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Morphiis Customizable Mattress & Pillows – Compare Before You Buy

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Morphiis Mattress Specifications

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SpecificationsTwinTwin XL
Product Dimensions (inches)38×7538×80
Package Dimensions (inches)16x15x39.416x15x40.1
Weight (lbs)46.248.6
FoamUltra foamUltra foam
Comfort Insert (soft, medium, firm)Six eachSix each
Mattress coverFire-resistant polyesterFire-resistant polyester
Foam layers33
Country of OriginImportedImported
Warranty25 years25 years
Care InstructionsSpot CleanSpot Clean
Product Dimensions (inches)53×7560×80
Package Dimensions (inches)16x15x55.516x15x614
Weight (lbs)86.778.5
FoamUltra foamUltra foam
Comfort Insert (soft, medium, firm)22 each22 each
Mattress coverFire-resistant polyesterFire-resistant polyester
Foam layers33
Country of OriginImportedImported
Warranty25 years25 years
Care InstructionsSpot CleanSpot Clean
SpecificationsKingCal King
Product Dimensions (inches)72×8476×80
Package Dimensions (inches)16x15x77616x15x73.2
Weight (lbs)100.698.6
FoamUltra foamUltra foam
Comfort Insert (soft, medium, firm)22 each22 each
Mattress coverFire-resistant polyesterFire-resistant polyester
Foam layers33
Country of OriginImportedImported
Warranty25 years25 years
Care InstructionsSpot CleanSpot Clean

Dimensions and Pricing of Morphiis customizable mattress

Twin38W” x 75″L11″
Twin XL38W” x 80″L11″
Full53W” x 75″L11″
Queen60W” x 80″L11″
King76W” x 80″L11″
Cal King72W” x 84″L11″
SizePrice with discountPrice without discount
Twin XL$450$550
Cal King$995$1095

Morphiis Customizable mattress reviews

Morphiis is a customizable mattress that caters to the need of the sleepers by offering their desired amount of support and comfort layers. It is not the typical one-mattress-for-all brand. They help you choose the right amount of comfort layers based on your sleeping preference, partner’s compatibility, etc. An exceptional brand, Morphiis comes with an Ultrafoam comfort layer that does not sleep hot and gives you the best quality sleep all night.

Morphiis Queen Mattress is perfect for couples. Customizable Queen size Morphiis mattress is the best mattress for people who love to have little extra space. Morphiis mattress comes with 64 different firmness configurations that allow you to design and personalize your bed according to your health, sleep, and sex comforts.

You will love Morphiis mattress if you:

  • Want a customizable mattress – the innovative design allows you to swap out the special foam inserts and personalize the firmness level and support in any area of the bed.
  • Want a mattress for couples with different sleeping style – as it is easy to customize the layers and adjust both sides of the bed, Morphiis is a fantastic choice for a couple. Both you and your partner will love the mattress as it meets the needs of both you and your partner.
  • Want an affordable, high-quality mattress – available at a reasonable price, it is easy to customize the mattress by swapping the specially designed foam inserts.
  • Moreover, the shipping and delivery are free, not to mention great trial period as well that gives you the liberty to return the mattress and get a full refund.
  • Want a memory foam mattress – the Morphiis features Ultrafoam rather than traditional memory foam that offers the same consistency as memory foam. So, if you love a body-conforming foam mattress that gives you the right combo of support and comfort, then this is an excellent choice for you.

You will NOT love Morphiis mattress if you:

  • Don’t want adjustable inserts – as customizable as this mattress is, you will need to switch the layers to adjust the firmness level manually. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, then this mattress may not be a good option for you.
  • Are running out of space – the Morphiis mattress comes with 36 inserts total, but the mattress uses 12 of them at a time. It means that you need to store the remaining inserts when they are not in use. If you are living in a small home or apartment and don’t have much storage space, then this might not be the right mattress for you.

Morphiis mattress – Comfort Layers

  • The Morphiis mattress construction uses a breathable outer cover that is of polyester fabric. It keeps you cool all night by promoting airflow.
  • The comfort layers are made of UltraFoam. The company does not use memory foam that not only tends to become hot but also can cause off-gassing after a certain point. Another disadvantage of memory foam is it tends to leave an impression on the bed after a few days of usage. The UltraFoam not only adapts to your body shape but does not leave any impact on the bed. It bounces back quickly to its original position while giving you a cool and peaceful sleep every night.
  • Morphiis is an 11-inch mattress that comes with two individual channels that offer six comfort inserts on each side of the mattress. There are altogether 36 inserts so that you can customize the bed as per your comfort for proper support.
  • The top layer is 1-inch is exceptionally soft and highly breathable.
  • The second layer is the 3-inch UltraFoam that comprises of 12-inserts that is to adjust your firmness level.
  • The 7-inch base layer of high-quality Polyurethane foam for extra durability and comfort. It is made using state-of-the-art technology so that the foam stays durable for an extended period.

Features of Morphiis mattresses

  • It is a customized sleeping mattress.
  • Morphiis mattress uses UltraFoam that does not sleep hot, unlike conventional memory foam.
  • It is available in soft, medium, and firm types.
  • It comes with three different foam layers that are customizable as per your preferences.
  • The mattress cover is made using fire-resistant polyester fabric.
  • The product comes with a 100 nights trial period and a 25-year warranty.

My Morphiis Accessories

Morphiis personalized sleep solutions offer only one model that comes in a variable format as per your comfort.

Accessories available at Morphiis

It comes with eight firmness options to suit any type of sleeper. Apart from reducing pressure points, this product comes with patented adjustment slots that increase firmness. This deluxe washable cover comes with a different sleeping style that customizes the firmness on each side of the bed. Available in softest, soft, medium, and firm levels, it is CertiPUR certified.


Queen – $225Twin – $175
Full – $200King – $250

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This adjustable bed frame improves your sleep and reduces any back pain. Morphiis adjustable bedframe improves your sleep by alleviating pressure on the joints and muscles. The adjustable head and foot feature is user-friendly and enhances your sleep. Silent motors and USB ports deliver optimal performance making it worth every penny you pay.


Queen – $850Twin XL – $650
Legs-Shorter – $15Legs-Longer – $25

Create the perfect height and support with Morphiis customizable pillow that comes with six interchangeable layers of comfort with four layers of microfiber fill and two foam layers. The Morphiis adjustable pillow is available in standard-queen and king sizes.


Queen – $85King – $95
Pillowcase Q – $15Pillowcase K – $17

Currently, Morphiis is offering you a discount of $100 OFF on the mattress as well as 1 FREE PILLOW!!! You can also use Morphiis discount coupon codes to avail of more savings.

Morphiis Mattress Consumer Reviews

I bought this from the Morphiis website, not on Amazon. I love the mattress. It replaced the traditional innerspring mattress. It is so easy to set up and adjust to your liking. I am sleeping so incredibly well on this mattress and don’t have any usual aches or pains upon waking. I have a large 20-pound cat who has congenital joint problems, and even she is sleeping better. So happy I got this mattress.

After trying out three mattresses this summer, we finally found something that works for both of us.

Morphiis mattress – Trial, Shipping, and Warranty

  • Trial period – My Morphiis offers you 100 nights free trial period. If unsatisfied, you can avail of a full refund.
  • Shipping – The company offers free shipping anywhere in the USA.
  • Delivery – My Morphiis delivers a mattress and other accessories entirely at no cost.
  • Warranty – The Company offers a 25-year limited warranty on the mattress, a 3-year limited warranty on pillows, and a 20-year limited warranty on the adjustable bed frame.

Morphiis Mattress Firmness Analysis

Varying firmness options allow you to change the way you sleep and place them under specific regions of your body. It ensures proper spinal alignment and reduced tossing and turning.

  • Soft inserts – These placed under your shoulder and hips will optimize pressure relief.
  • Medium inserts – These inserts will provide a medium firm comfort level to satisfy most sleepers.
  • Firm inserts – Your lumber and thighs need firm inserts for pressure relief, unlike other mattresses that come with same common firmness from head to toe.

Is Morphiis adjustable mattress suitable for all types of sleepers?

Absolutely. As in the name, the Morphiis mattress is customizable which means you can adjust the layers at your comfort. It is great for couples with different sleeping preferences. It also offers a different firmness level – soft, medium, and firm for people needing different firmness levels.

Check out the Solaire Mattress. Its customizable and you can adjust the firmness to your liking. It has 25 year warranty and is the best luxury adjustable mattress online. More details on https://www.saatva/solaire

Ratings By Top Mattress Review Websites

  • Sleepare : As per’s Morphiis mattress reviews, the product offers more than 64 different firmness configurations making it one of the best online mattress brands to try.
  • Sleep Sherpa : As per Sleepsherpa, Morphiis is an excellent mattress for not only couples with different sleeping /firmness preference but also for users who need more specific pressure relief and support making it the perfect pressure mattress. As per sleep sherpa, Morphiis benefits more stomach and back sleepers while side sleepers may need a little more sink.
  • Our Sleep Guide : says that Morphiis mattress is an excellent option for users with different sleeping styles.
  • Real Mattress Review : As per Realmattressreviews, Morphiis is a different mattress that offers you different comfort needs. An all-foam mattress, it is fantastic for all sleeper types and caters to the user’s needs individually, which is excellent.
  • Sleepopolis : As per Sleepopolis, it is a solid pick for couples. It offers customizable zone support, which targets specific relief in the particular part of the body. As it works on an adjustable bed frame as well, Morphiis gives you customizable comfort all the way.


Do you need a foundation for a Morphiis mattress?

Yes, you will need a sturdy foundation/bed frame to place your Morphiis mattress. You can buy an adjustable bed frame at the official website of Morphiis.


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Are there any Morphiis pillow reviews available?

Yes, there are Morphiis pillow reviews available at sites such as Amazon which is quite positive too. People say that the product is impressive thanks to its contouring and a customizable feature that supports the neck and head efficiently. You can see reviews on Amazon.


Are there any Morphiis mattress coupon codes available?

Yes, there are many Morphiis mattress coupon codes available online. However, the company offers $100 OFF as part of the promotional deal.

Is Morphiis Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems?

It is a general belief that firmer mattresses are supportive, and thus are better for those suffering from back problems. However, back pain is often due to improper spinal alignment. With Morphiis, the necessary firmness and support are adjustable individually for each of your body zones, which is unique and no other mattress can do it.

Dolores L suffered from back pain for years until he found new perfect pressure Morphiis Mattress. He has spent a fortune on all types of mattresses and never found enough relief in pain and sleep. He was instructed on where exactly to put back to get the best results from this fantastic product. Since sleeping on this mattress, he is waking up refreshed and with no pain at all.

Is Morphiis Mattress Non-Toxic?

All foams used in this mattress are CertiPur-U.S. Certified, which means they are free from Harmful Chemicals and contain no toxic substances. Also, they do not use memory foam or latex.

Are Morphiis Mattresses Any Good?

Absolutely Yes! This new patent-pending design comes with interchangeable comfort inserts, which are 12 – firm, 12 – medium, and 12 – soft. A total of 36 comfort inserts are included with each Morphiis mattress, allowing each sleeper to choose 64 different firmness options. When you unzip and lay back the cover, you will see comfort inserts inside. These inserts are color-coded (firm – white, medium – blue and soft – yellow). Just remove and replace the inserts on each side for your desired comfort and zip up the cover. It is that straightforward to adjust for your personalized comfort in just a few minutes.

How to choose the best Morphiis Mattress Firmness?

Start with all the comfort inserts. If after 3-4 nights, you find it uncomfortable, begin by removing one comfort insert and repeat the process until you see the firmness you feel comfortable with. It also depends on your height and builds. Also, try the shoulder inserts in different slots to find your optimal comfortable shoulder and neck comfort. You can also leave out altogether for the least shoulder pressure. Make sure not to forget the hip comfort-insert.

Does Morphiis mattress foam have an odor?

As the product comes from the manufacturing unit, the Morphiis mattress is bound to have a particular smell. However, the odor dissipates within a few days/weeks. As per federal law, this odor (VOCs) does not harm the environment.

Is Morphiis mattress flippable?

No. You can turn the mattress 180 degrees while keeping the sleep side up. But do NOT flip it. The Morphiis mattress is bi-directional. It means that you can install it with either end at the head of the bed.

Morphiis Mattress Financing

Slice up the payments on your purchase with Klarna. Morphiis have partnered with Klarna to provide you with financing on your purchases – offers to start at 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months. For more details, visit

Bad reviews of Morphiis Mattress

There are no major Morphiis Mattress Complaints online. However, few users complain about the new bed smell which goes away quickly. One customer suggests the company deliver a proper installation guide for easy setup, unpacking, etc., and make the process smooth.


Morphiis mattress is a customizable mattress that works not only for couples but also for sleepers with different firmness levels. It also helps people with targeted pressure relief and support. You can also configure the Morphiis mattress to give you more granular zoned support throughout the mattress. While stomach and back sleepers will appreciate the bed, side sleepers may want a little more sink.

Morphiis is a new company launched in 2018.

7 out of 10 user reviews show that sleepers notice a positive experience with Morphiis all-foam mattresses.

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