Should Buy These Mattresses?

Looking for the following in a mattress then you might find your pick right here.

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  • Quality materials – if you are a person who look for quality in everything you buy then this mattress range is your pick. MyCloud uses quality materials like polyurethane foams, polyester, and cotton and memory foams.
  • Reasonable price range – myCloud mattresses are worth buying as they have a price range that is affordable and reasonable. They are the best value based mattresses available at a lower price range
  • Love memory foam – if you are in love with memory foam mattresses then myCloud is a great choice to opt. They look heavenly and also offer a plush feel with ultimate comfort and nothing more. It gives the perfect bounce and the right sinking level for a great sleep.
  • Need options on firmness levels – myCloud offers four different feels like firm, medium firm, plush and ultra plush models to choose from their mattress range.
  • Elegant look and worthiness – this mattress definitely has an elegant look and every features of a luxury mattress. It is worth buying as it comes in an affordable price range.

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Buy myCloud mattress

This mattress range is available online only at the official site of myCloud or with their affiliate partners. You can also buy them from Amazon portal. Since it is a lesser-known brand, you will not be able to gather much information or reviews about them like other popular brands.

Trial Period Of Mycloud Mattress Range

MyCloud offers a stress free trial period of 100 days. Sleep on it for few weeks or months and still if you do not like it then simply return it. A total money-back guarantee offer with nothing to lose

Speedy Delivery

MyCloud is one of the few mattress ranges that ships within 1 to 4 days. You mattress will reach your doorstep as soon as possible as myCloud has a specialized team and network.

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For manufacturing defects, you should contact the myCloud staff within 90 days of purchase for the claims. You can contact at the below mentioned address for the same.

  • Email
  • Toll-Free 800.633.5096
  • Hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (CST), Monday – Friday
  • myCloud – A SEI Brand
  • 600 Freeport Pkwy.
  • Suite 200
  • Coppell, TX 75019

What Do Customers Say About myCloud Mattress?

  • Comfort – they say that the last two models nimbus and cirrus are super cool when it comes to comfort. Majority of them voted for these two models for ultimate luxury and superior body conformance.
  • Support – In terms of support, the first two models scored better than nimbus and cirrus. The cumulus and stratus models belong to the medium firm category. Medium firm memory foams offer better support when compared to plush types.
  • Motion transfer – the first two mattresses again stand one-step ahead than nimbus and cirrus in this case according to customer’s votes. As the former models belong to the firmer side, they offer reduced motion transfer. However, customers opine that cirrus and nimbus offer minimal motion transfer as all other plush mattresses.
  • Heat retention – myCloud mattress ranges are best and tested against heat retention. Customers who slept on this mattress say that they slept cool all night without any heating effect. MyCloud uses cloud gel technology that helps the mattress to sleep cool and dissipate all the heat emitted by the body. A great pick for hot sleepers.
  • Combination sleepers – myCloud mattress range believes that one mattress is not a one-size fit for all. Therefore, they have offered four models with each model supporting different types of sleepers. Customers agree to this point and they say that these mattresses are best suited as promised by the makers.
  • Edge support – all the four mattresses display awesome edge support with encased foam layers. Customers love these mattresses as they say that they can sit at the edges without slipping out.
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Real customer reviews

About the company and policies, customers have a great opinion. They say that the myCloud has customer friendly policies and are best at helping its buyers. Overall customers are satisfied with these products and the mattress maker. This mattress brand is less popular and yet to claim its territory among the mattress giants.

“ I ordered the nimbus mattress and I got it the very next day. Amazing speedy delivery! The quality of the mattress is matchless and I had a great night of sleep on it. Simply superb and recommend the same for others. “

100% memory foam feels without heating and offers ultimate comfort. The myCloud staffs are very friendly and they are ready to answer every query. I tried their questionnaire at their official website and ordered a cirrus model for a great sleep. Has a price range relatively low and offers all the features of a luxury mattress. I am lucky to find this mattress and going to order another for my guest room”

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Bottom line

Love memory foam and want to buy one at a reasonable price then wait no more. You get different firmness levels to chose from and perfect plush covers in each mattress. Running out of time and want a mattress that offers ultimate comfort on an immediate basis then this is the ideal pick.

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