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MLILY is an international brand that had their mattresses online as well as with many distributing partners. The mattresses are available in a wider range that has cheaper rates as well as higher prices. Yet, these mattresses are very much affordable.

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MLILY Mattress

The Premier hybrid series of MLILY mattress has the hybrid mattresses in 4 varieties. The actual mattress price starts from £389 and goes as high as £769 making it comfortable within the budget for the majority.

You can buy the MLILY mattress both online and in stores. The best price for MLILY mattress would be at the Mattress Next Day online store where you will have the prices reduced by some 100 bucks.

MLILY Mattress User Reviews & Ratings

The MLILY mattress gets a rating of 8.4 out of 10 from Slumber Search. The users have really liked the comfort of the mattress. The main MLILY mattress complaint is that there is no trial period that should have made a huge difference for many.

Best Mattress Models from MLILY Mattress

The Premier hybrid series of MLILY mattress has 4 models.

  • MLILY Premier 1000 mattress
  • MLILY Premier 2000 mattress
  • MLILY Premier 3000 mattress
  • MLILY Dream+ Mattress

These mattresses have different comfort levels according to the model. They are available in soft-medium, medium, and firm comforts.

MLILY Mattress Sizes – King, Queen, California King, Split King

The 3 sizes of the MLILY mattresses are single, double, king size and Super King. The Super King mattress is available for Premier 2000 and 3000 only.

  • Single 3’ x 6’3”
  • Double 4’6” x 6’3”
  • King Size 5’ x 6’6”
  • Super king 6’ x 6’6”

You can also get the mattress only or have the divan base in the suitable size for a complete package.

MLILY Mattress Specifications

MLILY mattress hybrid mattresses have a gel memory foam layer and a spring coil layer. They mainly differ from each other in their number of coils.

MLILY Premier 1000 mattress

  • The model contains 1000 coils in the king size mattress.
  • The mattress is 20 cm deep with a firm comfort level.
  • The top layer of the mattress is a gel memory foam layer that conforms to the body and keeps it cool. The memory foam is also useful as an orthopedic support. It eases the pressure points on the body.
  • The coil system contains individually pocketed spring coils for the comfortable movements of partners without disturbing each other.
  • This model of mattress comes in 3 sizes.

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MLILY Premier 2000 mattress

  • MLILY Premier 2000 mattress is a regenerative mattress that eases pain and pressure points to allow restful sleep. It is good for muscles and joint pain.
  • The top layer is responsive memory foam that has the gel infusion. This body conforming foam provides good support.
  • The support is from the pocketed coils that can move individually without disturbing the other.
  • The mattress is 25 cm deep and has a medium support which is neither too hard and nor too soft.
  • The mattress comes in 3 sizes and the largest king size has 2000 spring coils in it.

MLILY Premier 3000 mattress

  • The Premier 3000 mattress has 3000 coils in the king size.
  • The mattress has the plushest feel among the MLILY mattress Premier series.
  • The thickness of the mattress is 27 cm and has both gel-infused memory foam and spring coils
  • The comfort level of the mattress is soft to medium.
  • The mattress is available in 3 sizes.

MLILY Dream+ Mattress

  • The special design of this model of MLILY mattress makes this the most luxurious mattress among the 4.
  • The has a finished surround support with a special Airtech border. This provides the whole mattress surface for the use and ensures maximum airflow.
  • The mattress is 27 cm deep with a medium comfort level.
  • The mattress cover of this model is made of soft knitted fabric but is not removable or washable.
  • The mattress contains 3000 coils in the king size. The use of gel memory foam assures of the coolness of the mattress during the night.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic and can keep the allergens away. It is also useful for everyone.

MLILY Mattress Trial Period, Guarantee & Warranty

MLILY mattresses do not have a trial period. The mattresses have a 1-year warranty.

Discount Prices On MLILY Mattress

The MLILY mattress price is within the limit of a budget range. It is more of a lower end of the luxurious mattress. The price of the mattresses is available within £800.


Size Premier 1000 Premier 2000 Premier 3000 Dream+
Single £389.95 £359.95 £399.95 £449.99
Double £549.95 £559.95 £629.95 £659.99
King £639.95 £629.95 £799.95 £769.95
Super King £899.95 £899.95

The Room of Choice delivery will cost an additional fee of £14.95

Old mattress take away will see an additional fee of £39.99

Coupons Codes & Discounts For MLILY Mattress

There are no coupons or promo codes available for the MLILY mattresses.

MLILY Mattress Shipping & Delivery

The MLILY mattress shipping and delivery depend on the dealer. If you buy from Mattress Next Day store, you will be getting the MLILY mattress of any model within 1-3 days. You can also choose services like a room delivery as well as be taking the old mattress away. There is a shipping charge applicable which would be calculated depending upon the location.

MLILY Mattress Setup & Installation

The compressed and rolled mattresses will need minimal hassle while setting up. Remove the outer cover and place the mattress on the foundation. The mattress will roll out. Remove the final wrap to let the mattress expand.

MLILY Mattress BBB Business Profile

MLILY mattress has not applied for the BBB accreditation.

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Is MLILY Mattress Good For Back Pain Problems

Yes, the MLILY mattresses are good for back pain problems as they use the memory foam which can provide orthopedic support by conforming to the body and relieving the pressure as well. They can also make regenerative mattresses that can give maximum comfort and quality rest period.

MLILY Mattress Firmness Analysis

The MLILY mattress comfort level is calculated on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is soft and 5 is firm.

  • The Premier 100 mattress is firm at 5.
  • Premier 2000 is medium at 3.
  • Premier 3000 is soft to medium in feel and has a rating of 2.
  • The MLILY Dream+ mattress is medium at 3.

MLILY Mattress Frames & Foundation

MLILY mattresses in premier series are suitable with a platform bed or box spring. There is no clarity of its compatibility with the adjustable bases.

MLILY Mattress Customer Services Phone Number

You can call the respective dealers for any complaints or queries about the MLILY mattresses. For the Mattress Next Day, the customer service phone number is 0333 0069 769

MLILY Mattress Financing

A few online dealers like Mattress Next day and others offer financing option for the MLILY mattresses. You can pay the mattress amount in installments within 12 months or so. Check for details with your respective dealers to see how much you may have to pay each month and other details.

MLILY Mattress in Stores

MLILY mattresses in the Premier series are online mattresses which are not widely available in the stores. Only a very few models or series of mattresses are available in stores.

MLILY Mattress Safety & Certifications

MLILY mattresses are hypoallergenic and safe for all. The memory foam used uses only plant-based oils instead of petroleum products. These mattresses are completely toxin free and safe for all.

Maintenance On MLILY Mattress

The mattress cover of MLILY mattresses is removable and washable. You can also rotate the mattress from head to toe, once in 3-4 weeks for durability.


Odor & Smell in MLILY Mattress

MLILY mattresses are safe from any off-gassing issues. There might be a slight smell of the new mattress when they are freshly taken out from the package. This smell would go with time and a good airing in a ventilated room.

Motion Transfer on a MLILY Mattress

None of the MLILY mattress models will have the motion transfer problem as the spring coils in them are individually covered to have independent movement. There will not be any rolling together problem when using the mattresses with a partner.

Sagging Problems in MLILY Mattress

The good quality spring coils inside the MLILY mattress does not sag easily. The coils are in dense quantity so that the support for the points are precise. This reduces the pressure both on the body as well as on the mattress. These coil systems can provide better support without causing problems. So far, there are no such complaints from the users of MLILY Mattresses.

The MLILY Mattress Giveaway

MLILY mattress is part of the summer sale at Mattress Next Day and a few other stores. There are many discounts available on these mattresses but there are no giveaways as of now.

The MLILY Mattress Lawsuit

You can rest assured that there are no lawsuits filed against the MLILY mattresses.

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MLILY Mattresses are some quality memory foam and spring coil mattresses in the market. There are several varieties of mattresses that you can find with this brand. The Premier series contains the hybrid mattresses in different=t density and support. These mattresses are affordable and with the financing option, you can get it at a flexible rate as well.